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WIDIT in TREC-2003 Web Track

Kiduk Yang, Dan E. Albertson
2003 Text Retrieval Conference  
WIDIT Basic approach of WIDIT in the Web track consisted of four main phases: indexing, searching, result merging, and reranking.  ...  Thus, our focus in TREC-2003 Web track was in exploring fusion strategies that utilize various information sources in a dynamic manner to optimize retrieval for specific search environment.  ... 
dblp:conf/trec/YangA03 fatcat:qbevhxaup5bqhipsoj3emw2t5y

WIDIT in TREC 2006 Blog Track

Kiduk Yang, Ning Yu, Alejandro Valerio, Hui Zhang
2006 Text Retrieval Conference  
METHODOLOGY WIDIT approach to blog opinion retrieval task consisted of three main steps: initial retrieval, ontopic retrieval optimization, and opinion identification.  ...  Fusion The fusion module combines the multiple sets of search results after retrieval time.  ... 
dblp:conf/trec/YangYVZ06 fatcat:4jb2u3wunbfh5lckrxdconetay

WIDIT in TREC 2005 HARD, Robust, and SPAM Tracks

Kiduk Yang, Ning Yu, Nicholas George, Aaron Loehrlein, David McCaulay, Hui Zhang, Shahrier Akram, Jue Mei, Ivan Record
2005 Text Retrieval Conference  
The basic approach of WIDIT is to combine multiple methods as well as to leverage multiple sources of evidence.  ...  WebX module, which is based on the PIRC approach, expands the query with related terms harvested from Google search results.  ... 
dblp:conf/trec/YangYGLMZAMR05 fatcat:ccf637lp4vghnhh62n45ortzbi

WIDIT in TREC 2004 Genomics, Hard, Robust and Web Tracks

Kiduk Yang, Ning Yu, Adam Wead, Gavin La Rowe, Yu-Hsiu Li, Christopher Friend, Yoon Lee
2004 Text Retrieval Conference  
Thus, the focus of our TREC-2004 Web track efforts was to extend the fusion approach by introducing the "dynamic tuning" process with which to optimize the fusion formula that combines the contributions  ...  Having engaged in the query classification, our approach to the mixed query task was based on optimizing retrieval strategy for each of the query types.  ... 
dblp:conf/trec/YangYWRLFL04 fatcat:74oxu6cxtnaqldkfcd7lq7if4u

WIDIT in TREC 2008 Blog Track: Leveraging Multiple Sources of Opinion Evidence

Kiduk Yang
2008 Text Retrieval Conference  
To optimize the fusion formula for combining opinion and polarity scores, WIDIT used the "Dynamic Tuning Interface", an interactive system optimization mechanism that displays the effects of tuning parameter  ...  Web-based Query Expansion Among the common query expansion strategies of pseudo-feedback, syntactic expansion by thesaurus (e.g., WordNet), and Web-based expansion, we chose the Web-based expansion to  ... 
dblp:conf/trec/Yang08 fatcat:babn7bingbhhtmnnqbss53hyyi

WIDIT in TREC 2007 Blog Track: Combining Lexicon-Based Methods to Detect Opinionated Blogs

Kiduk Yang, Ning Yu, Hui Zhang
2007 Text Retrieval Conference  
This fusion approach to opinionated blog detection is motivated by our past experience that suggested no single approach, whether lexicon-based or classifier-driven, is well-suited for the blog opinion  ...  METHODOLOGY WIDIT approach to blog opinion retrieval task consisted of three main steps: initial retrieval, on-topic retrieval optimization, and opinion identification.  ... 
dblp:conf/trec/YangYZ07 fatcat:q4gmjat5tvfdlmh5qucmiov734

Fusion approach to finding opinionated blogs

Kiduk Yang, Ning Yu, Alejandro Valerio, Hui Zhang, Weimao Ke
2008 Proceedings of the American Society for Information Science and Technology  
In this paper, we describe a fusion approach to finding opinionated blog postings.  ...  Our approach to opinion blog retrieval consisted of first applying traditional IR methods to retrieve on-topic blogs and then boosting the ranks of opinionated blogs based on combined opinion scores generated  ...  The Web Information Discovery Integrated Tool (WIDIT) laboratory of Indiana University, which researches various fusion approaches to knowledge discovery, participated in the blog track of TREC-2006.  ... 
doi:10.1002/meet.1450440254 fatcat:hf7l4nevhrgkxppezv6paav5du

Fusion Approach for Optimizing Web Search Performance
웹 검색 성능 최적화를 위한 융합적 방식

Kiduk Yang
2015 Journal of the Korean Society for information Management  
We extended the conventional fusion approach by introducing the "dynamic tuning" process with which to optimize the fusion formula that combines the contributions of diverse sources of evidence on the  ...  This paper describes a Web search optimization study that investigates both static and dynamic tuning methods for optimizing system performance.  ...  In order to investigate our fusion optimization approach for Web search, we implemented an experimental Web IR system in the WIDIT infrastructure 1) and tested its performance with the TREC Web track data  ... 
doi:10.3743/kosim.2015.32.1.007 fatcat:vahukzhlxbdcnakacv3e6xfxuu


Ning Yu, Elin Jacob, Kiduk, Yang, Sandra, Kübler, Ying, Ding
2011 unpublished
iii Acknowledgments This dissertation would not have been possible without the support of many people, and I appreciate their contributions to the completion of this dissertation.  ...  As a result, the ad hoc rule-based approach is difficult to scale up to deal with the real world collection of texts on the Web.  ...  be applied, based on the data domain, to achieve optimized performance.  ... 

Sexism and Language

Naomi Lindstrom, Alleen Pace Nilsen
1981 Rocky Mountain Review of Language and Literature (RMMLA)  
For example hag used to "apply to a direct satanical manifestation of peculiar grisliness," RI  ...  She went on to say, "Feminists might like to consider the gratuitous attribution of the female sex to unspecified objects and creatures, as in this headline which identified the Loch Ness Monster as femaie  ...  Flanagan's Approaches to Exposition: nat. How and Why (1974). I found a few stereotyped contexts: Dr.  ... 
doi:10.2307/1347743 fatcat:7zwlrkev4fcunfrrhoxtjt67vu