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Multiple-parameter estimation in a sagnac interferometer [article]

Xu Yu, Hongbin Liang, Xiaoguang Wang
2019 arXiv   pre-print
We explored the general characteristics of a Sagnac interferometer in a multiparameter estimation process. We find that in the two-parameter estimation scenario, one cannot make both parameter measurement results reach the Heisenberg limit (HL) simultaneously when the input resources are maximally entangled. Only one of the parameters' uncertainty can approach the HL while the other is only scaled by the standard quantum limit (SQL). We also discussed the constraint conditions that make the
more » ... tum Cramer-Rao bound saturable. These constraint conditions would prompt one to choose proper evolution time and optimal input state. Under the constraint conditions, we find that the HL result obtained in the two parameter scenario would catch up with or even be more precise than that acquired by the single parameter measurement process in some special cases. Such general features about the Sagnac system revealed in our work may have a reference value in actual experiments.
arXiv:1911.02324v1 fatcat:izzwvh7zzfgjlahpthr2tubfja

TINCR expression is associated with unfavorable prognosis in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma

Feng Tian, Jian Xu, Fangxi Xue, Encui Guan, Xiaoguang Xu
2017 Bioscience Reports  
Correspondence: Xiaoguang Xu (yun Emerging evidence are accumulating that long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) have recently been identified to participate in various cellular processes.  ... 
doi:10.1042/bsr20170301 pmid:28546230 pmcid:PMC5529205 fatcat:jtb4bs7nubghjlbucwfiiwkmfe

Reduced fidelity susceptibility in the one-dimensional transverse field Ising model [article]

Jian Ma, Lei Xu, Xiaoguang Wang
2008 arXiv   pre-print
We study critical behaviors of the reduced fidelity susceptibility for two neighboring sites in the one-dimensional transverse field Ising model. It is found that the divergent behaviors of the susceptibility take the form of square of logarithm, in contrast with the global ground-state fidelity susceptibility which is power divergence. In order to perform a scaling analysis, we take the square root of the susceptibility and determine the scaling exponent analytically and the result is further confirmed by numerical calculations.
arXiv:0808.1816v1 fatcat:hq6cvo553jfnjjx37lg5fqrcia

Label Mask for Multi-Label Text Classification [article]

Rui Song, Xingbing Chen, Zelong Liu, Haining An, Zhiqi Zhang, Xiaoguang Wang, Hao Xu
2021 arXiv   pre-print
One of the key problems in multi-label text classification is how to take advantage of the correlation among labels. However, it is very challenging to directly model the correlations among labels in a complex and unknown label space. In this paper, we propose a Label Mask multi-label text classification model (LM-MTC), which is inspired by the idea of cloze questions of language model. LM-MTC is able to capture implicit relationships among labels through the powerful ability of pre-train
more » ... ge models. On the basis, we assign a different token to each potential label, and randomly mask the token with a certain probability to build a label based Masked Language Model (MLM). We train the MTC and MLM together, further improving the generalization ability of the model. A large number of experiments on multiple datasets demonstrate the effectiveness of our method.
arXiv:2106.10076v1 fatcat:h74da3gp5raetbmyesy2u46zne

Supplemental material for Comparative study of viscose yarn properties spun with a softening device and pressure plate

Keshuai Liu, Duo Xu, Jiang Wei, Junlong Ni, Shengming Yang, Xiaoguang Xu, Wan Li, Xinling Zhang, Bo Deng, Weilin Xu
2019 Figshare  
Supplemental Material for Comparative study of viscose yarn properties spun with a softening device and pressure plate by Keshuai Liu, Duo Xu, Jiang Wei, Junlong Ni, Shengming Yang, Xiaoguang Xu, Wan Li  ...  , Xinling Zhang, Bo Deng and Weilin Xu in Textile Research Journal  ... 
doi:10.25384/sage.8068160 fatcat:54arsd5asjeb3nesibt4qfz5t4

Localized and propagating surface plasmon co-enhanced Raman spectroscopy based on evanescent field excitation

Yu Liu, Shuping Xu, Haibo Li, Xiaoguang Jian, Weiqing Xu
2011 Chemical Communications  
doi:10.1039/c0cc04988c pmid:21298134 fatcat:urfhcr5hhva2dixsbu5o23rlsq

Study on Dynamic Monitoring of Wire Rope Tension Based on the Particle Damping Sensor

Gaoyang Lei, Guiyun Xu, Xiaoguang Zhang, Yayun Zhang, Zhenyue Song, Wentao Xu
2019 Sensors  
Xu et al. [9] designed a wireless sensor network technology adapted to underground channel Figure 2 shows the structure of the particle damping sensor.  ... 
doi:10.3390/s19020388 fatcat:ose4gr47wfcxpfwai3yeq7hiwi

Microarray analysis reveals differentially expressed lncRNAs in benign epithelial ovarian cysts and normal ovaries

Xiaoguang Liu, Chencheng Dai, Genmei Jia, Sujuan Xu, Ziyi Fu, Juan Xu, Qing Li, Hongjie Ruan, Pengfei Xu
2017 Oncology Reports  
Recent studies suggest that long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) play crucial roles in many types of human malignant cancers. However, the function of lncRNAs in benign tumors remains poorly understood. In the present study, to explored the potential roles of lncRNAs in benign epithelial ovarian cysts (BEOCs) which commonly occur in young women and possess malignant potential, we described the expression profile of the lncRNAs between BEOC and normal ovarian tissues using lncRNA microarray
more » ... The results showed that 1,325 transcripts of lncRNAs (1,014 upregulated and 311 downregulated) were differentially expressed in the BEOCs compared with the normal controls [absolute fold-change ≥2, false discovery rate (FDR) <0.05]. We also conducted quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR) to confirm the microarray data. The results of qPCR revealed that the expression trend of 6 randomly selected lncRNAs was consistent with the microarray data. Furthermore, candidate lncRNAs were characterized by pathway analysis and Gene Ontology (GO). The present study is the first to demonstrate different expression profiles of lncRNAs between BEOCs and normal ovarian tissues. These lncRNAs may play a crucial role in the pathological process of BEOCs.
doi:10.3892/or.2017.5741 pmid:28656240 pmcid:PMC5562051 fatcat:vo3uaxvqkbdoxiggucunvvge64

Clinical Significance of Transcription Factor 7 (TCF7) as a Prognostic Factor in Gastric Cancer

Xiaoguang Xu, Zhaoxia Liu, Feng Tian, Jian Xu, Yimin Chen
2019 Medical Science Monitor  
Indexed in: [Current Contents/Clinical Medicine] [SCI Expanded] [ISI Alerting System] [ISI Journals Master List] [Index Medicus/MEDLINE] [EMBASE/Excerpta Medica] [Chemical Abstracts/CAS] 3959 Xu X. et  ... 
doi:10.12659/msm.913913 pmid:31133633 pmcid:PMC6556064 fatcat:lmprrgly4zdoxcjohf6wkahsge

Shuxuetong injection simultaneously ameliorates dexamethasone‑driven vascular calcification and osteoporosis

Zhe Xu, Xiaoguang Liu, Yanqing Li, Hongliang Gao, Tao He, Chunlei Zhang, Wei Hao, Xu Teng
2021 Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine  
Osteoporosis (OP) and vascular calcification (VC) share a number of common risk factors, pathophysiological mechanisms and etiology, which are known as bone-vascular axis. The present study aimed to investigate the effects of Shuxuetong (SXT) injection on VC and osteoporosis. A rat model of VC and osteoporosis was induced by dexamethasone (DEX; 1 mg/kg/day for 4 weeks, intramuscularly). Simultaneously, 0.6 ml/kg/day SXT was intraperitoneally injected. Compared with control rats, DEX induced
more » ... ificantly more VC and OP, as determined by increased calcium deposition and alkaline phosphatase activity in the aorta, disturbed structure, decreased levels of cortical bone thickness and trabecular bone area, and increased apoptosis in the bone. SXT injection ameliorated DEX-induced VC and osteoporosis; furthermore, the osteoblastic differentiation of vascular smooth muscle cells and the activation of endoplasmic reticulum stress in the DEX group was also prevented by SXT injection. Compared with control rats, protein expression levels of sclerostin, a crucial crosslink of the bone-vascular axis, were significantly increased in the aorta and bone of rats with DEX, which was also attenuated by SXT injection. Thus, the present study suggested that SXT injection could ameliorate both VC and OP, and may be mediated by the regulation of sclerostin. The present study may provide the basis a novel strategy for the prevention and treatment of VC and OP, which emerge as side-effects of glucocorticoids.
doi:10.3892/etm.2021.9630 pmid:33488806 pmcid:PMC7812579 fatcat:y2llsmbzubbn5jfmrq6qwi4p6y

Extreme return, extreme volatility and investor sentiment

Xu Gong, Fenghua Wen, Zhifang He, Jia Yang, Xiaoguang Yang, Bin Pan
2016 Filomat  
The extreme return and extreme volatility have great influences on the investor sentiment in stock market. However, few researchers have taken the phenomenon into consideration. In this paper, we first distinguish the extreme situations from non-extreme situations. Then we use the ordinary generalized least squares and quantile regression methods to estimate a linear regression model by applying the standardized AAII, the return and volatility of SP 500. The results indicate that, except for
more » ... remely negative return, other return sequences can cause great changes in investor sentiment, and non-extreme return plays a leading role in affecting the overall American investor sentiment. Extremely positive (negative) return can rapidly improve (further reduce) the level of investor sentiment when investors encounter extremely pessimistic situations. The impact gradually decreases with improvement of the sentiment until the situation turns optimistic. In addition, we find that extreme and non-extreme volatility cannot affect the overall investor sentiment.
doi:10.2298/fil1615949g fatcat:nqpzwgcff5aibefnknuo6vwava

Ischemic stroke following STA–MCA double bypass

Haijun Zhao, Xiaoguang Tong, Xu Wang, Maohua Ding, Kai Zhang
2022 Translational Neuroscience  
Objectives The surgical technique of STA–MCA double bypass is used to improve blood flow supplied by the distal middle cerebral artery (MCA) to the cerebral territory. This retrospective study from a single center aimed to compare the outcomes following STA–MCA double bypass in 12 patients with recurrent ischemic stroke. Materials and methods We retrospectively analyzed the data from patients with internal carotid artery occlusion (ICAO) who had undergone STA–MCA double bypass in our center
more » ... January 2016 to December 2020. The surgical indications, evaluation of circle of Willis (CoW), changes in cerebral hemodynamic, surgical results, and follow-up results were analyzed. Results Post-operative perfusion-weighted imaging showed hemodynamic improvement in all 12 patients. Ten patients (83.33%) showed clinical improvement, and 2 patients (16.67%) had stable disease. No intracranial infections or acute ischemic events occurred. The post-operative National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale score and modified Barther scores were significantly improved after 180 days of follow-up. Twenty three (96%) anastomoses maintain patency of their bypass vessels, and none had recurrent cerebral infarction during a minimum of 36 months follow-up. Conclusion In this small study, in patients with recurrent ischemic stroke without other types of treatment, STA–MCA double bypass surgery was more effective in the subgroup of patients with ICAO and poor blood supply to the CoW and an area of cerebral hypoperfusion that exceeded the area supplied by the MCA.
doi:10.1515/tnsci-2022-0211 pmid:35223090 pmcid:PMC8831893 fatcat:mfscbe3rrjbijejl2eenwk2ipu

Answer to the Letter to the Editor of Ning Zhu et al. entitled "Anterior approach versus posterior approach for the treatment of multilevel cervical spondylotic myelopathy: a systemic review and meta-analysis" (by Bin Zhu, Yilan Xu, Xiaoguang Liu, Zhongjun Liu, Gengting Dang (2013) Eur Spine J 22(7); 1583–1593)

Bin Zhu, Xiaoguang Liu
2013 European spine journal  
The author of the Letter to the Editor raised three main concerns: 1. The "small" range of electronic database we searched. 2. The management of heterogeneities of our study. 3. The potential publication bias. Our reply to the first concern is that most high-quality studies were included in the three main databases (MED-LINE, EMBASE, and the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials databases). Besides, we scanned the references of all included studies and relevant reviews to identify
more » ... tial studies outside the three database mentioned above, but no additional study was found. Our reply to the second concern is that there was no obvious difference between the fixed-effects model and random-effects model (DerSimonian and Laird random-effects model) in the meta-analysis of recovery rate (Figs. 1, 2) . Considering the significant heterogeneity between the studies, the data were not meta-analyzed. Our reply to the third concern was that publication bias was not discussed in our original article. Then we selected the complication rate to assess the publication bias. The funnel plot indicated that the possibility of publication bias between studies was minimal (Fig. 3 ). Fig. 1 As shown on the forest plot of recovery rate using random-effects model, there was significant heterogeneity between studies (heterogeneity: v 2 = 15.65, P = 0.001; I 2 = 81 %)
doi:10.1007/s00586-013-3096-7 pmid:24201511 pmcid:PMC3906445 fatcat:2ecypdkbk5brtiviahk3d6gqsa

Characterization of an H3N2 canine influenza virus isolated from Tibetan mastiffs in China

Qiaoyang Teng, Xu Zhang, Dawei Xu, Jiewen Zhou, Xiaoguang Dai, Zhaoguo Chen, Zejun Li
2013 Veterinary Microbiology  
doi:10.1016/j.vetmic.2012.10.006 pmid:23107656 fatcat:ghf72o3jqrdu5lwiueuxzsjqvm

Differential Characteristics Based Iterative Multiuser Detection for Wireless Sensor Networks

Xiaoguang Chen, Xu Jiang, Zhilu Wu, Shufeng Zhuang
2017 Sensors  
Author Contributions: Xiaoguang Chen proposed the idea and wrote the paper; Xu Jiang did the simulation; Zhilu Wu and Shufeng Zhuang revised the paper.  ... 
doi:10.3390/s17020388 pmid:28212328 pmcid:PMC5336114 fatcat:2x5jjswsfrfpnh7qm6uamjlvfq
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