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2021 Kuznets Prize awarded to Yun Qiu, Xi Chen, and Wei Shi

2020 Journal of Population Economics  
Kuznets Prize awarded to Yun Qiu, Xi Chen, and Wei Shi 362 Kuznets Prize awarded to Yun Qiu, Xi Chen, and Wei Shi Kuznets Prize awarded to Yun Qiu, Xi Chen, and Wei Shi  ...  Xi Chen is an associate professor of Health Policy and Economics at Yale University. He obtained a PhD in Applied Economics from Cornell University.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00148-020-00803-4 fatcat:i5v6fnvitbg55g6aot5ew2vof4

Metabolomic Analysis on the Petal of 'Chen Xi' Rose with Light-Induced Color Changes

Mengyue Su, Rebecca Njeri Damaris, Zhengrong Hu, Pingfang Yang, Jiao Deng
2021 Plants  
The color of the "Chen Xi" rose can change from yellow to red during flower blooming.  ...  (A) The different developmental stages of 'Chen Xi' Figure 1 . 1 Changes in flower colors of the variety of 'Chen Xi' rose.  ...  (B) 'Chen Xi' flowers at four blooming stages under natural sunlight (S1-S4) and shading (S1D-S4D).  ... 
doi:10.3390/plants10102065 pmid:34685874 fatcat:v55f6yznzreqbpfn7ownsd33na

Social Protest and Contentious Authoritarianism in China, edited by Xi Chen (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011)

Andrew Law
2014 Journal of International Development  
Xi Chen (2011) Social Protest and Contentious Authoritarianism in China, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.  ...  In chapter 3, Xi argues that changes in state strategies (including traditional repression, concession and persuasion) are a product of economic reform; and specifically Xi suggests that changes in state  ... 
doi:10.1002/jid.2962 fatcat:inql3t4rdrgdpnmq6khyqod4fy

Comment on "Sensitivity Analysis and Determination of Streambed Leakance and Aquifer Hydraulic Properties" by Xunhong Chen and Xi Chen, Journal of Hydrology, 2003, vol. 284, 270–284

Stefan Kollet
2005 Journal of Hydrology  
Departure of results from previously presented field studies Chen and Chen (2003) compare their results obtained from the application of invalid models with hydraulic property values obtained from other  ...  and Ayers (1998) , Chen (1998) , Ayers et al. (1998) , McGuire and Kilpatrick (1998) , and (see Table 4 in the article).  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jhydrol.2004.09.026 fatcat:r2yw756ld5cntlgdfmplmyfasa

Conversazione con Chen Xi

Valentina Pedone
Per un approfondimento si vedaBrezzi 2013. 50 valentina pedone conversazione con chen xi valentina pedone conversazione con chen xi  ... 
doi:10.13128/lea-1824-484x-24398 fatcat:vl6kv4huknaxbildlld2uv3pay

Adaptive Multiple-Arm Identification [article]

Jiecao Chen, Xi Chen, Qin Zhang, Yuan Zhou
2017 arXiv   pre-print
., 2016 , Russo, 2016 , Chen et al., 2016b .  ...  a set S such that 1 K · i∈S Xi ≥ 1 K · i∈S Xi − γ − 2η K ≥ 0.5 + η − γ − 2η K , By simple calculation we must have |{i ∈ S | Xi = 0.5 + η}| ≥ 1 − γ η K, or, |{i ∈ S | Xi = 0.5 − η}| ≤ γ η K.  ... 
arXiv:1706.01026v1 fatcat:my6kdhufdrhw7gdzic2im6nfwy

Identification and Target-Modification of SL-BBI: A Novel Bowman–Birk Type Trypsin Inhibitor from Sylvirana latouchii

Xi Chen, Dong Chen, Linyuan Huang, Xiaoling Chen, Mei Zhou, Xinping Xi, Chengbang Ma, Tianbao Chen, Lei Wang
2020 Biomolecules  
(Xi Chen), D.C. and L.H.; formal analysis, D.C.; investigation, X.C. (Xi Chen), C.M. and T.C.; methodology, X.C. (Xiaoling Chen); supervision, X.X. and C.M.; visualization, X.C.  ...  (Xi Chen) and L.H.; writing-original draft, X.C. (Xi Chen); writing-review and editing, X.X. Table 1 . 1 Sequences and physicochemical properties of SL-BBI and its designed analogues.  ... 
doi:10.3390/biom10091254 pmid:32872343 pmcid:PMC7565067 fatcat:vy4cdmmf3jbqld3mlqiw7jh5vu

Design of Cold Chain Traceability System Based on Internet of Things

Zhao-xi CHEN, Xi-ai CHEN, Dong-hong CHEN, Ya-qiong FU
2017 DEStech Transactions on Computer Science and Engineering  
A cold chain traceability system controlled via the Internet of Things technology was developed to investigate the details of the cold chain logistics process. This system includes the logistics environment detection part and the cloud data service part. By the cold chain traceability system, it is able to store the ambient temperature data, humidity data and geographic location data in the cold chain logistics process locally and transmit them through the GPRS to the cloud data service
more » ... . The cold chain traceability system can not only provide managers with a convenient way of monitoring but also bring more intuitively obtain real-time and historical information.
doi:10.12783/dtcse/smce2017/12393 fatcat:7fktpdjjhjatpjsbx6dndahmcu

Ensemble Network Architecture for Deep Reinforcement Learning

Xi-liang Chen, Lei Cao, Chen-xi Li, Zhi-xiong Xu, Jun Lai
2018 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
The popular deep Q learning algorithm is known to be instability because of the Q-value's shake and overestimation action values under certain conditions. These issues tend to adversely affect their performance. In this paper, we develop the ensemble network architecture for deep reinforcement learning which is based on value function approximation. The temporal ensemble stabilizes the training process by reducing the variance of target approximation error and the ensemble of target values
more » ... es the overestimate and makes better performance by estimating more accurate Q-value. Our results show that this architecture leads to statistically significant better value evaluation and more stable and better performance on several classical control tasks at OpenAI Gym environment.
doi:10.1155/2018/2129393 fatcat:gepes2guczegneqhfzholcg2qm

Prenatal Diagnosis of Holt–Oram Syndrome With a Novel Mutation of TBX5 Gene: A Case Report

Guan-nan He, Xue-yan Wang, Min Kang, Xi-min Chen, Na Xi, Jing Zhao, Xi Chen
2021 Frontiers in Pediatrics  
Holt–Oram syndrome (HOS) is an autosomal dominant disorder caused by mutations of TBX5 gene.Case presentation: We report a fetus with HOS diagnosed sonographically at 23 weeks of gestation. The fetal parents are non-consanguineous. The fetus exhibited short radius and ulna, inability to supinate the hands, absence of the right thumb, and heart ventricular septal defect (VSD), while the fetal father exhibited VSD and short radius and ulna only. Fetal brother had cubitus valgus and thumb
more » ... , except for VSD, short radius and ulna. The pregnancy was terminated. Whole-exome sequencing (WES) revealed a novel mutation in the TBX5 (c.510+1G>A) in the fetus inherited from the father. The variant (c.510+1G>A) occurs at splice donor and may alter TBX5 gene function by impact on splicing. It was not previously reported in China.Conclusion: Our case reported a novel mutation in TBX5, which expanded the known genetic variants associated with HOS.
doi:10.3389/fped.2021.737633 pmid:34738001 pmcid:PMC8561953 fatcat:vn25xjroszbrvif6qw27bhsk6m

Asymptotically Optimal Sequential Design for Rank Aggregation [article]

Xi Chen, Yunxiao Chen, Xiaoou Li
2017 arXiv   pre-print
Xi Chen acknowledges the support from Adobe Data Science Research Award and Xiaoou Li acknowledges the support from National Science Foundation (NSF) under the grant DMS-1712657.  ...  With the advent of crowdsourcing services, one can easily ask crowd workers to conduct comparisons among a few objects in an online fashion at a low cost [Chen et al., 2013 [Chen et al., , 2016]] .  ... 
arXiv:1710.06056v1 fatcat:2wxqceaflnbt3fmotjhzjb4tqu

Pruning Ternary Quantization [article]

Dan Liu, Xi Chen, Jie Fu, Chen Ma, Xue Liu
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Inference time, model size, and accuracy are three key factors in deep model compression. Most of the existing work addresses these three key factors separately as it is difficult to optimize them all at the same time. For example, low-bit quantization aims at obtaining a faster model; weight sharing quantization aims at improving compression ratio and accuracy; and mixed-precision quantization aims at balancing accuracy and inference time. To simultaneously optimize bit-width, model size, and
more » ... ccuracy, we propose pruning ternary quantization (PTQ): a simple, effective, symmetric ternary quantization method. We integrate L2 normalization, pruning, and the weight decay term to reduce the weight discrepancy in the gradient estimator during quantization, thus producing highly compressed ternary weights. Our method brings the highest test accuracy and the highest compression ratio. For example, it produces a 939kb (49×) 2bit ternary ResNet-18 model with only 4% accuracy drop on the ImageNet dataset. It compresses 170MB Mask R-CNN to 5MB (34×) with only 2.8% average precision drop. Our method is verified on image classification, object detection/segmentation tasks with different network structures such as ResNet-18, ResNet-50, and MobileNetV2.
arXiv:2107.10998v2 fatcat:ddrg65i6ejbqtexyqkqu6pxjai

Almost Limited Sets in Banach Lattices [article]

Jin Xi Chen, Zi Li Chen, Guo Xing Ji
2013 arXiv   pre-print
We introduce and study the class of almost limited sets in Banach lattices, that is, sets on which every disjoint weak^* null sequence of functionals converges uniformly to zero. It is established that a Banach lattice has order continuous norm if and only if almost limited sets and L-weakly compact sets coincide. In particular, in terms of almost Dunford-Pettis operators into c_0, we give an operator characterization of those σ-Dedekind complete Banach lattices whose relatively weakly compact
more » ... ets are almost limited, that is, for a σ-Dedekind Banach lattice E, every relatively weakly compact set in E is almost limited if and only if every continuous linear operator T:E→ c_0 is an almost Dunford-Pettis operator.
arXiv:1309.2020v1 fatcat:44tofghqerhgtnqrzptmp3kkhm

Testing Unateness Nearly Optimally [article]

Xi Chen, Erik Waingarten
2019 arXiv   pre-print
We present an Õ(n^2/3/ϵ^2)-query algorithm that tests whether an unknown Boolean function f{0,1}^n→{0,1} is unate (i.e., every variable is either non-decreasing or non-increasing) or ϵ-far from unate. The upper bound is nearly optimal given the Ω̃(n^2/3) lower bound of [CWX17a]. The algorithm builds on a novel use of the binary search procedure and its analysis over long random paths.
arXiv:1904.05309v1 fatcat:6diyyuqjivepldgreedum3dlcy

Rational Curves on K3 Surfaces [article]

Xi Chen
1998 arXiv   pre-print
We proved the existence of rational curves in every linear system on a general K3 surface and that all rational curves in the hyperplane class are nodal on a general K3 surface of small genus.
arXiv:math/9804075v1 fatcat:ii2ifyqvnvdsjjjsdn3lhx33ei
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