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Impacts of climate change on mangrove ecosystems: a region by region overview

Raymond D. Ward, Daniel A. Friess, Richard H. Day, Richard A. Mackenzie
2016 Ecosystem Health and Sustainability  
Sea level rise is likely to influence mangroves in all regions although local impacts are likely to be more varied.  ...  Changes in the frequency and intensity of storminess are likely to have a greater impact on N and Central America, Asia, Australia, and East Africa than West Africa and S. America.  ...  Anecdotal evidence suggests that a similar pattern has emerged in response to the November 2013 Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, with areas dominated by Avicenniaceae more resilient to disturbance.  ... 
doi:10.1002/ehs2.1211 fatcat:sceiqtxpkncbbaecgdej2qfqzu

State of the Climate in 2020

J. Blunden, T. Boyer
2021 Bulletin of The American Meteorological Society - (BAMS)  
AbstractEditors note: For easy download the posted pdf of the State of the Climate in 2020 is a very low-resolution file. A high-resolution copy of the report is available by clicking here.  ...  Heavy downpours with accumulations near 100 mm in June soaked southern Niger, resulting in floods across the sub-region.  ...  The highest nationwide anomaly for the region was reported by Slovenia (+4.5°C above normal), its second-warmest February on record.  ... 
doi:10.1175/2021bamsstateoftheclimate.1 fatcat:2fmwtvqkknbtfoh6ffxlnehe7i

Conservation farming village (CFV) programme for protecting uplands and building resilient communities

Rex Victor O. Cruz, Wilfredo M. Carandang, Genevieve A. Galapia, Vida Q. Carandang, Catherine C. de Luna
2014 APN Science Bulletin  
By 2080s, the average temperature, precipitation and runoff over Asia were projected to increase by 3.7°C, 10.7% and 11.1%, respectively.  ...  ., CGCM3_T47, CGCM2_3_2 and CM4 were selected using criteria based on probabilistic uncertainty analysis, correlation coefficient and RMSE.  ...  Regional Workshop on ABS: Developing a national roadmap towards ABS legal frameworks.  ... 
doi:10.30852/sb.2014.49 fatcat:pugfgkxdybcajphgfuswsyotse

Inclusion in urban environmental governance of small and intermediary cities of the global South

Charrlotte Adelina, Diane Archer, Oliver Johnson, Romanus Otieno Opiyo
2021 Planext: Next Generation Planning  
Five of the cases are drawn extensively from literature, while two case studies reflect on our primary engagement in the cities of Nakuru in Kenya and Udon Thani in Thailand.  ...  Our paper employs an analytical framework derived from Bai et. al. (2010) to chart the actors, drivers, finances, barriers, and the inclusivity and sustainability outcomes in seven interventions led by  ...  Acknowledgment This work was supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) as part of the Stockholm Environment Institute's City Health and Well-Beinq Initiative.  ... 
doi:10.24306/plnxt/70 fatcat:hso6c4727ngshlb7rkjmhzqcii

Process for integrating local and indigenous knowledge related to hydro-meteorological hazards with science: Experiences from coastal and small island communities in Southeast Asia

Lisa Hiwasaki, Emmanuel Luna, Syamsidik, Rajib Shaw
2015 APN Science Bulletin  
Disaster Risk Reduction and Loss and Damage to Address Emerging Challenges due to Slow Onset Processes CAF2014-RR04NMY-THOMALLA 93 An Analysis of Longer-Term (5-10 Years) Recovery following Major Disasters in  ...  the Asia-Pacific Region: Lessons for Resilient Development CAF2014-RR05NMY-LASCO 94 Assessing the Linkages between Climate Change Adaptation (CCA), Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), and Loss and Damage (  ...  The workshop in Indonesia was hosted by BMKG, and supported by APN, MAIRS, WCRP and BMKG.  ... 
doi:10.30852/sb.2015.10 fatcat:cgivvxthsfawzdljki4yidarn4

Why and How Do We Study Sediment Transport? Focus on Coastal Zones and Ongoing Methods

Sylvain Ouillon
2018 Water  
estuary-littoral transition on the shelf, which includes river plumes, bottom nepheloid layers and ROFIs (regions of freshwater influence, [20])-a mixing zone influenced by river flows, tides, waves,  ...  On the other hand, scientific research is increasingly targeted by public authorities towards finalized studies in relation to societal issues.  ...  category 5 Haiyan typhoon.  ... 
doi:10.3390/w10040390 fatcat:xnq7nkpeg5cl3agxtqeotst5va

Monthly Variations in the Profile of Important Steroids during Annual Testicular Cycle in Catla catla: Basic Information for Future Study

Shafaq Fatima
2018 Pakistan Journal of Zoology  
It was one of the sectors most severely affected by typhoon Haiyan, in 2013, with up to 400 000 fisherfolk affected and an estimated 30 000 fishing vessels damaged or destroyed. 48 The vulnerability  ...  | 155 | This fig ureexcludes additional losses from storm surges due to sea-level rise. most disaster victims were due to typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, which ranked among the world's most  ... 
doi:10.17582/journal.pjz/2018.50.6.sc3 fatcat:3jad55d4t5gzhpdfpq3tjcgb2i

Purpose, processes, partnerships, and products: four Ps to advance participatory socio-environmental modeling

Steven Gray, Alexey Voinov, Michael Paolisso, Rebecca Jordan, Todd BenDor, Pierre Bommel, Pierre Glynn, Beatrice Hedelin, Klaus Hubacek, Josh Introne, Nagesh Kolagani, Bethany Laursen (+5 others)
2017 Ecological Applications  
in research on governance networks.  ...  Building on the concept of social-ecological network motifs developed by Bodin and Tengö (2012) and Bodin et al. (2016), we present results from a series of socialecological network experiments.  ...  Typhoon "Haiyan" or locally known as "Yolanda" was one of the most intense tropical cyclones on record, which devastated portions of Southeast Asia, particularly the Philippines, on November 8, 2013.  ... 
doi:10.1002/eap.1627 pmid:28922513 fatcat:lh6mglx47bbqbh7lsnwiw2jelq

Literature Review on Energy Access and Adaptation to Climate Change This report has been produced for the UK Department for International Development (DFID) Adaptation Knowledge and Tools programme and published through Evidence on Demand

Nipunika Perera, Gill Boyd, Ruth Wilkins, Phillips Itty
2015 unpublished
Solar lanterns and solar powered radios ICTs helped people access information from the Government and aid agencies during recovery from Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines (IRIN, 2013).  ...  When the Typhoon Haiyan hit coastal villages in the Philippines in 2012, much of the disaster zone was left without power due to damage caused on the grid transmission systems.  ... 

Assessing the Viability of Index Insurance as an Adaptation Tool in a Changing Climate Context: Case Study in the West African Sahel ABSTRACT OF THE DISSERTATION Assessing the Viability of Index Insurance as an Adaptation Tool in a Changing Climate Context: Case Study in the West African Sahel

Asher Siebert, Asher Siebert, David Robinson
Moderate changes in the mean can have a more than two fold impact on the TCE frequency and multi-decadal variability typical of the region is shown to have a significant effect on the likelihood of a large  ...  This dissertation contributes to the literatures on climate extremes, climate change, and financial adaptation.  ...  Hurricane Katrina, Typhoon Haiyan, the Horn of Africa drought).  ... 

Enhancing the use of scenario-based biodiversity information in conservation policy and practice [article]

HyeJin Kim, Universitäts- Und Landesbibliothek Sachsen-Anhalt, Martin-Luther Universität, Henrique M. Pereira, Christine Fürst, Patricia Balvanera
Finally, I conduct a retrospective analysis on protected areas through the Nature Futures lens using essential variables.  ...  First, I explore the impact of climate change and land use on biodiversity and ecosystem services through a model intercomparison.  ...  We thank the participants of IPBES workshops for conceiving the ideas on applying the Nature Futures Framework in developing scenarios (Vancouver, March 2019) and in modelling (The Hague, June 2019).  ... 
doi:10.25673/86250 fatcat:32mwxmxsdnfajdvb5vdxiwcy3y