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Isolation and amino acid sequence of the 30S ribosomal protein S19 fromMycobacterium bovisBCG

Naoya Ohara, Makoto Kimura, Yoshinori Higashi, Takeshi Yamada
1993 FEBS Letters  
The 30s ribosomal proteins from Mycobacteriurw bovis BCG were separated by reverse phase-high performance liquid chromatography (RP-HPLC). The isolated protems were analyzed by SDS-PAGE, blotted on PVDF-membranes and subjected to sequence analyses using a gas-phase sequencer to correlate them to those of the well studred Escher&a coli and Bucillus steurothernlophilus ribosomes. Moreover. the internal amino acid sequence of one ribosomal protem, MboS19, whtch IS homologous to E. colr rtbosomal
more » ... otein Sl9 (EcoS.19) and B. strurotlzermophrlus ribosomal protein S19 (BstSl9). was further analyzed by sequencing Its internal peptides and two segments from the N-and C-termini of the protein were selected to deduce the sequence of two ohgonucleotrde primers whtch were used m a polymerase chain reaction. Usmg the amplified DNA fragment thus obtained as a hybridization probe. the gene encoding protein S19 was identified and cloned. Sequence analysis of the DNA fragment, together with peptide sequence analysis could determine the complete ammo acid sequence of MboS19. This sequence proved to be 64% and 71% identical to those of the corresponding S19 proteins from the eubacteria E &I, and B. stearothern~ophrkts, respectively: 33% of the restdues of MboS19 were identical to those m the archaebacteral ribosomal protein HmaS19 Mycobacterww bows BCG; Ribosomal protein; Ammo actd sequence Published by Elsevier Science Publishers B V
doi:10.1016/0014-5793(93)80287-5 pmid:8405418 fatcat:4mxcrulbnfawtoovin6bfdctfi

Inhibitory Effects of Barbiturates on Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors in Rat Central Nervous System Neurons

Yoshinori Kamiya, Tomio Andoh, Itaru Watanabe, Tomoko Higashi, Hideki Itoh
2001 Anesthesiology  
Neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs) are widely expressed in the central and autonomic nervous systems. The authors have previously shown that depressant and convulsant barbiturates both inhibit the gangliontype nAchRs in PC12 cells. However, the central and gangliontype receptors have different subunit composition and pharmacologic properties. In this study, the authors investigated the effects of thiopental, depressant [R(؊)] and convulsant [S(؉)] stereoisomers of 1-methyl-5
more » ... nyl-5-propyl barbituric acid (MPPB) on neuronal nAChRs in the rat central nervous system to explore significance of these effects in barbiturate anesthesia. Methods: Whole-cell currents were measured in acutely dissociated rat medial habenula (MHb) neurons by applying 10 or 100 M nicotine in the absence or presence of thiopental 3-100 M. Effects of R(؊)-and S(؉)-MPPB on the nicotine-induced current were also studied. Results: Thiopental suppressed the nicotine-elicited inward current and accelerated the current decay dose-dependently at the clinical relevant concentrations. R(؊)-and S(؉)-MPPB both inhibited the nicotine-induced current dose-dependently without augmenting the current decay. There was no significant difference in the magnitudes of inhibition by R(؊)-and S(؉)-MPPB. Conclusions: Although thiopental suppressed the current mediated through native nAchRs in rat MHb neurons at the clinically relevant concentrations, the depressant and convulsant stereoisomers of MPPB both inhibited the current in the same extent. These findings are consistent with the results previously obtained in the ganglion-type receptors of PC12 cells and suggest that inhibition of nAChRs in MHb neurons is not directly relevant to the hypnotic or anticonvulsive actions of barbiturates.
doi:10.1097/00000542-200104000-00025 pmid:11379692 fatcat:kufhiqv2a5h6lpu4nvnnunykzy

Inhibitory Effects of Isoflurane and Nonimmobilizing Halogenated Compounds on Neuronal Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors

Takayuki Matsuura, Yoshinori Kamiya, Hideki Itoh, Tomoko Higashi, Yoshitsugu Yamada, Tomio Andoh
2002 Anesthesiology  
Neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAchRs) are inhibited by low concentrations of volatile anesthetics. However, it is not clear whether this phenomenon contributes to the anesthetic effects of volatile anesthetics. Effects of a volatile anesthetic (isoflurane) and structurally related nonimmobilizers (F6: 1,2-dichlorohexafluorocyclobutane, F8: 2,3-dichlorooctafluorobutane) on the current mediated through neuronal nAchRs were studied. Method: This study investigated neuronal nAchRs in
more » ... C12 cells and acutely dissociated rat medial habenula (MHb) neurons. Whole cell currents elicited by 30 M nicotine were recorded in the absence and presence of the halogenated agents. The minimum alveolar concentrations (MACs) for F6 and F8 were predicted from Meyer-Overton correlation. Results: All halogenated compounds inhibited the nicotineinduced current in a concentration-dependent manner in PC12 cells. In MHb neurons, while isoflurane and F6 significantly inhibited the nicotine-induced peak current, F8 failed to inhibit it. The peak currents in the presence of isoflurane at 1.7 MAC, of F6 at 2.4 MAC, and of F8 at 2.2 MAC were 12, 31, and 97% of control, respectively. Conclusions: Isoflurane, F6, and F8 inhibited ganglion-type nAchRs in PC12 cells independent from their abilities to produce the anesthetic state. In MHb neurons, isoflurane and F6, which lack the immobilizing effect but has the amnesic effect, inhibited nAchRs. Native brain nicotinic receptors in MHb neurons were almost insensitive to F8, which lacks both the immobilizing and the amnesic effect. These results are consistent with the hypothesis that inhibition of nAchRs in MHb neurons is not important for the anesthetic effect but may contribute to the amnesic effect of these agents.
doi:10.1097/00000542-200212000-00029 pmid:12459683 fatcat:jfi2tbx73jbj7e5aoq2a7xkg6q

New Feature for Shadow Detection by Combination of Two Features Robust to Illumination Changes

Kota Higashi, Shinji Fukui, Yuji Iwahori, Yoshinori Adachi, M.K. Bhuyan
2016 Procedia Computer Science  
Computer vision methods need to deal with shadows explicitly because shadows often have a negative effect on the results computed. A new shadow detection method is proposed. The proposed method is a shadow model based method. A new feature for detecting shadows is introduced. The feature is obtained by L*a*b* components, Peripheral Increment Sign Correlation and Normalized Vector Distance. These features are robust to illumination changes. Shadows can be treated as local illumination changes.
more » ... ing these features results in removing shadow effects, in part. The histogram is generated by the three features and is treated as the feature for detecting shadows. The SVM is used for the classifier. The SVM is trained in advance by shadow data and the trained SVM is used for detecting shadows. The proposed method can extract shadows with the accuracy similar to the previous approach in shorter time. Results are demonstrated by experiments using the real videos.
doi:10.1016/j.procs.2016.08.268 fatcat:o3q5itcdgvhojipj4cxa6a4bv4

Possible Involvement of Cancer Producing Thymic Stromal Lymphopoietin as an Initiator of Papuloerythroderma of Ofuji

Daisuke Ueo, Fumitaka Yoshizumi, Yoshinori Shirasaka, Masahiro Kitagawa, Koichi Ohshima, Shinya Higashi, Sakuhei Fujiwara, Yutaka Hatano
2019 Annals of Dermatology  
ORCID Daisuke Ueo, Fumitaka Yoshizumi, Yoshinori Shirasaka, Masahiro Kitagawa, https://  ... Koichi Ohshima, Shinya Higashi, Sakuhei Fujiwara, Yutaka  ... 
doi:10.5021/ad.2019.31.s.s56 pmid:33911698 pmcid:PMC7997068 fatcat:lyfmzmfchzgmfhsqxtchhtb2uq

Diagnosis of the Ileocecal Lesion

Hisashi SHINOHARA, Toshiyoshi UTSUNOMIYA, Koichi SUZUKI, Toshifumi HIBI, Tetsuharu KITAHORA, Hidetane ONISHI, Toshihiko RO, Akihiko TAKESHI, Shigeki HIGASHI, Sotaro SADAHIRO, Takashi KONDO, Yoshinori SUGINO
1981 Japanese Journal of National Medical Services  
Sotaro SADAHIRO Takashi KONDO 慶 応 義 塾 大 学 医 学 部 School of Medicine, Keio University ***放 射 線 診 断 部 Yoshinori SUGINO (Diagnosis of the Ileocecal Lesion) -888- (医 療 第35巻 第10号) 表2 過去5年 間の注腸造影施行例 と疾患分類 術  ...  回盲部悪性腫瘍初発症状 国 立 大 蔵 病 院 Okura National Hospital *腸 疾 患 セ ン タ ー Hisashi SHINOHARA Toshiyoshi UTSUNOMIYA Koichi SUZUKI Toshifumi HIBI Tetsuharu KITAHORA **外 科 Hidetane ONISHI Toshihiko RO Akihiko TAKESHI Shigeki HIGASHI  ... 
doi:10.11261/iryo1946.35.888 fatcat:bvmcxtjonjf65b5legedaww3w4

The Crystal Structure of Tripotassium Aluminate Octaborate, K3AlB8O15

Yoshinori TANAKA, Jiro FUKUNAGA, Masahiro SETOGUCHI, Tuneyuki HIGASHI, Masayoshi IHARA
1982 Journal of the Ceramic Association Japan  
doi:10.2109/jcersj1950.90.1044_458 fatcat:tpskqytbcjhybj73cmtgs242jy

A preliminary investigation of surface runoff and soil properties in a moso-bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens) forest in western Japan

Jun'ichiro Ide, Yoshinori Shinohara, Naoko Higashi, Hikaru Komatsu, Kohei Kuramoto, Kyoichi Otsuki
2010 Hydrological Research Letters  
To clarify plot-scale runoff characteristics in bamboo forests, soil properties and surface runoff were measured in a preliminary study of a forested hillslope of moso-bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens). Infiltration capacities and saturated hydraulic conductivities at 10, 30 and 50 cm depths were similar to or greater in the moso-bamboo forest than in an adjacent broad-leaved forest. This suggests that surface runoff rarely occurs in the moso-bamboo forest. However, surface runoff was observed
more » ... seven of 14 storm events. The surface runoff responses to rainfalls were relatively rapid and the amount of surface runoff per storm event depended largely on rainfall. The proportion of the total amount of surface runoff to the total rainfall during the observation period ranged from 19 to 33%, depending on the observation system. This indicates that the greater portion of rainfall infiltrated into the soil. A high density of roots in the surface soil suggests that part of the rainfall was impeded and passed laterally through the surface soil as preferential flow around the root mats and/or the rhizomes, thereby contributing to surface runoff.
doi:10.3178/hrl.4.80 fatcat:r5bnryql5ralzdxsffoy65lpei

A Case of Amoebiasis with Continuation of Excreting Cysts

Yukiko TONOE, Katsuhiko HIGASHI, Hiroshi YAMANE, Kazuhisa OKADA, Yoshinori NAKAMURA, Akihiro SAIKA, Satoshi TANIMOTO, Kazushi TSUJIUCHI, Mikio TAKATSUJI, Hisato OKA, Hidekazu ITOU, Shingo NISHIOKA
1997 Gastroenterological Endoscopy  
doi:10.11280/gee1973b.39.1260 fatcat:nfqlui7onraoxflrph222lueyq

Observation of Canopy Interception Loss in an Abandoned Coniferous Plantation

Yoshinori Shinohara, Jun'ichiro Ide, Naoko Higashi, Hikaru Komatsu, Tomonori Kume, Masaaki Chiwa, Kyoichi Otsuki
2010 Journal of the Japanese Forest Society  
Observation of Canopy Interception Loss in an Abandoned Coniferous Plantation. J. Jpn. For. Soc. 92: 54 59. The number of abandoned coniferous plantations has increased greatly in recent year across Japan. However, though evapotranspiration greatly affects on available water resources, no study observing evapotranspiration in abandoned plantations has been reported. We observed canopy interception loss for four years in an abandoned coniferous plantation located in the Kasuya Research Forest of
more » ... Kyushu University. Our results were compared with those obtained for other coniferous forests. The canopy interception loss ratio (interception loss/precipitation) we obtained was 24.9%. The relationship between stem density and interception ratio has previously reported. Indeed, the value we obtained was nearly that calculated based on that reported relationship; this information would be useful for examining whether the relationship derived from previous interception studies in coniferous plantations holds even for abandoned coniferous plantations.
doi:10.4005/jjfs.92.54 fatcat:mynq6276wbatlhqbvg6bzj2dqu

Combined treatment of pancreatic cancer xenograft with 90Y-ITGA6B4-mediated radioimmunotherapy and PI3K/mTOR inhibitor

Winn Aung, Atsushi B Tsuji, Hitomi Sudo, Aya Sugyo, Yoshinori Ukai, Katsushi Kouda, Yoshikazu Kurosawa, Takako Furukawa, Tsuneo Saga, Tatsuya Higashi
2017 World Journal of Gastroenterology  
Katsushi Kouda ( 0 0 0 0 -0 0 0 3 -3 6 0 8 -0 1 5 6 ) ; Yo s h i k a z u K u r o s a w a ( 0
doi:10.3748/wjg.v23.i42.7551 pmid:29204055 pmcid:PMC5698248 fatcat:4yxwkima6jaa7kg4pp3bi3iuoy

The Relation between the Pulmonary Tuberculosis and the Serum Protein Fraction

Yoshinori TAKEYA, Haruo HIGASHI, Masayuki MDCHIDA, Tadao SETOGUCHI, Tsuneki URA, Yoshihumi NAKAMARU, Noboru TESHIMA, Haruki SUMI
1965 Japanese Journal of National Medical Services  
doi:10.11261/iryo1946.19.957 fatcat:phlqkjybjfh33b42jshiaf46ti

The difference between the mechanism of 67Ga accumulation and 59Fe accumulation into cultured tumor cells

Hideo MURAHASHI, Hiromi WAKAO, Hiroyuki IKUTA, Takako KOGAWA, Yoshinori JINBU, Tomomitsu HIGASHI
doi:10.3769/radioisotopes.36.11_568 fatcat:zwhtzy4s7fcrrpbzdjwdyn6ley


Yoshinori Higashi, Euncheoul Park, Hiroshi Nakanishi, Seiichiro Inokuchi
1979 Journal of The Showa Medical Association  
doi:10.14930/jsma1939.39.531 fatcat:2r2p4njfxjgyzby576abilhj4q

Alloy Design and Microstructural Evolution During Heat Treatment of Newly Developed Cast and Wrought Ni-Base Superalloy M647 for Turbine Disk Application [chapter]

Kenji Sugiyama, Yoshinori Sumi, Naoya Kanno, Masaya Higashi, Ryosuke Takai, Shigehiro Ishikawa, Kota Sasaki
2020 The Minerals, Metals & Materials Series  
A new cast and wrought Ni-base superalloy, M647, has been developed for turbine disk application with high mechanical properties at elevated temperatures and reasonable hot deformability. Conventional Ni-base superalloys are known to be strengthened by primary, secondary, and tertiary c′, but optimal heat treatment is dependent upon specific chemical composition. For optimal mechanical properties, microstructural evolutions including austenitic c grain size and c′ morphology were identified for
more » ... M647. To evaluate these properties, a full-scale low-pressure turbine disk was manufactured. This was subjected to a sub-solvus solution heat treatment, such that primary c′ remained to prevent grain growth, enabling required mechanical properties, especially proof stress and low-cycle fatigue, to be achieved. As for secondary c′, precipitation behavior was controlled intentionally by changing cooling rate after solution treatment, and this also resulted in modifying the precipitation behavior of tertiary c′ during aging. In this study, microstructural evolution and tensile properties at 650°C were investigated to clarify the relationship between them and to identify the strengthening mechanisms. From the result of SEM observation, size distributions of secondary c′ had a clear relationship with cooling rate. Moreover, the mean diameter of secondary c′ was unchanged during aging and this suggested that only tertiary c′ was precipitated during aging. Finally, critical resolved shear stress was calculated using both weakly and strongly coupled dislocation models, and it was clear that M647 was strengthened by a high volume fraction of secondary c′ and a small volume fraction of fine tertiary c′ precipitates.
doi:10.1007/978-3-030-51834-9_9 fatcat:tsoolh2ap5hhzfqallupk7x77m
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