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Virtual Enterprise Planning Methods and Concepts [chapter]

Richard H. Weston, Cheng Leong Ang, Peter Bernus, Roland Jochem, Kurt Kosanke, Henry Ming
2003 IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology  
see Quad Chart on page 2 THE NEED FOR VE PLANNING METHODS AND CONCEPTS Global working can enable an enterprise to: (i) gain access to overseas customers; (ii) improve utilisation of idle capacity in a  ...  It identifies the approach taken to resolve the issues in this domain and proposes a concept for planning such collaborations.  ...  and Integration Virtual Enterprise Plan- ning Methods and Con- cepts Abstract:  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-0-387-35621-1_13 fatcat:k7qx2narbvainkmrwannvtzlzm

Aligning strategic objectives with organizational processes: a methodology for virtual enterprise implementation [chapter]

T. R. Gulledge, R. A. Sommer
1998 IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology  
Our research is centered on two crucial concepts: (1) the development of a strategic Operational Virtual Enterprise Methodology that facilitates the rapid formation and reconfiguration (realignment) of  ...  organizational processes in response to an external order that necessitates the formation of a virtual organization, and (2) the implementation and validation of the Operational Virtual Enterprise Methodology  ...  The major benefit of the Operational Virtual Enterprise Methodology and reference model concept is that it provides such critical links.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-0-387-35321-0_8 fatcat:oj4ef7kemff5xbk2k4kbxlkppm

Design is our success--The importance of modeling a virtual enterprise

2015 International Journal for Business Education  
Virtual Enterprise is a multidimensional teaching method based on a business simulation for learning purposes.  ...  This paper discusses the importance and the process of modeling and introduces several ways of designing a Virtual Enterprise for different learning objectives.  ...  Methods for Modeling a Virtual Enterprise There is no one and only method for modeling the Virtual Enterprise.  ... 
doi:10.30707/ijbe155.1.1648133093.391539 fatcat:5l2nom2fnzf3njjjl6cegxxqe4

Business Simulation Training Using Monsoonsim

Yuwono Marta Dinata, Christian Tanjono, Rinabi Tanamal, Evan Tanuwijaya
2022 ABDIMAS: Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat  
The aim of this activity is to introduce the concept of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to students through virtual business simulation game.  ...  By participating in this training, students can manage the operational processes of a virtual company, understand existing resources, and can make a company planning strategy in order to survive and grow  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We thank God for blessing this community service event that went well and smoothly.  ... 
doi:10.35568/abdimas.v4i2.1537 fatcat:sex7p6nn4bfuxdbau7gq3jxrgq

Virtual Enterprise Broker: Processes, Methods and Tools [chapter]

Ricardo Mejía, Arturo Molina
2002 IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology  
Three proposed information systems to support the VEB activities are presented: Enterprise Core Competence Database, Enterprise Capability Broker Matrix and Broker Capacity Planning Tool.  ...  This paper presents a description of an e-broker, named Virtual Enterprise Broker (VEB).  ...  VIRTUAL ENTERPRISE BROKER METHODS A set of methods and techniques are proposed to support the VEB activities in order to improve the VEB core process and to assure the correct operation of the Virtual  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-0-387-35585-6_10 fatcat:n3b22d6njvaptlutkr6mvgdeqy

Autonomous Digital Twin of Enterprise: Method and Toolset for Knowledge-Based Multi-Agent Adaptive Management of Tasks and Resources in Real Time

Vladimir Galuzin, Anastasia Galitskaya, Sergey Grachev, Vladimir Larukhin, Dmitry Novichkov, Petr Skobelev, Alexey Zhilyaev
2022 Mathematics  
A method and software toolset for designing the autonomous digital twin of enterprise, applicable for both operational management of tasks and resources and what-if simulations, are developed.  ...  in real time, synchronized with employees' plans, preferences and competencies via mobile devices.  ...  The process of forming plans of resources in the developed approach is based on the Virtual Market (VM) concept, in which agents can buy and sell time slots in the enterprise schedule.  ... 
doi:10.3390/math10101662 fatcat:622pvkklfvcrvnkhzsfarvp2ly

Determinants of marketing and logistics management in a micro-enterprise

Danuta Janczewska
2019 WSB Journal of Business and Finance  
The main conclusions: In a virtual micro-enterprise, it is possible to indicate the field of integration of marketing and logistics processes and to define their courses and conditions.  ...  The article presents the results of the research based on the case-study of integrated marketing and logistics management, on the example of a virtual micro-enterprise.  ...  and others (Wilmańska, 2010) In micro-enterprises, advanced methods of supply forecasting (SCM), which are fundamental elements of planning and providing purchase simulations in large companies (Marchesini  ... 
doi:10.2478/wsbjbf-2019-0004 fatcat:46wakgouojfetmlcq7shjgctqe

Agility and Human factors in the Virtual Enterprise [chapter]

Florent L. M. Frederix
1998 Globalization of Manufacturing in the Digital Communications Era of the 21st Century  
This thematic paper based on experiences obtained with X-CITTIC (1995) in semiconductor supply chains introduces the concepts "Agility" and "Human Sensor" in "Virtual Enterprises" found in the announced  ...  Virtual enterprises are a new industrial paradigm as more and more companies reduce their wholly owned ability to a core competence and run lean.  ...  CONCLUSIONS This paper outlines the need for advanced agile virtual enterprise planning and negotiation tools.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-0-387-35351-7_58 fatcat:onzpwq53nvfdtkousyitqbigpq

Exploitation of Business Opportunites: The Role of the Virtual Enterprise Broker [chapter]

Arturo Molina, Myrna Flores
2001 IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology  
These four main processes will describe all the activities and tasks that should be performed by the VEB 's in order to fulfil market requirements successfully through the Virtual Enterprise concept.  ...  The VEB is in charge of identifying, selecting and qualifying best partners for the Virtual Enterprise. Also the responsibility will be to manage the partners' competencies.  ...  The Virtual Enterprise Brokers uniqueness will emerge by the integration of core competencies required to create Virtual Enterprises using the best organisational structure, methods and computer tools.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-0-387-35399-9_26 fatcat:my2yaszktva7hbxj6mibpcgiza

Virtual manufacturing and systems [chapter]

Q. Wang
2005 e-Manufacturing  
new concepts such as Virtual Manufacturing, Lean Production, Agile Manufacturing, and Virtual Enterprise appeared (Figure 1 ).  ...  This chapter will discuss the concept of Virtual Manufacturing and Systems (VMS), its basic components and applications, etc.  ...  Virtual enterprise Concept of virtual enterprise Virtual enterprise (Afsarmanesh et al. [26] ) is primarily an interoperable network of pre-existing enterprises with a common goal.  ... 
doi:10.2495/978-1-85312-998-8/09 fatcat:igczk6ebwnb4zot6qal7yh65ou

Virtual Engineering in investment goods industry — Potentials and application concepts [chapter]

Uwe Jasnoch, Ralf Dohms, Franz-Bernd Schenke
1998 Globalization of Manufacturing in the Digital Communications Era of the 21st Century  
This contribution deals with an application concept of Virtual Engineering (VE).  ...  Therefore requirements of cooperative product development and information and communication technology towards Virtual Engineering are described. An approach to introduce VE is presented.  ...  =t=- Taking these aspects into account a concept of Virtual Engineering was developed to support the network integration of cooperating industrial enterprises.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-0-387-35351-7_39 fatcat:i6tqcduxsnd2pltisowd3stagy

Virtual Production Network Configuration: ACS-Approach and Tools [chapter]

Florian Golm, Alexander V. Smirnov
2000 Advances in Networked Enterprises  
Interest in global businesses and such a new form of co-operation as Virtual Production Network (VPNet) is growing along with increasing use of Internetbased engineering and management technologies, and  ...  The paper discusses a generic methodology and a research prototype of a distributed decision support system "ProCon" for VPNet co'!figuration.  ...  Methodical verification and adaptation: analyze and modify as-is planning process, identify additional methodical needs, analyze and implement necessary data, educate people concerned (planning staff,  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-0-387-35529-0_10 fatcat:5slswi6fljgvfix3zswgmh3tra

Proposal for a water resource management strategy model using the water footprint concept

Leonardo Costa, João Amato Neto
2017 Brazilian Journal of Operations & Production Management  
services as from the water footprint concept, structured as a Plan-Do-Check-Action stewardship model.  ...  The aim is to identify these experts' contributions to a water stewardship model as from the applicability of the water footprint concept.  ...  virtual water concept The virtual water concept was created by John Anthony Allan, of the King's College London, in 1993.  ... 
doi:10.14488/bjopm.2017.v14.n3.a10 fatcat:bak2md7sjzbeticzuwnh75nk6e

VirtuE: a formal model of virtual enterprises for information markets

Alessandro D'Atri, Amihai Motro
2007 Journal of Intelligent Information Systems  
First, it defines a distributed infrastructure with concepts such as members, products, inventories, and production plans.  ...  The virtual enterprise paradigm is particularly appealing for modeling collaborations for manufacturing information products, and in this paper we present a new model, called VirtuE, for modeling such  ...  These concepts have also been used as a framework for the virtual enterprise paradigm [30] .  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10844-006-0013-0 fatcat:3pjx5r3abzf6be4ctbe5go5iee

Integrated Logistics in the Virtual Enterprise: The PRODNET-II Approach

Alexandra Augosta Pereira Klen, Ricardo J. Rabelo, L. Marcio Spinosa, Aureo C. Ferreira
1998 IFAC Proceedings Volumes  
This study was the basis used in the ESPRIT project PRODNET-II (Production Planning and Management in an Extended Enterprise) to guide the proposition of some advanced co-ordination functionalities (ACFs  ...  This paper presents an overview on Logistics as a support tool for the configuration of Virtual Enterprises.  ...  This trend can be understood as a consequence of a new strategy of conducting business, which is the concept of Virtual Enterprises (VE).  ... 
doi:10.1016/s1474-6670(17)41032-9 fatcat:k4ay4p6t4ze3lfwnbqb2ngtwqu
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