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Fighting with the Heart of a Beast: Galen's Use of the Elephant's Cardiac Anatomy against Cardiocentrists

Luis Alejandro Salas
2014 Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies  
Galen's commitment to encephalocentrism and to a coherent theory of structural requirements led him to assert, even in a public experiment, the existence of a bone in the elephant heart where none exists  ...  Galen based large parts of his anatomical exegesis in AA on comparative work with oxen, which do possess an os cordis.  ...  be large; it does not follow that being large is a sufficient condition for the presence of a heart bone.  ... 
doaj:41e0477f0d504dea9c56d8385bae5760 fatcat:5wgxyimn75gbhn3bbl3jk5zegu

What can cognitive science tell us about scientific revolutions?

Alexander Bird
2012 THEORIA : an International Journal for Theory, History and Fundations of Science  
We need a broad approach that draws on a variety of resources in psychology and cognitive science.  ...  Nonetheless, in a philosophical climate more receptive to naturalism, we are able to give a more positive evaluation of Kuhn's proposals.  ...  Since a large range of non-empirical (but not nonsensical) propositions, including those of philosophy and mathematics, were held to be analytic, logical empiricism's commitment to the classical view of  ... 
doi:10.1387/theoria.6391 fatcat:wjafjifgpvbxtkgy3aljyaiefq

Using Data for Decision-Making: From Observations to Indicators and Other Policy Tools [chapter]

Matt Walpole, Melodie A. McGeoch, Philip Bubb, Neil Brummitt
2016 The GEO Handbook on Biodiversity Observation Networks  
It reflects on what data might be used for, how it is packaged, what the challenges are and what to consider in getting it right.  ...  With a particular focus on indicators, one of the most common forms in which observations are used by decision-makers, the chapter considers the context in which indicators are used and how they are developed  ...  , so that even slight changes would tell a decision-maker in a timely manner what action was required to keep things on track.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-27288-7_12 fatcat:32izr3ur3rb2vmrgow45kifcxa

Using Linked Open Data to Improve Data Reuse in Zooarchaeology

Sarah Whitcher Kansa
2015 Ethnobiology Letters  
Furthermore, because many archaeologists do not yet have experience in data reuse, they lack understanding of what "good" data management means in terms of their own research practices.  ...  However, the research community's careful attention and recognition of datasets as valuable scholarly outputs will go a long way toward ensuring that the products of our work are more widely useful.  ...  Heartfelt thanks also to the conference organizers and sponsors for a very successful ICAZ 2014 in San Rafael, Argentina. Declarations Permissions: None declared.  ... 
doi:10.14237/ebl.6.2.2015.467 fatcat:3hx4dvxkvja3hogw6jb3u23m2q

Land Use [chapter]

Heather Keith
2021 Transitioning to a Prosperous, Resilient and Carbon-Free Economy  
It includes the results of an experiment to populate a carbon stock account with indicative estimates to assist discussion about methods for regularly reporting carbon stocks and the usefulness of the  ...  For example, the economic wealth of a country (a stock) is built through a combination of processes (various flows such as investing and working).  ...  Molar mass tells us that the main component of natural gas, methane, or CH4, has a molar mass of 12+1+1+1+1, or 16g per mol. 16g/mol * 1,000l/m 3 / 22.4 L/mol = 714g/m 3 = 0.714kg/m 3 Therefore, there  ... 
doi:10.1017/9781316389553.023 fatcat:rlc2nk7iffbnfli6o3eduuzj5u

Are we allowed to use fictional vignettes in cultural geographies?

Chiara Rabbiosi, Alberto Vanolo
2016 Cultural Geographies  
Rabbiosi, A. Vanolo (2017) 'Are we allowed to use fictional vignettes in cultural geographies? ', cultural geographies, v. 24, n. 2, pp. 265-278.  ...  of the changing feelings of the male protagonist: his rising but castrated anger in a public space -when, in the restaurant, the female character started making fun of him -and then, later at home, his  ...  Any way of reporting research is a way of 'telling a story', but there are a variety of ways to produce this story, or -in the words of the commitment beyond this act -to tell facts about socio-spatial  ... 
doi:10.1177/1474474016673064 fatcat:bhwubyq2mrhergdt44ua54pzoe

A Qualitative Study Using Community Cultural Wealth to Understand the Educational Experiences of Latino College Students

Nora A Luna, Magdalena Martinez
2013 Journal of Praxis in Multicultural Education  
Students in the study reported the use of social capital in a variety of ways that supported their educational achievements.  ...  In this study social capital fostered trust, norms and expectations among youth who came to share a common goal of academic success by doing homework together, sharing a computer or belonging to a study  ... 
doi:10.9741/2161-2978.1045 fatcat:3pl5b5kvovhq3g3kch4jqmfsze

Informing the Development of Calendar Systems for Domestic Use [chapter]

Andy Crabtree, Terry Hemmings, Tom Rodden, John Mariani
2003 ECSCW 2003  
We consider a number of ethnographic studies of calendar use in domestic circumstances to illuminate the design space and inform design reasoning.  ...  These novel studies draw attention to a corpus of accountable work-practices that impact directly on design.  ...  These textual notations 'tell' members who use the calendar what some particular annotation is about, what event it refers to and marks out.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-94-010-0068-0_7 dblp:conf/ecscw/CrabtreeHRM03 fatcat:xyzuxk2ztbelpdsfxib3bz6ykm

Knowledge Representation [chapter]

E. Davis
2001 International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences  
Jon Doyle and Ramesh Patil offered a number of insightful suggestions on drafts of this article; we are also grateful to Rich Fikes, Pat Hayes, Ron Brach-  ...  useful comments from the audience were received on both occasions.  ...  While sanctioned inferences tell us what conclusions we are permitted to make, this set is invariably very large and, hence, provides insufficient constraint.  ... 
doi:10.1016/b0-08-043076-7/00540-4 fatcat:d7wh2gw37zgcxjurssgubdhp5y

What Is a Knowledge Representation?

Randall Davis, Howard E. Shrobe, Peter Szolovits
1993 The AI Magazine  
Jon Doyle and Ramesh Patil offered a number of insightful suggestions on drafts of this article; we are also grateful to Rich Fikes, Pat Hayes, Ron Brach-  ...  useful comments from the audience were received on both occasions.  ...  While sanctioned inferences tell us what conclusions we are permitted to make, this set is invariably very large and, hence, provides insufficient constraint.  ... 
doi:10.1609/aimag.v14i1.1029 dblp:journals/aim/DavisSS93 fatcat:u5xcoevajbdsthevsmcjxqp4qq

"And Let Us Make Us a Name": Reflections on the Future of the Religion and Health Field

Jeff Levin
2009 Journal of religion and health  
The study of their various interconnections can thus take myriad forms. This article argues for a welcoming approach open to the widest range of research subjects.  ...  After years of marginality, research on religion and health is entering the academic mainstream. Scholarship on this topic has evolved into a large, productive field.  ...  Such studies therefore cannot and do not-and do not purport to-tell us anything about the healing power of religiousness, spirituality, faith, prayer, or any other religious construct.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10943-009-9243-0 pmid:19291406 fatcat:25t5phjy6fawxf537snymrwyca

Multi-use and constraints from original use

Justin A. Jungé, Daniel C. Dennett
2010 Behavioral and Brain Sciences  
function; and the acquisition of a new use need not involve (much) local change to circuit structure (e.g., it might involve only the establishment of functional connections to new neural partners).  ...  reuse, circuits can continue to acquire new uses after an initial or original function is established; the acquisition of new uses need not involve unusual circumstances such as injury or loss of established  ...  what else is active along with Broca's may tell us what that something is, the use to which Broca's is being put.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0140525x1000124x fatcat:fqf6iumyivdcjngl7smngzln5u

Aristotle vs. Ringelmann: A response to Scholtes et al. on Superlinear Production in Open Source Software [article]

Thomas Maillart, Didier Sornette
2016 arXiv   pre-print
We are glad that the study by Scholtes et al. allows us to explain further our findings by highlighting the methodological aspects that condition our diverging results.  ...  In contrast, Scholtes et al. referred to Maximilien Ringelmann, a French agricultural engineer (1861-1931) who discovered the tendency for individual members of a group to become increasingly less productive  ...  ., What do large commits tell us?: a taxonomical "communication and coordination overhead" (which surges with larger teams).  ... 
arXiv:1608.03608v1 fatcat:3dqflwdrcngqdlajkvd4jgztcy

Interpretive use: translating intensification

Vicente López Folgado
2001 Revista Alicantina de Estudios Ingleses  
I then focus on a few varied examples of actual translations which ¡Ilústrate some of the contextual effects conveyed by intensifiers of various kinds.  ...  Secondly, the application of this cognitive framework is here discussed so as to tackle the case of intensifiers as a vague, "connotative" field of interpretation that puts to test the ínferential work  ...  commitment to the trath of the proposition.  ... 
doi:10.14198/raei.2001.14.08 fatcat:pwvilhg22fhlfmgk5fmpkmcxie

Page 207 of The Wilson Journal of Ornithology Vol. 57, Issue 3 [page]

1945 The Wilson Journal of Ornithology  
Nearly all have one char- acteristic in common: their object is to tell the reader what birds occur or have occurred in the area in question, in what numbers, and at what times of the year.  ...  The commit- tee has undertaken an arduous and protracted labor in the hope of producing a use- ful general reference work, without claiming that everything is settled, and further research superfluous  ... 
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