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What Shall I Look Like after N Years?

Xiangbo Shu, Jinhui Tang, Luoqi Liu, Zhiheng Niu, Shuicheng Yan
2015 Proceedings of the 23rd ACM international conference on Multimedia - MM '15  
What shall I look like after N years?"  ...  After rendering all aging faces, we generate more dense aging faces between the aging faces of the two nearest age ranges by the face morph technology.  ...  min D g ,D g+1 m i=1 { x g i − H g D g a g i − p g i 2 2 + y g i − H g+1 D g+1 a g i − p g i 2 2 } s.t. a g i = arg min z g i x g i − H g D g z g i − p g i 2 2 + λ 1 z g i 1 + λ 2 z g i 2 2 p g i = arg  ... 
doi:10.1145/2733373.2807962 dblp:conf/mm/ShuTLNY15 fatcat:kx575vahrfayliuwjqs4vwavtm

The vital parent years

A Gillie
1968 The Journal of the Royal College of General Practitioners  
After breakf he had discovered the little three-year-old girl wandering moaning all over the house. What she moaned about was n 'Where is mummy and daddy?'  ...  I would like to skip the next years and touch briefly on adolescence.  ... 
pmid:5653497 pmcid:PMC2257472 fatcat:ink7w2gw7bfnbnpqmbxwcz3u5a

100 Years Ago

1972 Nature  
But I greatly fear with Sir Charles that it is limited to four and a half millions of years, unless some upheaval of the land shall protect its short span of existence.  ...  Years Ago Error in Humboldt's Cosmos I JJEG to call the attention of geometers to what appears to me to be an inaccuracy in a work, which is, perhaps, the last which one would suspect to be capable of  ... 
doi:10.1038/236319b0 fatcat:bc7tgzfvcvdwznq4bf7clnyzci

Page 605 of All the Year Round Vol. 8, Issue 208 [page]

1892 All the Year Round  
I shall understand better, you know.  ...  No, you are perfectly wet—soaked through, I shall give you some hot tea, with brandy in it, and send you straight home, Silly fellow ! what an afternoon to go out walking.”  ... 

Page 460 of All the Year Round Vol. 25, Issue 617 [page]

1880 All the Year Round  
I shall enjoy the miniature prettiness of the Avon, after the mightier streams I have been upon lately.” n=  ...  all, there is no place like home.’ ” **T shall only be too much inclined to say that.  ... 

The New Year

1883 The Musical Times and Singing Class Circular  
N-I str. ?---- --,-- --d mer -ken es nicht, a -ber sie ge-hor-chen cres..  ...  Six years hence we shall be celebrating the centenary of that event.  ... 
doi:10.2307/3358798 fatcat:6opbi5hqqrcw7mkmq26wdeflt4

The First Year

1839 Camden Old Series  
I assure you-what credit my assurance have with you I can not tell, but what it doth determine to have the sequell shall declare-I will never conclude any thing in that matter which shall be hurtfull  ...  A.D. what shall be said in particular hereafter.  ...  T i A i « I T> I solved. give then receive, yet in regard that the treasure of the Kealme was consumed, the revenewes of the Crowne diminished, and the Crowne much indebted, in regard alsoe of the greate  ... 
doi:10.1017/s2042169900002935 fatcat:pq6hlgnocjgcteiblw57uij4um

Page 424 of All the Year Round Vol. 10, Issue 248 [page]

1873 All the Year Round  
ALL THE YEAR ROUND. (Conducted by and her soft dark downcast eyes, she was charming. At last, I made an effort; and suceeeded in breaking the silence. “ What a lovely day it is.’  ...  One look, and I felt she had read my story; then she seemed to shrink from me, and changed the subject. “Don’t mind what Tom said about Chanticleer. Mr.  ... 

Seventy Five Years Ago

1954 The Indian medical gazette  
., 1954 to open a vein or an artery, with a view of relieving what looked like brain oppression following heat apoplexy.  ...  n all over the body; and this perspiration is notOct., 1954] FIFTY YEARS AGO 601 ?  ... 
pmid:29016061 pmcid:PMC5328071 fatcat:lijylmx365dczdfyhq53ig2luy

Deformation Quantization: Twenty Years After

Daniel Sternheimer
1998 arXiv   pre-print
Then we describe the birth of the latter theory and its evolution in the past twenty years, insisting on the main conceptual developments and keeping here as much as possible on the physical side.  ...  I want to thank Giuseppe (= Joseph) Dito and Moshé Flato for very useful comments, and Piotr Raczka and the organizers of PFG98 in Lódź (especially Jakub Rembieliński) for excellent hospitality in Poland  ...  . , x n−1 , [y 1 , . . . , y n ]] − 1≤in [y 1 , . . . , y i−1 , y i+1 , . . . , y n , [x 1 , . . . , x i−1 , y i , x i , . . . , x n−1 ]] = 0.  ... 
arXiv:math/9809056v1 fatcat:bsojm6oxsbe6nipyxzyegt5dye

Page 114 of All the Year Round Vol. 21, Issue 505 [page]

1878 All the Year Round  
Now to- morrow I shall go to the ‘Chief Gawk’s Offices’ myself. I shall not pay that chieftain twopence, and I shall get all the information I require.” “Will you, Dick ?” say I.  ...  <n ES LA SR ee ee 114 [August 3, 1878,] ALL THE YEAR ROUND. [Conducted by going at present, to make it worth while to perpetuate their memory in a monthly railway guide.  ... 

Page 528 of All the Year Round Vol. 39, Issue 944 [page]

1887 All the Year Round  
“A festivity like this makes one feel very imaginative,” he said. ‘“ As I look at each person I do a mental sum of addition or subtraction, altering their age by fifty years, and comparing the present  ...  “Fifty years!” repeated Hedwig. “I shall be nearly seventy in fifty years. How old that seems!” “ And J,” returned Sartorius, “should be within five years of a hundre|.  ... 

Page 503 of All the Year Round Vol. 2, Issue 48 [page]

1860 All the Year Round  
th sit -n, ud n- 1e- e; rut re d e ou nd ew me ‘ou le, ble ve ’ Charles Dickens.) ALL THE YEAR ROUND. (March 24,1860] 503 ‘No,’ she said, ‘I am not afraid now.’ IT asked why not.  ...  ‘What was it I said just now ? she asked, after awhile. ‘When your mother is in my mind, everything else goes out of it. What was I saying? what was I saying?’  ... 

Page 460 of All the Year Round Vol. 18, Issue 446 [page]

1867 All the Year Round  
Filby looked after him askance, and told his friends that West was getting quite like a boy at school; and remember he told ’em that fellow would give the old girl the slip, one day, and end by marrying  ...  ‘I want something for my sister,” he said, “and must subscribe for her. Her life is dull enough.” “ Nothing like family affection. I like to see it.  ... 

Page 458 of All the Year Round Vol. 4, Issue 98 [page]

1870 All the Year Round  
‘She is a very sweet girl, and every one would like her. I declare when le I saw her the day before we left, my heart n quite warmed to her.” ai “You saw her, sir! No matter.  ...  We shall never think of him more.”’ “That’s the way to look at it! Let that be properly understood, and it will do a great deal.  ... 
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