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Community, consensus, coercion, control

Travis Kriplean, Ivan Beschastnikh, David W. McDonald, Scott A. Golder
2007 Proceedings of the 2007 international ACM conference on Conference on supporting group work - GROUP '07  
This lens demonstrates that support for mass collaboration must take into account policy and power.  ...  The Wikipedian community has responded with an evolving body of policies that provide shared principles, processes, and strategies for collaboration.  ...  The first author would also like to thank everyone at HP's Information Dynamics Lab for their support in his initial foray into the wilds of Wikipedia.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1316624.1316648 dblp:conf/group/KripleanBMG07 fatcat:ffusdrz5fbdl7ey2sxzddlgq2m


Christian Pentzold, Sebastian Seidenglanz
2006 Proceedings of the 2006 international symposium on Wikis - WikiSym '06  
Most of the discursive regularities named by Foucault are established in the collaborative writing processes of Wikipedia, too.  ...  The primary goal is to explore principle ways of analyzing and characterizing the various forms of communicative user interaction using Foucault's discourse theory.  ...  Apart from adding and deleting content they often rewrite passages.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1149453.1149468 dblp:conf/wikis/PentzoldS06 fatcat:ynsvrzm5ifhhzheynurgflayye

Motivations of contributors to Wikipedia

Stacey Kuznetsov
2006 Computers & society  
This paper aims to explain why people are motivated to contribute to the Wikipedia project.  ...  During the empirical phase, motivations of the contributors to Wikipedia are identified through analysis of data from two published surveys and a pilot survey conducted at New York University.  ...  What motivates these people to contribute effort and time to the Wikipedia project, and what role does Wikipedia play in fostering these motivations?  ... 
doi:10.1145/1215942.1215943 fatcat:m2lqgp727nhqpklteoabrceh7u

Hypersocial-Interactive Writing: An Audience of Readers-as-Writers

Rik Hunter
2014 Literacy in Composition Studies  
In one instance, a student who passionately opposed popular characterizations of pit bulls as dangerous wanted to work on the Wikipedia "Pit bull" article, which already had a long history of edit reversions  ...  In other words, when growing numbers of readers become bold writers on Wowpedia, problems can occur if writers have different visions of what the content of an article should be as well as how the collaborative  ... 
doi:10.21623/ fatcat:tlpcda3iwzho3egbds6yznz6fe

Wikis for Teaching and Learning

Joshua L. Mindel, Sameer Verma
2006 Communications of the Association for Information Systems  
The focus of this study is wiki collaboration in teaching & learning contexts.  ...  An academic course presents an opportunity for all participants to collaborate for improving their knowledge.  ...  Anyone in the community has the right to read, modify, and delete content.  ... 
doi:10.17705/1cais.01801 fatcat:2yd42dqugbdurfximuqx2i7ymy

Wikipedia Research and Tools: Review and Comments

Finn Årup Nielsen
2012 Social Science Research Network  
I here give an overview of Wikipedia and wiki research and tools. Well over 1,000 reports have been published in the field and there exist dedicated scientific meetings for Wikipedia research.  ...  Claudia Koltzenburg and James Heilman for pointing to references and tools Thanks also to Chitu Okoli, Mohamad Mehdi, Mostafa Mesgari and Arto Lanamäki with whom I am writing systematic reviews about Wikipedia  ...  What about the multi-lingual nature of the Wikidata project? Is the regimentional description of items across languages 'dangerous' ?  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.2129874 fatcat:h4znerp2efhn5j5bdi5rl7addi

Datagogies, Writing Spaces, and the Age of Peer Production

Joseph Moxley
2008 Computers and Composition  
Administrators (WPAs) can use commonsbased peer-to-peer technologies to change their roles, to alter writing instruction and literacy genres, and to transform our processes of learning, writing, and collaborating  ...  Finally, the essay argues that English studies will concede the central pedagogical stage of the 21st century unless we develop datagogies that engage the creative power of individuals working collaboratively  ...  Interestingly, the Wikipedia page on "WikiLove" was deleted by wikipedia administrators. Wikipedia does not welcome new knowledge because of its mission to be an encyclopedia.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.compcom.2007.12.003 fatcat:6i7xlbp3qnga3iclvlpjdo4clq

The use of software tools and autonomous bots against vandalism: eroding Wikipedia's moral order?

Paul B. de Laat
2015 Ethics and Information Technology  
English-language Wikipedia is constantly being plagued by vandalistic contributions on a massive scale.  ...  The most troubling aspect, though, is that Wikipedia has become a Janus-faced institution. One face is the basic platform of MediaWiki software, transparent to all.  ...  That kind of schooling is in danger of fading away. All that remains then is the metal tone of the bots scouting Wikipedia on their own.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10676-015-9366-9 fatcat:v4eufzrlsbgehapvirm7ogctk4

Do as I do:

Joseph M. Reagle
2007 Proceedings of the 2007 international symposium on Wikis - WikiSym '07  
In seemingly egalitarian collaborative on-line communities, like Wikipedia, there is often a paradoxical, or perhaps merely playful, use of the title "Benevolent Dictator" for leaders.  ...  I explore discourse around the use of this title so as to address how leadership works in open content communities.  ...  Wikipedia as an Open Content Community What is often meant by the term "open" is a generalization from the Free Software, Open Source, and open standards movements.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1296951.1296967 dblp:conf/wikis/Reagle07 fatcat:kdhutldhwfc63bvdwej5jtqmju

New Trends in Content Creation: Changing Responsibilities for Librarians

Peter Johan Lor, Johannes J. Britz
2011 Libri  
These are: the growth in volume; amount of noise; sharing of content and information participation; personal space; collaboration and naive use.  ...  Six content trends are identified in support of this claim.  ...  The standard-bearer of the collaborative approach is the Wikipedia.  ... 
doi:10.1515/libr.2011.002 fatcat:7vht34tzqjhpznjybwbpdgm3ke

Critical Point of View: A Wikipedia Reader

Geert Lovink, Nathaniel Tkacz, Joseph M. Reagle, Dan O'Sullivan, Lawrence Liang, Amila Akdag Salah, Cheng Gao, Krzystztof Suchecki, Andrea Scharnhorst, R. Stuart Geiger, Edgar Enyedy, Peter B. Kaufman (+19 others)
2012 Social Science Research Network  
, and at its worst, dangerous.  ...  Each contribution to the Wikipedia Art entry, which is also the work itself, performatively transforms what it is, what it does, and what it means. It is, like Wikipedia, a large-scale collaboration.  ...  She collaborates in research projects on Wikipedia with Science Po and the Berkman center of Internet and Society.  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.2075015 fatcat:ufngx3eoazbtfe5pgtvovak6q4

Platform affordances and data practices: The value of dispute on Wikipedia

Esther Weltevrede, Erik Borra
2016 Big Data & Society  
We furthermore showcase the use of our open-source software, Contropedia, which can be utilized to study knowledge production on Wikipedia.  ...  As a case in point, we study how the affordances of Wikipedia are deployed in the production of encyclopedic knowledge and how this can be used to study controversies.  ...  Like any wiki, it is a web application where anyone can edit content in collaboration with others.  ... 
doi:10.1177/2053951716653418 fatcat:pr76srichndfhh6lwequ6voqhq

How can contributors to open-source communities be trusted? On the assumption, inference, and substitution of trust

Paul B. de Laat
2010 Ethics and Information Technology  
Open-source communities that focus on content rely squarely on the contributions of invisible strangers in cyberspace.  ...  This question is explored in relation to communities in which such trust is a vital issue: peer production of software (FreeBSD and Mozilla in particular) and encyclopaedia entries (Wikipedia in particular  ...  As regards content, newcomers are urged not to contribute an article about themselves or their company, to add or delete content with caution and with arguments only, and to avoid chatting or flaming (  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10676-010-9230-x fatcat:okille54urhc7mr4amat343d6y

When expertise gone missing: Uncovering the loss of prolific contributors in Wikipedia [article]

Paramita Das, Bhanu Prakash Reddy Guda, Debajit Chakraborty, Soumya Sarkar, Animesh Mukherjee
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Success of planetary-scale online collaborative platforms such as Wikipedia is hinged on active and continued participation of its voluntary contributors.  ...  The phenomenal success of Wikipedia as a valued multilingual source of information is a testament to the possibilities of collective intelligence.  ...  collaboration are very crucial for the generation and maintenance of healthy and informative content [24, 37, 41] .  ... 
arXiv:2109.09979v1 fatcat:55vn6vu2fjecpfvrxmpmlfe7xe

Ways of Knowing When Research Subjects Care

Dorothy Howard, Lilly Irani
2019 Proceedings of the 2019 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems - CHI '19  
CCS CONCEPTS • Human-centered computing → Collaborative and social computing;  ...  We draw first-hand reflections on participation in diversity research on Wikipedia, transforming participants from objects of study to active negotiators of research process.  ...  I inferred their agendas and potential impact by seeing what conferences they participated in, who they were cited by, and even how they contributed to projects directly on Wikipedia -writing content,  ... 
doi:10.1145/3290605.3300327 dblp:conf/chi/HowardI19 fatcat:vejuzhpxu5d7pp47iffcykhn4e
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