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Metamaterials and Metasurfaces for Sensor Applications

Yohan Lee, Sun-Je Kim, Hyeonsoo Park, Byoungho Lee
2017 Sensors  
Chung, T.; Lee, S.-Y.; Song, E.Y.; Chun, H.; Lee, B. Plasmonic nanostructures for nano-scale bio-sensing. Sensors 2011, 11, 10907-10929. [CrossRef] 42. Roh, S.; Chung, T.; Lee, B.  ...  Lee et al. reported Fano sensor composed of a single nanoslit with periodic grooves and it yields a FOM to 48 and the sensitivity of 615 nm/RIU [130] .  ... 
doi:10.3390/s17081726 pmid:28749422 pmcid:PMC5579738 fatcat:sus2bpfvk5evtnzrkv3nt7dwzq

Automated Evaluation for Student Argumentative Writing: A Survey [article]

Xinyu Wang, Yohan Lee, Juneyoung Park
2022 arXiv   pre-print
This paper surveys and organizes research works in an under-studied area, which we call automated evaluation for student argumentative writing. Unlike traditional automated writing evaluation that focuses on holistic essay scoring, this field is more specific: it focuses on evaluating argumentative essays and offers specific feedback, including argumentation structures, argument strength trait score, etc. The focused and detailed evaluation is useful for helping students acquire important
more » ... ntation skill. In this paper we organize existing works around tasks, data and methods. We further experiment with BERT on representative datasets, aiming to provide up-to-date baselines for this field.
arXiv:2205.04083v1 fatcat:32zpdti4sjci7neozk2kjw4iy4

Factors related to Bowel Cleanliness of Colonoscopy Examinees

Yohan Lee, Haejung Lee
2021 Korean Journal of Adult Nursing  
Lee, Y • Lee, H 장이 완전히 비워져야 점막을 빠짐없이 관찰할 수 있다 [2] .  ...  Lee, Y • Lee, H (1) 장정결 지식 장정결 지식은 대장내시경 검사 전 처치로 장을 비우기 위 해 이행하는 식이 관리와 장정결제 복용에 필요한 지식을 대 상자가 알고 있는 정도를 나타내며, Yun [13]이 염류성 하제 복용법에 맞게 수정한 도구를 사용하였다.  ... 
doi:10.7475/kjan.2021.33.6.545 fatcat:epxuvzoljfalno3yv3vfbgtbcy

Combining LSTM and Latent Topic Modeling for Mortality Prediction [article]

Yohan Jo, Lisa Lee, Shruti Palaskar
2017 arXiv   pre-print
There is a great need for technologies that can predict the mortality of patients in intensive care units with both high accuracy and accountability. We present joint end-to-end neural network architectures that combine long short-term memory (LSTM) and a latent topic model to simultaneously train a classifier for mortality prediction and learn latent topics indicative of mortality from textual clinical notes. For topic interpretability, the topic modeling layer has been carefully designed as a
more » ... single-layer network with constraints inspired by LDA. Experiments on the MIMIC-III dataset show that our models significantly outperform prior models that are based on LDA topics in mortality prediction. However, we achieve limited success with our method for interpreting topics from the trained models by looking at the neural network weights.
arXiv:1709.02842v1 fatcat:4o5vbeg66jbqpavmak66xt22zq

Tunable asymmetric mode conversion using the dark-mode of three-mode waveguide system

Joonsoo Kim, Seung-Yeol Lee, Yohan Lee, Hwi Kim, Byoungho Lee
2014 Optics Express  
Lee, Fourier Modal Method and Its Applications in Computational Nanophotonics (CRC Press, 2012). 42. A. Yariv, "Couple-mode theory for guided-wave optics," IEEE J.  ... 
doi:10.1364/oe.22.028683 pmid:25402109 fatcat:ris4pekvsfgf5e5fcbwnxfvvje

Auditory disorders and future therapies with delivery systems

Jung-Hwan Lee, Min Young Lee, Yohan Lim, Jonathan Knowles, Hae-Won Kim
2018 Journal of Tissue Engineering  
Auditory function takes a major part in human life. While sensorineural hearing loss is related with many factors including genetic disorders, age and noise, the clear causes are not well understood. Even more, the currently available treatments with drugs cause side effects, which thus are considered suboptimal. Here, we communicate the delivery systems with biomaterials that can be possible therapeutic options to restore hearing and vestibular functions. We introduce briefly the various
more » ... ogical factors related with hearing loss and the limitation of current therapies, detail the recent studies on delivery systems including nanoparticles and hydrogels and discuss future clinical availability.
doi:10.1177/2041731418808455 pmid:30397431 pmcid:PMC6207966 fatcat:iu37v4w2aze6fgmw2z3g5exs6u

Angstrom-wide conductive channels in black phosphorus by Cu intercalation [article]

Suk Woo Lee, Lu Qiu, Jong Chan Yoon, Yohan Kim, Da Li, Inseon Oh, Gil-Ho Lee, Jung-Woo Yoo, Hyung-Joon Shin, Feng Ding, Zonghoon Lee
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Intercalation is an effective method to improve and modulate properties of two-dimensional materials. Even so, spatially controlled intercalation at atomic scale, which is important to introduce and modulated properties, has not been successful due to difficulties in controlling the diffusion of intercalants. Here, we show formation of angstrom-wide conductive channels (~4.3 A) in black phosphorus by Cu intercalation. The atomic structure, resultant microstructural effects, intercalation
more » ... sm, and local variations of electronic properties modulated in black phosphorus by Cu intercalation were investigated extensively by transmission electron microscopy including in situ observation, DFT calculation, and conductive atomic force microscopy.
arXiv:2101.08447v1 fatcat:23uwnffehrdvnl2dzcgsm6yqpu

Cheese Microbial Risk Assessments — A Review

Kyoung-Hee Choi, Heeyoung Lee, Soomin Lee, Sejeong Kim, Yohan Yoon
2016 Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences  
Additionally, Lee et al. (2014) showed that S. aureus growth in Camembert cheese was temperature-dependent because S. aureus did not grow in Camembert cheese at 4°C.  ... 
doi:10.5713/ajas.15.0332 pmid:26950859 pmcid:PMC4811779 fatcat:3pac3ljcdzgwnfypq53irv5v7i

Characteristics of Venous Thromboembolism in Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma in East Asian Ethnics

Jong-Chan Lee, Young Sun Ro, Junhyeon Cho, Yohan Park, Ji Hye Lee, Jin-Hyeok Hwang, Hye Jin Choi, Soohyeon Lee
2016 Medicine  
Pancreatic cancer (PC) is known to be frequently associated with venous thromboembolism (VTE). Although treatment and prophylaxis strategies for VTE in PC patients were updated recently, these were mainly based on data from Western populations and were not verified in East Asian ethnic populations. We investigated the clinical characteristics of VTE in East Asian PC patients. We reviewed electronic medical records (EMR) of 1334 patients diagnosed with pancreatic adenocarcinoma from 2005 to 2010
more » ... at single tertiary hospital in Korea. All the patients with newly diagnosed VTE were classified by anatomical site and manifestation of symptoms. The primary outcomes of interest were 2-year cumulative incidence of VTE events. Cox proportional hazards models were used to analyze associations between risk factors and clinical outcomes. A total of 1115 patients were eligible for enrollment. The 2-year cumulative VTE incidence was 9.2%. Major risk factors associated with VTE event were advanced cancer stage, major surgery, and poor performance status. Risk factors associated with mortality after PC diagnosis included advanced cancer stage, poor performance score, leukocytosis, and lower albumin level. The overall VTE did not affected mortality. However in subgroup analysis, symptomatic VTE and deep vein thrombosis/pulmonary thromboembolism (DVT/PTE) showed worse prognosis than incidental or intra-abdominal VTE. The overall incidence of VTE events in Korean PC patients was lower than previous studies. Advanced cancer stage was the most important factor for VTE event and mortality. Unlike Western population group, VTE event did not affect overall prognosis after PC diagnosis. However, symptomatic VTE and DVT/PTE showed higher mortality after VTE event. (Medicine 95(17):e3472) Abbreviations: ACCP = American college of chest physicians, AJCC = American Joint Committee on Cancer, ASCO = American society of clinical oncology, BMI = body mass index, CA19-9 = cancer antigen 19-9, CI = confidence interval, DVT = deep vein thrombosis, ECOG = Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group, ESMO = European society for medical oncology, HR = hazard ratio, interAD = duration between cancer diagnosis and death (or censoring), interAK = duration between cancer diagnosis and VTE event, interKD = duration between VTE event and death (or censoring), IVC = inferior vena cava, IVT = intra-abdominal venous thromboembolism, KSSO = Korean Society for the Study of Obesity, NCCN = national comprehensive cancer network, PTE = pulmonary thromboembolism, SMV = superior mesenteric vein, VTE = venous thromboembolism. Editor: Yushan Zhang.
doi:10.1097/md.0000000000003472 pmid:27124043 pmcid:PMC4998706 fatcat:fyfr5fvywjgmbjody5lo5usj24

Quality of Sub-national Government and Regional Development in Africa

Yohan Iddawela, Neil Lee, Andrés Rodríguez-Pose
Despite widespread interest in government quality and economic development, the role of sub-national government has been largely overlooked. This represents an omission in Africa, given ongoing processes of devolution in much of the continent. In this article, we consider the impact of sub-national government institutions on economic development in 339 regions across 22 African countries. We create a novel index of sub-national government quality based on large-scale survey data and assess its
more » ... mpact on regional economies using satellite data on night light luminosity. To address causality concerns, we instrument sub-national government quality with data from pre-colonial societies. Our results show a positive and significant relationship between sub-national government quality and regional economic development, even when controlling for the quality of national-level institutions. Better sub-national governments are a powerful but often overlooked determinant of development in Africa.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.13721088.v1 fatcat:bogm6yls45hktfao3zf4ng4lpe


Seokjun Lee, Wonwoo Jung, Yohan Chon, Hojung Cha
2015 Proceedings of the 2015 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing - UbiComp '15  
Energy accounting is an essential requirement for optimizing energy consumption on mobile devices. Stateof-the-art approaches consider application processes and threads as the sole components of energy consumption. In this framework, the energy consumption of system services is unclear and has not been comprehensively studied. In this paper, we suggest that the energy consumption of system services should be investigated to understand the behavior of applications. We propose a fine-grained
more » ... y tracing scheme, EnTrack, to enhance the accuracy of energy tracing by identifying and incorporating the energy portions consumed by system services. We implemented EnTrack on the Android platform and validated its functionality and usefulness. In addition, practical usage cases of EnTrack, which uses it as an energy behavior analysis tool, were introduced. The case studies demonstrated that EnTrack enables an understanding of fine-grained energy consumption, especially in system services, which have previously been concealed. This paper introduces EnTrack, a software facility that accurately identifies the fine-grained energy consumption of system services. Figure 1(b) shows the conceptual view of EnTrack. Compared to the process/thread-based approach [14] [15] [16] including our previous work of AppScope [17] , EnTrack provides a new set of information: (1) the relationship between applications and services (i.e., which application invokes which functions in which services), (2) the fine-grained energy consumption of system services according to function unit (e.g., 100mJ at
doi:10.1145/2750858.2807531 dblp:conf/huc/LeeJCC15 fatcat:cyqvzqsigfhjvgdi3lk7k43tiy

A Funnel Type PVDF Underwater Energy Harvester with Spiral Structure Mounted on the Harvester Support

Jongkil Lee, Jinhyo Ahn, Hyundu Jin, Chong Hyun Lee, Yoonsang Jeong, Kibae Lee, Hee-Seon Seo, Yohan Cho
2022 Micromachines  
For the purpose of stably supplying electric power to the underwater wireless sensor, the energy harvesting technology in which a voltage is obtained by generating displacement in a piezoelectric material using flow-induced vibration is one of the most attractive research fields. The funnel type energy harvester (FTEH) with PVDF proposed in this study is an energy harvester in which the inlet has a larger cross-sectional area than the outlet and a spiral structure is inserted to generate a
more » ... x flow at the inlet. Based on numerical analysis, when PVDF with L = 100 mm and t = 1 mm was used, the electric power of 39 μW was generated at flow velocity of 0.25 m/s. In experiment the average RMS voltage of FTEH increased by 0.0209 V when the flow velocity increased by 1 m/s. When measured at 0.25 m/s flow velocity for 25 s, it was shown that voltage doubler rectifier (VDR) generated a voltage of 133.4 mV, 2.25 times larger than that of full bridge rectifier (FBR), and the energy charged in the capacitor was 44.3 nJ, 14% higher in VDR than that of the FBR. In addition, the VDR can deliver power of 17.75 μW for 1 k load. It is shown that if the voltage generated by the FTEH using the flow velocity is stored using the VDR electric circuit, it will greatly contribute to the stable power supply of the underwater wireless sensor.
doi:10.3390/mi13040579 pmid:35457886 pmcid:PMC9030887 fatcat:kmfx2c25enf55j2odqdpltrsdm

Modulation of Protein Synthesis by eIF2α Phosphorylation Protects Cell from Heat Stress-Mediated Apoptosis

Soyoung Park, Yohan Lim, Duckgue Lee, Rosalie Elvira, Ji-Min Lee, Man Ryul Lee, Jaeseok Han
2018 Cells  
Global warming poses a considerable threat to human health, necessitating a proper understanding of mechanisms underlying cell death in the pathogenesis of heat-related diseases. Although mechanisms governing cytoplasmic response to heat are well understood, processes regulating cellular response to disruption of proteostasis in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) due to heat stress remain unclear. The current study reveals that hyperthermic conditions may lead to a disturbance of ER homeostasis,
more » ... o known as ER stress. Subsequent activation of the unfolded protein response (UPR) resulted in concomitant induction of cell death. Among the three UPR signaling pathways, the eIF2α phosphorylation pathway, and not the IRE1α/ATF6α pathways, is likely the main contributor to cell death under heat stress. Considering the role of eIF2α in translational control, we investigated the protective effect of translation rate on heat stress-mediated cell death. When protein synthesis was attenuated using cycloheximide or homoharringtonine, cell death due to heat stress was significantly reduced. In summation, we propose that transient modulation of protein synthesis by eIF2α phosphorylation has a pivotal role in protecting cells from heat stress-induced apoptosis. Therefore, pharmacological agents that promote eIF2α phosphorylation or reduce ER stress may contribute to the development of promising therapeutic approaches against heat-related diseases.
doi:10.3390/cells7120254 fatcat:hxrr67dorjbjrhmnod4rdpnqji

Screw Fixation Method through Temporary Kirschner Wire Hole for Coronal Hamate Fracture

Yong Gil Jo, Yohan Lee, Joonha Lee, Kee Jeong Bae, Min Bom Kim, Young Ho Lee
2021 Archives of Hand and Microsurgery  
ORCID Yong Gil Jo, Yohan Lee, Joonha Lee, Kee Jeong Bae,  ...  -7373 Min Bom Kim, Young Ho Lee, CONFLICTS OF INTEREST The authors have nothing to disclose.  ... 
doi:10.12790/ahm.21.0121 fatcat:pcev3onlifbxjm6ddfuthmds5m

Growth of Salmonella in napa cabbage kimchi during fermentation

Yukyung Choi, Soomin Lee, Heeyoung Lee, Jung Hyun Kim, Sejeong Kim, Jimyeong Ha, Jeeyeon Lee, Hyemin Oh, Yohan Yoon
2021 Korean Journal of Food Preservation  
LWT-Food Sci Technol, 81, 153- 159 (2017) Lee J, Lee H, Lee S, Kim S, Ha J, Choi Y, Oh H, Kim Y, Lee Y, Yoon KS, Seo K, Yoon Y.  ...  or predict the kinetic behavior of Salmonella in napa cabbage kimchi during fermentation.activityandtemperature.J DairyRes, 82, 64-69 (2015)Lee HW, Yoon SR,KimSJ, Lee HM, Lee JY, Lee JH, Kim SH, Ha JH.  ...  ORCID Yukyung Choi Yohan Yoon  ... 
doi:10.11002/kjfp.2021.28.4.532 fatcat:pzmg65wgnnb43n455wrsbsjnny
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