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Web based linkage

Ergin Elmacioglu, Min-Yen Kan, Dongwon Lee, Yi Zhang
2007 Proceedings of the 9th annual ACM international workshop on Web information and data management - WIDM '07  
Extensive experiments verify that our hypothesis holds in many real settings, and the idea of using the Web as the additional source for the linkage problem is promising.  ...  When a variety of names are used for the same real-world entity, the problem of detecting all such variants has been known as the (record) linkage or entity resolution problem.  ...  That is, how do web based linkage schemes perform? • Q2: Which of the proposed web based linkage schemes performs the best? Which variations?  ... 
doi:10.1145/1316902.1316922 dblp:conf/widm/ElmaciogluKLZ07 fatcat:kcilr23vc5dmlnckuvz7cnegbq

Web-Linkage Viewer: Drawing Links in the Web Based on a Site-Oriented Framework [chapter]

Yasuhito Asano, Takao Nishizeki
2004 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
In this paper, we propose a new drawing tool, named Web-linkage Viewer, in order to draw graph structures in the Web according to the site-oriented framework.  ...  Introduction In recent years, link-based information retrieval methods from the Web are developed, such as HITS and Trawling.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-24595-7_49 fatcat:y7ru6ldtevbrngjc4mgmksa6la

Industrial Paper: Large-scale Record Linkage of Web-based Place Entities

Vinícius M. R. Cousseau, Luciano Barbosa
2019 Anais do Simpósio Brasileiro de Banco de Dados (SBBD)  
Web-based entities, however, are inherently noisy and, as such, introduce several normalization issues which must be attended to in order to maintain a clean database.  ...  Extracting data about entities from the Web has become commonplace in the industry and academia alike.  ...  Introduction The creation and management of databases built upon web-based data is a process which suffers from several issues pertaining to a noisy and unstructured nature.  ... 
doi:10.5753/sbbd.2019.8820 dblp:conf/sbbd/CousseauB19 fatcat:kels3x5fefcilk35aojadex7q4

Genetic-Fuzzy Programming Based Linkage Rule Miner (GFPLR-Miner) for Entity Linking in Semantic Web

Amit Singh, Aditi Sharan
2018 International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems (IJSWIS)  
This article describes how semantic web data sources follow linked data principles to facilitate efficientinformationretrievalandknowledgesharing.Thesedatasourcesmayprovidecomplementary, overlappingorcontradictinginformation.Inordertointegratethesedatasources  ...  International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems (pp. 39-54).  ...  Web Semantics & Ontology (pp. 115-164). semantic-web/206257?camid=4v1 This title is available in InfoSci-Computer Systems and Software Engineering eJournal Collection, InfoSci-  ... 
doi:10.4018/ijswis.2018070107 fatcat:mduhgfcqurhgpf4ghxr7nqp75y

The Two-Axis Linkage System Design of CNC Machine Based on PLC

Qian Wang, Zhiyi Huo, G. Lee
2019 ITM Web of Conferences  
complicated curved surfaced parts and simulate multi-axis linkage processing environment.  ...  in addition, the control module may reduce the production cost and dilution procedure, at the same time, this system can greatly save operation time and is suitable for wide popularization. , 0 (201 Web  ...  The hardware design The control system principle of two-axis linkage is shown in figure 3 ; the hardware connection of two axis linkage control system is shown in figure 4 .  ... 
doi:10.1051/itmconf/20192603006 fatcat:anzkl67ll5go7nkralk5bziucq

SNPAnalyzer 2.0: A web-based integrated workbench for linkage disequilibrium analysis and association analysis

Jinho Yoo, Youngbok Lee, Yujung Kim, Sun Rha, Yangseok Kim
2008 BMC Bioinformatics  
Results: We have developed an advanced tool to perform linkage disequilibrium analysis, and genetic association analysis between disease and SNPs/haplotypes in an integrated web interface.  ...  Conclusion: SNPAnalyzer 2.0 performs linkage disequilibrium analysis and genetic association analysis in an integrated web interface using multiple verified algorithms and statistics.  ...  Conclusion SNPAnalyzer 2.0 performs linkage disequilibrium analysis and genetic association analysis in an integrated web interface.  ... 
doi:10.1186/1471-2105-9-290 pmid:18570686 pmcid:PMC2453143 fatcat:5dmgxzthbffrhototmzbc7p7y4

Minimization torque ripple for SRM based on flux linkage partition in DB-DTFC

Qianni Li, Aide Xu, Chaoyi Shang, Lepeng Huang, M.H.A. Shukor
2020 MATEC Web of Conferences  
Based on dq0 reference frame of SRM, the most suitable dq0 axis current of next moment corresponding to different torque errors is calculated and predicted.  ...  The reasons of the restriction are uncertain torque expression and the absence of rotor flux linkage.  ...  With the development of DTC, many DTC-based control method has been explored. [3] proposes direct instantaneous torque control (DITC) based on double hysteresis control.  ... 
doi:10.1051/matecconf/202030604007 fatcat:26tm72p5fbgq3p7ff7tshn6ipu

BSA4Yeast: Web-based quantitative trait locus linkage analysis and bulk segregant analysis of yeast sequencing data

Zhi Zhang, Paul P Jung, Valentin Grouès, Patrick May, Carole Linster, Enrico Glaab
2019 GigaScience  
In order to perform a linkage analysis using BSA in practice, relevant software packages, such as the bsaseq Python package [3] , and web-based software, such as EXPLoRA-web [4] , have been made available  ...  The first author (Z.Z.) will continue to main- Parameter BSA4Yeast: Web-based QTL linkage analysis and bulk segregant analysis of yeast sequencing data  ...  software, including the annotations, variant functional impact predictions, and statistical results for each determined QTL region, can be explored interactively and downloaded using current standard web  ... 
doi:10.1093/gigascience/giz060 pmid:31141611 pmcid:PMC6571488 fatcat:lapha6s4uvdo3lq2dhy2bgzmey

User experience of a web-based platform for poultry market linkages in Tanzania

Cesilia Mambile, Dina Machuve, Sabine Moebs
2018 International Journal of Advanced Technology and Engineering Exploration  
Web based platform for market linkages was developed and user experience was tested.  ...  The developed web-based platform for market linkage is simple and not overloaded by information.  ... 
doi:10.19101/ijatee.2018.547031 fatcat:vzdmfydlj5dxpc2x4lw7nc4oka

GLIDERS - A web-based search engine for genome-wide linkage disequilibrium between HapMap SNPs

Robert Lawrence, Aaron G Day-Williams, Richard Mott, John Broxholme, Lon R Cardon, Eleftheria Zeggini
2009 BMC Bioinformatics  
We have developed a web-based query tool (GLIDERS: Genome-wide LInkage DisEquilibrium Repository and Search engine) that enables the retrieval of pairwise associations with r 2 ≥ 0.3 across the human genome  ...  The intuitive web interface handles both manual entry of SNP IDs as well as allowing users to upload files of SNP IDs.  ...  GLIDERS is a web-based tool allowing researchers to investigate both local and long-range associations between all HapMap phase 2 and 3 SNPs.  ... 
doi:10.1186/1471-2105-10-367 pmid:19878600 pmcid:PMC2777181 fatcat:ghlqqgkiynardmmfskslquqweu

Design and Implementation of Power Plant Coal Transmission Control Information Linkage System Based on VC++

Lei Sun, Qingsu Sun, Y.Q. Liu, H.J. Li, R.Z. Chen, M. Tian
2015 SHS Web of Conferences  
The implementation of coal linkage program control system and video monitoring system in power plant, which can improve the stable operation of coal handling system, In this paper, the design of a power  ...  plant coal handling control information linkage system, Introduces the structure, function and characteristics of the system and Discusses the key technology of receiving and sending, data analysis and  ...  > <biaoqian> <title>guanlian</title> Device id= "1" name= "belt 9 first head" </Device> </biaoqian> Data analysis Conclusion Based on VC++ Power plant coal transmission control information linkage  ... 
doi:10.1051/shsconf/20151701026 fatcat:yyfc4jlk4jht7pfvfxotkujrza

The Implementation of Tree Method in Geographic Information System of Mother Temple Mapping and its Linkages based on Web

I Nyoman, I Gede, A. A.
2016 International Journal of Computer Applications  
Web-Based Geographic Information System Web-based Geographic Information System is Geographic Information System application that can be run and applied into a web browser.  ...  Figure 5: Architecture Geographic Information System Based On Web Figure 5 shows the relation of the interaction between clients in the form of web browser with the server based on the scenario and response  ... 
doi:10.5120/ijca2016911251 fatcat:7yeryhvyrbgkjjoumahxsetsfa

Research on Optimization of Linkage Operation of Integrated Energy System in Industrial Parks based on Chaotic Particle Swarm Algorithm

Yang Yang, Mengjin Hu, Mengju Wei, Yongli Wang, Minhan Zhou, Yuze Ma, L. Duan, A.Z. Abdullah
2021 E3S Web of Conferences  
and energy storage equipment, and constructs source-grid-load-storage linkage operation optimization model, and build a chaotic particle swarm algorithm (CPSO) to solve the model.  ...  Therefore, this article is based on the integrated energy system of the industrial park, aims at the lowest total cost of park operators, and considers the constraints of grid node balance, equipment output  ...  K K K G :KHUH i p LV WKH SRZHU JHQHUDWLRQ RI &&+3 GXULQJ WKH WLPH SHULRG i i h LV WKH KHDW JHQHUDWLRQ SRZHU RI WKH &&+3 GXULQJ WKH WLPH SHULRG i ZKLFK DOVR HTXDO WR WKH AEECS 2021 E3S Web  ... 
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/202124501052 fatcat:vmpnd7ujmzezrfw7mx743hmd7a

Web-Based Data Processing and Model Linkage Techniques for Agricultural Water-Resource Analysis
농촌유역 물순환 해석을 위한 웹기반 자료 전처리 및 모형 연계 기법 개발

Jihoon Park, Moon Seong Kang, Jung-Hun Song, Sang Min Jun, Kyeung Kim, Jeong Hoon Ryu
2015 Journal of The Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers  
The main objective of this study was to develop web-based Data processing and Model linkage Techniques for Agricultural Water-Resource analysis (AWR-DMT).  ...  Model linkage technique built input data for agricultural watershed models, such as the TANK and Agricultural Watershed Supply (AWS).  ...  시스템 구성 본 연구에서 개발한 농촌유역 물순환 해석을 위한 웹기반 자료 전처리 및 모형 연계 기법 (Web-Based Data processing and Model linkage Techniques for Agricultural Water-Resource management, AWR-DMT)은 농촌유역 물순환 해 석을 위해 필요한 다양한 자료를 구축하고 전처리과정을  ... 
doi:10.5389/ksae.2015.57.5.101 fatcat:z7rl6khasjgdrgn5k43laev6jq

Programmatically encrypting data linkage fields at a project level within the Secure Anonymised Information Linkage (SAIL) databank

Richard Noyce, Dan Thayer
2017 International Journal of Population Data Science  
Design and implement web based user administration tool ApproachUtilising existing Secure Anonymised Information Linkage (SAIL) databank security, providing researchers with a view of their data, separating  ...  This presentation discusses the opensource web based administration tool that programmatically applies project encryption in a consistent and timely manner, logging administrator actions.  ...  Conclusions Encryption process is programmable and administered through web tool. and implement web based user administration tool  ... 
doi:10.23889/ijpds.v1i1.170 fatcat:jei4wfrtjvhmhgejmqau2qcpg4
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