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Investigation of Paper Characteristics on Old Documents Related to the Head Family of Admiral Yi Sun‐sin

Ji Yoon Ahn, Su Bin Bae
2018 Journal of Conservation Science  
Old documents related to the head family of admiral Yi Sun-shin have been preserved by the descendants of Deoksu Yi clan and various kinds of documents have remained even today.  ... 
doi:10.12654/jcs.2018.34.5.09 fatcat:sszlhkiczzf5lmpv3ljj5vigl4

A Case Analysis of Development Native Food Brand Admiral Yi, Sun-sin using Placeness
장소성을 이용한 충무공이순신 향토음식브랜드개발 사례분석

Souk Choi
2012 The Journal of the Korea Contents Association  
. ■ keyword :|Placeness|Yi, Sun-sin|Native Food Brand|Contents|  ...  As for the range of the place, the focus was put on the places that are related to Admiral Yi, Sun-sin historically and culturally, and regions that attempted native foods development were selected.  ... 
doi:10.5392/jkca.2012.12.11.422 fatcat:pixkhzssczc3nf57zlzv5hqu5y

Aerodynamic Forces Acting on Yi Sun-sin Bridge Girder According to Reynolds Numbers
레이놀즈수에 따른 이순신대교 거더에 작용하는 공기력의 변화

Seung Ho Lee, Ja Geol Yoon, Soon Duck Kwon
2013 Journal of the Korean Society of Civil Engineers  
The objective of present study is to investigate the sensitivity of aerostatic force coefficients of twin box girder of Yi Sun-sin Bridge according to the Reynolds numbers.  ...  Fig. 3 . 3 The Yi Sun-sin Bridge Fig. 4 . 4 Bridge model at wind tunnel in the Korea Air Force Academy 사각단면의 경우 폭고비(B/D)가 6이상인 경우 재부착점이 사각단면 내에 모두 들어오는 것으로 알려져 있다(Fig. 2 구조물에 작용하는 단위길이당 항력(D), 양력(L  ... 
doi:10.12652/ksce.2013.33.1.093 fatcat:wmsndkjp5zcrvpabgyx4wlw6p4

Comparison of Bulcheonwijerye Food Cultures in Shrines of Admiral Yi Sun-sin
충무공 이순신장군 사당의 불천위제례음식문화 비교 - 아산현충사고택·통영착량묘·남해충렬사 -

Mi-Yeon Park, Min-Kyung Kang, Myung-Hee Cho, Seo-Yul Choi, Pil-Sook Park
2012 Journal of the Korean Society of Food Culture  
Bulcheonwijerye for the same person, Admiral Yi Sun-Sin, has different characteristics according to the shrines.  ...  Sun-Sin, which is being held in Asan-hyeonchungsa shrine, Tongyeong-changnyangmyo and Namhae-chungyeolsa.  ...  Sun-sin Bulcheonwijerye depends on shrines 구분 아산 통영 남해 제례일 11월 19일(陰) 12월 16일(陽) 1 1 월 19일(陰) 제례 장소 아산현충사고택 통영착량묘 남해충렬사 제례 주최 덕수이씨 종친회 (재)통영충렬사 (사)남해충렬사 <Table 2> The ritual procedure of Admiral Yi Sun-sin  ... 
doi:10.7318/kjfc/2012.27.6.598 fatcat:x7bbnmfo7fbdpbap6pt2tikimu

Conversational Recommender System [article]

Yueming Sun, Yi Zhang
2018 arXiv   pre-print
A personalized conversational sales agent could have much commercial potential. E-commerce companies such as Amazon, eBay, JD, Alibaba etc. are piloting such kind of agents with their users. However, the research on this topic is very limited and existing solutions are either based on single round adhoc search engine or traditional multi round dialog system. They usually only utilize user inputs in the current session, ignoring users' long term preferences. On the other hand, it is well known
more » ... at sales conversion rate can be greatly improved based on recommender systems, which learn user preferences based on past purchasing behavior and optimize business oriented metrics such as conversion rate or expected revenue. In this work, we propose to integrate research in dialog systems and recommender systems into a novel and unified deep reinforcement learning framework to build a personalized conversational recommendation agent that optimizes a per session based utility function.
arXiv:1806.03277v1 fatcat:d3opu6le6nhk7a27wrvi3op3b4

Identification and Removal of Pigments in Blood-colored Grooves of Long Sword, Admiral Yi Sun-sin (Treasure No. 326)
보물 제326호 이순신 장검 혈조 내 안료의 규명 및 제거

Hyuk Nam Kwon, Hye Seong Youn, Dong Wan Ryu, Jeong Won Lee, Jang Jon Lee, Min Soo Han
2015 Journal of Conservation Science  
The artifacts of Admiral Yi Sun-sin (Treasure No.326) consist of six items with two long swords, a jade decoration, a belt and two peach-shaped cups.  ...  In commemoration of the opening of Chungmugong Yi sun-sin Memorial Museum (April 28, 2011), there were conservation treatments for those artifacts at the beginning of 2011.  ...  Key words: Yi Sun-sin, Janggeom(Long sword), Blood-colored grooves, Pigment, Synthetic resin paint, Removal Figure 4) .  ... 
doi:10.12654/jcs.2015.31.4.15 fatcat:ucayztk7ybcoda37rwv3cmo34a

Harvesting Energy from Sun, Outer Space, and Soil [article]

Yanpei Tian, Xiaojie Liu, Fangqi Chen, Yi Zheng
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Solar thermal power systems use the Sun as a huge hot source and the surrounding environment as a cold sink to generate electricity.  ...  The inset depicts the schematic of the cross-section and the energy flows between TEG, the Sun, the ambient, and the outer space.  ... 
arXiv:2007.14342v1 fatcat:iftoytdz5bexnjlpgeucm7nqf4

Towards Concolic Testing for Hybrid Systems [article]

Pingfan Kong, Yi Li, Xiaohong Chen, Jun Sun, Meng Sun, Jingyi Wang
2016 arXiv   pre-print
Hybrid systems exhibit both continuous and discrete behavior. Analyzing hybrid systems is known to be hard. Inspired by the idea of concolic testing (of programs), we investigate whether we can combine random sampling and symbolic execution in order to effectively verify hybrid systems. We identify a sufficient condition under which such a combination is more effective than random sampling. Furthermore, we analyze different strategies of combining random sampling and symbolic execution and
more » ... se an algorithm which allows us to dynamically switch between them so as to reduce the overall cost. Our method has been implemented as a web-based checker named HyChecker. HyChecker has been evaluated with benchmark hybrid systems and a water treatment system in order to test its effectiveness.
arXiv:1608.08754v1 fatcat:goi6kpjkvfegvpkcrm33jxjyum

Improved Algorithms for Exact and Approximate Boolean Matrix Decomposition [article]

Yuan Sun, Shiwei Ye, Yi Sun, Tsunehiko Kameda
2015 arXiv   pre-print
An arbitrary m× n Boolean matrix M can be decomposed exactly as M =U∘ V, where U (resp. V) is an m× k (resp. k× n) Boolean matrix and ∘ denotes the Boolean matrix multiplication operator. We first prove an exact formula for the Boolean matrix J such that M =M∘ J^T holds, where J is maximal in the sense that if any 0 element in J is changed to a 1 then this equality no longer holds. Since minimizing k is NP-hard, we propose two heuristic algorithms for finding suboptimal but good decomposition.
more » ... e measure the performance (in minimizing k) of our algorithms on several real datasets in comparison with other representative heuristic algorithms for Boolean matrix decomposition (BMD). The results on some popular benchmark datasets demonstrate that one of our proposed algorithms performs as well or better on most of them. Our algorithms have a number of other advantages: They are based on exact mathematical formula, which can be interpreted intuitively. They can be used for approximation as well with competitive "coverage." Last but not least, they also run very fast. Due to interpretability issues in data mining, we impose the condition, called the "column use condition," that the columns of the factor matrix U must form a subset of the columns of M.
arXiv:1512.08041v1 fatcat:fq4jdtgkb5e2rfll4cnxfofstu

Opportunistic Treating Interference as Noise [article]

Xinping Yi, Hua Sun
2018 arXiv   pre-print
We consider a K-user interference network with M states, where each transmitter has M messages and over State m, Receiver k wishes to decode the first π_k(m) ∈{1,2,...,M} messages from its desired transmitter. This problem of channel with states models opportunistic communications, where more messages are sent for better channel states. The first message from each transmitter has the highest priority as it is required to be decoded regardless of the state of the receiver; the second message is
more » ... pportunistically decoded if the state allows a receiver to decode 2 messages; and the M-th message has the lowest priority as it is decoded if and only if the receiver wishes to decode all M messages. For this interference network with states, we show that if any possible combination of the channel states satisfies a condition under which power control and treating interference as noise (TIN) are sufficient to achieve the entire generalized degrees of freedom (GDoF) region of this channel state by itself, then a simple layered superposition encoding scheme with power control and a successive decoding scheme with TIN achieves the entire GDoF region of the network with M states for all KM messages.
arXiv:1808.08926v1 fatcat:3xcan57ccjb6hjvxa5qf2rfj6q

Gluons in the Charmonium(-like) States [article]

Wei Sun, Ying Chen, Peng Sun, Yi-Bo Yang
2020 arXiv   pre-print
The mass components of charmonium(-like) states are investigated through the decomposition of QCD energy-momentum tensor (EMT) on lattice. The quark mass contribution ⟨ H_m⟩ and the momentum fraction ⟨ x⟩ of valence charm quark and antiquark are calculated for conventional 1S,1P,1D charmonia and the exotic 1^-+ charmonium-like state, based on the N_f=2+1 gauge configurations generated by the RBC/UKQCD collaboration. It is found that ⟨ H_m⟩ is around 2.0 to 2.2 GeV for these states, which
more » ... that the mass splittings among these states come almost all from the contribution of QCD anomaly and ultimately the gluon contribution. The ⟨ x⟩ of the 1^-+ state is only around 0.55, while that in conventional charmonia is around 0.7 to 0.8. This difference manifests that the proportion of light quarks and gluons in the 1^-+ charmonium-like state is significantly larger than conventional states.
arXiv:2012.06228v1 fatcat:jpaf2fwdhfhtnog32ph5vv5itm

Nitrogen-Doped Hierarchical Porous Activated Carbon Derived from Paddy for High-Performance Supercapacitors

Yudan Yuan, Yi Sun, Zhichen Feng, Xingjian Li, Ruowei Yi, Wei Sun, Cezhou Zhao, Li Yang
2021 Materials  
A facile and environmentally friendly fabrication is proposed to prepare nitrogen-doped hierarchical porous activated carbon via normal-pressure popping, one-pot activation and nitrogen-doping process. The method adopts paddy as carbon precursor, KHCO3 and dicyandiamide as the safe activating agent and nitrogen dopant. The as-prepared activated carbon presents a large specific surface area of 3025 m2·g−1 resulting from the synergistic effect of KHCO3 and dicyandiamide. As an electrode material,
more » ... it shows a maximum specific capacitance of 417 F·g−1 at a current density of 1 A·g−1 and very good rate performance. Furthermore, the assembled symmetric supercapacitor presents a large specific capacitance of 314.6 F·g−1 and a high energy density of 15.7 Wh·Kg−1 at 1 A·g−1, maintaining 14.4 Wh·Kg−1 even at 20 A·g−1 with the energy density retention of 91.7%. This research demonstrates that nitrogen-doped hierarchical porous activated carbon derived from paddy has a significant potential for developing a high-performance renewable supercapacitor and provides a new route for economical and large-scale production in supercapacitor application.
doi:10.3390/ma14020318 pmid:33435436 fatcat:jua46swpazaaheo5ekbsewrgda

Development, safety and efficacy of a novel circular-irrigated deca-channel mapping and ablation catheter for pulmonary vein isolation

Xiang-Fei Feng, Mu Chen, Jian Sun, Jie Sun, Bo Liang, Yi-Yong Sun, Yi-Gang Li
2018 BMC Cardiovascular Disorders  
Competing interests Jie Sun, Bo Liang, and Yi-Yong Sun are affiliated with MicroPort EP MedTech Co., Ltd., and the company which designed and developed the CIDMA.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s12872-018-0886-1 pmid:30111281 pmcid:PMC6094917 fatcat:fhqishvtonc5ni5fmzh36wpwbq

Deciphering the developmental patterns of white matter tracts in a diffusion MRI based fetal brain atlas [article]

Ruike Chen, Cong Sun, Tingting Liu, Yuhao Liao, Junyan Wang, Yi Sun, Yi Zhang, Guangbin Wang, Dan Wu
2022 bioRxiv   pre-print
White matter of the fetal brain undergoes rapid development to form the early structural connections. Diffusion MRI has shown to be a useful tool to depict the fetal brain white matter in utero, and many studies have observed increasing fractional anisotropy and decreasing mean diffusivity in the fetal brain during the second-to-third trimester, whereas others reported non-monotonic changes. Unbiased diffusion MRI atlases of the fetal brain are important for characterizing developmental
more » ... ries of white matter and providing normative references for in-utero diagnosis of prenatal abnormalities. To date, the sole fetal brain diffusion MRI atlas was collected from a Caucasian/mixed population, and was constructed based on the diffusion tensor model with limited spatial resolution. In this work, we proposed a fiber orientation distribution (FOD) based pipeline for the generation of fetal brain diffusion MRI atlases, which showed better registration accuracy than diffusion tensor-based pipeline. Based on the FOD pipeline, we constructed the first Chinese fetal brain diffusion MRI atlas using 89 normal fetal diffusion MRI scans at GA between 24 and 38 weeks. Complex non-monotonic trends of tensor- and FOD-derived microstructural parameters in eight white matter tracts were observed, which jointly pointed to different phases of microstructural development. Specifically, we speculated that the turning point of the diffusivity trajectory may correspond to the starting point of pre-myelination, based on which, the developmental order of white matter tracts can be mapped and the order was in agreement with order of myelination from histological studies. The normative atlas also provided a reference for detection of abnormal white matter development, such as that in congenital heart disease. Therefore, the high-order fetal brain diffusion MRI atlas established in this study depicted the spatiotemporal pattern of early white matter development, and findings may help decipher the distinct microstructural events in utero.
doi:10.1101/2022.02.28.481882 fatcat:targwedorvf2lckvlw6fgfut3e

A Concise Review of MicroRNA-383: Exploring the Insights of Its Function in Tumorigenesis

Qian Yi, Wei Xie, Wei Sun, Weichao Sun, Yi Liao
2022 Journal of Cancer  
Sun et al. found that miR-383 upregulated and transactivated miR-320, which regulated the function of granulosa cell by targeting E2F1 and SF-1 [82] .  ...  Sun and colleagues reported that the expression of miR-383 was decreased by TGF-β1 in mouse ovarian granulosa cells [80] , and they further illustrated that miR-383 was transcriptionally regulated by  ...  ; Weichao Sun was the project administrator; and Weichao Sun and Yi Liao acquired funding.  ... 
doi:10.7150/jca.64846 pmid:34976192 pmcid:PMC8692686 fatcat:4qbipquxf5dybiaodflv5775gq
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