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Single-Photon Techniques for Standard CMOS Digital ICs

Claudio Favi
The advent of single-photon detectors known as Single-Photon Avalanche Diodes in standard CMOS technology opened the way to new perspectives in integrating these ultra sensitive light sensors with digital  ...  The power benefits of this approach in embedded systems with instruction set extensions are particularly interesting.  ...  Hence, they are ineffective for broadcast and multi-chip systems. Optical interconnects for inter-chip communication have been proposed decades ago.  ... 
doi:10.5075/epfl-thesis-4954 fatcat:2tieszibofhc7mqzkjymtkgh6y

The International Symposium on Advances in Content-oriented Networks and Systems CONNET 2015 Technical Program Committee

Tao Zheng, Carlos Westphall, Pedro Andrés, Aranda Gutiérrez, Telefónica I+d -Madrid, Spain Carlos, Becker Westphall, Simone Silvestri, Yoshiaki Taniguchi, Abdulrahman Yarali, Emmanuel Bertin, Steffen Fries (+201 others)
a series of events targeting general networking and services aspects in multi-technologies environments.  ...  The audience will hear the latest technological updates and will be provided with examples of successful IPv6 deployments; it will be offered an opportunity to learn what to expect from IPv6 and how to  ...  In [3], Jha et al. propose an opportunistic multi-channel Medium Access Control (MAC) with QoS provisioning for distributed CRNs, where CUs use the previous channel scanning results to select those channels  ... 

Technology for Humanitarian Action [chapter]

To Bear Witness  
Acknowledgement The author would like to thank Drs.  ...  The high-speed digital interconnect, in an illustrative implementation, would require three gigabyte per second buses to interconnect IF ADC streams to the two hundred digital Channel Isolation filters  ...  A filtered PSK PN sequence of 100 bits duration at a 10 k chips per second rate, filtered to an 8 1/3 kHz bandwidth would advertise an 8 1/3 kHz channel in a 10 ms burst.  ... 
doi:10.2307/j.ctt13x0296.33 fatcat:jg6omvfhxncwvgcj7gzw5kin2i

SCIENCE PEACE SECURITY '19: Proceedings of the Interdisciplinary Conference on Technical Peace and Security Research

Christian Reuter, Jürgen Altmann, Malte Göttsche, Mirko Himmel
This abstract is a short version of an already published book section (Kaufhold, 2019) .  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The three-day conference was mainly organized by PEASEC (Science and Technology for Peace and Security) in cooperation with IANUS (Interdisciplinary Working Group on Science, Technology  ...  Cameras with four spectral channels for blue (B), green (G), red (R) and near-infrared light (NIR, with wavelength between 0,69 and 1,1 micrometres) can be used, also a panchromatic channel.  ... 
doi:10.25534/tuprints-00009164 fatcat:v6353gscpbeungviumxnedydf4