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Pull Request Decision Explained: An Empirical Overview [article]

Xunhui Zhang, Yue Yu, Georgios Gousios, Ayushi Rastogi
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Xunhui Zhang received his BS in Computer Science from Sichuan University in 2015. He received his MS in Software Engineering from National University of Defense Technology in 2017.  ...  Zhang Some examples of these factors are continuous integration [10] , [11] , geographical location [12] , and bot usage [13] , [14] .  ... 
arXiv:2105.13970v1 fatcat:dhices7ocfcdjk7rctjja7y42e

Pull Request Latency Explained: An Empirical Overview [article]

Xunhui Zhang, Yue Yu, Tao Wang, Ayushi Rastogi, Huaimin Wang
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Context VI-X inherit from our previous study Zhang et al. (2021a) .  ...  Threats to validity This work is based on our previous dataset (Zhang et al. (2020a) ).  ... 
arXiv:2108.09946v1 fatcat:zzsagpa2y5betbpuha6rtco4k4

A tailored double perovskite nanofiber catalyst enables ultrafast oxygen evolution

Bote Zhao, Lei Zhang, Dongxing Zhen, Seonyoung Yoo, Yong Ding, Dongchang Chen, Yu Chen, Qiaobao Zhang, Brian Doyle, Xunhui Xiong, Meilin Liu
2017 Nature Communications  
Rechargeable metal-air batteries and water splitting are highly competitive options for a sustainable energy future, but their commercialization is hindered by the absence of cost-effective, highly efficient and stable catalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction. Here we report the rational design and synthesis of a double perovskite PrBa 0.5 Sr 0.5 Co 1.5 Fe 0.5 O 5 þ d nanofiber as a highly efficient and robust catalyst for the oxygen evolution reaction. Co-doping of strontium and iron into
more » ... BaCo 2 O 5 þ d is found to be very effective in enhancing intrinsic activity (normalized by the geometrical surface area, B4.7 times), as validated by electrochemical measurements and first-principles calculations. Further, the nanofiber morphology enhances its mass activity remarkably (by B20 times) as the diameter is reduced to B20 nm, attributed to the increased surface area and an unexpected intrinsic activity enhancement due possibly to a favourable e g electron filling associated with partial surface reduction, as unravelled from chemical titration and electron energy-loss spectroscopy.
doi:10.1038/ncomms14586 pmid:28240282 pmcid:PMC5333368 fatcat:kow53q2eivf5pep4cqmpglviri

Teegraph: trusted execution environment and directed acyclic graph-based consensus algorithm for IoT blockchains

Xiang Fu, Huaimin Wang, Peichang Shi, Xingkong Ma, Xunhui Zhang
2021 Science China Information Sciences  
Citation Fu X, Wang H M, Shi P C, et al. Teegraph: trusted execution environment and directed acyclic graphbased consensus algorithm for IoT blockchains. Sci China Inf Sci, 2022, 65(3): 139104, https://doi.
doi:10.1007/s11432-019-1516-3 fatcat:ekfi2vhp5fabhedusi57qmwagm

Age- and sex-related differences in body composition in healthy subjects aged 18 to 82 years

Xue He, Zishuai Li, Xunhui Tang, Lijun Zhang, Li Wang, Yongjun He, Tianbo Jin, Dongya Yuan
2018 Medicine  
Significant changes in body composition are known to occur with aging. The aim of the present study was to provide a normative reference of body composition and to investigate age and sex-related differences in healthy subjects by multifrequency bioelectrical impedance analyzer (BIA). A cross-sectional study was conducted on a sample of 3451 healthy Chinese adults, 1611 males and 1840 females. The volunteers were enrolled in 5 different age bands (18-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51-60, 60+). All subjects
more » ... ere measured for weight and height and submitted to BIA, to determine body composition. Body composition measures accounted for differences between men and women. A decrease in fat-free mass and increase in percent body fat was observed with aging, although the phenomenon was proved to be attenuated in women. The central and visceral redistribution of fat mass was also shown along lifetime. This study is a report on body composition of healthy subjects, to be used as an important data for future investigations and differences between nationalities and countries. Abbreviations: BIA = multifrequency bioelectrical impedance analyser, BMI = body mass index, BMR = basal metabolic rate, ECM = extracellular water, FFM = fat-free mass, FM = fat mass, LMM = lean muscle mass, PBF = percent body fat, TBW = total body water, VFL = visceral fat level.
doi:10.1097/md.0000000000011152 pmid:29924020 pmcid:PMC6023800 fatcat:scugx3msjngk3dm6sdmtgdfn24

Design and Synthesis of a Novel Primary Amine-Thiourea Organocatalyst Based on Unactivated C(sp3)-H Amination Reaction

LIAN Pengfei, WANG Xunhui, ZHANG Shuyu
2020 Shanghai Jiaotong Daxue xuebao  
In order to apply the C-H activation strategy to the synthesis of novel organic catalysts, a novel primary amine-thiourea catalyst is designed and synthesized by using the developed inert C(sp3)-H amination method as a key step. First, using phenylalanine as the substrate and di-tert-butyl-azodicarboxylic acid as the nitrogen source, the corresponding amination products are obtained by employing the Pd-catalyzed inert C(sp3)-H amination method. Next, the chiral skeleton of 1,2-diamine
more » ... in organocatalysts is obtained by simple conversion. Then, a novel chiral primary amine-thiourea bifunctional organic catalyst is synthesized, whose structure is characterized by nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and high resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS). The synthesized catalyst is also successfully applied to the asymmetric Michael addition reaction of isobutyraldehyde with nitroolefins. Due to the advantages of transition metal-catalyzed C-H activation, such as simplicity, high efficiency, high atomic economy, and non pre-functionalization, its application to the development of small molecular catalysts will undoubtedly make the structure of catalyst more diversified and the synthesis process more efficient.
doi:10.16183/j.cnki.jsjtu.2020.144 doaj:20eccaf7b61743228e496bc5dd758cb8 fatcat:ztjcqem54zbpjdynsqvhujygei

Who Will be Interested in? A Contributor Recommendation Approach for Open Source Projects

Xunhui Zhang, Tao Wang, Gang Yin, Cheng Yang, Huaimin Wang
2017 Proceedings of the 29th International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering  
The crowds' continuous participation and contribution are the key factors for the success of open source projects. However, among the massive competitors, it is difficult for a project to attract enough contributors by just passively waiting for enthusiasts to join in. Instead, it should actively seek gifted developers. Most of the current studies mainly focus on recommending experts inside a repository for some specific development tasks. In this paper, we propose a novel approach ConRec to
more » ... ommend potential contributors across the entire open source community for given projects. It leverages the developers' historical activities in projects to analyze their technical interests and technical connections with others. Thereafter, it combines collaborative filtering algorithm with text matching algorithm to recommend proper developers. We conducted extensive experiments on 5,995 open source projects and 2,938,620 developers in GitHub. The results show that the proposed algorithm can recommend contributors to open source projects with the best performance of 63% in accuracy, and solve the cold start problem as well. • We design a commit network to measure the collaboration connections between developers. Based on this network,
doi:10.18293/seke2017-067 dblp:conf/seke/ZhangWYYW17 fatcat:klf4waxyqzbfzhmxpn6dexo42y

A Novel Open Source Software Ecosystem: From a Graphic Point of View and Its Application

Chenxi Song, Tao Wang, Gang Yin, Xunhui Zhang, Cheng Yang
2016 Proceedings of the 28th International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering  
With the rapid development of open source software, various elements such as OSS, developers, users and online posts, across different communities and their interactions constitute a novel software ecosystem. Most of the current researches about software ecosystems care the connections between software, and few of them consider the relationship across communities from an overall perspective, and fail to cover the users and their activities which should be an indispensable part of the OSS
more » ... em. This paper model the OSS ecosystem as a graph, which combines different types of OSS communities as a whole. Based on this graph model, we analyze the characteristics of ecosystem, like the evolution, competition and symbiosis. In addition, we build a recommendation system as well, and the experiment results suggest the validation of our approach. Keyword; open source ecosystem; graph model; recommendation algorithm I. We define the OSS ecosystem as a set of open source software along with their contributors, followers, users, and the social message generated by the development activities
doi:10.18293/seke2016-123 dblp:conf/seke/SongWYZY16 fatcat:opdwcimmynhe3n6r5sp2gckn7m

Who, What, Why and How? Towards the Monetary Incentive in Crowd Collaboration: A Case Study of Github's Sponsor Mechanism

Xunhui Zhang, Tao Wang, Yue Yu, Qiubing Zeng, Zhixing Li, Huaimin Wang
2022 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems  
While many forms of financial support are currently available, there are still many complaints about inadequate financing from software maintainers. In May 2019, GitHub, the world's most active social coding platform, launched the Sponsor mechanism as a step toward more deeply integrating open source development and financial support. This paper collects data on 8,028 maintainers, 13,555 sponsors, and 22,515 sponsorships and conducts a comprehensive analysis. We explore the relationship between
more » ... the Sponsor mechanism and developers along four dimensions using a combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis, examining why developers participate, how the mechanism affects developer activity, who obtains more sponsorships, and what mechanism flaws developers have encountered in the process of using it. We find a long-tail effect in the act of sponsorship, with most maintainers' expectations remaining unmet, and sponsorship has only a shortterm, slightly positive impact on development activity but is not sustainable. While sponsors participate in this mechanism mainly as a means of thanking the developers of OSS that they use, in practice, the social status of developers is the primary influence on the number of sponsorships. We find that both the Sponsor mechanism and open source donations have certain shortcomings and need further improvements to attract more participants.
doi:10.1145/3491102.3501822 fatcat:lios7y2nirerjp75xwz3dcehcy

Effects of Solar Proton Events Associated With X-Ray Flares on Near-Earth Electron and Proton Fluxes Based on ZH-1 Satellite Observations

Lu Wang, Zhenxia Zhang, Xunhui Shen, Xinqiao Li, Xiaohua Liang, Zeren Zhima, Wei Chu, Feng Guo, Na Zhou, Huaran Chen, Daihui Wei
2022 Frontiers in Earth Science  
; Zhang Z. et al., 2021; Zhima et al., 2021) .  ...  Zhang et al. reported the proton loss of the inner radiation belt during the geomagnetic storm of 2018 based on ZH-1 satellite observation.  ... 
doi:10.3389/feart.2022.895561 fatcat:77xfissxzvd6tpa4n6hxaxqida

Abnormal global alternative RNA splicing in COVID-19 patients

Changli Wang, Lijun Chen, Yaobin Chen, Wenwen Jia, Xunhui Cai, Yufeng Liu, Fenghu Ji, Peng Xiong, Anyi Liang, Ren Liu, Yuanlin Guan, Zhongyi Cheng (+20 others)
2022 PLoS Genetics  
Writing -review & editing: Dehua Yang, Ming-Wei Wang, Xiangping Yang, Jianjun Zhang, Chao Cheng, Zhongmin Liu, Ren Liang, Zhendong Li, Tian Xia.  ...  Formal analysis: Lijun Chen, Wenwen Jia, Xunhui Cai, Yufeng Liu, Fenghu Ji. Supervision: Tian Xia. Validation: Lijun Chen, Anyi Liang, Zhendong Li, Han Xia. Visualization: Peng Xiong.  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pgen.1010137 pmid:35421082 pmcid:PMC9089920 fatcat:cyrkh2nwqrdf3l5kiuyoztdkpu

Table of contents

2019 2019 IEEE International Conference on Service-Oriented System Engineering (SOSE)  
University) Cloud Service Provider Evaluation System Using Fuzzy Rough Set Technique 187 LS4BUCC: A Low Overhead Storage Architecture for Blockchain Based Unmanned Collaborative Cognition System 221 Xunhui  ...  Zhang (National University of Defense Technology), Huaimin Wang (National University of Defense Technology), Peichang Shi (National University of Defense Technology), and Xiang Fu (National University  ... 
doi:10.1109/sose.2019.00004 fatcat:mws7qn6b5reodewgdg2qsukeyu

Who, What, Why and How? Towards the Monetary Incentive in Crowd Collaboration: A Case Study of Github's Sponsor Mechanism [article]

Xunhui Zhang, Tao Wang, Yue Yu, Qiubing Zeng, Zhixing Li, Huaimin Wang
Conference'17, July 2017, Washington, DC, USA Zhang et al. Conference'17, July 2017, Washington, DC, USA  ... 
doi:10.48550/arxiv.2111.13323 fatcat:f2nvkikwezfkrip7tb5vyfynte

A General Conceptual Model of Recommendation Based on Multi-Agent Approach

Xunhui Zhang, Tao Wang, Gang Yin, Xinjun Mao, Huaimin Wang
2016 Proceedings of the 2016 2nd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Engineering (AIIE 2016)   unpublished
In recent years, recommendation is becoming more and more popular in many fields. However, there are still some problems, such as single point failure, lack of ability to support different devices and etc. To solve these problems, researches have been carried out using multi-agent approach but some new problems occur. In this paper, we draw an overview of the multiagent recommendation systems according to the recent study in this field. Through our investigation, we summarize the challenges
more » ... multi-agent recommendation systems face and come up with a general conceptual model called GMMR. To some extent, our work may give researchers a comprehensive understanding of the significance of multi-agent recommendation systems and provide a useful model for developers.
doi:10.2991/aiie-16.2016.4 fatcat:cgezrqxr7fcirork6k3uafpfnm

'Spoken Drama (Huaju) with a Strong Chinese Flavour': The Resurrection and Demise of Popular Spoken Drama (Tongsu Huaju) in Shanghai in the 1950s and Early 1960s

2017 Theatre research international  
Fig. 4 4 Fig. 4 Wang Manjun strikes a jingju-style pose as Zhang Wenxiang (left) in Zhang Wenxiang Assassinates Ma Xinyi.  ...  The five traditional plays were Zhenzhu ta (Pearl Pagoda), Hunbian (Marriage Turmoil), Zhang Wenxiang ci Ma (Zhang Wenxiang Assassinates Ma Xinyi), Guangxu yu Zhenfei (Emperor Guangxu and Consort Zhen)  ... 
doi:10.1017/s030788331700058x fatcat:v6lcvzr3jnhldgngqhajh72t44
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