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Serratia oryzae sp. nov., isolated from rice stems

Cai-Wen Zhang, Jun Zhang, Juan-Juan Zhao, Xia Zhao, Dong-Fang Zhao, Hua-Qun Yin, Xiao-Xia Zhang
2017 International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology  
A novel endophytic bacterium, strain J11-6 T , was isolated from rice stems. Its taxonomic position was investigated using a polyphasic approach. The novel strain was Gram-staining-negative, facultatively anaerobic, motile and rod-shaped. Although the results of phylogenetic analysis based on 16S rRNA gene sequences indicated that J11-6 T represented a member of the genus Rahnella, multilocus sequence analysis (MLSA) on the basis of concatenated partial atpD, gyrB, rpoB and infB gene sequences
more » ... howed a clear distinction of J11-6 T from the type strains of species of the genus Rahnella but indicated that it lay within the clade of the genus Serratia. The phylogenetically closest species were Serratia fonticola and Serratia aquatilis on the basis of the results of the MLSA phylogenetic analysis. The predominant cellular fatty acids were C 16 : 1 !7c (38.7 %) and C 16 : 0 (25.0 %). The DNA G+C content was 53.2 mol%. The DNA-DNA relatedness was 17.4 % between J11-6 T and Rahnella aquatilis CIP 78.65 T , and 29.2 % between J11-6 T and S. fonticola LMG 7882 T which indicates that this strain represents a novel species of the genus Serratia. Characterization by genotypic and phenotypic analysis indicated that J11-6 T (=ACCC 19934 T =KCTC 52529 T ) represents a novel species of the genus Serratia, for which the name Serratia oryzae sp. nov. is proposed.
doi:10.1099/ijsem.0.002049 pmid:28853686 fatcat:zcloaqg7rvgadmqxswtxcvuy74

Monetary Risk Measures [article]

Guangyan Jia, Jianming Xia, Rongjie Zhao
2020 arXiv   pre-print
(c) For some related applications in decision theory under uncertainty, see Xia (2020) .  ... 
arXiv:2012.06751v1 fatcat:ygk3lyjyqzckhdkv4ubnlzotiq

Rapamycin Enhances HBV Production by Inducing Cellular Autophagy

Wenjuan Huang, Fengrong Zhao, Ying Huang, Xia Li, Sufei Zhu, Qin Hu, Weixian Chen, Fengrong Zhao, Ying Huang, Xia Li
2014 Hepatitis Monthly  
Analysis and interpretation of data: Wenjuan Huang, Fengrong Zhao and Xia Li. Drafting of the manuscript: Wenjuan Huang.  ...  Statistical analysis: Sufei Zhu and Qiao He, Wenjuan Huang and Fen-grong Zhao were the joint first author and contributed equally for this work.  ... 
doi:10.5812/hepatmon.20719 pmid:25419217 pmcid:PMC4238155 fatcat:4jy5sjfyebb35b5vqqnajifrrq

Dual Learning: Theoretical Study and an Algorithmic Extension [article]

Zhibing Zhao, Yingce Xia, Tao Qin, Lirong Xia, Tie-Yan Liu
2020 arXiv   pre-print
., 2017 , sentiment analysis [Xia et al., 2017a] , image segmentation [Luo et al., 2017] , etc.  ...  [Xia et al., 2017a,b][15,16] conducted simple analysis of generalization ability in the supervised setting, which are different from our semi-supervised setting.  ... 
arXiv:2005.08238v1 fatcat:rhi5q6cosvg2nglqkeyt64r7li

Blocking podoplanin suppresses growth and pulmonary metastasis of human malignant melanoma

Mengqiao Xu, Xia Wang, Yanfang Pan, Xingpeng Zhao, Bin Yan, Changgeng Ruan, Lijun Xia, Yiming Zhao
2019 BMC Cancer  
Podoplanin (PDPN), a transmembrane O-glycoprotein, is up-regulated in many tumors and is involved in tumor metastasis and malignant progression. In previous studies, we generated a functional blocking monoclonal antibody (mAb, SZ168) against the extracellular domain of human PDPN. This study is aimed to investigate whether blocking PDPN by SZ168 inhibits tumor growth and metastasis. Malignant melanoma xenograft model by inoculating subcutaneously human malignant melanoma cell line C8161 into
more » ... back of BALB/c nude mice was used. Endogenous PDPN expression in C8161 cells and nasopharyngeal cancer cell line CNE-2 was detected using western blot and flow cytometry. SZ168 significantly inhibited C8161 or CNE-2 cell-induced platelet aggregation in a dose-dependent manner with a maximal inhibition of 73.9 ± 3.0% in C8161 cells or 77.1 ± 2.7% in CNE-2 cells. Moreover, SZ168 inhibited the growth and pulmonary metastasis of C8161cells in vivo. The number of lung metastatic foci in the SZ168-treated group was significantly decreased compared with that in the control mouse IgG group (1.61 ± 0.44 vs.3.83 ± 0.60, P < 0.01). Subcutaneous tumor volume, weight, and incidence were also significantly reduced in the SZ168-treated group compared to the control group (P < 0.05). Additionally, SZ168 recognized PDPN in immunohistochemical analyses of tumor tissue sections. SZ168 blocks growth and pulmonary metastasis of human malignant melanoma by inhibiting the interaction between tumor PDPN and platelet CLEC-2 and therefore is a promising antibody for therapeutic development against malignant melanoma.
doi:10.1186/s12885-019-5808-9 pmid:31208371 pmcid:PMC6580467 fatcat:uqmsxni35rfdxny3ypsn5vzu6e

Nanometer Precision Time-stretch Femtosecond Laser Metrology Using Phase Delay Retrieval

Lijie Zhao, Chunbo Zhao, Chuanqing Xia, Zhen Zhang, Tengfei Wu, Haiyun Xia
2021 Journal of Lightwave Technology  
Lijie Zhao, Zhen Zhang and Haiyun Xia are with Chinese Academy of Sciences Key Laboratory of Geospace Environment, School of Earth and Space Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei  ...  Chunbo Zhao, Chuanqing Xia and Tengfei Wu are with Science and Technology on Metrology and Calibration Laboratory, Changcheng Institute of Metrology and Measurement, Aviation Industry Corporation of China  ... 
doi:10.1109/jlt.2021.3079127 fatcat:oc6lmkebwrgmdh7h6qhlwtsexi

Multiresolution topological simplification [article]

Kelin Xia and Zhixiong Zhao and Guo-Wei Wei
2015 arXiv   pre-print
Persistent homology has been devised as a promising tool for the topological simplification of complex data. However, it is computationally intractable for large data sets. In this work, we introduce multiresolution persistent homology for tackling large data sets. Our basic idea is to match the resolution with the scale of interest so as to create a topological microscopy for the underlying data. We utilize flexibility-rigidity index (FRI) to access the topological connectivity of the data set
more » ... and define a rigidity density for the filtration analysis. By appropriately tuning the resolution, we are able to focus the topological lens on a desirable scale. The proposed multiresolution topological analysis is validated by a hexagonal fractal image which has three distinct scales. We further demonstrate the proposed method for extracting topological fingerprints from DNA and RNA molecules. In particular, the topological persistence of a virus capsid with 240 protein monomers is successfully analyzed which would otherwise be inaccessible to the normal point cloud method and unreliable by using coarse-grained multiscale persistent homology. The proposed method has also been successfully applied to the protein domain classification, which is the first time that persistent homology is used for practical protein domain analysis, to our knowledge. The proposed multiresolution topological method has potential applications in arbitrary data sets, such as social networks, biological networks and graphs.
arXiv:1504.00033v1 fatcat:bfklfnb2bvdsrlpqaan7zvt23i

Nanoparticle vaccines

Liang Zhao, Arjun Seth, Nani Wibowo, Chun-Xia Zhao, Neena Mitter, Chengzhong Yu, Anton P.J. Middelberg
2014 Vaccine  
Nanotechnology increasingly plays a significant role in vaccine development. As vaccine development orientates toward less immunogenic "minimalist" compositions, formulations that boost antigen effectiveness are increasingly needed. The use of nanoparticles in vaccine formulations allows not only improved antigen stability and immunogenicity, but also targeted delivery and slow release. A number of nanoparticle vaccines varying in composition, size, shape, and surface properties have been
more » ... ed for human use and the number of candidates is increasing. However, challenges remain due to a lack of fundamental understanding regarding the in vivo behavior of nanoparticles, which can operate as either a delivery system to enhance antigen processing and/or as an immunostimulant adjuvant to activate or enhance immunity. This review provides a broad overview of recent advances in prophylactic nanovaccinology. Types of nanoparticles used are outlined and their interaction with immune cells and the biosystem are discussed. Increased knowledge and fundamental understanding of nanoparticle mechanism of action in both immunostimulatory and delivery modes, and better understanding of in vivo biodistribution and fate, are urgently required, and will accelerate the rational design of nanoparticlecontaining vaccines.
doi:10.1016/j.vaccine.2013.11.069 pmid:24295808 fatcat:hzvd2iooineipaachl2exea2oe

Impacts of the simulated standard siren on estimating cosmological parameters [article]

Dong Zhao, Zhi-Chao Zhao, Jun-Qing Xia
2020 arXiv   pre-print
We propose a method based on the process of extracting gravitational wave (GW) parameters from GW signals to simulate the binary neutron-star (BNS) merging events. We simulate 1000 GW standard sirens based on the observation of the Einstein Telescope (ET). Almost all the simulated GW data are in the redshift range of [0,3]. The role of the GW standard siren in the inference of the cosmological parameters is investigated. We find that the GW data can help improve the accuracy of cosmological
more » ... meters. Moreover, the degeneracy of cosmological parameters is broken by the GW data. The GW standard siren is helpful for the constraint of the cosmological parameters.
arXiv:2006.09841v1 fatcat:urwt65urvfgetif7bbvuypb6my

Information recoverability of noisy quantum states [article]

Xuanqiang Zhao, Benchi Zhao, Zihan Xia, Xin Wang
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Extracting classical information from quantum systems is an essential step of many quantum algorithms. However, this information could be corrupted as the systems are prone to quantum noises, and its distortion under quantum dynamics has not been adequately investigated. In this work, we introduce a systematic framework to study how well we can retrieve information from noisy quantum states. Given a noisy quantum channel, we fully characterize the range of recoverable classical information.
more » ... condition allows a natural measure quantifying the information recoverability of a channel. Moreover, we resolve the minimum information retrieving cost, which, along with the corresponding optimal protocol, is efficiently computable by semidefinite programming. As applications, we establish the limits on the information retrieving cost for practical quantum noises and employ the corresponding protocols to mitigate errors in ground state energy estimation.
arXiv:2203.04862v2 fatcat:xl3wclxplzgpjokkd56ci5yeye

Some Permanence for Large Subalgebra [article]

Xia Zhao, Xiaochun Fang, Qingzhai Fan
2019 arXiv   pre-print
In this paper, we give two properties of C*-algebra that could be deduced from the properties of its large subalgebra. Let A be an infinite dimensional simple unital C*-algebra and let B be a centrally large subalgebra of A, we prove that A has real rank zero if B has real rank zero. If A is stablely fnite in addition, B is a large subalgebra of A, we prove that B has local weak comparison if A has local weak comparison, and A has local weak comparison if M2(B) has local weak comparison. As a
more » ... nsequence, we show that A has weak comparison if and only if B has weak comparison. These results could be used to study some properties of C*-algebra from its large subalgebra or centrally large subalgebra.
arXiv:1901.08812v1 fatcat:tu2qct6fvfhvlhqy5l2edtqhyi

Serum anti-osteopontin autoantibody as a novel diagnostic and prognostic biomarker in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma

2014 Oncology Reports  
Osteopontin (OPN) is a secreted phosphorylated and glycosylated protein, which plays an important role in carcinogenesis and metastasis. In hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), OPN is being investigated either as a therapeutic target gene or as a biomarker for diagnosis. Yet, the role of the anti-OPN autoantibody in HCC remains unclear. In the present study, the level of serum anti-OPN autoantibody in HCC was analyzed by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. Immunohistochemistry (IHC) was also
more » ... to analyze protein expression profiles and the prognostic significance of OPN in HCC. In this study, the prevalence and titer of anti-OPN autoantibodies in HCC were significantly higher than these values in normal human serum (NHS) (P=0.001, P=0.000, respectively). When both α-fetoprotein and the autoantibody against OPN were used simultaneously as diagnostic biomarkers, the sensitivity was up to 65%. In IHC, 59 of the 83 (65.6%) HCC specimens expressed OPN with cytoplasmic positive staining. The overall survival (OS) of HCC patients with OPN-positive tumors was 28.81 months compared to 39.37 months for HCC patients with OPN-negative tumors (P<0.01). Furthermore, multivariate analysis showed that OPN overexpression was the strongest independent adverse prognostic factor for OS (P=0.02). Taken together, our data indicate that the anti-OPN autoantibody may be a supplementary serological biomarker for HCC, and is correlated with poor prognosis in HCC patients.
doi:10.3892/or.2014.3367 pmid:25109745 fatcat:sczclh4pxnd7tb6dio5f47d5r4

Epigenetic Factors Altered in Dehisced Anther Correlated to Seed Dormancy in Paris polyphylla var. Yunnanensis

Xia Cheng, Bin Wang, Linyun Liu, Zhen Zhao, Xia Ling, Feng Zhao, Dingkang Wang
2019 Agricultural Sciences  
Paris polyphylla var. yunnanensis (Franch.), one of the best-known medicinal plants in China, has a dehiscent anther which physiologically work in pollination, however, the dehiscent anther always closes in response to darkness every day, and watering or raining every time. To explore this frequently closing and its unkown physiology, next-generation sequencing was performed, and the transcriptome was de novo assembled. RNA-sequencing was carried out in 15 samples including seven openning
more » ... s, four closed samples owing to darkness or watering, and tissue samples (leaf, petal, calyx, and stigma) were used for control. We obtained 72.75 GB data, assembled into 79,815 unigenes. Differentially expressed unigenes (DEGs) between opened and closed anther samples were 6231 and the DEGs between anther and control samples were 2831. Comparation between the two DEGs by KEGG enrichment showed that "plant hormone signal transduction" pathway is the most significant pathway for DEGs from closing anther vs. opening anther, and expression model of DEGs in the pathway might elicit change in germination and seed dormancy. Further examination of the action of the signal pathway on physiology showed "chromatin binding" function was prominent in "DNA binding" function of annotated DEGs between opened and closed anthers, of the 215 "chromatin binding" unigenes, 120 were involved in epigenetic silencing, and 50 of the epigenetic unigenes were directly related to germination or seed dormancy, strongly correlating anther closing to epigenetic modification and seed dormancy. These results were verified that at least three auxins involved in seed dormancy showed same expression patterns occurred in abnormal closing anther and seed embryo in Paris 1518 Agricultural Sciences polyphylla var. yunnanensis. In conclusion, the information from transcriptome point out that frequent abnormal closing of dehiscent anthers possibly transfer the impact on seed dormancy, and epigenetic modification happened in closing may be the cause.
doi:10.4236/as.2019.1012112 fatcat:6zckvr2ggfbd5ls2wazdvmif6u

Incidence and risk factors of tuberculosis among the elderly population in China: a prospective cohort study

Jun Cheng, Yan-Ni Sun, Can-You Zhang, Yan-Ling Yu, Li-Hong Tang, Hong Peng, Ying Peng, Yu-Xia Yao, Shuang-Yi Hou, Jian-Wei Li, Jin-Ming Zhao, Lan Xia (+5 others)
2020 Infectious Diseases of Poverty  
China is facing challenges of the shifting presentation of tuberculosis (TB) from younger to elderly due to an ageing population, longer life expectancy and reactivation disease. However, the burden of elderly TB and influence factors are not yet clear. To fill the gap, we generated a cohort study to measure the magnitude of TB incidence and associated factors among the elderly population aged 65 years and above in China. In this cohort established in 2013 through a prevalence survey conducted
more » ... n selected sites, a total of 34 076 elderlies without TB were enrolled into two-year follow-up. We used both active and passive case findings to find out all TB patients among them. The person-year (PY) incidence rates for both bacteriologically positive TB and active TB were calculated. Cox proportional regression model was performed to test effect of risk factors, and the population attributable fraction (PAF) of each risk factor contributing to incident TB among elderlies was calculated. Over the two-year follow-up period, a total of 215 incident active TB were identified, 62 of which were bacteriologically positive. The incidence rates for active TB and bacteriologically positive TB were 481.8 per 100 000 PY (95% CI: 417.4-546.2 per 100 000 PY) and 138.9 per 100 000 PY (95% CI: 104.4-173.5 per 100 000 PY), respectively. Incident cases detected by active case finding were significantly higher (P < 0.001). Male, non-Han nationality, previously treated TB, ex/current smoker and body mass index (BMI) < 18.5 presented as independent predictors for developing TB disease. For developing bacteriologically positive TB, the biggest contribution was from self-reported ex or current smoker (18.06%). And, for developing active TB, the biggest contribution was from non-Han nationality (35.40%), followed by male (26.80%) and age at 75 years and above (10.85%). Ageing population in China had a high TB incidence rate and risk to develop TB disease, implying that National TB Program (NTP) needs to prioritize for elderly. Active case finding should be applied capture more active TB cases among this particular population, especially for male, non-Han nationality, and those with identified risk factors.
doi:10.1186/s40249-019-0614-9 pmid:32005290 fatcat:4xhzrpje6rgerjb2i26juv463a

Microstructure and Isothermal Oxidation of Ir–Rh Spark Plug Electrodes

Zhao, Xia, Xia, Chen, Du, Yang, Liu
2019 Materials  
High-temperature oxidation tests were performed on pure iridium, rhodium, and the iridium alloys, IrRh10, IrRh25, and IrRh40, at 1100 °C in a stable air environment for 60 h. The results of the oxidation were analyzed by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS). Microstructural changes of the Ir–Rh alloys were characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). XPS analysis results show that the main oxide of the Ir–Rh alloy in a 1100 °C environment was Rh2O3, and SEM analysis shows that the
more » ... aces of the Ir–Rh alloys after oxidation formed both linear and ellipse-shaped corrosion pits, and had the same direction with the wire-drawing process. The oxidation behavior of Ir–Rh alloys, including the mass change, the reason for the mass loss, and the role of Rh in improving oxidation resistance performance, are discussed.
doi:10.3390/ma12193226 pmid:31581583 pmcid:PMC6804067 fatcat:65l5vneu2jb2hfmahkptgeqhaq
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