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"Hiding within the Glass Cage": Performance Management as Surveillance—A Case of Academic Spaces as Resistance Spaces

Sadi Mokhaneli Seyama
2020 Education as Change  
Following new managerialism, leadership and management in universities have been driven by the mandate of achieving efficiency, which has led to the implementation of stringent performance management systems  ...  Framed by the notion of power and resistance and drawing on critical geography and workplace resistance literature, the study reveals that academics' acts are going against the controlled daily grind of  ...  It's clear I'm hitting on managerialism … and my main argument is that it is making the university to become less of a university.  ... 
doi:10.25159/1947-9417/7223 fatcat:g5kzsbstjrebbiuolpxpr4gdwe

Surveillance, Power and Everyday Life [chapter]

David Lyon
2010 Emerging Digital Spaces in Contemporary Society  
While everyday life may thus seem less 'private', and ordinary people may feel that they are more vulnerable to intrusion, the use of searchable databases for categorizing and profiling means that deeper  ...  Surveillance is understood as any focused attention to personal details for the purposes of influence, management, or control.  ...  The best way of deflecting attention from a singular focus on privacy, in my view, is to consider surveillance as 'social sorting.'  ... 
doi:10.1057/9780230299047_18 fatcat:56vr2ogmbjdtnp4ukk4sfew5ha

Soundtracking the Public Space: Outcomes of the Musikiosk Soundscape Intervention

Daniel Steele, Edda Bild, Cynthia Tarlao, Catherine Guastavino
2019 International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health  
Growing insight on urban soundscapes, however, highlights a more complex role of sound in public spaces, mediated by context, and the potential of soundscape interventions to contribute to the urban experience  ...  Deployed in the gazebo of a pocket park in Montreal (Parc du Portugal), in the summer of 2015, its effects over the quality of the public urban experience of park users were researched using a mixed methods  ...  As opposed to sort of privately appropriate it for my own ends.".  ... 
doi:10.3390/ijerph16101865 pmid:31137845 pmcid:PMC6571869 fatcat:tbvkybwnjvb5zbfav5nzku6tx4

Gesamt-PDF [chapter]

Luisa Feiersinger, Kathrin Friedrich, Moritz Queisner, Luisa Feiersinger, Kathrin Friedrich, Moritz Queisner
2018 Image – Action – Space  
As I reached out to touch and feel the surface under my gaze my hand evaporated, my body belonging to a space exterior to my vision. As I stepped back Curiosity flickered into view.  ...  Trump instructs the interior telegraphy of my computer to use the exterior and protocol-driven telegraphy of the World Wide Web to stream the requested data.  ...  realization in the performance and then the audiences as they watched this creation live". 25 There is an example where a performer taps a piece of chalk on a blackboard in order to create the sound of  ... 
doi:10.1515/9783110464979-017 fatcat:yhdltksvejaylooyfkjyrwxoiy

A Self-Fulfilling Cycle of Coercive Surveillance: Workers' Invisibility Practices and Managerial Justification

Michel Anteby, Curtis K. Chan
2018 Organization science (Providence, R.I.)  
Our study therefore offers one of the first endogenous explanations for the growth of surveillance while also isolating unique forms of resistance attached to such surveillance.  ...  In the past few decades, the growth of surveillance has become a fixture of organizational life.  ...  The authors are grateful as well for feedback from participants at the American Sociological Association, Eastern Sociological Association, and Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics annual meetings  ... 
doi:10.1287/orsc.2017.1175 fatcat:tdqetuu6gfct5njpozv5s5xkju

Surveillance privacy and technology: contemporary Irish perspectives [chapter]

Kenny Doyle
2013 Internet research, theory, and practice: perspectives from Ireland  
Surveillance, Privacy and Technology: Contemporary Irish Perspectives Kenny Doyle Surveillance is typically envisaged as the act of a person being physically watched, their movements and behaviour monitored  ...  in a given space and time.  ...  R: ehm on principle I'd mind, hmm yeah no on principle I would mind 'cos it has no bearing on my, as long as my level of performance was still there, if my level of performance had slipped or gone down  ... 
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2013.000091 fatcat:3iv3nxvcqjaotemeq6mtwjuwsa

Znaczenie struktury miejsc pracy w dzieleniu się wiedzą między pracownikami – studium przypadku

Aleksandra Rudawska
2017 e-mentor  
It's easier to keep your energy level up. Many factors interact with density to determine the overall impact of the space on employees.  ...  Manager, Strategic Development: When I sit in between my boss and my CEO, I hear a lot. I learn a lot just by watching it.  ... 
doi:10.15219/em69.1299 fatcat:erb63q3fkvfhfphbcdls4crfye

Rethinking Toronto's Middle Landscape: Spaces of Planning, Contestation, and Negotiation

Robert Scott Fiedler
2017 Zenodo  
In this regard, Henri Lefebvres theoretical ruminations on the production of space are also important.  ...  This dissertation weaves together an examination of the concept and meanings of suburb and suburban, historical geographies of suburbs and suburbanization, and a detailed focus on Scarborough as a suburban  ...  course of my studies in the Department of Geography at York University.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6368431 fatcat:w7jjqqbhtrcrjgfuesxmpemmi4

On the scaling of functional spaces, from smart cities to cloud computing [article]

Mark Burgess
2016 arXiv   pre-print
Recent work, on the origin of universal scaling in cities and biological systems, provides an intriguing insight into the functional use of space, and its measurable effects.  ...  Cities are large information systems, with many similarities to other technological infrastructures, so the results shed new light indirectly on the scaling the expected behaviour of smart pervasive infrastructures  ...  Acknowledgments Many thanks to Luis Bettencourt for patiently reading and refining my understanding of his model.  ... 
arXiv:1602.06091v1 fatcat:sf5dhy5nvfbplapw3lvbxfptem

The Sociomaterial Negotiation of Social Entrepreneurs' Meaningful Work

Gillian Symon, Rebecca Whiting
2018 Journal of Management Studies  
This research examines the role of digital technology in the constitution of meaningful work.  ...  The paper concludes by urging scholars to de-centre the human from their analysis to provide a more complete account of meaningful work.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The authors acknowledge the invaluable input of Dr Helen Roby (Coventry University) and Dr Petros Chamakiotis (University of Sussex) to the wider research project from which this specific  ... 
doi:10.1111/joms.12421 fatcat:khnolu6vibgg7bgxkiwiwskrme

Welcome intrusions: An interpretive phenomenological study of TB nurses' relational work

Amy Bender, Elizabeth Peter, Francine Wynn, Gavin Andrews, Dorothy Pringle
2011 International Journal of Nursing Studies  
Carried out in one of Canada's largest TB programs, this study involved observing nine nurses and 24 clients in their respective visits over time, and interviewing 16 participants.  ...  To the nurses, thank you for your willingness to have me join you in busy daily schedules. I learned so much from watching you in action and from your unwearied answers to my many questions.  ...  She made 3 key points: 1) we have authority/power to perform actions in certain places (p.l9), 2) our role in the home raises questions of surveillance (p.20), and 3) home is the client's private space  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ijnurstu.2011.04.012 pmid:21601205 fatcat:rewwjp76vrfclcyhbm5ho222ma

Gaming the Quantified Self

Jennifer R. Whitson
2013 Surveillance & Society  
In particular, it focuses on describing the increasingly intrusive monitoring practices are propagated under the banner of fun and play.  ...  Increasingly, these practices have moved from non-game spaces into social networking sites and spaces of play.The "gamification" movement is benefiting from the increasing sophistication of such metrics  ...  I hurriedly put in a load of laundry, strike-through the task with my finger, and watch my skeleton avatar lurch forward on a crumbled treasure map.  ... 
doi:10.24908/ss.v11i1/2.4454 fatcat:la4ht5lwwnfi5dshbbdd57if5u

Webmail at Work: The Case for Protection Against Employer Monitoring

Marc A Sherman
2007 Social Science Research Network  
, WORKRIGHTS.ORG, July 18, 2005, 144 ALBERT EINSTEIN, OUT OF MY LATER YEARS 19 (1950). 145 Tony Phillips, Was Einstein a Space Alien?  ...  of some obscure collectible, one is not performing the duties for which the employer pays.  ...  Albert Einstein is an example of what one can achieve without the presence of undue control. Managers today are familiar with the concept of opportunity cost.  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.978075 fatcat:vqmfkquyuvhjlgy4fplnddraky

Empathic media and advertising: Industry, policy, legal and citizen perspectives (the case for intimacy)

Andrew McStay
2016 Big Data & Society  
It expands on the unidirectional notion of surveillance, where the few watch the many, to acknowledge how citizens use personal devices and other technologies to watch the watchers, watch each other and  ...  Rather, the intention of my suggestion is an interim one that reflects the novelty and current rarity of emotion detection in advertising. My approach is watch, wait, see and, if need be, act.  ... 
doi:10.1177/2053951716666868 fatcat:njdclqmq6neldjjai27pcm7evq

An integrated understanding of theory, learning and transformation [chapter]

W.P. Wahl, University of the Free State
2021 Leadership for Change: Developing transformational student leaders through global learning spaces  
It's not racist, it's just my preference …'.  ...  It turns out that my mom became a minister and a pastor when I was age 16. And so I learned a lot just being in church, watching my mom.  ...  of my list of research-related priorities: 1.  ... 
doi:10.4102/aosis.2020.bk143.09 fatcat:pdvtreb7nnbobl4x7ivpmtlfru
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