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Visual Interpretability in Computer-Assisted Diagnosis of Thyroid Nodules Using Ultrasound Images

Xi Wei, Jialin Zhu, Haozhi Zhang, Hongyan Gao, Ruiguo Yu, Zhiqiang Liu, Xiangqian Zheng, Ming Gao, Sheng Zhang
2020 Medical Science Monitor  
We also examined the importance of data preprocessing.  ...  Our aim is to investigate the visual interpretability of the computer-assisted diagnosis of malignant and benign thyroid nodules using ultrasound images.  ...  The original ultrasound data were scanned and marked by 3 radiologists from the Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute and Hospital.  ... 
doi:10.12659/msm.927007 pmid:32798214 pmcid:PMC7446277 fatcat:dveejttdvncdxbqypykiwf3vmi


Steven T. Ford, Ivan Viola, Stefan Bruckner, Hans Torp, Gabriel Kiss
2012 Proceedings of the Workshop at SIGGRAPH Asia on - WASA '12  
Medical ultrasound is a challenging modality when it comes to image interpretation.  ...  The heart mesh is composited with the original ultrasound data to create the data-to-anatomy correspondence.  ...  Related Work The effective visualization of 3D ultrasound data has many different aspects.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2425296.2425326 dblp:conf/siggraph/FordVBTK12 fatcat:nb4rphvzebdojpumdvddijvf7a

Feature Emphasis and Contextual Cutaways for Multimodal Medical Visualization [article]

Michael Burns, Martin Haidacher, Wolfgang Wein, Ivan Viola, Eduard Groeller
2007 EUROVIS 2005: Eurographics / IEEE VGTC Symposium on Visualization  
Dense clinical data like 3D Computed Tomography (CT) scans can be visualized together with real-time imaging for a number of medical intervention applications.  ...  We show results in a clinical context where a pre-operative CT scan is visualized alongside a tracked ultrasound image, such that the important vasculature is depicted between the viewpoint and the ultrasound  ...  This region is bounded by the cutaway surface of θ 1 , offset a thickness d toward the camera, as shown in Figure 4 .  ... 
doi:10.2312/vissym/eurovis07/275-282 fatcat:vepedmqbn5ecrnz3j2vrgs37jm

Distributed Network, Wireless and Cloud Computing Enabled 3-D Ultrasound; a New Medical Technology Paradigm

Arie Meir, Boris Rubinsky, H. Peter Soyer
2009 PLoS ONE  
Specifically, we demonstrate the feasibility of producing a 3-D high end ultrasound scan at a central computing facility using the raw data acquired at the remote patient site with an inexpensive low end  ...  Title Distributed network, wireless and cloud computing enabled 3-D Ultrasound; A new medical technology paradigm Permalink Abstract Medical technologies are indispensable  ...  Analyzed the data: AM. Wrote the paper: AM BR.  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0007974 pmid:19936236 pmcid:PMC2775631 fatcat:set7bdkkhncifkarwhavb66nt4

Signal processing in medical imaging and image-guided intervention

Milan Sonka
2011 2011 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP)  
Index Terms-Medical imaging, signal processing.  ...  addressing one aspect of the medical imaging field in which signal processing plays an irreplaceable role.  ...  A number of other imaging modalities exist -ultrasound allows 2-D, 3-D and most recently 4-D (also called realtime 3-D) imaging.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icassp.2011.5947668 dblp:conf/icassp/Sonka11 fatcat:bwazgpwrz5eqrku7sdt5rzerg4

Distributed Network, Wireless and Cloud Computing Enabled 3-D Ultrasound [chapter]

Arie Meir, Boris Rubinsky
2011 Computer Technology and Computer Programming  
Specifically, we demonstrate the feasibility of producing a 3-D high end ultrasound scan at a central computing facility using the raw data acquired at the remote patient site with an inexpensive low end  ...  Title Distributed network, wireless and cloud computing enabled 3-D Ultrasound; A new medical technology paradigm Permalink Abstract Medical technologies are indispensable  ...  Analyzed the data: AM. Wrote the paper: AM BR.  ... 
doi:10.1201/b13124-14 fatcat:glsptek24rd7pmmtijkezp3u2i

Preliminary work of real-time ultrasound imaging system for 2-D array transducer

Xu Li, Jiali Yang, Mingyue Ding, Ming Yuchi, Feng Liu, Dong-Hoon Lee, Ricardo Lagoa, Sandeep Kumar
2015 Bio-medical materials and engineering  
To enable the experimental analysis of new 2-D array ultrasound beamforming methods, a pre-beamformed parallel raw data acquisition system was developed for 3-D data capture of 2D array transducer.  ...  Ultrasound (US) has emerged as a non-invasive imaging modality that can provide anatomical structure information in real time.  ...  tank with a 2-D transducer, a set of data acquisition system and a computer controller for data storage, signal processing and visualizing.  ... 
doi:10.3233/bme-151457 pmid:26405923 fatcat:ygpfaqmczzgg7f65q3gvhhrjnu

Intraoperative adaptation and visualization of preoperative risk analyses for oncologic liver surgery

Christian Hansen, Stefan Schlichting, Stephan Zidowitz, Alexander Köhn, Milo Hindennach, Markus Kleemann, Heinz-Otto Peitgen, Michael I. Miga, Kevin R. Cleary
2008 Medical Imaging 2008: Visualization, Image-guided Procedures, and Modeling  
Our new GPU-based visualization approach provides the surgeon with a simultaneous visualization of planning models and navigated 2D ultrasound data while minimizing occlusion problems.  ...  In case the ultrasound plane is located inside the liver, occlusion of the ultrasound plane by the planning model is an inevitable problem for the applied visualization technique.  ...  Burns et al. 19 presented an approach for simultaneous visualization of ultrasound and medical volume data.  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.770243 dblp:conf/miigp/0001SZKHKP08 fatcat:bznsqqbtazhytmnh72td54tezu

Mobile tele-echography: user interface design

C. Canero, N. Thomos, G.A. Triantafyllidis, G.C. Litos, M.G. Strintzis
2005 IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine  
to communicate with the paramedical assistant and with the patient, and a virtual-reality environment, providing visual and haptic feedback to the expert, while capturing the expert's hand movements.  ...  Ultralight Robot (OTELO) project aims to develop a fully integrated end-to-end mobile tele-echography system using an ultralight remote-controlled robot for population groups that are not served locally by medical  ...  Conventional compression techniques like ITU standards H.263 [6] and H.264 [7] can also be used for medical purposes since they offer almost visual lossless quality, while saving large amounts of data  ... 
doi:10.1109/titb.2004.840064 pmid:15787006 fatcat:qihz5ksydff2dfbwgc34mpnmli

The FeTouch project: an application of haptic technologies to obstetrics and gynaecology

D Prattichizzo, B la Torre, F Barbagli, A Vicino, F M Severi, F Petraglia
2004 International Journal of Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery  
Modern ultrasound systems allow the reconstruction of a 3D model of the subject being scanned, but even though visual interfaces have reached very high standards, the problem of representing a 3D image  ...  Ultrasound technologies have been widely used in gynecology and obstetrics.  ...  In order to better visualize the ultrasound volume, data is re-sliced along three directions (axial, sagittal and coronal) as shown in Figure 4 .  ... 
doi:10.1002/rcs.9 pmid:17520599 fatcat:taa6iikl6vedbfobezcs46xfbe

Video Magnification Applied in Ultrasound

2018 IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering  
Methods: In the example presented, ultrasound data were acquired at a high frame rate and 2D motion was estimated, amplified and reapplied in ultrasound carotid sequences.  ...  Conclusion: Video magnification can be used in medical imaging for subtle motion visualization.  ...  Finally, motion was recovered after a multiplication of 1/4πf , as written in (1) , on the phase shift [20] :      d z = ∆Φz 4πfz d x = ∆Φx 4πfx (1) where z and x are the subscripts for the axial  ... 
doi:10.1109/tbme.2018.2820384 pmid:29993388 fatcat:axheq2tvanhmvjnu7n7lpifmqm

3D Soft Segmentation and Visualization of Medical Data Based on Nonlinear Diffusion and Distance Functions [article]

B. Petersch, O. Serrano-Serrano, D. Hönigmann
2006 EUROVIS 2005: Eurographics / IEEE VGTC Symposium on Visualization  
Visualization of medical 3D data is a complex problem, since the raw data is often unsuitable for standard techniques like Direct Volume Rendering.  ...  Visualization then can be misleading, especially if the original data is of poor contrast.  ...  Acknowledgment The authors would like to acknowledge the contributions of Armin Schoisswohl of GE Healthcare Kretztechnik in providing the 3DUS data sets and valuable discussions.  ... 
doi:10.2312/vissym/eurovis06/331-338 fatcat:4cq3qbyahbecld6am3w7thubey

Cognitive Explainers of Graph Neural Networks Based on Medical Concepts [article]

Yingni Wang, Huabin Zhang, Lichong Dong, Xiaobo Zhou, Kehong Yuan
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Despite current studies that have been committed to visualizing the decision process of DNN, most of these methods focus on the low level and do not take into account the prior knowledge of medicine.  ...  In this work, we propose an interpretable framework based on key medical concepts, enabling CNN to explain from the perspective of doctors' cognition.  ...  D. Concept graph Learning Given G , graph-structured data of ultrasound images, we aim to infer the corresponding class of standard section. We use GraphConv [41] as the backbone of our network.  ... 
arXiv:2201.07798v2 fatcat:fh37z3jj3vg6bee6pc4z4h4ujm

Health Risk Detection and Classification Model Using Multi-Model-Based Image Channel Expansion and Visual Pattern Standardization

Chang-Min Kim, Ellen J. Hong, Kyungyong Chung, Roy C. Park
2021 Applied Sciences  
In order to reduce the amount of computation to enable rapid diagnosis of the detected tumors, the model reduces the dimensions of the data by normalizing the visual information and use them as an input  ...  The proposed method expands the channels of breast ultrasound images and detects tumors quickly and accurately through the YOLO model.  ...  The AI-based software learns medical data and helps doctors in diagnosis.  ... 
doi:10.3390/app11188621 fatcat:z7qj4g7pqra35cek3uywllyeca

Development of Pseudo 3D Visualization System by Superimposing Ultrasound Images

Yumi Iwashita, Shinji Tarumi, Ryo Kurazume, Makoto Hashizume
2009 2009 Advanced Technologies for Enhanced Quality of Life  
This paper presents the development of pseudo 3D visualization system of organs using 2D ultrasound images for a new medical instrument.  ...  and 3D visualization with actual ultrasound images.  ...  Figures 4 Software for pseudo 3D visualization We use VirtualPlace SDK (AZE) as a software for 3D visualization, which is a medical software for clinical application, and we develop a software for  ... 
doi:10.1109/at-equal.2009.29 fatcat:g6his6a4kveunaqo7xwsxenxi4
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