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A comparative study of the adaptive choice of thresholds in extreme hydrologic events

Myoung-Jin Um, Woncheol Cho, Jun-Haeng Heo
2009 Stochastic environmental research and risk assessment (Print)  
In the hydrologic analysis of extreme events such as precipitation or floods, the data can generally be divided into two types: partial duration series and annual maximum series. Partial duration series analysis is a robust method to analyze hydrologic extremes, but the adaptive choice of an optimal threshold is challenging. The main goal of this paper was to determine the best method for choosing optimal thresholds. Ten semi-parametric tail index estimators were applied to find the optimal
more » ... shold of a 24-h duration precipitation period using data from the Korean Meteorological Administration. The mean square errors of the 10 estimators were calculated to determine the optimal threshold using a semi-parametric bootstrap method. A modified generalized Jackknife estimator determined the best performance in this study among the 10 estimators evaluated with regard to estimating the mean square error of the shape estimator for the generalized Pareto distribution.
doi:10.1007/s00477-009-0348-5 fatcat:ro5h4wlgdjbrzkxenwhpxx6wnu

A full Bayesian approach to generalized maximum likelihood estimation of generalized extreme value distribution

Seonkyoo Yoon, Woncheol Cho, Jun-Haeng Heo, Chul Eung Kim
2009 Stochastic environmental research and risk assessment (Print)  
This study develops a full Bayesian GEV distribution estimation method (BAYBETA), which contains a semi-Bayesian framework of generalized maximum likelihood estimator (GMLE), to make full use of several advantages of the Bayesian approach especially in uncertainty analysis. For the full Bayesian framework, the optimal hyperparameter of beta prior distribution on the shape parameter of the GEV distribution is found as (6.4990, 8.7927) through simulation-based analysis. In a performance
more » ... analysis, the performances of BAYBETA, which adopts beta(6.4990, 8.7927) as prior density on the shape parameter of the GEV distribution, are almost the same as or slightly better than GML, outperforming MOM, ML, and LM in terms of root mean square error (RMSE) and bias when the shape parameter is negative. Also, a case study of two hydrologic extreme value data shows that the traditional uncertainty analysis using asymptotic approximation of ML and GML has limitations in describing the uncertainty in high upper quantiles, while the proposed full Bayesian estimation method BAYBETA provides a consistent and complete description of the uncertainty.
doi:10.1007/s00477-009-0362-7 fatcat:63q4iw5hcbax7meqaleknwylvy

Flood Frequency Analysis for the Annual Peak Flows Simulated by an Event-Based Rainfall-Runoff Model in an Urban Drainage Basin

Jeonghwan Ahn, Woncheol Cho, Taereem Kim, Hongjoon Shin, Jun-Haeng Heo
2014 Water  
and calibrated the numerical model; Hongjoon Shin contributed to the statistical analysis; and Jun-Haeng Heo analyzed the results and wrote paper.  ...  Author Contributions Jeonghwan Ahn established the methodology of the research and wrote the first edition of the manuscript; Woncheol Cho designed the numerical simulation; Taereem Kim collected the dataset  ... 
doi:10.3390/w6123841 fatcat:wwfkpf5c5bcb3dj27oiv32jtoq

Drinking straws and shaman melodies: a historical and analytical study of the taepyeongso

Aaron Francis
Jong Sun A-jeang Sanjo, 1994); and to represent menari-tori, "Kwigok", featuring Won Woncheol on taepyeongso (from Kim Duk Soo's Spirit of Nature, 2001).  ...  Here, I look at Heo Yong-Eop's rendition ("Heoteuntaryeong", on Heo Yong-Eop Solo Instrumental Album, 2006) .  ... 
doi:10.14288/1.0066569 fatcat:xqlml5gfmbhwxg7clhvk3qwnuq

Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Sensors in 2018

2019 Sensors  
Lee, Wen-Ya Lee, Woncheol Lee, Woo-Kyung Lee, Yao-Jen Lee, Yih Hong Lee, Yoongdu Leedle, Kenneth J. Leeke, Matthew Lees, John E.  ...  , Jinseok Heo, Moonbeom Her, Shiuh Chuan Heras, Dora Blanco Herkommer, Alois Hernandez Bennetts, Victor Hernández Creus, Alberto Hernández Sosa, José Daniel Hernández, Ángela Hernández, David  ... 
doi:10.3390/s19010212 fatcat:7i4iarqpbva6dgivcp3vdozg3m

Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Sensors in 2019

Sensors Editorial Office
2020 Sensors  
, Joon Heo, Moonbeom Heo, Yun Jung Her, Shiuh Chuan Heras, Jónathan Herbin, Stéphane Herceg, Marijan Herkommer, Alois Herle, Stefan Herlitzius, Thomas Hermens, Frouke Hermosilla, Gabriel Hernaez, Miguel  ...  Suk Lee, Soojeong Lee, Suk Jin Lee, Sukho Lee, Sung Pil Lee, Sungho Lee, Sungju Lee, Sungon Lee, Tae Yoon Lee, Uichin Lee, Wearable DeviceJinseok Lee, Winson Lee, Won Chul Lee, Woncheol  ... 
doi:10.3390/s20020576 fatcat:yjjvds6ndvdx5dp6gfcsvyfar4


Sangyup Lee
2013 unpublished
"Republic of Korea: The Peninsular Overachiever." p. 90. 361 Woncheol Oh.  ...  Heath and Company, 1986. p. 247. 437 For detailed accounts, see Woncheol Oh.  ...