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Adaptive output feedback boundary control for a class of axially moving system

Fang Guo, Fei Luo, Yu Liu, Yilin Wu
2019 IET Control Theory & Applications  
In this study, the main concern lies in the development of a boundary control scheme for suppressing the vibration of an axially moving system under the influence of unknown disturbances.  ...  To that end, a boundary adaptive output feedback control is presented by merging Lyapunov theory, observer backstepping technique, high-gain observers and robust adaptive control theory to globally stabilise  ...  Acknowledgments This work was supported in part by the National Natural Science  ... 
doi:10.1049/iet-cta.2018.6030 fatcat:7vrscbum4vaoxcsog7aq6hw2ry

Vibration Control of an Axially Moving System with Restricted Input

Zhijia Zhao, Yonghao Ma, Guiyun Liu, Dachang Zhu, Guilin Wen
2019 Complexity  
In this study, we consider the global stabilization of an axially moving system under the condition of input saturation nonlinearity and external perturbation.  ...  Based on Lyapunov redesign method, observer backstepping, and high-gain observers, an output feedback control strategy with an auxiliary system is constructed to eliminate the input saturation constraint  ...  This work was supported in part by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (61603105, 11832009, and 61803111) and by the Innovative School Project of Education Department of Guangdong (2017KQNCX153  ... 
doi:10.1155/2019/2386435 fatcat:6vzyiqe3drdhxdp32zbjsmw4du

Vibration Control of Truck Cabins With the Adaptive Vectorial Backstepping Design of Electromagnetic Active Suspension System

Sinan Basaran, Murat Basaran
2020 IEEE Access  
Adaptive control is a technique used to control various systems whose parameters are unknown [59] - [62] .  ...  Recently, Lyapunov type adaptive controller has been preferred by many researchers as an important control algorithm for control systems [57] , [58] .  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2020.3025357 fatcat:6bmbo65eq5eztfotff5qnjzgoa

Vibration suppression of an Euler-Bernoulli beam by backstepping iterative learning control

Yu Liu, Wenkang Zhan, Huan-Li Gao, Haiming Liu
2019 IET Control Theory & Applications  
This study puts forward a hybrid backstepping-boundary iterative learning control (B-BILC) to tackle vibration problem for an Euler-Bernoulli beam system subjected to an unknown external disturbance.  ...  Based on Lyapunov's synthesis method, a backstepping term and an iterative term are designed to reduce the vibration and attenuate the effects of the unknown boundary disturbance under the consideration  ...  The Lyapunovbased ILC in PDE model is firstly used in an axially moving material subjected to an unknown but periodic exogenous signal [33] .  ... 
doi:10.1049/iet-cta.2019.0011 fatcat:wp5xjmb2snfqhpgt67cd6v5dm4

A Method Of Drilling A Ground Using A Robotic Arm

Lotfi Beji, Laredj Benchikh
2017 Zenodo  
The main kinds of drilling through vibration here is the bit-bouncing phenomenon (resonant axial vibration).  ...  Hence, assisting the task by a robot arm may play an important role on drilling performances and security.  ...  system (STRS): Presented by Sananikone [13] , it is an improvement of the first method.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1314496 fatcat:ie5tq5utxza6dpxossizspcybq

A Method Of Drilling A Ground Using A Robotic Arm

Lotfi Beji, Laredj Benchikh
2017 Zenodo  
The main kinds of drilling through vibration here is the bit-bouncing phenomenon (resonant axial vibration).  ...  Hence, assisting the task by a robot arm may play an important role on drilling performances and security.  ...  system (STRS): Presented by Sananikone [13] , it is an improvement of the first method.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1132822 fatcat:nnvi56gz7nbhfjqgt4r3ttapsi

Stability analysis of pressure and penetration rate in rotary drilling system

Rhouma Mlayeh
2022 Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems. Series S  
Our MPD scheme is elaborated in reference to a nontrivial backstepping control procedure, and the effectiveness of the proposed control laws is shown by simulations.</p>  ...  A new nonlinear dynamical system is developed and a controller is designed to stabilize the annular pressure and achieve asymptotic tracking by applying feedback control of the main pumps.  ...  In this work, we use the backstepping technique and Lyapunov's theory to study our PDM. The backstepping technique was developed in 1990 by Petar V. Kokotovic et al.  ... 
doi:10.3934/dcdss.2022007 fatcat:dy5o2gi6bnen5e77lwwituicri

Vibration Control for a Flexible Timoshenko Arm Subject to Constrained Input

Xiuyu He, Zhijia Zhao
2019 IEEE Access  
This paper copes with the vibration reduction and angle positioning issues of a flexible Timoshenko arm system by developing a boundary vibration control strategy.  ...  Under the proposed controller, the theoretical analysis and simulations were made to present the stability of the system and the feasibility of the proposed control strategy.  ...  In [10] , the effect of input constraint is taken into consideration in an axial moving-belt system and a boundary output feedback control is presented to handle unknown states and reduce vibrations in  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2019.2908215 fatcat:qpwxdfqa4jf2nouuqi3p675a2e

Controller Design of Quadrotor Aerial Robot

Yu Yali, SunFeng, Wang Yuanxi
2012 Physics Procedia  
Then nonlinear control strategy of them has been described, such as SDRE and Backstepping. The controller design was presented to stabilize the whole system.  ...  Through simulation result indicates, the various models have shown that the control law stabilize a quadrotor aerial robot with good tracking performance and robotness of the system.  ...  Acknowledgment This paper is supported by the fundamental research funds for the central universities. The item number is: HEUCF101706.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.phpro.2012.05.207 fatcat:7wckzqig4fcyhfzwtaqdyfpke4

Delay-robust stabilization of an n+m hyperbolic PDE-ODE system

Jean Auriol, Federico Bribiesca-Argomedo
2019 2019 IEEE 58th Conference on Decision and Control (CDC)  
The method relies on the use of a backstepping transform to construct a first feedback to tackle in-domain couplings present in the PDE system and then on a predictive tracking controller used to stabilize  ...  In this paper, we study the problem of stabilizing a linear ordinary differential equation through a system of an n + m (hetero-directional) coupled hyperbolic equations in the actuating path.  ...  Using two successive backstepping transformations, we map the original system to a simpler target system for which local coupling terms Σ ·· have been moved to the boundary.  ... 
doi:10.1109/cdc40024.2019.9029421 dblp:conf/cdc/AuriolA19 fatcat:fi6dhru7cjcgzlkwf5firzmkie

Dynamic modeling of a hose-drogue aerial refueling system and integral sliding mode backstepping control for the hose whipping phenomenon

Haitao Wang, Xinmin Dong, Jianping Xue, Jiaolong Liu
2014 Chinese Journal of Aeronautics  
Dynamic modeling of a hose-drogue aerial refueling system (HDARS) and an integral sliding mode backstepping controller design for the hose whipping phenomenon (HWP) during probe-drogue coupling are studied  ...  An integral of the rotor position error and an exponential sliding mode reaching law of the current errors are applied to enhance control accuracy and robustness.  ...  Acknowledgement This study was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 61304120).  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.cja.2014.06.010 fatcat:jyahxresp5dsrgdgd3m4rpbd5u

Adaptive Boundary Control for a Certain Class of Reaction–Advection–Diffusion System

Oscar F. Murillo-García, Francisco Jurado
2021 Mathematics  
To reverse the above, the well-known adaptive boundary control technique can be used to estimate the unknown parameters assuring a stable behavior of the dynamics of the system.  ...  In this work, we focus our attention on the design of an adaptive boundary control for a parabolic type reaction–advection–diffusion PDE under the assumption of unknown parameters for both advection and  ...  Acknowledgments: This work was supported by CONACYT, México, through Grant No. 456010. Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest.  ... 
doi:10.3390/math9182224 fatcat:wnsisno2ozhana6oe3cugbl3se

The Foundation of Electromagnets Based Active Vibration Control [chapter]

Ferreiro Ramon, Haro Manuel, Perez Francisco
2010 Vibration Control  
Although an active control system is usually more complicated than a passive vibration control scheme, an AVC technique has many advantages over a passive vibration control technique.  ...  The major problem faced by the AVC scheme is the use of a limited number of actuators to control an infinite number of vibration modes.  ...  Vibrations are a part of our environment and daily life. Many of them are useful and are needed for many purposes, one of the best example being the hearing system.  ... 
doi:10.5772/10140 fatcat:ie5sn2oz6jd4xkhultdzrxnvla

Mathematical model, computer aided design and programming of a multifunctional flying object

Ernest Czerwiński, Michał Szewc, Igor Wojtunik, Jan Awrejcewicz, Paweł Olejnik
2014 Aviation  
The quadrocopter, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), is a type of aerodynamic object using thrust generated by the propellers revolving around the rotor mast.  ...  Research interests: computational techniques for solving discrete dynamics problems, experimental research on laboratory stations, active control of nonlinear systems, analysis and modelling of mechatronic  ...  The design and control of an ideal quadrotor system has been proposed in (Senkul, Altug 2013) . Authors of the contribution propose an alternative propulsion system formed by tilting rotors.  ... 
doi:10.3846/16487788.2014.865941 fatcat:poe7j5eabnayfkzhi5tugz4vly

Vibration control of a coupled nonlinear string system in transverse and longitudinal directions

Shuzhi Sam Ge, Shuang Zhang, Wei He
2011 IEEE Conference on Decision and Control and European Control Conference  
By using Hamilton's principle, the dynamics of the nonlinear string are presented by two partial differential equations (PDEs) and four ordinary differential equations (ODEs).  ...  In this paper, vibration control is considered in both transverse and longitudinal directions for a coupled nonlinear flexible string system.  ...  In [13] , boundary control based on Lyapunov techniques are developed to stabilize the vibration. Semi-group theory of the boundary control techniques is introduced in [14] .  ... 
doi:10.1109/cdc.2011.6161143 dblp:conf/cdc/GeZH11 fatcat:bbihul3s6vfbtbwcc5onemt75u
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