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Distinct Microbial Community of Phyllosphere Associated with Five Tropical Plants on Yongxing Island, South China Sea

Lijun Bao, Wenyang Cai, Xiaofen Zhang, Jinhong Liu, Hao Chen, Yuansong Wei, Xiuxiu Jia, Zhihui Bai
2019 Microorganisms  
It might be insufficient to generalize that this genus is IP-specific because we only targeted a small subsection of the plant species diversity of Yongxing Island.  ... 
doi:10.3390/microorganisms7110525 pmid:31689928 pmcid:PMC6920945 fatcat:frqbxrme6zhqvpuusktibbvoem

Fourier Hull Fatigue Assessment Method's Proposing and Software Development

Jing Chen, Yongxing Jin, Qihuang Mao, Yingjie Xiao, Huafeng Wu, Guochu Chen
2014 Sensors & Transducers  
In this paper, based on the spectral analysis and the strain energy theory, the systematic errors of Rain-flow Counting Method have been quantitatively analyzed, from which a Fourier Counting Method is put forward. And according to this new method, software has been developed combined with sampling data of the real container ship via rigorous theoretical derivation and compact modular design, which has certain theoretical innovation significance and practical value.
doaj:0deffc3c9cf34420850d1f38466f433c fatcat:bjesqulcindwvk6k3n3qv5m5lu

Evaluation of OAFlux datasets based on in situ air–sea flux tower observations over Yongxing Island in 2016

Fenghua Zhou, Rongwang Zhang, Rui Shi, Ju Chen, Yunkai He, Dongxiao Wang, Qiang Xie
2018 Atmospheric Measurement Techniques  
</strong> The Yongxing air–sea flux tower (YXASFT), which was specially designed for air–sea boundary layer observations, was constructed on Yongxing Island in the South China Sea (SCS).  ...  The southwest monsoon is often accompanied by a high amount of water vapor and cloudy skies (Chen et al., 2012) .  ...  (d) Google satellite image of Yongxing Island. The red triangle indicates the location of the YXASFT. (e) Map of the northern SCS. The black star indicates the location of Yongxing Island.  ... 
doi:10.5194/amt-11-6091-2018 fatcat:ivxq3vq765hhhduxjtnrsncxa4

Erratum: Bao, L.; Cai, W.; Zhang, X.; Liu, J.; Chen, H.; Wei, Y.; Jia, X.; Bai, Z. Distinct Microbial Community of Phyllosphere Associated with Five Tropical Plants on Yongxing Island, South China Sea. Microorganisms 2019, 7, 525

Lijun Bao, Wenyang Cai, Xiaofen Zhang, Jinhong Liu, Hao Chen, Yuansong Wei, Xiuxiu Jia, Zhihui Bai
2020 Microorganisms  
The authors wish to make the following erratum in this paper [...]
doi:10.3390/microorganisms8040570 pmid:32326533 fatcat:jmz5kfhosbezhjaih6no37ny7a

Evaluation of OAFlux datasets based on in situ air-sea flux tower observations over the Yongxing Islands in 2016

Fenghua Zhou, Rongwang Zhang, Rui Shi, Ju Chen, Yunkai He, Lili Zeng, Dongxiao Wang, Qiang Xie
2018 Atmospheric Measurement Techniques Discussions  
The high-quality Yongxing air-sea flux tower (YXASFT), which was specially designed for air-sea boundary layer flux-related observations, was constructed on Yongxing Island in the South China Sea (SCS)  ...  Author contribution Fenghua Zhou designed the experiments and Rui Shi, Ju Chen and Yunkai He carried them out.  ...  It can be seen from Q a : The southwest monsoon is often accompanied by a high water vapor and cloudy skies (Chen et al., 2012) .  ... 
doi:10.5194/amt-2017-456 fatcat:xgidxisyr5dyjmadfss4akwcqi

Control of turion germination in Potamogeton crispus

Yongxing Jian, Bo Li, Jianbo Wang, Jiakuan Chen
2003 Aquatic Botany  
P. crispus can produce both numerous turions (Yeo, 1966; Rogers and Breen, 1980; Chen, 1985) and large numbers of seeds (Waisel, 1971; Teltscherova and Hejny, 1973; Rogers and Breen, 1980) .  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0304-3770(02)00165-1 fatcat:gjcjabrwvvcqpdgrebtbyfkdom

E-cigarette users are associated with asthma disease: a meta-analysis

Shaojing Xian, Yongxing Chen
2021 Clinical Respiratory Journal  
Yongxing Chen revised the manuscript. Shaojing Xian and Yongxing Chen performed the literature search.  ...  (Y, Yes; N, No; U, Unclear) T A B L E 1 Quality assessment of cross- sectional studies according to Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality standard | 461 XIAN ANd CHEN T A B L E 2 Detail  ... 
doi:10.1111/crj.13346 pmid:33683790 fatcat:ztztflgy6zcv5iiaxv74wcmsg4

Nitrogen Removal for Liquid-Ammonia Mercerization Wastewater via Partial Nitritation/Anammox Based on Zeolite Sequencing Batch Reactor

Lei Zheng, Yongxing Chen, Songwei Zhou, Yuchen Chen, Xingxing Wang, Xiaojun Wang, Lijuan Zhang, Zhenguo Chen
2020 Water  
(Yuchen Chen); Investigation, Y.C. (Yongxing Chen), and X.W. (Xingxing Wang); Project administration, L.Z. (Lijuan Zhang); Writing-original draft, S.Z.  ...  A similar conclusion was put forward by Chen et al.  ... 
doi:10.3390/w12082234 fatcat:3jw5ed4mzfce3nw46ma622them

Environmental Mycological Study and Allergic Respiratory Disease among Tobacco Processing Workers

Yongxing Zhang, Jie Chen, Ying Chen, Jing Dong, Qingyu Wei, Jiezhi Lou
2005 Journal of Occupational Health  
Environmental Mycological Study and Allergic Respiratory Disease Investigation in Tobacco Processing Workers: Yongxing ZHANG, et al.  ... 
doi:10.1539/joh.47.181 pmid:15824484 fatcat:gpyq4j6o7rdqldzb5eouobhzwi

cSurvival: a web resource for biomarker interactions in cancer outcomes [article]

Xuanjin Cheng, Yongxing Liu, Jiahe Wang, Yujie Chen, Andrew Gordon Robertson, Xuekui Zhang, Steven Jones, Stefan Taubert
2021 bioRxiv   pre-print
Survival analysis is a technique to identify prognostic biomarkers and genetic vulnerabilities in cancer studies. Large-scale consortium-based projects have profiled >11,000 adult and >4,000 paediatric tumor cases with clinical outcomes and multi-omics approaches. This provides a resource for investigating molecular-level cancer etiologies using clinical correlations. Although cancers often arise from multiple genetic vulnerabilities and have deregulated gene sets (GSs), existing survival
more » ... is protocols can report only on individual genes. Additionally, there is no systematic method to connect clinical outcomes with experimental (cell line) data. To address these gaps, we developed cSurvival ( cSurvival provides a user-adjustable analytical pipeline with a curated, integrated database, and offers three main advances: (a) joint analysis with two genomic predictors to identify interacting biomarkers, including new algorithms to identify optimal cutoffs for two continuous predictors; (b) survival analysis not only at the gene, but also the GS level; and (c) integration of clinical and experimental cell line studies to generate synergistic biological insights. To demonstrate these advances, we report three case studies. We confirmed findings of autophagy-dependent survival in colorectal cancers and of synergistic negative effects between high expression of SLC7A11 and SLC2A1 on outcomes in several cancers. We further used cSurvival to identify high expression of the Nrf2-antioxidant response element pathway as a main indicator for lung cancer prognosis and for cellular resistance to oxidative stress-inducing drugs. Together, these analyses demonstrate cSurvival's ability to support biomarker prognosis and interaction analysis via gene- and GS-level approaches and to integrate clinical and experimental biomedical studies.
doi:10.1101/2021.11.15.468756 fatcat:3z2gp5o7b5bynchb3wkcvbmgcy

Netrin-1 Prevents Rat Primary Cortical Neurons from Apoptosis via the DCC/ERK Pathway

Jianhao Chen, Houwei Du, Yixian Zhang, Hongbin Chen, Mouwei Zheng, Peiqiang Lin, Quan Lan, Qilin Yuan, Yongxing Lai, Xiaodong Pan, Ronghua Chen, Nan Liu
2017 Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience  
In the nervous system, Netrin-1 serves as a neural guide, mediating the neuronal development. However, it remains blurred whether Netrin-1 can protect neurons from apoptosis induced by cerebral stroke. In the current study, the cultured rat primary cortical neurons were transfected with Netrin-1-encoding lentivirus before the oxygenglucose-deprivation (OGD) treatment. Cell death and apoptosis were evaluated by lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) release and flow cytometry. We found that Netrin-1
more » ... ted OGD-induced cell death and neuronal apoptosis at 24 h after OGD treatment, and that the overexpression of Netrin-1 activated the ERK signaling pathway. These effects were partly abolished by blocking its receptor deleted in colorectal cancer (DCC) or U0126, an inhibitor of the ERK signaling pathway. Netrin-1 overexpression in neurons elevated the expression of DCC, on mRNA level and protein level. Netrin-1 also reduced DNA damage. Taken together, our findings suggest that Netrin-1 attenuates cell death and neuronal apoptosis via the DCC/ERK signaling pathway in the cultured primary cortical neurons after OGD injury, which may involve the mediation of DNA damage in the neurons.
doi:10.3389/fncel.2017.00387 pmid:29321724 pmcid:PMC5733550 fatcat:otn7yqbczjgwpkeuontvnq6osa

An In-Depth Assessment of the New BDS-3 B1C and B2a Signals

Qinghua Zhang, Yongxing Zhu, Zhengsheng Chen
2021 Remote Sensing  
Data Availability Statement: Upon a reasonable request, the observation data are available from the corresponding author (Yongxing Zhu).  ... 
doi:10.3390/rs13040788 fatcat:iwoc4ybfhjgmpe6ikcu25oki4q

Cable Force Health Monitoring of Tongwamen Bridge Based on Fiber Bragg Grating

Dongtao Hu, Yongxing Guo, Xianfeng Chen, Congrui Zhang
2017 Applied Sciences  
A normal cable force state of a suspension bridge is extremely vital to bridge safety. For cable force monitoring of already completed suspension bridges, it is not suitable to conduct direct parameter measurements by modifying the anchor cable structure of the bridge. Instead, using an indirect measurement would not destroy the bridge's original structure and also meet engineering requirements. In this paper, a fiber Bragg grating (FBG) vibration sensor was developed for online monitoring of
more » ... e cable vibration characteristics of Tongwamen bridge. The monitored vibration frequency was converted into cable force according to the theory of string vibration, so as to achieve an indirect measurement of bridge cable force. On both north and south sides of the bridge, FBG vibration sensors were mounted symmetrically on 8 of 19 cables for distributed measurement. The forces of two cables were found to be abnormal, which was considered worthy of attention and close inspection. This result is of great significance for the structural monitoring and safe operation of Tongwamen bridge. Appl. Sci. 2017, 7, 384 2 of 11 research groups at home and abroad [7-10]. Li [9] proposed a smart stay cable for bridge health monitoring. This cable is a glass fiber with high durability and high intensity, which has an embedded FBG and is coated by steel wires. A. Panopoulou and T. Loutas [11] [12] [13] have reported numerous articles on FBG-based health monitoring of aerospace composite structures. Here, FBG arrays were used to obtain the dynamic strain response of an aerospace structure under vibration excitation. Tongwamen bridge, located in Xiangshan County, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, is a sea-crossing bridge connecting Shipu Town and Dongmen Island. It is a boom arch bridge, 292 m in length from east to west. There are 19 suspenders on both north and south sides. Each suspender has a diameter of 64 mm and a height ranging from 8.919 m to 35.268 m. The distance between adjacent suspenders is 10 m. Since 2002, when public traffic was first allowed on the bridge, traffic flow has seen a significant increase each year, exceeding the design traffic load. In addition, some adverse factors including overloading of vehicles, traffic jams, and typhoons have also adversely affected the health of the bridge. During maintenance, the cable forces of the 38 suspenders were found to be abnormal. This motivates the need for real-time monitoring of cable forces. Compared with bridges under construction, which can be embedded with sensors for structural health monitoring, bridges already in operation are not suitable for direct measurement by modifying their anchor cable structure largely, since it will destroy their original structure. For example, an FBG force ring is usually mounted at the end of a cable during bridge construction. However, when the construction is completed, it would be inappropriate to disconnect cables to install a force ring [14] . Suspension cable measurement technology based on the theory of string vibration can be used for bridge cable force measurement without making any structural changes to the main structure of the cable and bridge. As a result, this method has strong engineering practicality [15] [16] [17] . Considering cable sag and bending stiffness, Ren and Zhao [15, 16] further developed the taut string theory. Zhang [17] reported an FBG vibration sensor-based real-time monitoring system for cable force. But a complicated signal processing system reduces its engineering practicability. Based on the vibration frequency method, Yu [18] investigated a wireless monitoring system for bridge cable tension force monitoring. However, the signal transmission of a wireless system is not stable enough for real-time supervision. Zhao [19] developed a portable and convenient cable force measurement device. In this case, the vibration frequency method was chosen to capture cable fundamental frequency by the use of a precise vibration sensor. In this paper, an FBG vibration sensing technique was used for measuring the vibration frequencies of suspension cable strings, and cable forces were retrieved based on string vibration theory. Accordingly, an indirect measurement without destroying the bridge structure was achieved. Forces of 16 suspension cables on the north and south sides of the bridge were successfully monitored in real time and cables with abnormal forces were found.
doi:10.3390/app7040384 fatcat:jupvosw7jzbstfji3czpbwwvtq

Optically Induced Nonlinear Cubic Crystal System for 3D Quasi‐Phase Matching

Yesheng Chen, Chen Yang, Shan Liu, Sen Wang, Ningning Wang, Yongxing Liu, Yan Sheng, Ruwei Zhao, Tianxiang Xu, Wieslaw Krolikowski
2022 Advanced Photonics Research  
doi:10.1002/adpr.202100268 fatcat:3wkq7e3wfveqdhikd6oo2q4ppe

Restoration of L-OPA1 alleviates acute ischemic stroke injury in rats via inhibiting neuronal apoptosis and preserving mitochondrial function

Yongxing Lai, Peiqiang Lin, Manli Chen, Yixian Zhang, Jianhao Chen, Mouwei Zheng, Ji Liu, Houwei Du, Ronghua Chen, Xiaodong Pan, Nan Liu, Hongbin Chen
2020 Redox Biology  
Ischemic stroke can induce changes in mitochondrial morphology and function. As a regulatory gene in mitochondria, optic atrophy 1 (OPA1) plays a pivotal role in the regulation of mitochondrial dynamics and other related functions. However, its roles in cerebral ischemia-related conditions are barely understood. Cultured rat primary cortical neurons were respectively transfected with OPA1-v1ΔS1-encoding and OPA1-v1-encoding lentivirus before exposure to 2-h oxygen-glucose deprivation (OGD) and
more » ... ubsequent reoxygenation (OGD/R). Adult male SD rats received an intracranial injection of AAV-OPA1-v1ΔS1 and were subjected to 90 min of transient middle cerebral artery occlusion (tMCAO) followed by reperfusion. OPA1 expression and function were detected by in vitro and in vivo assays. OPA1 was excessively cleaved after cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury, both in vitro and in vivo. Under OGD/R condition, compared with that of the LV-OPA1-v1-treated group, the expression of OPA1-v1ΔS1 efficiently restored L-OPA1 level and alleviated neuronal death and mitochondrial morphological damage. Meanwhile, the expression of OPA1-v1ΔS1 markedly improved cerebral ischemia/reperfusion-induced motor function damage, attenuated brain infarct volume, neuronal apoptosis, mitochondrial bioenergetics deficits, oxidative stress, and restored the morphology of mitochondrial cristae and mitochondrial length. It also preserved the mitochondrial integrity and reinforced the mtDNA content and expression of mitochondrial biogenesis factors in ischemic rats. Our results demonstrate that the stabilization of L-OPA1 protects ischemic brains by reducing neuronal apoptosis and preserving mitochondrial function, suggesting its significance as a promising therapeutic target for stroke prevention and treatment.
doi:10.1016/j.redox.2020.101503 pmid:32199783 pmcid:PMC7327985 fatcat:l6o3e7scrnakrhj7i2debirheq
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