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Code Generation for Event-B [article]

Victor Rivera
2016 arXiv   pre-print
Stepwise refinement and Design-by-Contract are two formal approaches for modelling systems. These approaches are widely used in the development of systems. Both approaches have (dis-)advantages. This thesis aims to answer, is it possible to combine both approaches in the development of systems, providing the user with the benefits of both? We answer this question by translating the stepwise refinement method with Event-B to Design-by-Contract with Java and JML, so users can take full advantage
more » ... f both formal approaches without losing their benefits. This thesis presents a set of syntactic rules that translates Event-B to JML-annotated Java code. It also presents the implementation of the syntactic rules as the EventB2Java tool. We used the tool to translate several Event-B models. It generated JML-annotated Java code for all the considered models that serve as initial implementation. We also used EventB2Java for the development of two software applications. Additionally, we compared EventB2Java against two other tools for Event-B code generation. EventB2Java enables users to start the software development process in Event-B, where users can model the system and prove its consistency, to then transition to JML-annotated Java code, where users can continue the development process.
arXiv:1602.02004v1 fatcat:xxpeia2gpzc5rhckllafzispqm

Zavaleta Betancourt, José A., Olvera Rivera, Alberto J., Andrade Guevara, Víctor M. (Coords.). (2013). El campo de la violencia y del delito. El caso Acayucan

Jorge Antonio Aragón
2015 Clivajes: Revista de Ciencias Sociales  
., Olvera Rivera, Alberto J., Andrade Guevara, Víctor M. (Coords.) . (2013) . El campo de la violencia y del delito. El caso Acayucan. Xalapa: Universidad Veracruzana.  ...  Olvera Rivera y María Elena Roca Guzmán.  ... 
doaj:435e227c0bfe4095bc8a53f9c7650369 fatcat:nlzqhzzlzzhatclv3lhe3pdr2y

Ontología y lingüística cartesiana

Víctor Rivera
1991 Areté  
Víctor Samuel Rivera ["Ontology and Cartesian Linguistics"] . This paper approaches the question of language in Descartes.  ... 
doaj:884a417f4b8043078172195f9955b521 fatcat:2sz3kgjv5fawnfgybzwh37royy

Los presocráticos, el principio

Víctor Rivera
1991 Areté  
Víctor Samuel Rivera Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru Apartado 1761. Lima, Perú. l. Gomperz, Theodor; Pensadores griegos. Buenos Aires: Guarania. T. 1 p. 31.  ... 
doaj:5f19bf3836864e2786fa7b9718492bf2 fatcat:4pdtixemijewjf75p47yslpamq

Patterns of moral complexity

Víctor Rivera
1990 Areté  
No de comunidades unitarias 8 • Víctor Samuel Rivera Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú Apartado 17 61. Lima, Perú 8.  ... 
doaj:a60101891595470d93999da4a4c0e814 fatcat:lns76wcfcbfgfm4bojrw3id2pi

Una "gramática universal" cartesiana

Víctor Samuel Rivera
1992 Lexis  
No contiene resumen.
doaj:433bba56d55b4743ae442781387a8f37 fatcat:ypjdvj6r7re7nhzu7zjejodzdq

Unifying Requirements and Code: an Example [article]

Alexandr Naumchev, Bertrand Meyer, Victor Rivera
2016 arXiv   pre-print
Requirements and code, in conventional software engineering wisdom, belong to entirely different worlds. Is it possible to unify these two worlds? A unified framework could help make software easier to change and reuse. To explore the feasibility of such an approach, the case study reported here takes a classic example from the requirements engineering literature and describes it using a programming language framework to express both domain and machine properties. The paper describes the
more » ... n, discusses its benefits and limitations, and assesses its scalability.
arXiv:1602.05395v1 fatcat:cot5zxwoqzb25hnb245g6ks3ua

Reputation in M2M Economy [article]

Dragos Strugar, Rasheed Hussain, JooYoung Lee, Manuel Mazzara, Victor Rivera
2018 arXiv   pre-print
Triggered by modern technologies, our possibilities may now expand beyond the unthinkable. Cars externally may look similar to decades ago, but a dramatic revolution happened inside the cabin as a result of their computation, communications, and storage capabilities. With the advent of Electric Autonomous Vehicles (EAVs), Artificial Intelligence and ecological technologies found the best synergy. Several transportation problems may be solved (accidents, emissions, and congestion among others),
more » ... nd the foundation of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) economy could be established, in addition to value-added services such as infotainment (information and entertainment). In the world where intelligent technologies are pervading everyday life, software and algorithms play a major role. Software has been lately introduced in virtually every technological product available on the market, from phones to television sets to cars and even housing. Artificial Intelligence is one of the consequences of this pervasive presence of algorithms. The role of software is becoming dominant and technology is, at times pervasive, of our existence. Concerns, such as privacy and security, demand high attention and have been already explored to some level of detail. However, intelligent agents and actors are often considered as perfect entities that will overcome human error-prone nature. This may not always be the case and we advocate that the notion of reputation is also applicable to intelligent artificial agents, in particular to EAVs.
arXiv:1804.04701v1 fatcat:tzlsti6ojjgkhnkvau776wmkvi

El problema mente-cuerpo, un enfoque neurofisiológico

Víctor Rivera
1991 Areté  
Víctor Samuel Rivera Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú  ... 
doaj:f2f612d0b79742cf9f3b13a0272c02e0 fatcat:dygkrmilaferrovm3dhxqu4ofq

Contando a história da Geografia do Colégio de Aplicação da UFRGS: uma entrevista com o professor Fructuoso Rivera Paladino

Victor Hugo Nedel Oliveira, Fructuoso Rivera Paladino
2018 Cadernos do Aplicação  
O professor Fructuoso Rivera Paladino foi professor de Geografia no Colégio de Aplicação da UFRGS entre os anos de 1982 e 2004.  ...  Para finalizar o professor Rivera apresenta, a partir de suas experiências, algumas pistas para os jovens professores de Geografia.  ...  Victor Hugo Nedel Oliveira | Fructuoso Rivera Paladino Cadernos do Aplicação | Porto Alegre | ago.-dez. 2018 | v. 31 | n. 2 | p. 97-101 >>>> 101  ... 
doi:10.22456/2595-4377.83840 fatcat:pgrm4r2xgncxtmzy2scromm5tu

Towards dynamic interaction-based model [article]

Almaz Melnikov, Manuel Mazzara, Victor Rivera, JooYoung Lee, Luca Longo
2018 arXiv   pre-print
In this paper, we investigate how dynamic properties of reputation can influence the quality of users ranking. Reputation systems should be based on rules that can guarantee a high level of trust and help identifying unreliable units. To understand the effectiveness of dynamic properties in the evaluation of reputation, we propose our own model (DIB-RM) that is based on three factors: forgetting, cumulative, and activity period. In order to evaluate the model, we use data from StackOverflow,
more » ... ch also has its own reputation model. We estimate similarity of ratings between DIB-RM and the StackOverflow model so to check our hypothesis. We use two values to calculate our metric: DIB-RM reputation and historical reputation. We found that historical reputation gives better metric values. Our preliminary results are presented for different sets of values of the aforementioned factors in order to analyze how effectively the model can be used for modeling reputation systems.
arXiv:1801.03904v1 fatcat:no4ppzgueba5hprmbhjvcwp3vq

Refinement types in Jolie [article]

Alexander Tchitchigin, Larisa Safina, Manuel Mazzara, Mohamed Elwakil, Fabrizio Montesi, Victor Rivera
2016 arXiv   pre-print
Jolie is the first language for microservices and it is currently dynamically type checked. This paper considers the opportunity to integrate dynamic and static type checking with the introduction of refinement types, verified via SMT solver. The integration of the two aspects allows a scenario where the static verification of internal services and the dynamic verification of (potentially malicious) external services cooperates in order to reduce testing effort and enhancing security.
arXiv:1602.06823v1 fatcat:w3fzjo5dxrc37fug3bsk72qcvq

Size Matters: Microservices Research and Applications [article]

Manuel Mazzara, Antonio Bucchiarone, Nicola Dragoni, Victor Rivera
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Antonio Bucchiarone Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Trento, Italy e-mail: Manuel Mazzara, Victor Rivera Innopolis University, Russian Federation e-mail: {m.mazzara,v.rivera}@innopolis. ru  ... 
arXiv:1904.03027v1 fatcat:2anbkw2mabhe3mseyfaerx6etm

Microservices Science and Engineering [article]

Manuel Mazzara, Kevin Khanda, Ruslan Mustafin, Victor Rivera, Larisa Safina, Alberto Sillitti
2017 arXiv   pre-print
In this paper we offer an overview on the topic of Microservices Science and Engineering (MSE) and we provide a collection of bibliographic references and links relevant to understand an emerging field. We try to clarify some misunderstandings related to microservices and Service-Oriented Architectures, and we also describe projects and applications our team have been working on in the recent past, both regarding programming languages construction and intelligent buildings.
arXiv:1706.07350v1 fatcat:h5bvexj45nht3mkxhpr2cktiuu

Hermenéutica del enemigo. Schmitt y Gadamer

Víctor Samuel Rivera
2005 ENDOXA  
México: FCE, 1993 FCE, (1992 . 466 VÍCTOR SAMUEL RIVERA sar más.  ...  Esjjero que el lector de este artículo no se lleve la misma impresión. 462 VÍCTOR SAMUEL RIVERA degger, del pensamiento mismo^^.  ... 
doi:10.5944/endoxa.20.2005.5136 fatcat:ku74fcmx2zdinjnfmm6qogmmxa
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