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Gene-edited babies: What went wrong and what could go wrong

Haoyi Wang, Hui Yang
2019 PLoS Biology  
During the second World Summit of Human Gene Editing, Jiankui He presented the gene-editing project that led to the birth of two baby girls with man-made C-C chemokine receptor type 5 (CCR5) mutations. This extremely irresponsible behavior violated the ethical consensus of scientists all over the world. His presentation revealed a troubling lack not only of basic medical ethics but also of the requisite understanding of genetics and gene editing. Here, we review the rationale and design of his
more » ... xperiment along with the presented data, and provide our scientific criticism of this misconduct.
doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.3000224 pmid:31039144 pmcid:PMC6490877 fatcat:hoa7yd7sjrgcvjkzywj2ui2rey

Modal analysis of the 0th order nulled phase masks

Wenting Sun Wenting Sun, Peng Lv Peng Lv, Changhe Zhou Changhe Zhou, Jun Wu Jun Wu, Shaoqing Wang Shaoqing Wang
2013 Chinese Optics Letters (COL)  
A simple modal analysis (MA) method to explain the diffraction process of 0th order nulled phase mask is presented. In MA, multiple reflections of the grating modes at grating interfaces are considered by introducing equivalent Fresnel coefficients. Analytical expressions of the diffraction efficiencies and modal guidelines for the 0th order nulled phase grating design are also presented. The phase mask structure, which comprises a high-index contrast HfO2 grating and a fused-silica substrate,
more » ... s optimized using rigorous coupled-wave analysis around the 800-nm wavelength, after which the modal guideline for cancellation of the 0th order in a phase mask is verified. The proposed MA method illustrates the inherent physical mechanism of multiple reflections of the grating modes in the diffraction process, which can help to analyze and design both low-contrast and high-contrast gratings.
doi:10.3788/col201311.070502 fatcat:qwv7xd2fsfc5pfzcq2xjz6uq3m

CLIGEN parameter regionalization for mainland China

Wenting Wang, Shuiqing Yin, Bofu Yu, Shaodong Wang
2021 Earth System Science Data  
The dataset is available at (last access: 20 May 2021) and (Wang et al., 2020).  ...  Wang et al.: CLIGEN parameter regionalization for mainland China  ...  rainfall data, especially for stations located in the northwest arid area and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau where gauges for observing hourly rainfall for some stations were installed very late (Zhao, 1983; Wang  ... 
doi:10.5194/essd-13-2945-2021 fatcat:b4vk2dovd5gfjic3ix3uae5xwm

A novel intrinsic analgesic mechanism

Xiuchao Wang, Shan Wang, Wenting Wang, Jianhong Duan, Ming Zhang, Xiaohua Lv, Chunxiao Niu, Chao Tan, Yuanbin Wu, Jing Yang, Sanjue Hu, Junling Xing
2016 Pain  
Wang, S. Wang, W. Wang, and J. Duan contribute equally to this work. This work was supported by funding from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (81371241, 31300918 and 81470060).  ... 
doi:10.1097/j.pain.0000000000000632 pmid:27583680 pmcid:PMC5028159 fatcat:qmlqqrk6hvbfhpontbhowjlwma

Role of Bile Acids in Bariatric Surgery

Wenting Wang, Zhiqiang Cheng, Yanlei Wang, Yong Dai, Xiang Zhang, Sanyuan Hu
2019 Frontiers in Physiology  
., 1999; Wang et al., 1999) .  ... 
doi:10.3389/fphys.2019.00374 pmid:31001146 pmcid:PMC6454391 fatcat:2rwsw6syyjhz3nymjjszwwq5ru

Co-Saliency Detection with Co-Attention Fully Convolutional Network [article]

Guangshuai Gao, Wenting Zhao, Qingjie Liu, Yunhong Wang
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Wenting Zhao is with AI Lab of China Merchants Bank, Shenzhen, China. E-mail: TABLE I PARAMETERS I SETTING OF OUR NETWORK ARCHITECTURE.  ...  (Corresponding author: Qingjie Liu) Guangshuai Gao, Qingjie Liu and Yunhong Wang are with the State Key Laboratory of Virtual Reality Technology and Systems, Beihang University, Xueyuan Road, Haidian District  ... 
arXiv:2008.08909v1 fatcat:ykgayihxrvcp5hac3gv545h7li

Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor Pro12Ala polymorphism and the risks of gestational diabetes mellitus

Lihong Wang, Wenting Xu, Xu Wang
2016 Medicine  
50/12/0 84/16/0 33.5/31.6 26.6/23.0 0.3845 Zhu [40] 2009 Chinese PCR-RFLP GDM patients Nondiabetic participants 179/180 165/14/0 155/20/5 28.1/27.4 24.6/23.4 0.0003 Wang  ... 
doi:10.1097/md.0000000000005090 pmid:27858842 pmcid:PMC5591090 fatcat:5lv57adhnnh6loreuemxt7324a

Porcine deltacoronavirus (PDCoV) infection antagonizes interferon-λ1 production

Shudan Liu, Puxian Fang, Wenting Ke, Jing Wang, Xunlei Wang, Shaobo Xiao, Liurong Fang
2020 Veterinary Microbiology  
., 2015; Wang et al., 2016; Woo et al., 2012) .  ...  However, the small intestines, particularly the jejunum and ileum, are the targets of PDCoV infection in vivo Jung et al., 2016; Wang et al., 2016) .  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.vetmic.2020.108785 pmid:32768229 pmcid:PMC7331541 fatcat:qk5kfc7x6beizekmezfg64be3q

Progress in Flexible Electrochromic Devices

Huajing FANG, Zetian ZHAO, Wenting WU, Hong WANG
2020 Journal of Inorganic Materials  
Lett., 2014, 117: 270-272. [22] DONG D M, WANG W W, GUO B, et al.  ...  Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 2016, 155: 411-420. [17] WANG Y A, MENG Z H, CHEN H, et al.  ... 
doi:10.15541/jim20200073 fatcat:eh5d2th6irfhzftzmpadmr6uqu

Satellite galaxies as better tracers of the Milky Way halo mass [article]

Jiaxin Han, Wenting Wang, Zhaozhou Li
2019 arXiv   pre-print
et al. 2015; Wang et al. 2019 in prep, for compilations of recent measurements).  ...  This approach also makes our results to have wide implications for the entire family of steady-state methods (Wang et al. 2018) .  ... 
arXiv:1909.02690v1 fatcat:7ms3mncf4nd3tbeqdqyaesjtzu

Dynamical behavior of a generalized eco-epidemiological system with prey refuge

Shufan Wang, Zhihui Ma, Wenting Wang
2018 Advances in Difference Equations  
A generalized eco-epidemiological system with prey refuge is proposed in this paper. The saturation incidence kinetics and a generalized functional response are used to describe the contact process and the predation process, respectively. Based on mathematical issue, the local and global stability properties, Hopf bifurcation, and permanence of the dynamical system are investigated. Based on the ecological aspects, the impact of prey refuge on the dynamical consequences of the
more » ... l system and the mechanism of prey refuge are discussed. The results reveal that the stabilizing and destabilizing effects occur under some certain conditions. Based on epidemiological issue, the controlling strategies of the infectious disease are proposed. The results show that the prey refuge can control the spread of disease by the relative level of prey refuge. This study has resolved some basic and interesting issues for an eco-epidemiological system with a generalized response function and the effect of prey refuge.
doi:10.1186/s13662-018-1704-x fatcat:bvuhf6grprh7lavb2ytxseimhe

Effects of speed-control measures on the safety of unsignalized midblock street crossings in China

Chao Wang, Zhirui Ye, Xinyi Wang, Wenting Li
2017 Figshare  
Objective: The primary objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of different speed-control measures on the safety of unsignalized midblock street crossings. Methods: In China, it is quite difficult to obtain traffic crash and conflict data for pedestrians using such crossings, mainly due to the lack of traffic data management and organizational issues. In light of this, the proposed method did not rely on such data, but considered vehicle speed, which is a leading contributing factor
more » ... of pedestrian safety at mid blocks. To evaluate the speed reduction effects at different locations, the research team utilized the following methods in this study: (1) testing speed differences—on the basis of the collected data, statistical analysis is conducted to test the speed differences between upstream and crosswalk, upstream and downstream, and downstream and crosswalk; and (2) mean distribution deviation—this value is calculated by taking the difference in cumulative speed distributions for the two different samples just mentioned. In order to better understand the variation of speed reduction effects at different distances from speed-control facilities, data were collected from six types of speed-control measures with a visual range of 60 m. Results: The results showed that speed humps, transverse rumble strips, and speed bumps were effective in reducing vehicle speeds. Among them speed humps performed the best, with reductions of 21.1% and 20.0% from upstream location (25.01 km/h) and downstream location (24.66 km/h) to pedestrian crosswalk (19.73 km/h), respectively. By contrast, the speed reduction effects were minimal for stop and yield signs, flashing yellow lights, and crossings without treatment. Conclusions: Consequently, in order to reduce vehicle speeds and improve pedestrian safety at mid blocks, several speed-control measures such as speed humps, speed bumps, and transverse rumble strips are recommended to be deployed in the vicinity of pedestrian crosswalks.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.5096449 fatcat:4bwou2bzxbajrlumu6eencwks4

STX2 promotes colorectal cancer metastasis through a positive feedback loop that activates the NF-κB pathway

Yongxia Wang, Honghai Xu, Hongli Jiao, Shuyang Wang, Zhiyuan Xiao, Yali Zhao, Jiaxin Bi, Wenting Wei, Shanshan Liu, Junfeng Qiu, Tingting Li, Li Liang (+3 others)
2018 Cell Death and Disease  
Metastatic progression is the main contributor to the poor prognosis of colorectal cancer (CRC). Thus, identifying the determinants of CRC metastasis will be of great significance. Based on our previous bioinformatics analysis, Syntaxin2 (STX2) may be upregulated and correlated with the poor prognosis of CRC patients. In this study, we found that STX2 expression was associated with CRC invasion and metastasis and poor patient survival. Gain-and loss-of-function analyses demonstrated that STX2
more » ... nctioned as a key oncogene by promoting CRC invasion and metastasis. Mechanistically, STX2 selectively interacted with tumor necrosis factor receptor-associated factor 6 (TRAF6) and activated the nuclear transcription factor-κB (NF-κB) signaling pathway. Furthermore, chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) analysis revealed that NF-κB directly bound to the STX2 promoter and drove STX2 transcription. Therefore, STX2 activated the NF-κB pathway, and in turn, NF-κB increased STX2 expression, forming a positive signaling loop that eventually promoted CRC metastasis. Collectively, our results reveal STX2 as a crucial modulator of the aggressive CRC phenotype and highlight STX2 as a potential prognostic biomarker and therapeutic target for combating CRC metastasis.
doi:10.1038/s41419-018-0675-x pmid:29855462 pmcid:PMC5981218 fatcat:rvuspph2b5gl5nei7cm7tp7isu

sj-pdf-1-jsr-10.1177_10946705211049098 – Supplemental Material for It Went Downhill From There: The Spillover Effect from Previous Customer Mistreatment on Frontline Employees' Service Delivery

Yumeng Yue, Karyn L. Wang, Markus Groth
2021 Figshare  
Wang and Markus Groth in Journal of Service Research  ...  Supplemental Material, sj-pdf-1-jsr-10.1177_10946705211049098 for It Went Downhill From There: The Spillover Effect from Previous Customer Mistreatment on Frontline Employees' Service Delivery by Yumeng  ...  Appendix 2: Measurement used in Study 1 and Study 2 Customer Mistreatment (Study 1 and Study 2, adjusted from Wang et al. 2011) During the interaction just now (Study 1)/this morning's work (Study 2  ... 
doi:10.25384/sage.16943305.v1 fatcat:pqmxsqptk5amtc27ws36bx22xq

Predictive biomarkers for tumor immune checkpoint blockade

Mengting Tong, Jing Wang, Wenting He, Yanling Wang, Hongming Pan, Da Li, Hongliang Zhang
2018 Cancer Management and Research  
The development of immune checkpoint inhibitors represented by PD-1 and PD-L1 has provided new hope for the treatment of advanced cancer patients. However, there are no effective predictive biomarkers, which have caused many limitations to the clinical application of immune checkpoint inhibitors. This paper combines recent domestic and international research as well as clinical trials to discuss the current status and progress of PD-L1 expression as a biomarker for tumor immunotherapy and also
more » ... o discuss whether tumor mutation burden, tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes, tumor cell gene expression profiling, or peripheral blood markers would be a potential predictive biomarker for novel tumor immunotherapy. So, a brief review on this hot topic of predictive biomarkers for tumor immunotherapy is conducted.
doi:10.2147/cmar.s179680 pmid:30349382 pmcid:PMC6190817 fatcat:u4naaemrrrab5hxoknxo2cs3ia
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