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Wie sag' ich's dem Computer oder How to Do Things? With Words! [chapter]

Hans Haugeneder
1990 Informatik-Fachberichte  
The mission of the JRC-IPTS is to provide customer-driven support to the EU policy-making process by developing science-based responses to policy challenges that have both a socioeconomic as well as a  ...  How do IEM perform in such sectors? How do they enter such sectors? Do they face particular difficulties or have certain advantages due to their migration background?  ...  Tm: nee aber höher zu kommen oder oben zu bleiben ist schwieriger als für jemanden anders der • der die gleiche Schulbildung hat I: mmh Tm: wenn egal wie sozial oder wie ähm gebildet man sich gibt letztendlich  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-75591-0_7 dblp:conf/gldv/Haugeneder89 fatcat:uwkllg5e5zfa3otkeyeerocqnu

'Thinking global, acting local'

2004 British Educational Research Journal  
So it would be absurd for anyone not to applaud the opportunity to make things better for themselves.  ...  .:] From the words that we say To the worlds we convay To the people everyday Living life this way.  ...  Reden das Saufen Wir quälen uns und schauen nicht mehr hin, wenn wer beklaut wird oder der Ehre beraubt wird Ehrlich, ich glaubs nicht und wills nicht mehr glauben Es ist wie mit Tauben, der Höhenflug  ... 
doi:10.1080/0141192042000279477 fatcat:bdoof7xv6vbonnx54tlxit5see

Kommunikative Erreichbarkeit - Lust oder Frust?

Verena Eissner-Eissenstein
2009 unpublished
The main interest ist to find out about their opinions, attitudes, strategies, rules of courtesy and how they feel about availability and time.  ...  This paper focuses on how people living in Vienna think about new communications media and how the are used.  ...  In which situations do they judge them positively or negatively? How do people react when they are being contacted? Are there any rules of courtesy they stand to?  ... 
doi:10.25365/thesis.5863 fatcat:qbugar6ycventcf6d4pep4zlq4

Zugang unter Vorbehalt. Einstellungen zur sozialpolitischen Inklusion von Unionsbürger_innen [chapter]

Folashade Miriam Ajayi
2019 "Fördern und Fordern" im Diskurs  
How much knowledge do you need to form opinions and talk about them?  ...  Ich sag mal aus dem Bauch heraus, ich find's ungerecht, ich finde das ist ein ungerechtes System.  ...  die Frau ja mal aufzählen, wie oft sie in der Notaufnahme war und wie viele Gerichtsverhandlungen noch anstehen, ja.  ... 
doi:10.3224/8474230008 fatcat:eczvbvk6xvcp3jlzgtjjqctqpq

Characteristics and experiences of third age foreign language learners

Elisabeth Spitzwieser
2021 unpublished
The participants are interested in learning new vocabulary even though memorizing new words appears to be challenging for many Third Age learners.  ...  The most challenging aspect for the group was found to be spoken interaction and applying grammatical concepts.  ...  (L1: 239-242); "Wenn ich die Aufgabe schreib, schreib ich sie zuerst einmal mit Bleistift ja. […] Und dann schreib ich's noch einmal mit dem Computer. Da lern ich's besser."  ... 
doi:10.25365/thesis.66293 fatcat:bajbbihmfjb5hngwwlryxu2pcy

Männlich / Weiblich / Sonstige - nicht-Binäre Menschen in Österreich

Michaela Horvat
2018 unpublished
Connecting queer theory and feminist thought with empirical samples of specific everyday life experiences generates the outcome of this thesis, namely a basic guide to help allies take inclusive and anti-discriminatory  ...  This thesis deals with lived realities of non-binary people in Austria as well as challenges that go along with queerantagonism.  ...  Interviewer_in: How do you deal with university, do you come out to people or do you just accept that they will probably use she pronouns or whatever? Befragte_r: That's a funny story!  ... 
doi:10.25365/thesis.51726 fatcat:r732sur3c5f6reikw2d2euo3di

Generation 2.1. The Issue of Privacy and Corporate Surveillance for Contemporary Children in the Social Media

Lars Dankert
2013 unpublished
Additionally it illuminates if, and if they do, how they inform theirselves about the risks of social media, on which risks they emphasize on and if they are aware that their data gets saved.  ...  It seems to be especially attractive for the youth, to communicate online with their friends, to collect "likes" and to present themselves in the digital world, in a way they want to be seen by others.  ...  No matter how the specific society deals with privacy, what it implies and how it gets regulated, it can be noted, as with the words of Alan Westin, "a cultural universal" (Kemp and Moore, 2007, p.58)  ... 
doi:10.25365/thesis.29256 fatcat:nt2i2qp3ifdatayiwpuznz7qw4

The role of internal health communication in employee motivation and well-being

Alexander Leitsoni
2019 unpublished
occupational fields, were questioned with guideline interviews.  ...  Persönliche, zielgruppenbewusste Kommunikation, unterstützt durch von zuhause erreichbaren Pull-Medien wie der Mitarbeiterzeitschrift würden diese Faktoren besonders übermitteln können.  ...  However, most interestingly regarding this thesis, when it comes to channels of internal communication, at least employees do have their clear favourites on how to be addressed with WHP.  ... 
doi:10.25365/thesis.57244 fatcat:prwvvu5mabbsdmy2cd5swt2wjq

Game of Thrones: from viewers to fandom

Kinga Iakabffy
2016 unpublished
The times of broadcasting have changed and now the viewers navigate the Internet to keep up to date with whatever production they follow.  ...  This thesis deals with the viewers.  ...  Audience as communities What if the audience with the apparent capacity of doing things co-ordinately, or making broadcasting networks do things, could be considered powerful in its own way?  ... 
doi:10.25365/thesis.45209 fatcat:k6qxrgfv4be45i3modewnaraza

Ernste Spiele?

Sarah Halbeisen
2011 unpublished
With the assistance of experts, this paper tries to define certain characteristics that apply to Serious Games as well as to conventional Game Studies.  ...  Therefore, theories and findings of those two scientific fields can be used to analyze Games With a Purpose.  ...  This is not a standard solely to do with cost [...] . In all likelihood, it has more to do with game mechanics, which are the heart and soul for game design."  ... 
doi:10.25365/thesis.16484 fatcat:43omn7zmerfd5bblvzsxhe5d44

Bildungsfernsehen als Teil des Public Value?

Andreas Fläckel
2009 unpublished
and mediaconvergencies and how are they natured.  ...  Following the a priori statement that public and commercial television stations are emanating from variable pre-conditions the central questions of the study was formulated: To what extend do differences  ...  What things we could do in a better way and it really helps us to rethink the way we do the shows. So we try to do this as often as possible.  ... 
doi:10.25365/thesis.4331 fatcat:6rpj6dxivffidmfji2icuyb2nq

Medien hinter Gittern

Susanne Mairhofer
2013 unpublished
The master thesis "media behind bars" transforms the typical question on media use "what do people do with media?" into "what do prisoners do with media and why?"  ...  Daher stellt sich die Gretchenfrage, ob Gefängnisse ein Teil unserer Kultur sind oder vielmehr eine eigene Kultur bilden.  ...  Nur weil sie die Nachrichten am Morgen gesehen und / oder gehört haben lesen sie die Tageszeitung trotzdem.  ... 
doi:10.25365/thesis.28005 fatcat:xgbsrfjpsnczhm3zkd6qdystbi

Sustainable illusions? A deductive approach to how consumers react to greenwashing advertisement on TV

Lisa Radda
2018 unpublished
And how do consumers react to this?  ...  The aim of this thesis is to address these questions, with particular attention given to how consumers can recognize greenwashing advertising, as well as how other factors like general interest in environmental  ...  And how do consumers react to this?  ... 
doi:10.25365/thesis.52651 fatcat:mdv4wu7pyzgo5dfy2d6arelini

Investigation of working conditions of journalists in Austria

Anna-Sophie Farbowski
2015 unpublished
How do you assure quality of your work?  How do you decide to use or not use UGC? How does UGC affect your work concerning the amount? Is it more or less work?  ...  Wenn ich mit einem Kameramann dreh mit dem ich noch nie gedreht hab, dann kleb ich förmlich bei dem hinten am Monitor, weil ich's nicht wissen kann.  ... 
doi:10.25365/thesis.43351 fatcat:k6jlng2rpjg75czeeoubwpihzi

Das scape jazzistique

Philipp Schmickl
2010 unpublished
sound hat - die Rolle von Tonträgern, eigene sowie jene von anderen - die Methode wie Musik gemacht wird - Improvisation.  ...  Das Feld der improvisierten Musik und deren Musiker und Musikerinnen hat sich, so wie es heute besteht, in den letzten 50 Jahren entwickelt.  ...  on life and how to deal with people, you know.  ... 
doi:10.25365/thesis.11846 fatcat:fwpnm354krdyfptpbbjvmolooy
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