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Virim: A massively parallel processor for real-time volume visualization in medicine

T. Günther, C. Poliwoda, C. Reinhart, J. Hesser, R. Männer, H.-P. Meinzer, H.-J. Baur
1995 Computers & graphics  
Volumes of 256×256×128 voxels can be visualized at a frame rate of 10 Hz using volume oriented visualization algorithms.  ...  A volume oriented visualization algorithm is used that is tailored to the requirements in medicine [5] .  ...  Up to now no commercial system is available for real-time visualization with volume oriented algorithms.  ... 
doi:10.1016/0097-8493(95)00049-6 fatcat:mylyhnf4zngtncjc3yhljotyhq

VIRIM: A Massively Parallel Processor for Real-Time Volume Visualization in Medicine [article]

T. Günther, C. Poliwoda, C. Reinhart, J. Hesser, R. Männer, H.-P. Meinzer, H.-I. Baur
1994 Eurographics Workshop on Graphics Hardware  
Volumes of 256x256x128 voxels can be visualized at a frame rate of 10 Hz using volume oriented visualization algorithms.  ...  A volume oriented visualization algorithm is used that is tailored to the requirements in medicine [5].  ...  Up to now no commercial system is available for real-time visual ization with volume oriented algorithms.  ... 
doi:10.2312/eggh/eggh94/103-108 dblp:conf/egh/GuntherPRHMMB94 fatcat:hat4uwh7xzesbl3f6wnlwfvjii

Bag-of-Particles as a Deformable Model [article]

D. Stahl, N. Ezquerra, G. Turk
2002 EUROVIS 2005: Eurographics / IEEE VGTC Symposium on Visualization  
Oriented particles used in existing surface-only models, and unoriented particles used in volume-only simulations are combined to form a bag-of-particles.  ...  We present an interactive, physically-based, elastically deformable model using a particle system to model surfaces with interior volumes that can be haptically felt.  ...  The gradient map force acts to keep surface (volume) particles in surface (volume) voxels, and the gradient map torque maintains surface particles oriented to the surface normal.  ... 
doi:10.2312/vissym/vissym02/141-150 fatcat:5plijkqedfdttombsuuaxsapaa

VOLUS––a visualization system for 3D ultrasound data

J Varandas, P Baptista, J Santos, R Martins, J Dias
2004 Ultrasonics  
The main goal of this paper is the description of a computer based system for medical applications to estimate the half-ellipsoid model that fits the left ventricle on its two phases of cardiac cycle:  ...  registration and rendering of ultrasound images will be presented using 2D freehand spatial calibrated echocardiography images in order to represent the 3D reconstructed data equivalent to the scanned volume  ...  The slice may be either parallel to one of the axes of the voxels volume or at an arbitrary orientation.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ultras.2003.11.006 pmid:15047368 fatcat:v3ourqbeevf2pa3ibdwvtrjici

A Survey on 3D Ultrasound Reconstruction Techniques [chapter]

Farhan Mohamed, Vei Siang Chan
2019 Artificial Intelligence - Applications in Medicine and Biology [Working Title]  
In the 3D visualization, methods such as multiplanar reformatting, volume rendering, and surface rendering are presented. Lastly, its application in the medical field is reviewed as well.  ...  Second, the 3D ultrasound reconstruction technique or pipeline used by the current existing system, which includes the data acquisition, data preprocessing, reconstruction method and 3D visualization,  ...  The method to assign pixel to voxel is based on the corresponding position and orientation information of 2D frames [9] .  ... 
doi:10.5772/intechopen.81628 fatcat:kqvqgn2itnhern6zh5tzb7c5vu

Generalized 3D Voxel Image Synthesis Architecture for Volumetric Spatial Visualization [article]

Anas M. Al-Oraiqat, E.A. Bashkov, S.A. Zori, Aladdein M. Amro
2017 arXiv   pre-print
A general concept of 3D volumetric visualization systems is described based on 3D discrete voxel scenes (worlds) representation.  ...  An algorithm for solving the problem of the voxelized world 3D image synthesis, intended for the systems of volumetric spatial visualization, is proposed.  ...  The most popular among them are the systems of voxel representation and visualization. 2.3D DISCRETE WORLD REPRESENTATION AND IMAGE SYNTHESIS The systems of volumetric spatial visualization, based on  ... 
arXiv:1702.01540v1 fatcat:hz2zrm6carg7doagnqxsj27wlm

3D Primitives Gpgpu Generation for Volume Visualization in 3D Graphics Systems [article]

Anas M. Al-Oraiqat, Sergii A. Zori
2020 arXiv   pre-print
This article discusses the study of 3D graphic volume primitive computer system generation (3D segments) based on General Purpose Graphics Processing Unit (GPGPU) technology for 3D volume visualization  ...  systems.  ...  That makes it more suitable for dynamic voxel-based environment rendering GPU rasterization as 3D Primitives Gpgpu Generation for Volume Visualization in 3D Graphics Systems 87 opposed to ray-casting oriented  ... 
arXiv:2009.09500v1 fatcat:qn3pb2qg5ffrzeqmbhhgemfyry

Stick Stippling for Joint 3D Visualization of Diffusion MRI Fiber Orientations and Density [article]

Ryan P Cabeen, David H Laidlaw, Arthur W Toga
2020 bioRxiv   pre-print
The presence of sub-voxel crossing fibers in the brain has prompted the development of advanced modeling techniques; however, there remains a need for improved visualization techniques to more clearly  ...  We found that stick rendering as 3D tubes increased legibility of fiber orientation and that encoding fiber density by tube radius reduced clutter and reduced dependence on viewing orientation.  ...  to refer to the combination of fiber orientations and associated fiber density or volume fraction (Fig 1) [19] .  ... 
doi:10.1101/2020.06.15.153098 fatcat:gskn6jyihfe2dpfkus2gmh5i5a

Volume Illustration of Muscle from Diffusion Tensor Images

Wei Chen, Zhicheng Yan, Song Zhang, J.A. Crow, D.S. Ebert, R.M. McLaughlin, K.B. Mullins, R. Cooper, Zi'ang Ding, Jun Liao
2009 IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics  
Current solutions are ineffective for visualizing fibrous structures such as muscle, because typical datasets (CT or MRI) do not contain directional details.  ...  Beginning with a volumetric diffusion tensor image, we reformulate it into a scalar field and an auxiliary guidance vector field to represent the structure and orientation of a muscle bundle.  ...  Part of the implementation was built on the IVIS volume illustration system developed by Purdue university. This  ... 
doi:10.1109/tvcg.2009.203 pmid:19834217 fatcat:u27ii5tnvfe3ffcaxrlcpqohfu

إنشاء وحدات معالجة الرسومات للأغراض العامة ثلاثية الأبعاد لتصور الحجم في أنظمة الرسومات ثلاثية الأبعاد

أنس محمد العريقات أنس محمد العريقات
2020 journal of King Abdulaziz University Computing and Information Technology Sciences  
3D geometry shaders on GPU 3D volume on 2D displays Volumetric grid data Ray-casting oriented rendering on GPU [14] Parallel GPU based voxelized surface data visualization 3D volume displays  ...  Introduction One of the most promising but little addressed by the development of 3Dcomputer graphics systems and visualization is the transition to a "true" 3D volume visualization [1] [2] [3] [4] [5  ... 
doi:10.4197/comp.9-2.5 fatcat:dxoh5yh3xncobn6jdyvxrnxvke

User Interface for Volume Rendering in Virtual Reality Environments [article]

Jonathan Klein, Dennis Reuling, Jan Grimm, Andreas Pfau, Damien Lefloch, Martin Lambers, Andreas Kolb
2013 arXiv   pre-print
The system is implemented using the Sony PlayStation Move controller system. This choice is based on controller device capabilities as well as application and environment constraints.  ...  Volume Rendering applications require sophisticated user interaction for the definition and refinement of transfer functions.  ...  Introduction Volume Rendering visualizes 3D grids of voxels. Each voxel typically stores a scalar value representing density, as retrieved via a 3D scanning technique such as CT or MRI.  ... 
arXiv:1302.2024v1 fatcat:m7qf4xampzculk7alzwwvv7cl4

3D Volume Matching for Mesh Animation of Moving Actors [article]

Ludovic Blache, Celine Loscos, Olivier Nocent, Laurent Lucas
2014 Eurographics Workshop on 3D Object Retrieval, EG 3DOR  
Our input is given by a volumetric silhouette-based reconstruction algorithm that generates a visual hull at each frame of the video sequence.  ...  The context is provided by an indoor multi-camera system which performs synchronized video captures from multiple viewpoints in a chroma key studio.  ...  The visual hull volume has a 73 × 132 × 43 voxels resolution and is reconstructed for 30 frames.  ... 
doi:10.2312/3dor.20141052 fatcat:cpvterp2xja6xljnwyymuc7b2y

Local fiber orientation from X-ray region-of-interest computed tomography of large fiber reinforced composite components

Thomas Baranowski, Dascha Dobrovolskij, Kilian Dremel, Astrid Hölzing, Guenter Lohfink, Katja Schladitz, Simon Zabler
2019 Composites Science And Technology  
Finally, measured and numerically simulated orientation tensors are compared for one of the regions.  ...  The local fiber orientation is a micro-structural feature crucial for the mechanical properties of parts made from fiber reinforced polymers.  ...  These voxel-wise measurements yield the volume weighted orientation distribution of the fiber system observed in the 3D image.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.compscitech.2019.107786 fatcat:2mctjjwdszc7rpenwue637spoa

D3D augmented reality imaging system: proof of concept in mammography

David Douglas, Emanuel Petricoin, Lance Liotta, Eugene Wilson
2016 Medical Devices : Evidence and Research  
The D3D augmented reality system should be tested to determine its utility in clinical practice.  ...  Conclusion: The D3D augmented reality imaging system offers image viewing with depth perception and focal point convergence.  ...  Using simulated data allows one to visualize differing orientations and gain an appreciation of the importance of 3D visualization from multiple viewing points in obtaining an accurate diagnosis.  ... 
doi:10.2147/mder.s110756 pmid:27563261 pmcid:PMC4984822 fatcat:4436a6gsqrg4zjq46scs6ciza4

3D Polarized Light Imaging Portrayed: Visualization of Fiber Architecture Derived from 3D-PLI [chapter]

Nicole Schubert, Markus Axer, Uwe Pietrzyk, Katrin Amunts
2018 High-Resolution Neuroimaging - Basic Physical Principles and Clinical Applications  
In a specific voxel-based analysis, each voxel is assigned a single 3D fiber orientation vector. This leads to comprehensive 3D vector fields.  ...  In order to inspect and analyze such high-resolution fiber orientation vector field, also in combination with complementary microscopy measurements, appropriate visualization techniques are essential to  ...  Visualization of the 3D fiber orientation model A 3D fiber orientation model is a 3D vector field that represents the fiber orientation per voxel.  ... 
doi:10.5772/intechopen.72532 fatcat:xlfvep3p4fembgzyzg3rsxt36m
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