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Natives' Attitudes and Immigrants' Unemployment Durations

Sekou Keita, Jérôme Valette
2019 Demography  
We find that lower levels of trust expressed by natives toward the citizens of a given country, measured using Eurobarometer surveys, are associated with increased unemployment durations for immigrants  ...  He or she is aware that the money belongs to you and knows your name and address. He or she can keep the money without incurring in any punishment.  ...  For each, please tell me whether you have a lot of trust, some trust, not very much trust, or no trust at all".  ... 
doi:10.1007/s13524-019-00777-3 pmid:30997648 fatcat:ene5sycawbhpxpckvrhqt5tnve

Page 337 of Notes and Queries Vol. 49, Issue 3 [page]

2002 Notes and Queries  
, and you trust me Apart from the interesting omission of the opening stanza the remaining thirteen verses in the manuscript are in a different order from the printed version, which places that dealing  ...  Faith I would adore But she is banckrupt of her store; Now how to trust her can I see For she that cousens all, must me A Reformation I would haue As for our Greife a heavenly salue, That is a clensing  ... 


1896 Transactions of the British Mycological Society  
Errors of spelling are corrected (when recognized) without comment.  ...  Finally, I trust that you may not encounter the odd lapsus calami th at doubtless lurks here and th ere, especially amongst the figures.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0007-1536(96)80001-5 fatcat:bj4sv45os5gblfd6ln4kbgakxu

Page 294 of Phrenological Journal and Science of Health Vol. 67, Issue 6 [page]

1878 Phrenological Journal and Science of Health  
- ing, fed by that which is congenial, kept from the rust of ignorant disuse, and the dark stains of superstition and melancholy, enshrined in a body free from sensuality and disease, sustained by trust  ...  It is idle to suppose that study can create mind, It can only furnish facts and theo- use of every object brought to the child’s notice in the home; then of objects, trees, and animals in the yard and  ... 

Page 3 of Parlour Companion Vol. 2, Issue 24 [page]

1818 Parlour Companion  
He who can at all times sacrifice pleasure to duty. approaches sublimity. rust him little who praises all, trust him less who Naor all, and hun least who is indiffer- ent about all.  ...  Should a composition claim the title of epigram, without cither of these essential marks, you may depend upon it its title is with- out foundation ;. especially, if upon examination, it be found to pesemble  ... 

Page 497 of Current Opinion Vol. 30, Issue 4 [page]

1901 Current Opinion  
ESTRANGEMENT So, without overt breach, we fall apart, Tacitly sunder—neither you nor I “onscious of one intelligible Why, And both, from severance, winning equal smart.  ...  For did I trust This vision granted me at birth, The sire of heaven would seem less just Than many a faulty son of earth. And so he seems indeed. But then. I trust it not, this bounded ken.  ... 

Page 16 of Practical Teacher: With Which Is Incorporated the Practical Teacher's Art Monthly Vol. 16, Issue 1 [page]

1895 Practical Teacher: With Which Is Incorporated the Practical Teacher's Art Monthly  
Do you think you can go above 22 carat?  ...  Yes, but you must explain a little more clearly what you mean by ‘ wearing.’ It keeps its colour for so long and does not rust. But what is rusting? Is it not chemical combination, sir ?  ... 

Page 508 of New Outlook Vol. 149, Issue 13 [page]

1928 New Outlook  
Or you can leave a message with the Bureau to be given to any person who calls.  ...  If your own number does not answer, the person who wants to talk to you can call the Bureau and leave the message. When you get home, you call up the Bureau and get any messages left for you.  ... 

Page 6 of Puck Vol. 40, Issue 1022 [page]

1896 Puck  
—I suppose you can prove that your trust is a great benefit to the public.  ...  Examine the most conspicuous and the most terrified of these fowls and you will find it to be none other than that wise and patriotic statesman, that tried leader of men and trusted executive, David Bennett  ... 

Page 26 of Reedy's Mirror Vol. 11, Issue 44 [page]

1901 Reedy's Mirror  
Froh- man, and unless you come to our terms you never again can have a Frohman attraction.” At this writing Frohman controls more New York theatres than all other interests combined.  ...  can be.  ... 

Page 176 of The Mirror, Monthly Magazine Vol. 9, Issue 11 [page]

1846 The Mirror, Monthly Magazine  
The truest spell that heaven can give to lure, The sweetest prospect mercy can bestow, Is the blest thought that bids the soul be sure Twill meet above the things it loved below.  ...  —If you desire to be truly eloquent, study your subject more than the language in which you would dress it—and never make a set-speech.  ... 

Page 115 of American Freedmen's Bulletin Vol. 2, Issue 7 [page]

1866 American Freedmen's Bulletin  
We who have been among them can see much, but «), I trust much, very much more than is visible to us, may be the good that springs up from the seed in weakness sown, and that it may indeed bear abundant  ...  Who can tell the good that may be accomplished through the instruction given to these seven hundred persons?  ... 

Excerpt from in-progress collaborative manuscript Nature Building

Elee Gardiner Kraljii Gardiner, Andrew McEwan
2018 Canada and Beyond: A Journal of Canadian Literary and Cultural Studies  
Complete Born without ethics I get sick on the metaphysics of square footage. I crave boom-bust. I have spells when I make a showhome of nothing. Empty tower. Feel worthless. Marginal.  ...  It comes down to you, and you are alone. It comes down to the fiction of neutrality. It comes down to birds of a feather. It comes down to the raw materials at hand.  ...  Hunters forced to hunt travel without pattern and often die on highways. Hunters forced to hunt scan the edges of reforested plots, wary of symmetry.  ... 
doi:10.33776/candb.v7i0.3339 fatcat:vfadjd2asnanhmuu5ortzgfise

Page 233 of Journal of Education Vol. 4, Issue 95 [page]

1876 Journal of Education  
Rust, Prin, Bethel Female College, Hopkinsville, Ky. COLORADO. CANNOT KEEP SCHOOL WITHOUT IT. I cannot keep school without 7ke New-England. 1t is the dest I hope next year to pay my subscrip- Mus. F.  ...  Qe The Question of Spelling Reform. To the Editor of The New-England : You have, on two occasions, requested me to state my views on the much vexed question of spelling reform.  ... 

Page 164 of Youth's Companion Vol. 26, Issue 41 [page]

1853 Youth's Companion  
‘Well, then, continued the youthful mis- tress, ‘if you can’t spell cat, spell kitten.’ — NUTS. A fashionable visitor thus addressed a little irl: " How are you, my dear ?”  ...  If you have no money to give to one in dis- tress, you may pay frequent visits; if you can- not visit, you may send good words of the mouth, (kind messages.) ~ Good got is often lost; good done, never.  ... 
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