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Measurement of Reflectance Covering UV to MIR of Solar Selective Coatings by One Fourier Transform Spectrometer

Jian Wang, Omid Shekoofa, Zhiqiang Yin, Jing Qi, Xijie Liu, Wei Ke
2015 Energy Procedia  
The reflectance of solar selective coating, covering UV to MIR bands, is measured by only one Fourier Transform (FT) spectroscope. The measurement is done for different wavelength ranges from 0.3 to 20 m and different surface morphologies of substrate by different optical accessories. For flat smooth substrate, the reflectance of UV and VIS bands is measured by near normal relative reflectance accessory for mirror reflection, and that of NIR and MIR bands is measured by VW absolute reflectance
more » ... ccessory. For rough or curved substrate, the reflectance from UV to VIS is measured by white sphere accessory, and that of NIR and MIR is measured by gold sphere accessory. The sample holder is customized for the measurement of tubular substrate, and data in different bands is carefully calibrated with high reflection reference line and zero baseline approximation. Aluminum and gold coated mirrors are used for calibration in UV-VIS and NIR-MIR bands respectively. The reflectance of sample holder without any samples is considered as zero baseline. Smooth reflectance curves from 0.3 to 20 m are obtained for solar selective coatings which are deposited on the flat smooth, rough and tubular substrates, respectively.
doi:10.1016/j.egypro.2015.02.106 fatcat:lgqrbyfegjahtohjojwoas3dca

Placebo Analgesia Changes Alpha Oscillations Induced by Tonic Muscle Pain: EEG Frequency Analysis Including Data during Pain Evaluation

Linling Li, Hui Wang, Xijie Ke, Xiaowu Liu, Yuan Yuan, Deren Zhang, Donglin Xiong, Yunhai Qiu
2016 Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience  
Placebo exhibits beneficial effects on pain perception in human experimental studies. Most of these studies demonstrate that placebo significantly decreased neural activities in pain modulatory brain regions and pain-evoked potentials. This study examined placebo analgesia-related effects on spontaneous brain oscillations. We examined placebo effects on four order-fixed 20-min conditions in two sessions: isotonic saline-induced control conditions (with/without placebo) followed by hypertonic
more » ... ine-induced tonic muscle pain conditions (with/without placebo) in 19 subjects using continuous electroencephalography (EEG) recording. Placebo treatment exerted significant analgesic effects in 14 placebo responders, as subjective intensity of pain perception decreased. Frequency analyses were performed on whole continuous EEG data, data during pain perception rating and data after rating. The results in the first two cases revealed that placebo induced significant increases and a trend toward significant increases in the amplitude of alpha oscillation during tonic muscle pain compared to control conditions in frontal-central regions of the brain, respectively. Placebo-induced decreases in the subjective intensity of pain perception significantly and positively correlated with the increases in the amplitude of alpha oscillations during pain conditions. In conclusion, the modulation effect of placebo treatment was captured when the pain perception evaluating period was included. The strong correlation between the placebo effect on reported pain perception and alpha amplitude suggest that alpha oscillations in frontal-central regions serve as a cortical oscillatory basis of the placebo effect on tonic muscle pain. These results provide important evidence for the investigation of objective indicators of the placebo effect.
doi:10.3389/fncom.2016.00045 pmid:27242501 pmcid:PMC4861840 fatcat:n5fitbm5rbcydbe2cq27amof6u

SET SUMOylation promotes its cytoplasmic retention and induces tau pathology and cognitive impairments

Min Qin, Honglian Li, Jian Bao, Yiyuan Xia, Dan Ke, Qun Wang, Rong Liu, Jian-Zhi Wang, Bin Zhang, Xiji Shu, Xiaochuan Wang
2019 Acta Neuropathologica Communications  
PP2A is a major regulator of tau phosphorylation, which is principally regulated by an endogenous nuclear protein inhibitor 2 of PP2A (I2PP2A), also named SET. However, how SET is post-translationally regulated and translocates from the nucleus to the cytoplasm remain incompletely understood. Here we show SET is SUMOylated at K68 residue that induces its cytoplasmic retention, resulting in Alzheimer disease (AD) like tau pathology and cognitive defects. SET is predominantly SUMOylated at K68
more » ... t leads to its translocation from the nucleus to the cytoplasm and subsequently induces inhibition of PP2A and hyperphosphorylation of tau in HEK-293 cells. Moreover, overexpression of wild type SET significantly inhibits PP2A activity, leading to tau hyperphosphorylation, less synapse loss and cognitive deficits. Conversely, blocking SET SUMOylation via mutating Lys 68 to Arg rescues tau pathology and cognitive impairments in C57/BL6 mice infected with adeno-associated virus encoding SET. Further, β-amyloid exposure of rat primary hippocampal neurons induces a dose-dependent SUMOylation of SET. Our findings suggest that SET SUMOylation stimulates its cytoplasmic retention and inhibits PP2A activity, consequently leading to tau hyperphosphorylation and cognitive impairments, which provides a new insight into the AD-like tau pathology.
doi:10.1186/s40478-019-0663-0 pmid:30767764 pmcid:PMC6376727 fatcat:wsnmeleddrfhbjjm3o5zpcks7u

rHGF interacts with rIGF-1 to activate the satellite cells in the striated urethral sphincter in rats: a promising treatment for urinary incontinence?

Xijie Gu, Lailai Fan, Runjiang Ke, Yinghe Chen
2018 Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics  
There are multitudes of factors contributing to urinary incontinence (UI). Dysfunction of the urethral sphincter is one of the common variables. Fortunately, satellite cells, which have the characteristics of stem cells, exist in the striated urethral sphincter. The purpose of the study was to seek whether rHGF combined with rIGF-1 owns the ability to promote the activation, proliferation, and differentiation of satellite cells to potentially improve urinary incontinence. The SD rats were
more » ... ly divided into four groups and injected with 10 μl rIGF-1, the concentration of which was 50 μg/ml into the urethral wall of the urethral sphincter. Meanwhile, three groups were additionally treated with 10 μl rHGF, the concentration of which was 20, 50, 100 μg/ml. The group injected only with rIGF-1 was used as a control. 30 days later, the urethral tissues were harvested and serially sectioned. Immunofluorescent staining and HE staining were used to detect the activation, proliferation, and differentiation condition of satellite cells. The real-time RT-PCR analysis was applied to explore the potential signaling pathways. Anti-c-Met antibody-positive cells were discovered in the striated urethral sphincter. Positive expression of c-Met was relatively higher with the treatment of 100 μg/ml rHGF compared to other concentration of rHGF. A similar result was found in additional immunofluorescent staining. The number of newborn myofibers with central nuclei increased as the concentration of rHGF becoming higher. The mRNA expression of ERK1, ERK2 and AKT was comparatively higher with the injection of 50 μg/ml rHGF. There is supposed to be a synergistic effect between rHGF and rIGF-1 to promote satellite cell to activate, proliferate and differentiate into muscle cells. The urethral sphincter may be induced to renew by the injection of rHGF and rIGF-1 into the urethral wall. It can be used to develop a new therapy for UI.
doi:10.1007/s00404-018-4930-2 pmid:30306312 pmcid:PMC6244645 fatcat:xjqwsepobbcyjoubuzt3u2rs5e

ω-3PUFAs Improve Cognitive Impairments Through Ser133 Phosphorylation of CREB Upregulating BDNF/TrkB Signal in Schizophrenia

Cuiping Guo, Yi Liu, Mao-sheng Fang, Yuanyuan Li, Wensheng Li, Yacoubou Abdoul Razak Mahaman, Kuan Zeng, Yiyuan Xia, Dan Ke, Rong Liu, Jian-Zhi Wang, Hui Shen (+2 others)
2020 Neurotherapeutics  
All the authors wish to express their gratitude and appreciation to Dan Ke and Qun Wang for their expertise and technical assistance.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s13311-020-00859-w pmid:32367475 fatcat:qhusyfl3vzbkxpchbrzl72q37i

503 脊柱のわん曲・柔軟度と水泳能力の関係 -第2報-

相場 百合香, 小林 一敏, 宮畑 虎彦
1977 Abstracts of Japan Society of Physical Education, Health and Sport Sciences Conference  
そ し て A ( X , 雷 o 、 訂 广 0 ) と白 ( Zn 』 1, 習 処 噛 e , を i戴 鯉Lし 、か つ ( XiJy , ) …… α 嶋【 , , 討 . 一 ,〉 か ら の 鰍 磯 の 二 緲 冫耡 嘸 小 に な る よ う t: ma VV ・ 1 [ 柚 チ「 !  ...  を 決 鴬 す る こ と に し ke こ こ で は 職 蟹 6 と し 、AB 間 の 5か 所 に お け る 脊 柱 曲 線 ま で の 距 離 AB 蟹 躍 1を 単 位 と し て 測 斌 し た 。 二 の 近 似 曲 線 富 丿 ( X ) tt, ,齢 ・ 1の 境 卿 ・ 鮴 を .  ... 
doi:10.20693/jspeconf.28.0_317 fatcat:ogbkqwdguvgxnl4n5vjhkyitfy

On the Galois theory of inseparable extensions

Murray Gerstenhaber
1964 Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society  
The Xi and y are therefore ^-independent, as asserted, over Ke.  ...  Then for this 0 we must have Ke = K^r\K,p, for were this not the case then there would exist a y in Ke which was not in K^K^ whence either <fi(y) 9^0 or \[/(y) ^0.  ... 
doi:10.1090/s0002-9904-1964-11201-5 fatcat:twjqfitb2bbp5aj63fpvx3egju

Page 471 of Practical Teacher: With Which Is Incorporated the Practical Teacher's Art Monthly Vol. 14, Issue 8 [page]

1894 Practical Teacher: With Which Is Incorporated the Practical Teacher's Art Monthly  
Class XIJI.—2£8 for the best humorous Words for a School Song. XIY.— £2 for the best set of 12 Tests in Combined Time and Tune in two parts for Standards V. and upwards.  ...  Hieaiy foe oe 3—Each MS unt hone Go aes Sn ceaee © nae 4—Unsuccessful MSS., if it is desired that Fe ae nied ddeusdt bp were f tamps, but the firm accept no responsibility for loss, and com- s cep CO SG ke  ... 

Soil and water loss from the Loess Plateau in China

Hui Shi, Mingan Shao
2000 Journal of Arid Environments  
These actions reduced the rate of soil erosion to 2000 t km\ 2 a\ 1 (Chen Yongzong & Jing Ke, 1988) .  ...  Table 3 shows this tendency with an example in Xiji, Haiyuan, and Guyuan counties in the Ningxia Autonomous area.  ... 
doi:10.1006/jare.1999.0618 fatcat:cbyyoyp5x5bonokmvsnyj2nvz4

Page 364 of The Independent Vol. 37, Issue 1894 [page]

1885 The Independent  
Finbar te pp. xiji, 799.  ...  Irvine, author of “Leo and Dic ke” acca os 1%. The same, At the Sign of the Lyre. By Austin Dobson. Ne a PP. viii, 289.  ... 

On a conjecture of Gohberg and Rodman

Jim Hartman
1990 Linear Algebra and its Applications  
,x2 E @" be linearly independent with 1 Q((xiJI < 2for i=1,2 and J(xI,x2)1<r <l. Let yI,y2 satisfy the same conditions along with having (Jxi -yill 6 E < 1 for i = 1,2.  ...  To do this, we need to take any M E InvA and find NE Inv B such that O(M, N),< k&, and similarly we need to take any N E Inv B and find M E InvA such that 8(M, N) < kE.  ... 
doi:10.1016/0024-3795(90)90233-3 fatcat:7nfcp5xawnhi7fmt3hcfp3scpm

Page 727 of Educational and Psychological Measurement Vol. 38, Issue 3 [page]

Educational and Psychological Measurement  
Underlying this analysis is the following linear score model: Xijy = et ms + py + ey (4) in which yu is a constant which reflects the average ability level of the group of individuals with respect to this  ...  Since it is possible to confuse the meanings of these two terms (even if different symbols had been used), note that m, = u + m + py; Zp, = 0; T, = 2m, = Dut m+ pj)=ke + m) my = w+ we on,° = 6,7; 677 =  ... 

Construction of generalized anisotropic zilch

John Heading
1975 Linear Algebra and its Applications  
The time derivative of this flux density is Xiji,//wl+ Xiiw,Awfi' and taken with (18) it is obvious that each separate part Xijwi//wf and X,rw,//wi satisfies a conservation equation.  ...  Let k,=ark,+&cs, so that k,*k,=O, ke*b=l. Let k3=~skl+&~+ysc3, so that, ks.ks=l, and so on up to k,. By this means, k,,. .., k, are r mutually orthogonal normalized columns.  ... 
doi:10.1016/0024-3795(75)90027-0 fatcat:bh3uw4pxgneqlj3dofoo6lpneu

Rich and Poor Chinese Vocabulary in the Context of Convergent Media

Liwei FU
2019 DEStech Transactions on Economics Business and Management  
Wang Xijie, doctoral supervisor of Nanjing University.  ...  "Key An Ke Tian (Salt and sweet)" is a phrase with a joint structure. In a symmetrical structure, the antonyms of "Yan (salt)" and "Tian (sweet)" with the same part of speech should be selected.  ... 
doi:10.12783/dtem/icerem2019/30789 fatcat:o5xjzouyezd6rdlfudcfvgctli

Moving Averages of Random Vectors with Regularly Varying Tails

Mark M. Meerschaert, Hans-Peter Scheffler
2000 Journal of Time Series Analysis  
Then as in the proof of Lemma 5.1 we have (letting A t n x r n è n with r n . 0 and n k 1) that jnx9A n b n j < nEjhA n Z 1 , xijI(kA n Z 1 k < 1) < CkP i A À1 n k å nEjhA n Z 1 , xij 1å I(jhA n Z 1  ...  Then P [jhA, xij . åa3] < 3å À1 EjhA, xij < 3å À1 j jj. m nEjhA n C j Z 1 , xijI(kA n Z 1 k < 1) 3å À1 j jj. m nEjhC j A n Z 1 , xijI(kA n Z 1 k < 1) 3å À1 j jj. m nEjhA n Z 1 , C t j xijI(kA n Z 1 k <  ... 
doi:10.1111/1467-9892.00187 fatcat:7jyus4vkwjdk5ncr4br3emgl6u
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