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A Parallel Clustering Algorithm with MPI – MKmeans

Jing Zhang, Gongqing Wu, Xuegang Hu, Shiying Li, Shuilong Hao
2013 Journal of Computers  
Clustering is one of the most popular methods for exploratory data analysis, which is prevalent in many disciplines such as image segmentation, bioinformatics, pattern recognition and statistics etc. The most famous clustering algorithm is K-means because of its easy implementation, simplicity, efficiency and empirical success. However, the real-world applications produce huge volumes of data, thus, how to efficiently handle of these data in an important mining task has been a challenging and
more » ... gnificant issue. In addition, MPI (Message Passing Interface) as a programming model of message passing presents high performances, scalability and portability. Motivated by this, a parallel K-means clustering algorithm with MPI, called MKmeans, is proposed in this paper. The algorithm enables applying the clustering algorithm effectively in the parallel environment. Experimental study demonstrates that MKmeans is relatively stable and portable, and it performs with low overhead of time on large volumes of data sets.
doi:10.4304/jcp.8.1.10-17 fatcat:njwb32hxzjct7d6fljvtb2ulrq

Online Group Feature Selection [article]

Wang Jing, Zhao Zhong-Qiu, Hu Xuegang, Cheung Yiu-ming, Wang Meng, Wu Xindong
2014 arXiv   pre-print
To speed up the redundancy analysis, a faster version of OSFS, called Fast-OSFS, was proposed [Wu et al., 2013] .  ...  ., 2005] , and OSFS [Wu et al., 2013] . The Grafting approach selects features by minimizing the predefined binomial negative log-likelihood loss function.  ... 
arXiv:1404.4774v3 fatcat:xmfdo4kfazeirnasdt7qvnwmby

3D Spatial Characteristics of C-V2X Communication Interference

Derong Du, Xin Jian, Xuegang Wu, Yong Tan, Xiaoping Zeng, Shijian Huang, Yadong Li
2019 Electronics  
In C-V2X (cellular vehicle-to-everything) communication networks, dense spatial reuse of the available radio spectrum is required to achieve efficient spectral usage. Spectrum reuse causes severe network interference where signals from many undesired transmitters are aggregated at a receiver. This paper investigates the 3D spatial characteristics of C-V2X communication interference in the angular domain. A 3D GIDM (Gaussian interference distribution model) is proposed, and the corresponding
more » ... rference APD (angular power density) is given. Then, the closed-form expressions of some key spatial statistics of interference are derived based on the interference APD. Finally, the closed-form expressions of the probability density function and spatial correlation function of SIR (signal–to–interference ratio) are derived based on the 3D multipath APD model and spatial statistics of the Rice channel. Simulation analysis shows that 3D spatial angular directions have significant effect on these spatial statistics of interference and the spatial correlation function of SIR. The results provide useful insight on the analysis and design of the interference-limited networks.
doi:10.3390/electronics8060718 fatcat:fieojqpis5h53bxjwla6u4jjby

Exponential Neighborhood Preserving Embedding for Face Recognition

Ruisheng RAN, Bin FANG, Xuegang WU
2018 IEICE transactions on information and systems  
Ruisheng RAN †, † †a) , Bin FANG †b) , Nonmembers, and Xuegang WU † † †c) , Member SUMMARY Neighborhood preserving embedding is a widely used manifold reduced dimensionality technique.  ...  Xuegang Wu received the B.S. degree in computer science from Shenyang University, Liaoning, China, in 1998, Ph.D. degree in the College of Computer Science of Chongqing University, Chongqing, China in  ... 
doi:10.1587/transinf.2017edp7259 fatcat:utrbwzsalvfbjfblydfaiimcia

Translational Chinese Medicine: A Way for Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Xuegang Sun, Donglan Lin, Weikang Wu, Zhiping Lv
2011 Chinese Medicine  
Translational Chinese medicine is one of the latest developing fields in traditional Chinese medicine. In this paper, we discuss the "3 w" namely, "what is", "why to advance", "how to carry out" and the significance of translational Chinese medicine. To overcome the innate drawbacks of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the basic theory of TCM had better be refreshed. The safety and efficacy of classic formulae and therapy experience of TCM should be evaluated based on strict quality control
more » ... d reaffirmed with evidence based medicine. The significance of translational Chinese medicine is to transform Chinese medicine into a balanced, personalized medicine with sound safety, good efficacy and strict quality control.
doi:10.4236/cm.2011.24029 fatcat:ujmf3q5sunaqxmpv2unauru3nq

Analysis of a new variational model for image multiplicative denoising

Xuegang Hu, Yong Wu, Ling Li
2013 Journal of Inequalities and Applications  
In this paper, we study the mathematical properties of a new variational model for image multiplicative noise removal. Some important properties of the model, including the lower semicontinuity, the differential property, the convergence and regularization property, are established for the first time. The existence and uniqueness of a solution for the problem as well as a comparison principle have also been established. MSC: Primary 49J40; 65K10; secondary 94A08
doi:10.1186/1029-242x-2013-568 fatcat:hb4mjiknivembi53kcaemzpz6e

A new paradigm for urban surveillance with vehicular sensor networks

Xu Li, Hongyu Huang, Xuegang Yu, Wei Shu, Minglu Li, Min-You Wu
2011 Computer Communications  
We consider a new application paradigm of vehicular sensor networks (VSN). Currently, vehicles are equipped with forward facing cameras to assist forensic investigations of events by proactive image-capturing from streets and roads. Due to content redundancy and storage imbalance in this in-network distributed storage system, how to maximize its storage capacity becomes a nontrivial challenge. In other words, how to maximize the average lifetime of sensory data (i.e., images generated by
more » ... ) in the network is a fundamental problem to be solved. This paper presents, VStore, a cooperative storage solution in vehicular sensor networks for mobile surveillance, which has been designed to support redundancy elimination and storage balancing throughout the network. Compared with existing works, we propose a novel storage architecture for urban surveillance and deal with challenges in a mobile scenario. Field testing was carried out with a trace-driven simulator, which utilized about 500 taxis in Shanghai. The testing results showed that VStore can largely prolong the average lifetime of sensory data by cooperative storage.
doi:10.1016/j.comcom.2010.11.008 fatcat:cd3ka7uz5zfx3iymlnd2awpk2y

Effect of Molybdenum on the Impact Toughness of Heat-Affected Zone in High-Strength Low-Alloy Steel

Xiaoyan Wu, Pengcheng Xiao, Shujing Wu, Chunliang Yan, Xuegang Ma, Zengxun Liu, Wei Chen, Liguang Zhu, Qingjun Zhang
2021 Materials  
The microstructure, precipitates, and austenite grain in high-strength low-alloy steel were characterized by optical microscope, transmission electron microscope, and laser scanning confocal microscopy to investigate the effect of Mo on the toughness of steel. The microstructure was refined and the toughness was enhanced after the addition of 0.07% Mo in steel. The addition of Mo can suppress the Widmanstätten ferrite (WF) formation and promote the transformation of acicular ferrite (AF),
more » ... g to the fine transformed products in the heat-affected zone (HAZ). The chemical composition of precipitates changed from Nb(C, N) to (Nb, Mo)(C, N) because of the addition of Mo. The calculated lattice misfit between Nb(C, N) and ferrite was approximately 11.39%, while it was reduced to 5.40% for (Nb, Mo)(C, N), which significantly affected the size and number density of precipitates. A detailed analysis of the precipitates focusing on the chemical composition, size, and number density has been undertaken to understand the contribution of Mo on the improvement of steel toughness.
doi:10.3390/ma14061430 pmid:33804262 fatcat:z3occo5ea5g4zculdrcajsvlra

Mining Recurring Concept Drifts with Limited Labeled Streaming Data

Peipei Li, Xindong Wu, Xuegang Hu
2012 ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology  
and then compare our experimental results against concept drifting data stream algorithms of CVFDT and CDRDT (learned from completely labeled data) and several semi-supervised algorithms involved in (Wu  ... 
doi:10.1145/2089094.2089105 fatcat:geo7iizy2vhhjakg7ky3r4zc64

Rapid Removal of Azophloxine via Catalytic Degradation by a Novel Heterogeneous Catalyst under Visible Light

Di Wu, Kequan Xia, Chengzhu Fang, Xuegang Chen, Ying Ye
2020 Catalysts  
Azo dyes are the most widely used synthetic dyes in the printing and dyeing process. However, the discharge of untreated azo dyes poses a potential threat to aqueous ecosystems and human health. Herein, we fabricated a novel heterogeneous catalyst: activated-carbon-fiber-supported ferric alginate (FeAlg-ACF). Together with peroxymonosulfate (PMS) and visible light, this photocatalytic oxidation system was used to remove an azo dye—azophloxine. The results indicated that the proposed catalytic
more » ... idation system can remove 100% of azophloxine within 24 min, while under the same system, the removal rates were only 92% and 84% when ferric alginate was replaced with ferric citrate and ferric oxalate, respectively, which showed the superiority of FeAlg-ACF. The degradation of azophloxine is achieved by the active radicals (SO4•− and •OH) released from PMS and persistent free radicals from activated carbon fiber. Moreover, due to ferric alginate's highly intrinsic photosensitivity, visible radiation can further enhance the ligand-to-metal charge transfer (LMCT) processes. After 24 min of treatment, the total organic carbon of the azophloxine solution (50 μmol/L) decreased from 1.82 mg/L to 79.3 μg/L and the concentration of nitrate ions increased from 0.3 mg/L to 8.6 mg/L. That is, up to 93.5% of azophloxine molecules were completely degraded into inorganic compounds. Consequently, potential secondary contamination by intermediate organic products during catalytic degradation was prohibited. The azophloxine removal ratio was kept almost constant after seven cycles, indicating the recyclability and longevity of this system. Furthermore, the azophloxine removal was still promising at high concentrations of Cl−, HCO3−, and CO32−. Therefore, our proposed system is potentially effective at removing dye pollutants from seawater. It provides a feasible method for the development of efficient and environmentally friendly PMS activation technology combined with FeAlg-ACF, which has significant academic and application value.
doi:10.3390/catal10010138 fatcat:dzdkgcbosvbk3dw6idhkpjpoqq

Hepatoid Adenocarcinoma Of The Lung Metastasizing To The Gingiva

Chunhua Wang, Guohui Xu, Ge Wu, Zhiming Chen, Zhiyong Sun, Ping Zheng, Yecai Huang, Fuqiang Wang, Xuegang Yang
2019 OncoTargets and Therapy  
Correspondence: Xuegang Yang Department of Interventional Radiology, Sichuan Cancer Hospital and Institute, Sichuan Cancer Center, School of Medicine, University of Electronic Science and Technology  ... 
doi:10.2147/ott.s222974 pmid:31749622 pmcid:PMC6817769 fatcat:5ahqba2ffbgwngpo4vtimtkcb4

Circular RNA ITCH suppressed prostate cancer progression by increasing HOXB13 expression via spongy miR-17-5p

Xuegang Wang, Rong Wang, Zhun Wu, Peide Bai
2019 Cancer Cell International  
Circular RNA Itchy E3 ubiquitin protein ligase (Circ-ITCH) is significantly down-regulated in various kinds of tumors, however, the mechanisms of action and functions of circITCH gene in prostate cancer (PC) are still under investigation. The mail goal of this research was to study the functional role of Circ-ITCH gene in prostate cancer and to illuminate the function role of circ-ITCH gene in prostate cancer by targeting miR-17-5p/HOXB13. RT-qPCR was applied to measure the expression level of
more » ... irc-ITCH and miR-17-5p in PC cell lines and tissues. CCK-8, colony formation, Brdu incorporation labeling and flow cytometry assays were applied to detect the effects of circ-ITCH and miR-17-5p on proliferation and cell apoptosis. Target gene prediction and screening, luciferase reporter gene assays were utilized to assess downstream target genes of miR-17-5p and Circ-ITCH. The protein and expression of HOXB13 gene were measured by Western blotting and RT-qPCR. CircITCH was significantly reduced in PC cell lines and tissues. Low circITCH expression level was highly related with preoperative PSA, tumor stage and Gleason score. Overexpression of circITCH can inhibit the malignant phenotype of prostate cancer. There was a high negative relationship between the expression level of microRNA-17-5p and circITCH in PC tissues, however, there existed a positive relationship between the expression of HOXB13 and circITCH. CircITCH acted as a sponge of miR-17-5p to increase HOXB13 gene expression. In addition, miR-17-5p overexpression or HOXB13 silencing can reduce the carcinogenic effects of circICCH in prostate cancer. CircITCH promoted prostate cancer progression by regulating the HOXB13/miR-17-5p axis, and circITCH have a potential usage as therapeutic target for PC tumors.
doi:10.1186/s12935-019-0994-8 pmid:31827402 pmcid:PMC6892157 fatcat:5kygjhrnbbbkrmerofgopptg4m

Experimental Quantum End-to-End Learning on a Superconducting Processor [article]

Xiaoxuan Pan, Xi Cao, Weiting Wang, Ziyue Hua, Weizhou Cai, Xuegang Li, Haiyan Wang, Jiaqi Hu, Yipu Song, Dong-Ling Deng, Chang-Ling Zou, Re-Bing Wu (+1 others)
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Machine learning can be substantially powered by a quantum computer owing to its huge Hilbert space and inherent quantum parallelism. In the pursuit of quantum advantages for machine learning with noisy intermediate-scale quantum devices, it was proposed that the learning model can be designed in an end-to-end fashion, i.e., the quantum ansatz is parameterized by directly manipulable control pulses without circuit design and compilation. Such gate-free models are hardware friendly and can fully
more » ... exploit limited quantum resources. Here, we report the first experimental realization of quantum end-to-end machine learning on a superconducting processor. The trained model can achieve 98% recognition accuracy for two handwritten digits (via two qubits) and 89% for four digits (via three qubits) in the MNIST (Mixed National Institute of Standards and Technology) database. The experimental results exhibit the great potential of quantum end-to-end learning for resolving complex real-world tasks when more qubits are available.
arXiv:2203.09080v1 fatcat:fxm2crioajd6fehjt2wqug3l5a

Microannulus Formation Mechanism at the Cementing Interface of a Thermal Recovery Well during Cyclic Steam Injection

JiWei Wu, XueGang Wang, Lin Song, ShouMing Zhong, WenFeng Yin
2020 Advances in Civil Engineering  
During the thermal recovery of heavy oil when using cyclic steam injection technology, a microannulus tends to form at the cementing interface subjected to high temperature and pressure during steam injection, and large temperature and pressure differences after injection can lead to wellbore integrity failure. In this study, a thermomechanical coupled finite element casing-cement-formation model of a thermal recovery wellbore is established. The deformation of the wellbore during both the
more » ... injection stage and the steam shutdown stage is analyzed. The microannulus formation mechanism at the cementing interface of the wellbore is studied. During steam injection, under the large thermomechanical coupling load, the wellbore generates a high stress that leads to elastic-plastic deformation. In the steam shutdown stage, with the load on the wellbore decreasing, elastic deformation recovers mostly, while plastic deformation continues. If the plastic deformation is large enough, a microannulus will form at the cementing interface. Increasing the elastic moduli of the casing, cement, and the formation can enlarge their plastic deformation during steam injection. The increase of plastic deformation of the cement or formation can enlarge the microannulus of the casing-cement interface or the cement-formation interface correspondingly in the steam shutdown stage.
doi:10.1155/2020/8217013 fatcat:2ie644t6fneydmnkbieaoyjsla

Complete small-bowel examination by oral single-balloon enteroscopy using the water-exchange method

Shuhui Liang, Yanglin Pan, Biaoluo Wang, Hui Luo, Xianmin Xue, Junsheng Qin, Xuegang Guo, Kaichun Wu
2013 Endoscopy  
doi:10.1055/s-0033-1358810 pmid:24285078 fatcat:hxeu5ubtbbcxpd6ckaieow45iu
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