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Reliability Inversion: A Cautionary Tale

Behrooz Parhami
2020 Computer  
Performance Analysis of Microservice Design Patterns Microservice-based solutions are currently gaining momentum because they do not have the disadvantages of traditional monolithic architectures.  ...  Business interest in microservices is increasing because the microservice architecture brings a lightweight, independent, reuse-oriented, and fast service deployment approach that minimizes infrastructural  ...  They actually have a long and storied history that dates to the very first days of the field. You can find them, in a primitive form, in John von Neuman's 1945 technical report, RICHARD E.  ... 
doi:10.1109/mc.2019.2958907 fatcat:xcaxq7gocbfy5iyv2ne7d6nwlu

Dagstuhl Reports, Volume 8, Issue 12, December 2018, Complete Issue [article]

Thus, you need to extend the primary key for families by some additional information. You may e.g. add the parents' first names to the key for families.  ...  As there may be multiple Examinations scheduled for the same day and as a Course may have multiple Examinations in different terms, you need the title of the corresponding Course and a date in order to  ...  , but do not corrupt the messages.  ... 
doi:10.4230/dagrep.8.12 fatcat:qrcl4gshijhall66baekyzzmg4

Secure cloud computing in legal metrology

Alexander Oppermann, Technische Universität Berlin, Technische Universität Berlin, Jean-Pierre Seifert
In this thesis, a Secure Cloud Reference Architecture for measuring instruments is presented, addressing both requirements and roles of the Legal Metrology framework.  ...  The feasibility of FHE is proven by applying it to real-world tariff-applications in the smart-meter domain. Furthermore, verification methods for the reference architecture are [...]  ...  Monolithic Architecture -A monolithic software architecture combines all processes and tasks into one structure.  ... 
doi:10.14279/depositonce-9736 fatcat:ihjx5kwf3ne6xfdsiptmjhcmou

The Third International Workshop on Large-scale Graph Storage and Management Lisbon, Portugal DBKDA 2016 Editors DBKDA 2016 Committee DBKDA Advisory Committee DBKDA 2016 Technical Program Committee GraphSM 2016 Advisory Committee GraphSM 2016 Technical Program Committee

Friedrich Laux, Andreas Schmidt, Dimitar Hristovski, Friedrich Laux, Aris Ouksel, Andreas Schmidt, Maribel Santos, Filip Zavoral, Maria Del, Universidad Angeles, Autonoma Nacional, Mexico -Del De (+107 others)
We are grateful to the members of the DBKDA 2016 organizing committee for their help in handling the logistics and for their work to make this professional meeting a success.  ...  The creation of such a high quality conference program would not have been possible without their involvement.  ...  facilities of the D2I Center, and the 10GB scientific provenance database.  ... 

Dagstuhl Reports, Volume 7, Issue 5, May 2017, Complete Issue [article]

Dagstuhl Reports, Volume 7, Issue 5, May 2017, Complete Issue  ...  These bookmarks also improve the predictability of the navigation: we benefit from the predictability in the streaming strategy and therefore can offer a better quality of service to the user.  ...  First, we propose an alternative image based representation for the 3D content, generated by peers and collected in a sprite tree.  ... 
doi:10.4230/dagrep.7.5 fatcat:ipv6ltpp6ngejao35zzoqko2ry

LIPIcs, Volume 136, SNAPL'19, Complete Volume [article]

Benjamin S. Lerner, Rastislav Bodík, Shriram Krishnamurthi
Finally, the authors would like to thank the organizers of SNAPL for creating a venue for visionary papers on programming languages.  ...  In doing so, we hope to democratize theory solver development and make it accessible to programmers who are not SMT internals experts, in the same way that Delite aimed to democratize DSL implementation  ...  In this architecture, if you want to apply a controlled-not gate from program qubit q 1 to program qubit q 2 , then you need to map those program qubits to adjacent physical qubits in the machine (e.g.  ... 
doi:10.4230/lipics.snapl.2019 fatcat:bcqs46cqtvfmfjjj6icdg5jc5e

Proceedings of the 2020 OMI Seminars (PROMIS 2020)

The best papers of each year are selected to be published in this proceedings. Students may reject the publication of their work.  ...  The tasks include researching the topic from a scientific angle (using scientific digital libraries), filtering and structuring content, and compiling a paper from it.  ...  In addition, quality measurements like the Inception Score need to be applied in the correct context. Researchers using the Inception Score need to be aware of its limitations.  ... 
doi:10.18725/oparu-38460 fatcat:rlndofm4enfxvpoel4o6gd7tmy

Serverless edge analytics : Investigation on the strenghts and drawbacks of serverless edge analytics with current tools and frameworks

Michael Pazourek, Schahram Dustdar
In order to do this, beside analysis of existing frameworks and literature, it was a task to investigate on the feasibility of implementing an extension for AWS Greengrass that allows dynamic forwarding  ...  To reduce the resource overhead of cloud services, the Function as a Service (FaaS) paradigm was recently proposed as a possible improvement for cloud data centers.  ...  The biggest advantages of microservice architectures, over traditional monoliths, include the ability of scaling applications to the current demand [Rob18].  ... 
doi:10.34726/hss.2019.59322 fatcat:sjcnvsoj2faxpa7wfaclzas2na


By the term security assurance, we mean all the techniques able to assess and evaluate a given target to demonstrate that a security property is satisfied and the target behaves as expected.  ...  The scheme is driven by non-functional requirements defined by the certification authority and by a model of the service under certification.  ...  I end my PhD and my experience at Unimi with the awareness that I don't just leave great colleagues but a wonderful family and awesome friends. Thank you all. and re-use at high rates.  ... 
doi:10.13130/gaudenzi-filippo_phd2019-02-01 fatcat:ed5bzw7stba27jnlan22q2sbu4