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Devaney's chaos revisited [article]

Xiaoyi Wang, Yu Huang
2012 arXiv   pre-print
In this note, we give several equivalent definitions of Devaney's chaos
arXiv:1207.1536v1 fatcat:zjz3jat6rfhbzncd5wgsj6p3oa

A Nanoscale Hot-Wire Flow Sensor Based on CMOS-MEMS Technology

Xiaoyi Wang, Xiaoyi Wang, Zetao Fang, Xiangyu Song, Wei Xu
2022 Frontiers in Mechanical Engineering  
Frontiers in Mechanical Engineering | April 2022 | Volume 8 | Article 877754 7 Wang et al.  ...  ., 2018) , microfluidics (Wang et al., 2009) , energy-efficient building (Fisk and De Almeida, 1998; Miao et al., 2014) , and so on.  ... 
doi:10.3389/fmech.2022.877754 doaj:6ed29f4bd8a447a3a121e658a17ffc7a fatcat:kncfltvp2zbkjchwafzo5exdgm

High-Performance Ultra-Broadband Absorber for Polarized Long-Wavelength Infrared Light Trapping

Ying Xiong, Xiaoyi Liu, Jian Zhang, Xiaokun Wang, Xiaoyi Wang, Jinsong Gao, Haigui Yang
2022 Coatings  
Conventional infrared polarization imaging and detection systems are normally complex, bulky, and expensive, since rare existing absorber components possess polarization selectivity, especially in the long-wavelength infrared (LWIR) range. In this study, we propose a novel high-performance metamaterial absorber with ultra-broadband high absorption and polarization selectivity in the entire LWIR atmospheric window. The absorber can realize an absorptance higher than 90% with a 4750 nm bandwidth
more » ... ue to different surface plasmons coupled with optical phonons. It exhibits precise polarization-selective absorption at the target wavelength; specifically, it can selectively trap TM-polarized light while restricting the absorption of TE-polarized light. In addition, the designed metamaterial exhibits remarkable spectral stability when the geometric parameters of the microstructure change, which is of great benefit in its manufacturing process. The proposed ultra-thin absorber provides a promising approach to simplify LWIR imaging and detection systems and further improve their performance.
doi:10.3390/coatings12081194 fatcat:62ebcdrlmfdbfcmj65jcdfmwba

Simultaneous field enhancement and loss inhibition based on surface plasmon polariton mode hybridization

Xiaoyi Liu, Jinbo Gao, Yanchao Wang, Xiaoyi Wang, Haigui Yang, Haixiang Hu, Jinsong Gao, Tarik Bourouina, Tianhong Cui
2020 Nanophotonics  
Ke Wang at Key Laboratory of Optical System Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences for technical assistance.  ...  Wang et al. once had a worry that the radiation loss would grow rapidly following an increase in the nanostructure size, and it was then unclear whether the Q factor would increase beyond the quasi-static  ... 
doi:10.1515/nanoph-2020-0023 fatcat:cwqqgilvtva6dguhuxtm76jshu

Microcavity electrodynamics of hybrid surface plasmon polariton modes in high-quality multilayer trench gratings

Xiaoyi Liu, Jinbo Gao, Jinsong Gao, Haigui Yang, Xiaoyi Wang, Tongtong Wang, Zhenfeng Shen, Zhen Liu, Hai Liu, Jian Zhang, Zizheng Li, Yanchao Wang (+1 others)
2018 Light: Science & Applications  
In common plasmonic structures, absorption and radiation losses are often mutually restricted and can seriously influence the device performance. The current study presents a compound structure composed of multilayer grating stripes and multilayer shallow trenches. A small depth was adopted for the trench configuration to exclude the extra bend loss. These two sections supported Fabry-Perot resonance and cavity modes, respectively, with hybrid modes formed through intercoupling. In addition,
more » ... total loss for the entire framework was clearly reduced due to the introduction of the trench geometry, indicating that both absorption and radiation losses were successfully taken into consideration in the compound structure. Significantly, such a low loss realized by the hybridization of surface plasmon polariton modes has rarely been seen before. Moreover, the debatable relationship between the total and partial quality factors was described for the first time based on a hybrid mode analysis to establish a new approach to investigate the different resonance modes. In the detailed calculation process, the relative electric field intensity was first adopted to stipulate the effective areas for the various modes, which is more reasonable than using the common definition that is based on a unit structure. The multilayer trench grating exhibited a relatively low loss without weakening energy localization, which is significant in the design of plasmonic devices.
doi:10.1038/s41377-018-0009-x pmid:30839598 pmcid:PMC6106985 fatcat:6tt2ufx4nnbr3oi6yhx2wnfg5q

Review of Restoring Community Connections to the Land: Building Resilience Through Community-based Rangeland Management in China and Mongolia edited by Maria E. Fernández-Giménez, Xiaoyi Wang, B. Batkhishig, Julia A. Klein and Robin S. Reid

Wenjun Li
2013 Pastoralism  
and other issues challenging rangeland environments and societies have attracted strong attention from decision-makers, scholars and NGOs for decades. In addition, rangelands that have been marginalized from the development framework now have increased interactions and connections with external worlds through globalization, market connections and government intervention, coupled with climate change. There have been numerous empirical studies concerning these issues, but a more critical and
more » ... enging question is how to deal with these challenges. Restoring Community Connections to the Land: Building Resilience Through Community-based Rangeland Management in China and Mongolia edited by Maria E. Fernández-Giménez and her colleagues (five ecologists and sociologists from Colorado State University, USA, and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China) provides a framework of resilience thinking and seven detailed case studies of community-based rangeland management (CBRM) in China and Mongolia. These cases explore the potential for community-based natural resource management (CBNRM) for maintaining the resilience of rangeland social-ecological systems.
doi:10.1186/2041-7136-3-1 fatcat:3v2ozkyiqzcmbkg6vwqxsdevbe

Effect of GuiXiong Xiaoyi Wan in Treatment of Endometriosis on Rats

Zhixing Jin, Li Wang, Zhiling Zhu
2015 Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine  
To evaluate the effect of GuiXiong Xiaoyi Wan (GXXYW) on the development of endometriosis in a rat model.Methods.  ...  The terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase- (TdT-) mediated dUTP biotin nick end labelling (TUNEL) method was performed to analyse the apoptosis induced by GuiXiong Xiaoyi Wan.  ...  Table 1 : 1 The composition of GuiXiong Xiaoyi Wan.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2015/208514 pmid:25691906 pmcid:PMC4322821 fatcat:d56gr6smfzbrdhq56jwyygfera

Spread-Spectrum Selective Camouflaging based on Time-Modulated Metasurface [article]

Xiaoyi Wang, Christophe Caloz
2019 arXiv   pre-print
This paper presents the concept of spread-spectrum selective camouflaging based on time-modulated metasurface. The spectrum spreading is realized by switching the metasurface between the reflective states of a PEC mirror and a PMC mirror, using an array of microstrip patches connected to the ground via diode switches, according to a periodic pseudo-random noise sequence. As the spectrum spreading induces a drastic reduction of the power spectral density of the signal, the level of the scattered
more » ... wave falls below the noise floor of the interrogating radar, and the object covered by the metasurface is hence perfectly camouflaged to a foe radar. Moreover, the object can be detected by a friend radar possessing the spread-spectrum demodulation key corresponding to the metasurface modulation, and this detection is robust to interfering signals. The proposed system is analyzed theoretically, and demonstrated by both simulation and experimental results.
arXiv:1909.04480v1 fatcat:wryt7kggcnegdgimuq3saa25sy


Fangxin Wang, Feng Wang, Xiaoyi Fan, Jiangchuan Liu
2017 Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Future Energy Systems - e-Energy '17  
doi:10.1145/3077839.3077863 dblp:conf/eenergy/WangWFL17 fatcat:pvkfzcnh5feanaojvsf4n3wlmm


Qinghai Song, Shuai Liu, Wenzhao Sun, Yujie Wang, Yu Xiaoyi, Ke Xu, Yong-Zhen Huang, Shumin Xiao
2018 Figshare  
Supplemental materials
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.6155018 fatcat:ztzff75hejehdcudfec3iq5v7y

Argus: Interactive a priori Power Analysis [article]

Xiaoyi Wang, Alexander Eiselmayer, Wendy E. Mackay, Kasper Hornbæk, Chat Wacharamanotham
2020 arXiv   pre-print
A key challenge HCI researchers face when designing a controlled experiment is choosing the appropriate number of participants, or sample size. A prior power analysis examines the relationships among multiple parameters, including the complexity associated with human participants, e.g., order and fatigue effects, to calculate the statistical power of a given experiment design. We created Argus, a tool that supports interactive exploration of statistical power: Researchers specify experiment
more » ... gn scenarios with varying confounds and effect sizes. Argus then simulates data and visualizes statistical power across these scenarios, which lets researchers interactively weigh various trade-offs and make informed decisions about sample size. We describe the design and implementation of Argus, a usage scenario designing a visualization experiment, and a think-aloud study.
arXiv:2009.07564v1 fatcat:7c3orwqdhrdwrp3ev7cflq4fby

Adaptive Tests for Bandedness of High-dimensional Covariance Matrices [article]

Xiaoyi Wang, Gongjun Xu, Shurong Zheng
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Furthermore, Wang and Yao (2013) developed a corrected LRT (p < n) and John's test.  ... 
arXiv:2204.11155v1 fatcat:455rbebmijbxxcrgwfdzdwv5ny

Hard Decision-Based Cooperative Localization for Wireless Sensor Networks

Zhaoyang Wang, Xuebo Jin, Xiaoyi Wang, Jiping Xu, Yuting Bai
2019 Sensors  
Wang et al. [18] derived the expected hop progress from a network model for WSNs in terms of network parameters.  ...  Wang et al. [22] proposed an error compensation-based node distance estimation, which benefits from joint exploitation, at no cost, of the information provided by the adjacent areas and nodes.  ... 
doi:10.3390/s19214665 fatcat:4o5h73k7qvds7ebg5qkfnofydy

Spatiotemporal Fusion of Remote Sensing Image Based on Deep Learning

Xiaofei Wang, Xiaoyi Wang
2020 Journal of Sensors  
Wang and Atkinson [12] proposed a spatiotemporal fusion algorithm consisting of three parts: regression model fitting (RM Fitting), spatial filtering (SF), and residual compensation (RC), referred to  ... 
doi:10.1155/2020/8873079 fatcat:fvzfoebgmbfntas4l2slulswqq

Eye-Tracking Technology in Online Real Estate Rental

Jie Sun, Zhiruo Wang, Xiaoyi Dang, Yang Zhang, Pengwei Wang
2021 Scientific Programming  
In China in recent years, the rental housing market has boomed, but insufficient attention has been paid to microsubject tenants in the market, and there is a lack of research results on tenants' decision-making processes. In keeping with the characteristics of China's accommodation-renting population, this study takes as its research object graduating students, who form an important group in the housing rental market, and focuses on the information retrieval process underlying prospective
more » ... ts' rental decisions. First, it investigates tenants' concerns during the renting process by means of questionnaires. Second, using eye-tracking experiments, the real online renting process is simulated and tenants' web listings are analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively. In the process of information search, the characteristics and rules of browsing the entry search page, the listings page, and the details page are obtained, and the factors that prospective tenants pay attention to in their search for rental information are obtained. The research results show that initial alphabetical sorting of the term search page can improve the subjects' efficiency in locating the target keywords, the text information display area of the listings page receives more attention than others, and the real concern factors of the tenants on the page listing details are generally consistent with their selected factors but deviate slightly. Finally, the layout and display of web page information affect how subjects' attention is distributed, and web page information presents a significant difference in attention between upper and lower pages.
doi:10.1155/2021/8851657 fatcat:7gaurk7ssjbaba7y76enqy3pyu
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