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Review of "Introduction to Surface Chemistry and Catalysis, Second Edition—2010" by Gabor A. Somorjai and Yimin Li

John T. Yates
2012 Catalysis Letters  
doi:10.1007/s10562-012-0888-z fatcat:my33gilu75edfc6zngzqdnujze

Evaluation of groundwater pollution in a mining area using analytical solution: a case study of the Yimin open-pit mine in China

Tianxin Li, Li Li, Hongqing Song, Linglong Meng, Shuli Zhang, Gang Huang
2016 SpringerPlus  
Case description: The Yimin open-pit mine is located in the northern part of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China.  ...  Conclusions: The suitable flow rate of single well should be <380 m/day at Yimin open-pit for the standard value of pollution concentration.  ...  The authors also express gratitude to researchers at the Yimin open-pit mine for their cooperation. Competing interests The authors declare that they have no competing interests.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s40064-016-2023-x pmid:27047718 pmcid:PMC4816946 fatcat:iy42rep7ffd2rh5gp34qnbm2b4

Acousto-electric Inverse Source Problem [article]

Wei Li, John C. Schotland, Yang Yang, Yimin Zhong
2021 arXiv   pre-print
We propose a method to reconstruct the electrical current density inside a conducting medium from acoustically-modulated boundary measurements of the electric potential. We show that the current can be uniquely reconstructed with Lipschitz stability. We also perform numerical simulations to illustrate the analytical results, and explore the partial data setting when measurements are taken only on part of the boundary.
arXiv:2103.11281v1 fatcat:qakok43lezau7dc2n4ukyi6h64

A Real-Time Harmonic Extraction Approach for Distorted Grid

Po Li, Xiang Li, Jinghui Li, Yimin You, Zhongqing Sang
2021 Mathematics  
Harmonic interference is a major hazard in the current power system that affects power quality. How to extract harmonics quickly and accurately is the premise to ensure the sustainable operation of power system, which is particularly important in the field of new energy power generation. In this paper, a harmonic extraction method based on a time-varying observer is proposed. Firstly, a frequency estimation algorithm is used to estimate the power grid current frequency, which can estimate the
more » ... equency in real time. Then, applying the zero-crossing detection method to convert the frequency into a phase variable. Finally, using the phase variable and integral current signal as input, a observer is modeled to extract each order harmonic component. The proposed method is evaluated on a FGPA test platform, which shows that the method can extract the harmonic components of the grid current and converge within 80 ms even in the presence of grid distortions. In the verification case, the relative errors of the 1st, 5th, 7th and 11th harmonics are 0.005%, −0.003%, 0.251% and 0.620%, respectively, which are sufficiently small.
doi:10.3390/math9182245 fatcat:jkt4axfwhfcofgtwinw4qfwdsa

Dynamic Investigation in Green Supply Chain considering Channel Service

Qiuxiang Li, Mengmeng Li, Yimin Huang
2020 Complexity  
Li et al. [33] studied a Stackelberg game model in a dualchannel supply chain, in which the manufacturer and retailer all considered fairness concern in the price game. Li et al.  ...  Using system dynamic approach, Li and Ma [8] investigated the mechanism of the innovation level on the stability of the dynamic game.  ...  Authors' Contributions Li Qiuxiang provided research methods, Huang Yimin wrote the original draft, and Li Mengmeng revised the paper.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2020/1640724 fatcat:zxzd2wbp7baodbnfq32e4jf53y

Hybrid Adaptive Bionic Fuzzy Control Method

Yan Li, Yimin Li, Faxiang Zhang
2017 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
model and the parameter values of a century application; Yimin Li provided the guidance of the paper and was responsible for correspondence.  ...  Authors' Contributions Yan Li was responsible for the overall revision of the paper and wrote the main manuscript text and put forward some new ideas in the research; Faxiang Zhang provided the dynamic  ... 
doi:10.1155/2017/9341073 fatcat:2raov4tft5br3bqszynaljwn4y

Cutting Characteristics and Layout of Pre-cutting Machine Cutter

Xuhui Zhang, Jianmin Li, Yimin Xia, Laikuang Lin, Mi Li, Li Chen
2020 Periodica polytechnica. Civil engineering  
Li et al. [19] studied the rock cutting characteristics of conical pick by discrete element method.  ...  [21] and Li et al. [22] carried out a series of rock cutting tests by conical pick and presented the rock breaking characteristic under different confining stress.  ... 
doi:10.3311/ppci.15339 fatcat:4sqe42tggjg6xlkfhwjpul2xou

Data-Driven Neuron Allocation for Scale Aggregation Networks [article]

Yi Li, Zhanghui Kuang, Yimin Chen, Wayne Zhang
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Successful visual recognition networks benefit from aggregating information spanning from a wide range of scales. Previous research has investigated information fusion of connected layers or multiple branches in a block, seeking to strengthen the power of multi-scale representations. Despite their great successes, existing practices often allocate the neurons for each scale manually, and keep the same ratio in all aggregation blocks of an entire network, rendering suboptimal performance. In
more » ... paper, we propose to learn the neuron allocation for aggregating multi-scale information in different building blocks of a deep network. The most informative output neurons in each block are preserved while others are discarded, and thus neurons for multiple scales are competitively and adaptively allocated. Our scale aggregation network (ScaleNet) is constructed by repeating a scale aggregation (SA) block that concatenates feature maps at a wide range of scales. Feature maps for each scale are generated by a stack of downsampling, convolution and upsampling operations. The data-driven neuron allocation and SA block achieve strong representational power at the cost of considerably low computational complexity. The proposed ScaleNet, by replacing all 3x3 convolutions in ResNet with our SA blocks, achieves better performance than ResNet and its outstanding variants like ResNeXt and SE-ResNet, in the same computational complexity. On ImageNet classification, ScaleNets absolutely reduce the top-1 error rate of ResNets by 1.12 (101 layers) and 1.82 (50 layers). On COCO object detection, ScaleNets absolutely improve the mmAP with backbone of ResNets by 3.6 (101 layers) and 4.6 (50 layers) on Faster RCNN, respectively. Code and models are released at
arXiv:1904.09460v1 fatcat:z6z3ji7q5nft7cauy6lyonlw6a

Tribocorrosion Properties of NiCrAlY Coating in Different Corrosive Environments

Bo Li, Yimin Gao, Cong Li, Hongjian Guo, Qiaoling Zheng, Yefei Li, Yunchuan Kang, Siyong Zhao
2020 Materials  
Atmospheric plasma spraying (APS) was taken to fabricate the NiCrAlY coating. The corrosion-wear properties of NiCrAlY coating was measured respectively under deionized water, artificial seawater, NaOH solution and HCl solution. Experimental results presented that the as-sprayed NiCrAlY coating consisted of Ni3Al, nickel-based solid solution, NiAl and Y2O3. In deionized water, the coating with the lowest corrosion current density (icorr) of 7.865 × 10−8 A/cm2 was hard to erode. Meanwhile, it
more » ... sented a lower friction coefficient and the lowest wear rate. In HCl solution, NiCrAlY coating gave the highest corrosion current density (icorr) of 3.356 × 10−6 A/cm2 and a higher wear rate of 6.36 × 10−6 mm3/Nm. Meanwhile, the emergence of Al(OH)3 on the coating surface could reduce the direct contact between the counter ball and sample effectively, which was conducive to the lowest friction coefficient of 0.24.
doi:10.3390/ma13081864 pmid:32316102 fatcat:qzw3qzcdtvak5eu7mvpajvnhfi

Geometric inequalities for free boundary hypersurfaces in a ball [article]

Yimin Chen, Yingxiang Hu, Haizhong Li
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Recently, Li and Xia [21] further generalized the Reilly formula and using this new integral formula to prove geometric inequalities in warped product spaces.  ...  Assume Σ lies in B a+ and (Σ, g, V a ) is sub-static. Then for k ∈ {1, • • • , n − 1}, we have Σ V a |H k − H Va k | 2 ≤ n(n − 1) (n − k) 2 Σ V a | Tk | 2 , (1.9) where H Va k = Σ V a H k / Σ V a .  ... 
arXiv:2110.12169v1 fatcat:qe6ewooborbzxd6guwxrh4s7by

High-performance dendritic metamaterial absorber for broadband and near-meter wave radar [article]

Song Jiaoyan, Zhao Jing, Li Yimin, Li Bo, Zhao Xiaopeng
2019 arXiv   pre-print
As presented in Fig. 1b , the first branch length is a=0.18 * Li, the second branch length is b= 0.26 * Li, and the branch width is w=0.08 * Pi.  ... 
arXiv:1902.10398v1 fatcat:b4qve6zbxbejhmfqq4u245uxj4

Meta-Learning PAC-Bayes Priors in Model Averaging [article]

Yimin Huang, Weiran Huang, Liang Li, Zhenguo Li
2019 arXiv   pre-print
For meta-learning the prior, some meta-learners (Finn, Abbeel, and Levine 2017; Li et al. 2017; Amit and Meir 2018) are limited to their use of gradient.  ... 
arXiv:1912.11252v2 fatcat:yqxszv6ayffl5ntv6pmdpm5m5y

Brownian motion of tethered nanowires

Sadao Ota, Tongcang Li, Yimin Li, Ziliang Ye, Anna Labno, Xiaobo Yin, Mohammad-Reza Alam, Xiang Zhang
2014 Physical Review E  
Brownian motion of slender particles near a boundary is ubiquitous in biological systems and in nanomaterial assembly, but the complex hydrodynamic interaction in those systems is still poorly understood. Here, we report experimental and computational studies of the Brownian motion of silicon nanowires tethered on a substrate. An optical interference method enabled direct observation of microscopic rotations of the slender bodies in three dimensions with high angular and temporal resolutions.
more » ... is quantitative observation revealed anisotropic and angle-dependent hydrodynamic wall effects: rotational diffusivity in inclined and azimuth directions follows different power laws as a function of the length, ßL −2.5 and ßL −3 , respectively, and is more hindered for smaller inclined angles. In parallel, we developed an implicit simulation technique that takes the complex wire-wall hydrodynamic interactions into account efficiently, the result of which agreed well with the experimentally observed angle-dependent diffusion. The demonstrated techniques provide a platform for studying the microrheology of soft condensed matters, such as colloidal and biological systems near interfaces, and exploring the optimal self-assembly conditions of nanostructures.
doi:10.1103/physreve.89.053010 pmid:25353883 fatcat:bxxedzieqjfllkc57yi4hcdcuu

Tetraethylammonium bicarbonate trihydrate

Heping Li, Yimin Hou, Yunxia Yang
2011 Acta Crystallographica Section E  
Related literature For the crystal structure of tetraethylammonium bicarbonate monohydrate clathrate, see: Li et al. (2003). For O-HÁ Á ÁO hydrogen bonds, see: Steiner (2002).  ...  E67, o1991 [doi:10.1107/S1600536811026080] Tetraethylammonium bicarbonate trihydrate Heping Li, Yimin Hou and Yunxia Yang  ...  In 2003, the crystal structure of tetraethylammonium bicarbonate monohydrate clathrate (C 8 H 20 N + .CHO 3 -.H 2 O, 1) has been reported (Li et al. 2003) .  ... 
doi:10.1107/s1600536811026080 pmid:22091026 pmcid:PMC3213447 fatcat:qq4u674hmnguxftm3zfbmdvlai

Dynamic and Stability Analysis of Multibolt Plane Joints under Normal Forces

Zhenyuan Li, Yimin Zhang, Changyou Li, Zhi Tan
2019 Applied Sciences  
In this paper, a stiffness model of contact surfaces based on a modified three-dimensional fractal contact model is built, which is in accordance with the experiment results. Additionally, the static, dynamic, and stable behaviors of the bolt joint between the spindle box and the machine bed are analyzed. The mathematical relationship between fractal parameters of the surface topography and the stiffness of the system was established to accurately study its static behaviors. Asymmetric curves
more » ... e observed from the load–deflection results and the nonlinear stiffness characteristic is also presented. It is shown that both the stress and the stiffness increase with the increase of the displacement near the static equilibrium position. Meanwhile, a simplified model without the consideration of roughness is compared with joint interfaces composed from milling, scraping, and grinding surfaces. Numerical calculation was employed to investigate effects of design parameters on the system under harmonic excitation when the processing method, excitation force, bolt pre-tightening force, topography parameters, and other structural parameters, i.e., nominal contact area, joint thickness and bolt number, are eventually regarded as the control parameters. The aim of the article is to analysis the influence of these parameters, including surface morphology, on nonlinear characteristics of the bolt interface with fractal contact surfaces andto provide some references to improve the characteristics.
doi:10.3390/app9245521 fatcat:zvhct4bjxrgclh7pprl2clfymy
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