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Pervasive Intelligent Endogenous 6G Wireless Systems: Prospects, Theories and Key Technologies

Yun Chen, Wenfeng Liu, Zhiang Niu, Zhongxiu Feng, Qiwei Hu, Tao Jiang
2020 Digital Communications and Networks  
been spurring the industry and academia to dedicate their efforts to the research of future 6G wireless systems. 6G will be a disruptive, pervasive, intelligent, and endogenous wireless system, which  ...  Nevertheless, the upsurge of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered applications, the developmental law of one-decade-one-generation of wireless communications and the inherent limitations of 5G have also  ...  The one-message-one-key scheme (One Time Pad, OPT) based on QKD eliminates the possibility of secrete key leakage [48] .  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.dcan.2020.07.002 fatcat:pfo2oeb7tjeurhoqaqvhrzz3cq

A Survey on Spatial Modulation in Emerging Wireless Systems: Research Progresses and Applications [article]

Miaowen Wen, Beixiong Zheng, Kyeong Jin Kim, Marco Di Renzo, Theodoros A. Tsiftsis, Kwang-Cheng Chen, Naofal Al-Dhahir
2019 arXiv   pre-print
The key idea behind SM is to convey additional information typically through the ON/OFF states of transmit antennas and simultaneously save the implementation cost by reducing the number of radio frequency  ...  As a result, the SM concept can have widespread effects on diverse applications and can be applied in other signal domains such as frequency/time/code/angle domain or even across multiple domains.  ...  Exploiting the ON/OFF keying mechanism across the space, time and frequency domains, space-time-frequency shift keying (STFSK) scheme is also proposed in [259] to reap the potential gain from the three  ... 
arXiv:1907.02941v1 fatcat:2nrzttb65necffhjmkbf3lfxqq

6G and Beyond: The Future of Wireless Communications Systems

Ian F. Akyildiz, Ahan Kak, Shuai Nie
2020 IEEE Access  
Gutierrez-Estevez, Elias Chavarria Reyes, Evgeny Khorov, and Xudong Wang for their valuable insights and suggestions that have played a critical role in improving the quality of this paper.  ...  CONCLUSION This paper surveys the key enabling techniques for the next generation of wireless communication networks, outlines their essential use cases, and provides a perspective on current as well as  ...  To this end, an amalgamation of societal needs and technological breakthroughs that serve to enable those needs are the key drivers for a generational leap beyond existing wireless systems.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2020.3010896 fatcat:ozwbqibdobhwfeil2yo3lj4fii

Information Metamaterial Systems

Tie Jun Cui, Lianlin Li, Shuo Liu, Qian Ma, Lei Zhang, Xiang Wan, Wei Xiang Jiang, Qiang Cheng
2020 iScience  
With more details, we discuss a series of information metamaterial systems, including the programmable metamaterial systems, software metamaterial systems, intelligent metamaterial systems, and space-time-coding  ...  time with the aid of field programmable gate array (FPGA).  ...  This strategy will bring a fundamental perspective on designing new wireless communication architectures at various frequencies.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.isci.2020.101403 pmid:32777776 pmcid:PMC7415848 fatcat:wywoslx7bjfaldh7ib4bfvhcfq

Wireless Communication Physical Layer Sensing Antenna Array Construction and Information Security Analysis

Xiaolong Zhang, Wei Wu, Guolong Shi
2021 Journal of Sensors  
The false bit rate of the system is investigated for the case of an interleaving matrix generated using different quantization methods of keys.  ...  The problem of characterizing the encoding and encryption techniques for interleaving keys for the physical layer sensing antenna arrays of wireless channels is studied in depth.  ...  Acknowledgments This work was supported by the project of design of spacefrequency domain joint anti-interception wireless transmission signal based on linear frequency modulation (No. 6142104200202).  ... 
doi:10.1155/2021/9007071 fatcat:pd3nnv4ttrbvrbryxdopvfthwe

Efficient Physical-Layer Secret Key Generation and Authentication Schemes Based on Wireless Channel-Phase

Longwang Cheng, Li Zhou, Boon-Chong Seet, Wei Li, Dongtang Ma, Jibo Wei
2017 Mobile Information Systems  
In this paper, we propose PHY-layer secret key generation and authentication schemes for orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) systems.  ...  Then, a binary hypothesis test is formulated for authentication. Simulation results show that the proposed secret key generation scheme outperforms the existing schemes.  ...  Networks Lab, National Key Laboratory of Anti-Jamming Communication Technology.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2017/7393526 fatcat:jiueqdasszhnbducg7t3sfzwhu

On the Security of LEO Satellite Communication Systems: Vulnerabilities, Countermeasures, and Future Trends [article]

Pingyue Yue, Jianping An, Jiankang Zhang, Gaofeng Pan, Shuai Wang, Pei Xiao, Lajos Hanzo
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Since there is a paucity of literature on the security issues of LEO Satellite Communication Systems (SCSs), we aim for filling this knowledge gap.  ...  Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite systems undergo a period of rapid development driven by the ever-increasing user demands, reduced costs, and technological progress.  ...  Similarly simple principles may be used in Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) systems for the encryption/decryption process, but the negotiation of the secret key relies on a quantum channel as well as on  ... 
arXiv:2201.03063v1 fatcat:pbh6bqtyfnadrmyea6qzf7zzwi

Information Security Technology of Wireless Communication Physical Layer Based on Airspace Technology

Jiang Lan, F. Wen, S.M. Ziaei
2021 E3S Web of Conferences  
Taking the speed of maximizing the safe frequency spectrum as the design goal, an algorithm for joint optimization of information noise beam and artificial noise beam is proposed.  ...  The multi-antenna beamforming technology in the airspace technology is a technology that can effectively increase the strength of the legal signal and suppress the eavesdropping signal.  ...  obtained a broad space for development.  ... 
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/202127503019 fatcat:c5ktjz3zr5aj7k7j5jcoogup5i

2018 IndexIEEE Wireless Communications LettersVol. 7

2018 IEEE Wireless Communications Letters  
., +, LWC Oct. 2018 832-835 A Secret-Key-Aided Scheme to Secure Transmissions From Single-Antenna RF-EH Source Nodes.  ...  ., +, LWC Oct. 2018 732-735 A Space-Time Transmission Scheme for Large MIMO Systems. M.  ... 
doi:10.1109/lwc.2018.2888676 fatcat:olfvetmkt5bt3c572e5y76b5pm

Author Index

2019 2019 International Symposium on Intelligent Signal Processing and Communication Systems (ISPACS)  
) Decoder for Space--Time Block Coded Spatial Permutation Modulation (STBC-SPM) Shih-Chung Tuan 228 Preliminary Design of a Waveguide-Fed Milimeter Wave Metasurface Antenna with LCD Controlled Array Factor  ...  for Space--Time Block Coded Spatial Permutation Modulation (STBC-SPM) Wen Cheng Lai 222 Design of SAR ADC to Light Charging for Opt ical Sensors Appl icat ions 224 Multi Band Antenna Design for Mob ile  ...  Chang-Rong Wu A Continuous Facial Expression Recognition Model based on Deep Learning Method Chao-Ming Wu A Continuous Facial Expression Recognition Model based on Deep Learning Method Zheng-Lin  ... 
doi:10.1109/ispacs48206.2019.8986344 fatcat:tyfkzg6wt5fr3m3ngmh2vdxsea

Automatic Secret Keys From Reciprocal MIMO Wireless Channels: Measurement and Analysis

Jon W. Wal, Rajesh K. Sharma
2010 IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security  
Information theoretic limits for random key generation in multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) wireless systems exhibiting a reciprocal channel response are investigated experimentally with a new three-node  ...  Two methods for generating secret keys are analyzed in the context of MIMO channels and their mismatch rate and efficiency are derived.  ...  The focus of this paper is systems where the wireless channel is nearly reciprocal, opening interesting new possibilities for automatic secret key generation.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tifs.2010.2052253 fatcat:wtghogwdvngz3gpscae4qcaaeq

Enhancing Information Security via Physical Layer Approaches in Heterogeneous IoT with Multiple Access Mobile Edge Computing in Smart City

Dong Wang, Bo Bai, Kai Lei, Wenbo Zhao, Yanping Yang, Zhu Han
2019 IEEE Access  
Heterogeneous Internet of Things (IoT) and multi-access mobile edge computing (MA-MEC) are believed as supporting technologies for building a smart city.  ...  Specifically, we investigate the secure wiretap coding, resource allocation, signal processing, and multi-node cooperation, along with physical layer key generation and authentication, to cope with the  ...  Thus, by using multiple mobile edge nodes, we can form a virtual multi-antenna system to perform distributed signal processing.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2019.2913438 fatcat:bk2b4tiy4jf5pmrmtpu72w5x7a

Towards Multi-Functional 6G Wireless Networks: Integrating Sensing, Communication and Security [article]

Zhongxiang Wei, Fan Liu, Christos Masouros, Nanchi Su, Athina P. Petropulu
2021 arXiv   pre-print
This overview paper discusses these unique challenges and opportunities for the next generation of ISAC networks.  ...  Integrated sensing and communication (ISAC) has recently emerged as a candidate 6G technology, aiming to unify the two key operations of the future network in spectrum/energy/cost efficient way.  ...  distribution and management, and thus is able to provide security even though the secret key may have been compromised [4] .  ... 
arXiv:2107.07735v1 fatcat:dti6dphex5do5oceifgimemqry

Physical Layer Security for Beyond 5G: Ultra Secure Low Latency Communications

Anil Kumar Yerrapragada, Taylor Eisman, Brian Kelley
2021 IEEE Open Journal of the Communications Society  
By developing a protocol that makes the most optimum use of time-frequency resources, we show that it is possible to achieve two-way private exchange and synchronization in only four symbol times -the  ...  For such a scheme, prior work has found that the two-way exchange of completely private information involves six OFDM symbol times, not including synchronization.  ...  Physical Layer Security (PLS), demonstrated in this work, shows promising privacy and latency features for emerging B5G/6G wireless networks.  ... 
doi:10.1109/ojcoms.2021.3105185 fatcat:flxsgxbp5nggvfldtttq7ccuvm

Improved Design of an Adaptive Massive MIMO Spherical Antenna Array

Mouloud Kamali, Adnen Cherif
2018 International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications  
Massive capacity and connectivity are the main boundaries towards standing the Internet of Everything (IoE) basis and defining modern wireless generation requirements.  ...  These needs cannot be achieved by already deployed phased array antenna in terms of distributed and oriented geometry, dimensions and design.  ...  The gigantic accessible bandwidth for highly multidirectional wireless links must be in accordance with future generations of wireless mobile networks.  ... 
doi:10.14569/ijacsa.2018.091259 fatcat:zkemaeopyrfchmgpwazrjtsfim
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