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Interview With Yu (Lucy) Huang, Coordinator, Data Strategy & Fan Loyalty, National Basketball Association China

Wei-Yen Li
2018 International Journal of Sport Communication  
As for how the program works, NBA QMQ has a rewards system that encourages fans to watch, Yu (Lucy) Huang) -Coordinator, Data Strategy & Fan Loyalty, National Basketball Association China. play, and compete  ...  IJSC Vol. 11, No. 2, 2018 Interview With Yu (Lucy) Huang Li: As professional leagues around the world are trying to enter the market in China, what are your thoughts about their attempts and the opportunities  ... 
doi:10.1123/ijsc.2018-0073 fatcat:cuyqhsb26bdjth7ikt3z32gzsu

The Functional Study of a Chinese Herbal Compounded Antidepressant Medicine – Jie Yu Chu Fan Capsule on Chronic Unpredictable Mild Stress Mouse Model

Lingling Ding, Xiaoyu Zhang, Hongliang Guo, Junliang Yuan, Shujuan Li, Wenli Hu, Teresa Golden, Ning Wu, Yong-hui Dang
2015 PLoS ONE  
Jie Yu Chu Fan capsule (JYCF) is a new compounded Chinese herbal medicine for the treatment of depression.  ...  Conclusion Jie Yu Chu Fan capsule (JYCF) is a new compounded Chinese herbal medicine for the treatment of depression.  ...  Jie Yu Chu Fan capsule (JYCF) is composed of Gardenia jasminoides Ellis (ZZ), magnoliae officinalis (HP), Pinellia ternata Breit and Forsythia suspense.  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0133405 pmid:26186537 pmcid:PMC4506077 fatcat:k66wnzugv5fspft32r5u3izmli

Antidepressant functions of Jie Yu Chu Fan capsule in promoting hippocampal nerve cell neurogenesis in a mouse model of chronic unpredictable mild stress

Meng Ji, Shiqin Niu, Heyin Mi, Peng Jang, Yue Li, Wenli Hu
2020 Annals of Translational Medicine  
Chinese herbal medicine Jie Yu Chu Fan (JYCF) capsule has been shown to be effective in the management of depression. However, the mechanism has yet to be determined.  ...  JYCF, Jie Yu Chu Fan; CUMS, chronic unpredictable mild stress.  ...  JYCF, Jie Yu Chu Fan; CUMS, chronic unpredictable mild stress.  ... 
doi:10.21037/atm-20-5599 pmid:32953820 pmcid:PMC7475495 fatcat:zbqgevmscfd3dlfzsktu6nyjgm

Ramsey number of fans [article]

Guantao Chen, Xiaowei Yu, Yi Zhao
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Inspired by these old and recent results on r(nK 3 ) and r(B (k) n ), in this paper we study the Ramsey number of fans.  ...  A fan F n is a union of n triangles sharing exactly one common vertex, named the center, and all other vertices are distinct.  ... 
arXiv:2007.00152v1 fatcat:mnipdfx3zrbhtnrg35lb3yante

Review on Zhang Dazhi's Tang dai hou qi fan zhen yu zhou zhi guan xi yan jiu

Yuefei Hu
2013 Jiuzhou Xuelin  
doi:10.5404/jiuzhou.2013.33.09 fatcat:ksgby46uevcjlddkjgxmnqpxcy

Analysis and Verification on SQLIA Vulnerability for Java EE Programs

GUO Fan, FAN Weiwei
2021 Jisuanji kexue yu tansuo  
SQLIA vulnerabilities undermine the integrity of the Web background database, and have always been a major threat to Web application security. This paper proposes a solution to detect and verify SQLIA vulnerabilities in Java Web programs. It combines static analysis and dynamic verification, and formalizes the definition of instruction- level taint propagation semantics, which can effectively track the spread of taint information across files and pages. Static analysis first handles and
more » ... es Sources to obtain a true and reliable Source collection, and then applies the multiple-fold relationship of methods, requests, sessions, method calls, etc. to match the potential Source and Sink pair, so that the analysis process can filter the unrelated Sources and Sinks. Finally, this paper combines static taint analysis and live variables analysis to eliminate Sources and Sinks where there is no taint propagation paths. Dynamic verification first instruments the program, then performs dynamic taint propagation and produces a trace while executing it. After that, it verifies the correctness of the results of static analysis by analyzing the trace, and obtains real bugs with taint propagation paths. A prototype system is implemented on top of Soot, and experimental results of several open source programs show the effectiveness of the approach.
doi:10.3778/j.issn.1673-9418.2004027 doaj:8a305f050d8340bbb26c7fa54d7bae56 fatcat:fbadlcw2vrggfbpieo3e4jejme

A Practical Design Method for Reducing Postconstruction Settlement of Highway Subgrade Induced by Soil Creep

Fei Zhou, Tangdai Xia, Bingqi Yu, Fan Xia, Fan Yu, Yu Wang
2021 Geofluids  
The postconstruction settlement of the bridge approach is usually uneven, which could create a bump in the roadway. Indeed, this is a typical situation at the end of the bridge approach and requires a solution. One of the main causes of postconstruction settlement is the creep of soil. This paper is aimed at generalizing a new design method for controlling highway postconstruction settlement by replacing subgrade with expanded polystyrene (EPS). In the new method, the creep coefficient can be
more » ... lculated based on the Yin-Graham EVP model. Thus, the relationship between the overloading ratio (OLR) and overconsolidation ratio (OCR) is obtained. The new method involves five steps: (a) determine the creep coefficient based on the relationship between the creep coefficient and over consolidation ratio, (b) divide the ground into a suitable number of sublayers, (c) select groups of different overloading ratios and then calculate the average values of the additional stress and overconsolidation ratio for each sublayer under different OLRs, (d) calculate the postconstruction settlement under different OLRs, and (e) determine the replacement capacity for different sections. This method can be used for quantitative design according to different requirements of postconstruction settlement of foundation. Taking Huzhou Avenue as an example, the case study illustrates the calculation process of the new method in detail.
doi:10.1155/2021/4029439 fatcat:xraxg33ibjfvdhdhchtnumcpya

Performance Of Piezoelectric Cooling Fan With Rectangular Blade

Thomas Jin-Chee Liu, Yu-Shen Chen
2016 Zenodo  
When the fan works at its natural frequency, the vibrating displacement is largest and the cooling performance is best.  ...  Due to the vibration behavior, the cooling performance is affected by the geometry, material property, and working frequency of the piezoelectric cooling fan.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1111847 fatcat:j2vgjgdlzvguvpthjrkrwsn2qy

Preparation of graphite modified PDC-SiCNO ceramics and its dielectric properties

YU Yu-xi, XIA Fan-sen, HUANG Qi-fan
2019 Journal of Materials Engineering  
Graphene ball reinforced SiCNO ceramics (SiCNO-GO) were prepared by using polyvinylsi-lazane (PVSZ) as raw material and graphene oxide (GO) as carbon source and anhydrous ethanol (ETOH) as dispersant. X-ray diffraction (XRD), Raman spectroscopy (Raman), electron spin resonance (EPR) and SEM were used to study the effect of SiCNO-GO ceramics on the dielectric properties. The results show that the microsphere density and particle size of SiCNO-GO ceramics are related to the content of GO. With
more » ... increase of GO content in SiCNO-GO ceramics, the dielectric constant and dielectric loss of SiCNO-GO ceramics also increase, reach the maximum value when the GO mass fraction is 0.1%. When the GO mass fraction is 0.3%, the dielectric constant and dielectric loss of the SiCNO-GO ceramics decrease.
doi:10.11868/j.issn.1001-4381.2017.000662 doaj:d34b07ca28964436885b36ed4ac48bd0 fatcat:ckewmkz63zfqzabh27jxdd2k7q

In-hospital recurrence in a Chinese large cohort with acute ischemic stroke

Fan Yu, Xiaolu Liu, Qiong Yang, Yu Fu, Dongsheng Fan
2019 Scientific Reports  
Yu wrote the paper. DS Fan reviewed and edited the manuscript. All authors read and approved the manuscript. competing interests The authors declare no competing interests.  ...  Fan and Y. Fu conceived the research, guided the process, interpreted the results and revised the article. F.  ... 
doi:10.1038/s41598-019-51277-8 pmid:31628361 pmcid:PMC6802201 fatcat:mpypfry5tvgy3lps4pyp6isaxy

Observation of sGAG content of human hip joint cartilage in different old age groups based on EPIC micro-CT

Xiao-Fei Li, Xi-Ran Cai, Fan Fan, Hai-Jun Niu, Shu-Yu Li, De-Yu Li, Yu-Bo Fan, Yi-Xian Qin
2015 Connective Tissue Research  
Objectives-To observe the age-related changes of sulfated glycosaminoglycan (sGAG) content of hip joint cartilage of elderly people based on Equilibrium Partitioning of an Ionic Contrast Agent (EPIC) micro-CT. Methods-Seventy human hip cartilage-bone samples were collected from hip-fracture patients (ages 51-96) and divided into five groups (10 years in an age group). They were first immersed in 20% concentration of the contrast agent Meglumine Diatrizoate (MD) for 6 h at 37 °C, and then
more » ... by micro-CT. Following scanning, samples were stained for sGAG with toluidine blue. The X-ray attenuation and sGAG optical density were calculated by image processing. The correlation between X-ray attenuation and sGAG optical density was then analyzed. Results-The X-ray mean attenuation of the cartilage increased by 18.81% from the 50-80 age groups (p<0.01), but decreased by 7.15% in the 90 age group compared to the 80 age group. The X-ray mean attenuation of the superficial layer and middle layer increased by 31.60 % and 44.68% from the 50-80 age groups, respectively (p<0.01), but reduced by 4.67% and 6.05% separately in the 90 age group. However, the deep layer showed no significant change with aging. The sGAG optical density showed a linear correlation (r = −0.91, p<0.01) with the X-ray attenuation. Conclusion-The sGAG content of hip joint cartilage varied with aging in elderly people. The changes in superficial layer and middle layer were more evident than deep layer.
doi:10.3109/03008207.2015.1009052 pmid:25602512 pmcid:PMC4520802 fatcat:mtfpujowqvcsnkfd7yimfq4s5a

Observation of Single-Photon Switching [article]

Yong-Fan Chen, Zen-Hsiang Tsai, Yu-Chen Liu, Ite A. Yu
2005 arXiv   pre-print
[23] and Braje et * Electronic address: al. [10] , and its transient behavior in a simple four-state system has been studied by Chen et al. [24] .  ... 
arXiv:physics/0501155v1 fatcat:jrjfkd5stzf7bgx6yqfvs6satm

Decomposition of Graphs into (k,r)-Fans and Single Edges [article]

Xinmin Hou, Yu Qiu, Boyuan Liu
2015 arXiv   pre-print
A (k,r)-fan is a graph on (r-1)k+1 vertices consisting of k cliques of order r which intersect in exactly one common vertex. In this paper, we verify Pikhurko and Sousa's conjecture for (k,r)-fans.  ...  For non-edgecritical graphs, Liu and Sousa [6] verified the conjecture for (k, 3)-fans, there result is as the following. Theorem 2 ([6]).  ...  In this paper, we verify Conjecture 1 for (k, r)-fans for k ≥ 2 and r ≥ 3 and hence generalizes Theorem 2. Our main result is the following. Theorem 3.  ... 
arXiv:1510.00811v1 fatcat:4vqrpos4anbrlnb4ymkw6b5pde

COVID-19 Asymptomatic Infection Estimation [article]

Yang Yu, Yu-Ren Liu, Fan-Ming Luo, Wei-Wei Tu, De-Chuan Zhan, Guo Yu, Zhi-Hua Zhou
2020 medRxiv   pre-print
Yu-Ren Liu, Yi-Qi Hu, Hong Qian, Yang Yu, and Chao Qian. Zoopt: Toolbox for derivative-free optimization. CoRR, abs/1801.00329, 2018. Yu-Ren Liu, Yi-Qi Hu, Hong Qian, and Yang Yu.  ...  ., 2019; Yu et al., 2016] . ZOOpt [Liu et al., 2018] is a python package for derivative-free optimization.  ... 
doi:10.1101/2020.04.19.20068072 fatcat:22eev3z7dfa55lsrwtihnmtb44

Separation of Rectangularly Symmetric Modes of Light With Fan-Out Elements

Hailong Zhou, Yanxian Wei, Yu Yu, Jianji Dong, Xinliang Zhang
2019 IEEE Photonics Journal  
The holograms, known as fan-out elements, can split the input modes into multiple copies. A subsequent lens focuses these modes to different lateral positions.  ...  The input modes are duplicated and aligned in sequence by two phase-only holograms, known as fan-out elements.  ...  Herein, we propose a method to efficiently separate the rectangularly symmetric modes of light with fan-out elements.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jphot.2018.2889844 fatcat:35aq7vruznfk7jgwxgd7rsy4hu
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