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Wind Tunnel Analysis of the Airflow through Insect-Proof Screens and Comparison of Their Effect When Installed in a Mediterranean Greenhouse

Alejandro López, Francisco Molina-Aiz, Diego Valera, Araceli Peña
2016 Sensors  
The present work studies the effect of three insect-proof screens with different geometrical and aerodynamic characteristics on the air velocity and temperature inside a Mediterranean multi-span greenhouse  ...  First, the insect-proof screens were characterised geometrically by analysing digital images and testing in a low velocity wind tunnel.  ...  Materials and Methods Three insect-proof screens were analysed-screens 1 and 3 (10ˆ20 threads¨cm´2) and screen 2 (13ˆ30 threads¨cm´2)-for their effect on the microclimate of a Mediterranean greenhouse:  ... 
doi:10.3390/s16050690 pmid:27187401 pmcid:PMC4883381 fatcat:vfosjzevyndyzfkj6bbafoifuu

Microclimate evaluation of a new design of insect-proof screens in a Mediterranean greenhouse

Alejandro Lopez-Martinez, Diego L. Valera Martínez, Francisco Molina-Aiz, Araceli Peña-Fernandez, Patricia Marín-Membrive
2014 Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research  
Acknowledgements This work has been financed by the Junta de Andalucía and the Spanish Ministerio de Ciencia e Innova-ción by means of the research grants P09-AGR-4593 and AGL2010-22284-C03-01, respectively  ...  Sonic anemometry has been used to study the effect of two insect-proof screens on the natural ventilation of a Mediterranean greenhouse; a commercial mesh (10 × 20 threads cm -2 ) and the experimental  ...  To avoid the entrance of insects into greenhouse, insect-proof screens are indispensable, but solutions must be sought to minimize their effect on the natural ventilation and the greenhouse microclimate  ... 
doi:10.5424/sjar/2014122-4956 fatcat:jkejsebkpbbz5dsj466a3wy4k4

Effect of material ageing and dirt on the behaviour of greenhouse insect-proof screens

Alejandro López, Francisco D. Molina-Aiz, Diego L. Valera, Araceli Peña, Karlos Espinoza
2019 Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research  
The present work examines the variations in the aerodynamic characteristics of four insect-proof screens by means of wind tunnel tests and digital image processing.  ...  The tested insect-proof screens were examined in three different conditions: (i) in their new, unused state; (ii) under conditions of accumulated dust and dirt after a period of 3 to 4 years of use; and  ...  Acknowledgements The authors wish to express their gratitude to the Research Centre CIAIMBITAL of the University of Almería (Spain) and the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT) of Mexico  ... 
doi:10.5424/sjar/2018164-11711 fatcat:cnef7ff3b5bjpi4uplz543yfvy

Simulation of the Thermal and Aerodynamic Behavior of an Established Screenhouse under Warm Tropical Climate Conditions: A Numerical Approach

Edwin Villagran, Roberto Ramirez, Andrea Rodriguez, Rommel Pacheco, Jorge Jaramillo
2020 International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning  
This has generated an important interest for the use of screen houses (SH) for the horticultural and fruit production, and currently there are many studies on the behavior of microclimates in SH; however  ...  In this research, a study was developed using a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) 3D numerical simulation, with the aim of evaluating the thermal and aerodynamic behavior of an SH under two specific configurations  ...  (INTA) for their technical and administrative support in this study.  ... 
doi:10.18280/ijsdp.150409 fatcat:7egudzgcrjcobd5tzl6bd6w7vy

3D Numerical Analysis of the Natural Ventilation Behavior in a Colombian Greenhouse Established in Warm Climate Conditions

Edwin Villagran, Rommel Leon, Andrea Rodriguez, Jorge Jaramillo
2020 Sustainability  
Therefore, the objective of this work was to study the spatial distribution of temperature and relative humidity inside a greenhouse built in the Colombian Caribbean.  ...  The main results obtained allowed to determine that the airflows generated inside the greenhouse had average velocities below 0.5 m/s and were mainly driven by the thermal effect of natural ventilation  ...  Acknowledgments: The authors wish to thank the Corporación Colombiana de Investigación Agropecuaria (AGROSAVIA) for their technical and administrative support in this study.  ... 
doi:10.3390/su12198101 fatcat:la6xmfwzwbgnlisfkc2wgdcmau

Improved Porosity of Insect Proof Screens Enhances Quality Aspects of Zucchini Squash without Compromising the Yield

Luigi Formisano, Antonio Pannico, Christophe El-Nakhel, Giuseppe Starace, Milena Poledica, Stefania De Pascale, Youssef Rouphael
2020 Plants  
The experiment was conducted in three separate polyethylene high tunnels, with 50 mesh anti-insect nets of different porosities being installed on the openings of two tunnels, while the third tunnel was  ...  The climatic conditions in the protected environment lead to high temperatures and fast insect development, impacting productivity and vegetables qualitative attributes.  ...  Acknowledgments: The authors are grateful to Michele Ciriello for his technical and moral support in the field experiment, and for the manuscript review.  ... 
doi:10.3390/plants9101264 pmid:32987968 fatcat:hyadcel4rvhgvfzfiqra5jqswy

A Review of Three Commonly Used Techniques of Controlling Greenhouse Microclimate

Mahesh Chand Singh, J. P. Singh, Sandeep Kumar Pandey, Nikhil Gladwin Cutting, Pankaj Sharma, Varun Shrivastav, Puneet Sharma
2018 International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences  
The study indicated a significant effect of the wind direction on ventilation rate, airflow and crop temperature distributions.  ...  ., (2006) studied the ventilation rate through optimization of greenhouse design constraints (area of inlet and outlet vents) and type of the insect screen using a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) approach  ... 
doi:10.20546/ijcmas.2018.701.411 fatcat:rwqstzkacjeglpubzdpxfxcjea

Research on the Microclimate of Protected Agriculture Structures Using Numerical Simulation Tools: A Technical and Bibliometric Analysis as a Contribution to the Sustainability of Under-Cover Cropping in Tropical and Subtropical Countries

Gloria Alexandra Ortiz Rocha, Maria Angelica Pichimata, Edwin Villagran
2021 Sustainability  
the structural analysis of greenhouses was found.  ...  Within the current and future research trends, the predominance of studies analyzing passive climate control methods, new models of insect-proof mesh-house structures, and, finally, studies focused on  ...  Acknowledgments: The authors would like to thank the Corporación Colombiana de Investigación Agropecuaria-AGROSAVIA for the technical support in the execution of this research.  ... 
doi:10.3390/su131810433 fatcat:wf6646c5knd2ldxyjepua7spxi

Latest Developments in Insect Sex Pheromone Research and Its Application in Agricultural Pest Management

Syed Arif Hussain Rizvi, Justin George, Gadi V. P. Reddy, Xinnian Zeng, Angel Guerrero
2021 Insects  
In the past two decades, the number of research studies on new insect pheromones, pheromone biosynthesis, mode of action, peripheral olfactory and neural mechanisms, and their practical applications in  ...  Since the first identification of the silkworm moth sex pheromone in 1959, significant research has been reported on identifying and unravelling the sex pheromone mechanisms of hundreds of insect species  ...  Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest.  ... 
doi:10.3390/insects12060484 pmid:34071020 fatcat:v7kplse5ozaorpmobdjb5wuhb4

Solar Architecture in Cyprus

Petros Lapithis
2002 Zenodo  
The aim of this research was to investigate the potential of the well-established principles of Passive Solar Design when applied to the specific cultural, economic and climatic contexts of Cyprus.  ...  systems and methods • The history of architecture in Cyprus.  ...  Dean Hawkes, for his constructive criticism, enthusiasm and encouragement rendered to me during the course of the execution of this thesis.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.2644620 fatcat:jagwndf525bmfcqs6xfbgdyts4

Evaluation of net greenhouses for tomato production in the tropics [article]

Harmanto, University, My, University, My
Single-span tunnel greenhouses are also quite common in Mediterranean areas.  ...  Munoz et al. (1999) developed a model of the air exchange rate in greenhouses with insect-proof screens over the vents.  ...  An Approach for Sustainable Vegetable Production in the Humid Tropics. It has been a great honour and privilege for me to work in this project. Aulia and F.K.  ... 
doi:10.15488/6699 fatcat:o3braib5fjc7pdwrshrssp4cqq

Effects of different cooling methods on microclimate and plant growth in greenhouses in the tropics [article]

Urbanus Ndungwa Mutwiwa, University, My, University, My
Data Analysis A pair-wise comparison of the data was done i.e. FAP versus N50 and N78 versus N78S.  ...  Figure 3 . 2 . 2 : 322 Figure 3.2.2: A photograph of the wind tunnel used to measure the pressure drop across the insect-proof nets.  ...  To all my colleagues and friends, thanks for your encouragement and support. In a special way I would like to thank my family for their love, patience, encouragement and support.  ... 
doi:10.15488/6932 fatcat:bt5ckr3oafcgfoqvvusttuj4aa

A Decision-making Framework for Vegetated Roofing System Selection

Elizabeth J Grant, James R Jones
2008 Journal of Green Building, College Publishing, USA  
Through a series of expert interviews and case studies, the available knowledge is captured and organized to determine the critical parameters affecting design decisions.  ...  This research comprises the creation of a framework diagramming the decision process involved in the selection of vegetated roofing systems.  ...  A wind tunnel test was conducted to evaluate these remaining parameters, and results were used to generate a simultaneous transport model.  ... 
doi:10.3992/jgb.3.4.138 fatcat:ecadjxef3jdrne2bpspqrerpx4

Meteorological Abstracts and Bibliography

1949 Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society  
show results of smoke wind tunnel experiments on models.  ...  It showed a rapid decrease in density of the first meter with type B blizzards, but a much slower decrease in general for type A (through more variability because of varying winds and amounts of blowing  ...  Systematic dark and light bands on the sea surface lying parallel to the wind were explained tentatively as evidence of eithe/ longitudinal roll vortices in the air or a system of internal waves in the  ... 
doi:10.1002/qj.49707532613 fatcat:fep6vszzdjco7mcf775ztkth3q

Human Ecology, Spring/Summer 2016, Issue 34

2019 Sustain Magazine  
He is the owner of Ehrler's Micro Dairy.  ...  Kentucky and a JD (1982) from George Washington University. He has served in various positions in state government, private corporations, and laws firms, with a focus on environmental law.  ...  The most common vent is built into a microwave oven installed above the stove which pulls air from the area of the stove up through a metal screen to trap grease and moisture, and then exhausts the air  ... 
doi:10.55504/2689-7296.1008 fatcat:qn4okvzjcfb4fm3lz3t35wuy7q
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