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Lucky or clever? From expectations to responsibility judgments

Tobias Gerstenberg, Tomer D. Ullman, Jonas Nagel, Max Kleiman-Weiner, David A. Lagnado, Joshua B. Tenenbaum
2018 Cognition  
The model first infers what type of person someone is from having observed their action.  ...  We propose a computational model that attributes responsibility as a function of what the observed action reveals about the person, and the causal role that the person's action played in bringing about  ...  Our model solves a puzzle in the literature about the relationship between action expectations and judgments of responsibility.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.cognition.2018.03.019 pmid:29677593 fatcat:ltb3p3shorhibpxvnq4o6ocege

No information can be conveyed by certain events: The case of the clever widows of Fornicalia and the Stobon Oracle [article]

Anand Venkataraman, Ray Kemp
1999 arXiv   pre-print
We also discuss an intriguing information theoretic aspect of the puzzle.  ...  In this short article, we look at an old logical puzzle, its solution and proof and discuss some interesting aspects concerning its representation in a logic programming language like Prolog.  ...  It is also assumed that the women in this village possess the intelligence required to make logical inferences and that they recognize this ability in each other. 2 A reader has remarked that "In older  ... 
arXiv:cs/9907014v1 fatcat:vr6lxddsfvesnnzlk36oqqskfa

"My Cleverness, I Assure You, Has Grown Infernal": Playing Stupid with Henry James

Bruno Penteado
2018 Remate de Males  
I contend that Henry James offers Milly Theale, the American rotagonist of "The Wings of the Dove", the possibility of playing up to European assumptions about the New World through a performance of stupidity  ...  I offer a two-fold reading of the staging and performance of stupidity: it is both a strategy of resistance and a rhetoric of disavowal of responsibility.  ...  Not that I mean that makes me worse. However, you'll probably know what it makes me." "Yes" -he even showed amusement for it. "I know perfectly what it makes you.  ... 
doi:10.20396/remate.v38i1.8650290 fatcat:3fbt4c2khzeydcytdh7hnb5txq

It's Not Just What You Think, but also How You Think About It: The Effect of Situationally Primed Mindsets on Legal Judgments and Decision Making

Barbara O'Brien, Daphna Oyserman
Article published in the Marquette Law Review.  ...  Ignoring mindset means neglecting the third piece of the decisionmaking puzzle. making-a judge ruling on an evidentiary matter, a jury determining the guilt of a criminal defendant, or a police officer  ...  Understanding how mindset priming works makes clear that what matters is not only what people think, but also how they think about it.  ... 
doi:10.17613/hgwe-w348 fatcat:um4kriuszbg5bkqku5kz7sua7u

Page 77 of Ainslee's Vol. 48, Issue 4 [page]

1921 Ainslee's  
There are mil- lions like you, Humphrey; clever, shal- low, self-indulgent millions, who are above the brutes in intelligence, but only in intelligence.” “Calling me the missing link, are you?”  ...  “Very well, coming down to brass tacks, I did not know until after I got home what my own course should be. But now I do know. The first step is making you understand.”  ... 

Page 216 of McMillan's Magazine Vol. 40, Issue 237 [page]

1879 McMillan's Magazine  
“He is racking his brains to make you out. Remember it was you who said he was intelligent.”  ...  At this, of course, I laughed out— I laugh still as I write it. “Well then, that was my situation —I was a sad puzzle toa very clever woman.” “ And you mean, therefore, that 1 am a puzzle to poor Mr.  ... 

Page 432 of The University Magazine Vol. 64, Issue 382 [page]

1864 The University Magazine  
Carysbroke is Lord Ther, bro- ther of this Lady Mary; and it is all my fault for not having done my hon- ours better ; but you see what clever match-making little creatures they are.’  ...  You don’t mean love ?” exclaimed Lady Knollys, puzzled in her turn. “T mean old Wyat; she told me, and the governor.” “You're not to say that,” I inter- posed. “You mean your father?”  ... 

Page 170 of Leisure Hour, an Illustrated Magazine for Home Reading Vol. 35, Issue 411 [page]

1886 Leisure Hour, an Illustrated Magazine for Home Reading  
there was a difference, but I never could; and that’s what puzzled me so, sir.  ...  ‘“*His idea was, sir, that we’re all uncommon fond of making ourselves out better than we are (and there’s a deal of truth in that, sir), and that some ’cute chap started the idea of seeing, and then the  ... 

Page 968 of Peterson Magazine Vol. 5, Issue 9 [page]

1895 Peterson Magazine  
FROM THE REJECTED LOVER’S WINDOW. MAN in Gray with the bag of mail, I see you coming ; you never fail.  ...  When women have had more experience in the technical construc- tion of the drama, and have mastered the intricacies of stage-craft, which so often puzzle even our most talented men writers, they need have  ... 

Page 162 of Temple Bar Vol. 37, Issue [page]

1873 Temple Bar  
These things are a puzzle to a person of my average intelligence. Can your clever friend, the doctor, account for them ?” “Shall I tell you what he said, when I saw him this morning ?”  ...  “You and the doctor seem to have settled everything to your entire satisfaction on both sides,” she said. “ But there is one diffi- culty that you have neither of you accounted for yet.” “ What is it,  ... 

Page 15 of None Vol. 140, Issue 3636 [page]

1925 None  
tells us, ‘‘ because I wanted to face squarely two Biblical problems which had long puzzled me: the first, what exactly were the relations between Elisha and the Shunamite ; the second, what was the sequence  ...  Graves transfers his curiosity about Moses to the Shunamite herself, and makes her demand of Elisha, on the occasion of his first visit, a true account of the matter.  ... 

Page 590 of The University Magazine Vol. 48, Issue 287 [page]

1856 The University Magazine  
Stolid, common- lace stupidity might puzzle or em- him ; while, for any amount of craft, for any degree of subtlety, he was an over-match, The plain matter-of-fact intelligence occasion- ally gained a  ...  and recording within himself the traits and characteristics of all around him. * A clever fellow—very clever fel- low, Cineselli,” said he, as he con- tinued to write. ‘ His proposition is—certain commercial  ... 

Page 493 of None Vol. 71, Issue [page]

1921 None  
Miss Akins, in fact, fell back upon the dismal cleverness of Déclassée; but the important thing is that she was so far in advance of it that the fall was notable.  ...  he says “You are free to go.”  ... 

Page 334 of The Living Age Vol. 295, Issue 3827 [page]

1917 The Living Age  
But what is happening in Russia is proof that the moujiks did not call him the clever Moujik for nothing.  ...  But meanwhile you think yourself the cleverer of the two, because a great distance separates you from him.  ... 

Page 32 of Ainslee's Vol. 25, Issue 2 [page]

1910 Ainslee's  
The good fairies never bestow all their gifts on one nerson. Since you pro- fess to know your own self so well you should realize that women so very pretty as Mrs. Hepworth are rarely clever.  ...  “Maud hadn’t the faintest idea how to make the most of herself. She gave the effect of hard lines and an- gles, and hair, and eyes, and skin all cut from the same piece, a dingy dust color.  ... 
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