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You are caught stealing my winning lottery ticket! Making a lottery ticket claim its ownership [article]

Xuxi Chen, Tianlong Chen, Zhenyu Zhang, Zhangyang Wang
2021 arXiv   pre-print
That makes the found winning ticket become a valuable asset to the owners, highlighting the necessity of protecting its copyright.  ...  The lottery ticket hypothesis (LTH) emerges as a promising framework to leverage a special sparse subnetwork (i.e., winning ticket) instead of a full model for both training and inference, that can lower  ...  For sparse networks, the sparse mask patterns represent the key information and can vary across models and tasks. 3 The Lottery Ticket Claims its Ownership The Lottery Ticket Hypothesis Sparse Masks,  ... 
arXiv:2111.00162v1 fatcat:6xi7aotdkvb43bqyqtwqgmbbcq

Tom Nook, Capitalist or Comrade?

Emma Vossen
2021 Loading ..  
Our landlords who take most of our income each month so we can keep a roof over our heads? Our bosses who are criminally underpaying us for our labour? Or is it a fictional racoon?  ...  She then examines the many tweets, memes, comics, and articles that vilify Tom Nook (and a few that defend him) and asks: are we really mad at Tom, or are we mad at the cruelty and greed of the billionaires  ...  More often than not, the Millennials who do own property are "those who win the birth lottery" and therefore have their homes (or at least the down payment) paid for them by family (Lott-Lavigna, 2019)  ... 
doi:10.7202/1075266ar fatcat:mn2ubphpjfg3dkecyyiljxqaee

Behavioral Finance: The Second Generation

Meir Statman
2019 Social Science Research Network  
Lottery players tend to avoid buying tickets that are similar to the previous winning ticket, consistent with the gambler's fallacy.  ...  winnings drives people to buy lottery tickets and engage in stock trading. 152 Investment manager Jason Hsu noted that "investment managers are fond of telling clients that 'hope is not a strategy';  ...  I got a job as a financial analyst at a high-technology company when I completed my Hebrew University studies. The job was interesting for a while, and then it was not.  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.3668963 fatcat:waqkeknib5dbvmy3pmsweel6s4

Wrongs, Rights, and Third Parties

2015 Philosophy & Public Affairs  
attitude that one might have upon discovering that your ticket was one digit away from winning the lottery. You would feel aggrieved, I think.  ...  I think we might in the ordinary way say I wronged you and did you a wrong, though it can hardly be thought that my merely harboring that thought was my violating a claim of yours."  ...  Being wronged and having a right are not opposite sides of the same coin. Instead, they represent two different ways in which persons can relate to one another morally.  ... 
doi:10.1111/papa.12054 fatcat:ijhcgpjj3jadpnxz5xhtgbbcq4

Women's narratives of economic abuse and financial strategies in Britain and South Asia

Punita Chowbey
2017 Psychology of Violence  
It challenges notions that South Asian women are submissive or victims by highlighting the financial strategies they used in agentic resistance to economic abuse.  ...  Present a typology of financial strategies used by the women to deal with economic abuse.  ...  She felt frustrated: "I do not like his habit of buying lottery tickets, even if it costs a pound, when money is short then I get all the more irritated."  ... 
doi:10.1037/vio0000110 fatcat:6saykj2uxjazrcrs7h2o3efgqm

Intellectual Property Rights and Institutions: A Pluralist Account

Michael E. Kenneally
2013 Social Science Research Network  
You would instead say you were trying to get a ticket or entering a drawing in order to get a ticket.  ...  What does it look like I'm doing?") By contrast, concert ticket and someone else walks away the winner, you would not, before the drawing occurred, claim to be getting a concert ticket.  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.2310986 fatcat:jl3z3n4kdzfo3gkwfkmrinyavu

Part II. Chinese Households of Three Classes [chapter]

2018 Chinatown No More  
Aft er newspapers, the most important income resources for them were cigarettes, lottery tickets, and video games. They got a 6 percent commission from sales from the lottery machine.  ...  Home Ownership After Chinese immigrants come here they make an effort to buy a house of their own, for to own a home is deeply rooted in Chinese values.  ...  Hu buys lottery tickets occasionally. He also asks a friend to read his palm to find out his fortune, but he does not treat this palm reading seriously. Both Mr. and Mrs. Hu do the housework.  ... 
doi:10.7591/9781501721366-004 fatcat:7zsj7bgv25brjadpeyopazk5nm

Alfred Hitchcock Presents Class Struggle

Mervyn Nicholson
2011 Monthly review  
It is true that his movies of the war period are conspicuously antifascist,  ...  But there is a connection, nevertheless. No one would call Hitchcock a socialist; he emphasized that all he wanted was to entertain peoplenot instruct them.  ...  This, it seems, is what you get when you are trapped in a dead-end job, and allow your frustration to momentarily drive you crazy, to act on an impulse that magically promised freedom, like winning the  ... 
doi:10.14452/mr-063-07-2011-11_3 fatcat:xu63n47r7rek5ak2xcx6mwbh44

The business cycle: a definition

Tuur Demeester
2021 Procesos de Mercado: revista europea de economia politica  
Our conclusion is that in order to produce a business cycle, the occurrence of institutional fraud in the sphere of money and banking are both necessary and sufficient.  ...  We believe this article is significant in two ways: 1) it provides an unambiguous recipe for the long term extermination of the business cycle; and 2) it helps expand the scope of the Austrian School beyond  ...  lottery ticket for money» or some such.  ... 
doi:10.52195/pm.v8i2.251 fatcat:fflz7wsil5bdtpyleh2lmuuhse

Numbers And Neighborhoods: Seeking And Selling The American Dream In Detroit One Bet At A Time NUMBERS AND NEIGHBORHOODS: SEEKING AND SELLING THE AMERICAN DREAM IN DETROIT ONE BET AT A TIME

Felicia George, Felicia Dissertation
2015 unpublished
Winning lottery check The state lottery claimed, "Every ticket has an equal chance to win, whether it is purchased in Dollar Bay, Dansville, Dowagiac or Detroit" (State of Michigan Bureau of State  ...  Think about it: that's like the party store owner feeling bad about selling you a lottery ticket, or the blackjack dealer at a casino feeling bad about taking your chips, or a racetrack ticket operator  ... 

Recollections of a Slovene Boyhood in America

Arthur J. Vidich
2003 Slovene studies  
I was surprised when I later came to live in New York, to receive an invitation to buy lottery tickets for a Saint Cyril's Church raffle.  ...  The dictionary was to be my admission ticket to a successful career. My parents left Slovenia because it was too poor to give them a decent living and the kind of future promised by the New World.  ... 
doi:10.7152/ssj.v22i1.4277 fatcat:ubyvvysxcnbbhcwjgyc2gscjsi

The public domain: enclosing the commons of the mind

2009 ChoiceReviews  
If I take the central arguments from your book and completely reword them, or if I present a series of facts you uncovered as an historian and include them in my own book without attribution, you may accuse  ...  Since the copyright has expired you can read it in full, and see the picture of Thompson, at printsec=titlepage#PRA1-PA291,M1.  ...  The one-in-a-million lottery winner will benefit, of course, if his ticket comes up. And if the ticket is "free," who would not take it? But the ticket is not free to the public.  ... 
doi:10.5860/choice.46-6473 fatcat:xnktaofvfvb3fhdngfjgq2ph74

In the Breach: Citizenship and its Approximations

2013 Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies  
So, I try to make it as much as I can ... Then my dad, when we talk on the phone, it's English. I just talk Spanish with my Grandma.  ...  I used to get caught doing a lot of stupid things, when I was sixteen, seventeen. It was the people I was hanging with. I got caught with a stolen car. Three times.  ... 
doi:10.2979/indjglolegstu.20.1.109 fatcat:zkjbnzkdjbefrilm4aqtuxig3i

The `Chicken and Egg' of Subjective and Social Factors in Desistance from Crime

Thomas P. LeBel, Ros Burnett, Shadd Maruna, Shawn Bushway
2008 European Journal of Criminology  
It was she who had the original idea, many of the contacts, the commitment and the skill to make it all happen.  ...  This includes those back issues that before only were available on the website behind a paywall. We are grateful to the CEP, that has made this possible.  ...  Look I'm a drug user myself, when I'm drugged I cure myself -it is the same as when you are ill and they sell you medicine in the pharmacy to make you better.  ... 
doi:10.1177/1477370807087640 fatcat:7g7y7p5fvbdsfnugxkx4relyx4

Moving from Cash to Cashless: A Study of Consumer Perception towards Digital Transactions

Sharif Mohd., Ram Pal
2020 PRAGATI Journal of Indian Economy  
Nearly 14 lakh railway passengers are buying tickets everyday out of which 58 per cent tickets are bought online through digital means.  ...  Many attempts are made to steal these credentials by cyber criminals, also called, hackers.  ...  According to Humphrey (2004) developed countries of the world to a large extent, are moving away from a paper payment instruments toward electronic ones, especially payment cards.  ... 
doi:10.17492/pragati.v7i1.195425 fatcat:bvpenux4rrgytkfbep5pepiulq
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