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Page 463 of The American Ecclesiastical Review Vol. 38, Issue 4 [page]

1908 The American Ecclesiastical Review  
But not every one sins who breaks some commandment. Noe became drunk. Did he do it wilfully? He did not know what wine was at the time.  ...  But he did not sin, for he did not know what he was doing. 3. Some bad people say: “Oh, you can think what you like; thoughts are not sins. We can think what we like; no- body sees our thoughts.”  ... 

Interview: Uli Sauerland

Marcus Maia
2015 Revista Linguística  
Education and Research (BMBF grant, Grant Nr. 01UG1411) and coordinates the national priority program (SPP 1727) that involves about 50 researchers and advances pragmatic and semantic theory by the use  ...  Darwin actually did formal experiments, just not on evolution: For example, Darwin's last book is on earthworms and he reports experimental data that show that earthworms make the soil more fertile.  ...  Newmeyer says it never does, but I am not convinced. I actually have some work with Jonathan Bobaljik where it does, so I disagree with Newmeyer.  ... 
doaj:b1310c9540da4b87b2ac8790cf06ef26 fatcat:q5534lnk2bgnzpv2tkzivvpsuy

Informal Data Citation: The Impact on Tracking Shared Data Reuse

Elizabeth Moss, Jared Lyle
2019 Zenodo  
In the social science literature, most data attribution is incomplete and does not include persistent identifiers (PIDs). Instead, authors mention data informally.  ...  , a continuously-updated database of more than 75,000 citations of works using data held in the ICPSR archive), and we offer suggestions for ameliorating the effort and expense of tracking data use, and  ...  Indirect A title and year of the data are mentioned in the methods, so it is clear data were used and even named, but no formal reference is made to the data or where they may be accessed.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3605607 fatcat:7jm5nhzggrglzch6a237ltdepi

How to assess your learning needs

K. Walsh
2006 Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine  
THE FUTURE One thing that we can all agree on is that learning-needs assessment in medical education is still in its infancy-10 years ago it did not exist in any formal capacity.  ...  Identifying your own learning needs can be both fun and challenging: it is very likely that you do it already, even if you are not aware of it.  ... 
doi:10.1258/jrsm.99.1.29 pmid:16388053 pmcid:PMC1325078 fatcat:zo5g7w246fcg7m2t3wzq7qsuzy

Barriers and Facilitating Factors for Conducting Systematic Evidence Assessments in Academic Clinical Trials

Stuart McLennan, Barbara Nussbaumer-Streit, Lars G. Hemkens, Matthias Briel
2021 JAMA Network Open  
Participants reported that the conduct of formal systematic reviews was currently not expected before most clinical trials, but most international funders reported expecting a systematic search for the  ...  , organizational, and political levels kept them from implementing it.  ...  It can be…very useful, all the data that you identify, but it is not quite the same exercise.  ... 
doi:10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2021.36577 pmid:34846522 pmcid:PMC8634056 fatcat:zbcfsya7x5duljak7znmcbed3e

Discussion: Experimental versus Experiential Archaeology

2015 EXARC Journal  
This is an extract from a lengthy and lively Facebook discussion in the Experimental Archaeology group, illustrating the main points as it took place between 16 August 2014 and 22 August 2014.  ...  If you do not write things down in this way, it is often difficult to remember what you did and what your prior assumptions were.  ...  As it happens a lot of such problems are obvious when you examine the artefact sohardly needs experiments to see how to reproduce such errors, but if you did it would be an example of experiments where  ... 
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Page 265 of Journal of Science Education and Technology Vol. 7, Issue 3 [page]

1998 Journal of Science Education and Technology  
The insistence that the question of “why” and not “how” the formal charge concept can be used does deflect the student from a pure recitation of the formal charge method to a consideration of why it is  ...  Compared to other concepts in chemistry, formal charges are not so important but they are useful. Formal charge is a sort of imaginary concept in my viewpoint.  ... 

Page 286 of The Knickerbocker Vol. 24, Issue 3 [page]

1844 The Knickerbocker  
—simply because our avocations compel us to do so: ‘ Dear and time-honored Knick: do you know that there is such a country as Wis- consin? that it is beyond Lake Michigan?  ...  Kwyick., if you don’t know all this, you ‘re an ignorant Dutchman!  ... 

Competition in Constructional Change [chapter]

2021 Ten Lectures on Diachronic Construction Grammar  
Second, our methods should allow us to identify the explanatory factors that drove a linguistic change and when and why they did so.  ...  You do not need priming to get MY, but priming may help you to get MYNE.  ... 
doi:10.1163/9789004446793_007 fatcat:vsouvg636nblhcvpneosdmb2h4

Interview with Fields Medalist Peter Scholze

Ulf Persson
2019 EMS Newsletter  
By the way, did you know of the medalists already?  ...  I had heard of you before, but the other three names I had not heard of.  ...  By the way, did you know of the medalists already?  ... 
doi:10.4171/news/112/5 fatcat:bk6bjmznc5fdngojvxbgdfczu4

Prove It!

Kenny Moran
2012 Journal of Humanistic Mathematics  
But I don't know it, because to know something, especially in math, you need proof." "Because I can tell! Because it's obvious!  ...  Examples like the ones you gave me give us a good idea of what we might want to prove -but that doesn't make something true on its own.  ... 
doi:10.5642/jhummath.201201.13 fatcat:iy2ep2sy65h53osqi44regim4u

Medical students as teachers at CoSMO, Columbia University's student-run clinic: A pilot study and literature review

Magni Hamso, Amanda Ramsdell, Dorene Balmer, Cyrus Boquin
2012 Medical Teacher  
Methods: A mixed-methods approach was used.  ...  The transcripts were analyzed using the principles of grounded theory. Results: Many students had their first clinical teaching experience while volunteering at CoSMO.  ...  One learner emphasized the importance of feedback for teachers, especially for those who did not prioritize teaching or did not know how to teach: I don't know how you would work something like that out  ... 
doi:10.3109/0142159x.2012.642832 pmid:22364476 fatcat:bw4xbsek3bb3lfwbzpah6tiywq

InterviewAn interview with C.A.R. Hoare

Len Shustek
2009 Communications of the ACM  
I never had a formal interview. What did you work on at elliott?  ...  with the practical uses of computers. have there been successes using formal methods in practice?  ... 
doi:10.1145/1467247.1467261 fatcat:ghuaquviuvdo5mwm3tq2zvmpqe

'You have to regulate capitalism, otherwise the criminals will dominate it' Interview with Peter Flaschel

Peter Flaschel
2013 European Journal of Economics and Economic Policies: Intervention  
Economics is a quantitative science, so it is already about numbers. Using numbers, but not mathematics, is not very plausible. Also, I would point out that already Marx studied mathematics.  ...  You talked about Marx already and about the three volumes of Capital, but when we read your books or the titles of your books, it seems it was not only Marx you became interested in, but also Keynes and  ... 
doi:10.4337/ejeep.2013.01.01 fatcat:cs65ndtrdbbf3croynwj7mszmq

Editorial: Publishing in Peer-Reviewed Journals

Alexander Brem, Elif Kongar, Claudia Eckert, Leonardo P. Santiago, Tugrul U. Daim
2021 IEEE transactions on engineering management  
Publishing in international journals is important but also a tricky task.  ...  For this, we provide insights into formal requirements, with a major on specific article requirements that must be considered.  ...  The following section should explain your used methodology. What did you do in terms of methods?  ... 
doi:10.1109/tem.2020.3006327 fatcat:63z2fkqgtva5xnlowj2ooguhfq
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