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Challenges in the Application of Mathematical Programming in the Enterprise-wide Optimization of Process Industries

Ignacio E. Grossmann
2014 Теоретические основы химической технологии  
from session WD-12 4 -Knowledge Management of Macro and Micro Seaport Repositories using A Takt time based resource optimization technique to minimize patient wait time in hospitals Jyoti R.  ...  -Non-full coverage facility location problemsMaria Cortinhal Grouping seasonality and the formation of groups Aris Syntetos, John Boylan, Mona Mohammadipour 2 -Forecasting in production planning by  ...  The use of variable selection techniques was critical to reach a subset of variables with greater representativeness for the system.  ... 
doi:10.7868/s0040357114050054 fatcat:kli7aeuyxbaplfhup2t6nmuyxq

Challenges in the application of mathematical programming in the enterprise-wide optimization of process industries

Ignacio E. Grossmann
2014 Theoretical foundations of chemical engineering  
from session WD-12 4 -Knowledge Management of Macro and Micro Seaport Repositories using A Takt time based resource optimization technique to minimize patient wait time in hospitals Jyoti R.  ...  -Non-full coverage facility location problemsMaria Cortinhal Grouping seasonality and the formation of groups Aris Syntetos, John Boylan, Mona Mohammadipour 2 -Forecasting in production planning by  ...  The use of variable selection techniques was critical to reach a subset of variables with greater representativeness for the system.  ... 
doi:10.1134/s0040579514050182 fatcat:3ra5yqooyzgmroo5qccbnauftm

Discrete Time Analysis of Consolidated Transport Processes

Eda Özden
station i in a takted milkrun system Figure 5 . 5 6.: Illustration of the workloads in a takted milkrun system of the workload at station 1 (W L 1 ), which includes the picked and the delivered quantities  ...  we introduce here the variable workload W L i , which stands for this number.  ... 
doi:10.5445/ir/1000025326 fatcat:yxciaduy25hajdfwehjopkqifa


Puvanasvaran, Ab Hamid, Yoong
2018 unpublished
Therefore, a new method of the coil setup was developed and standardized which able to improve the efficiency and reduce the lead time of the process.  ...  The excessive steps and non-standardize working procedure of the workers in the coil setup needed to be eliminated and some internal steps should change to internal steps to reduce the cycle time.  ...  It also shows the time required to conduct every element during the process for each workstation. Through the OBC, the equilibrium of workloads between workstations can be easily shown.  ... 


Eduardo Guilherme Satolo, Laiz Eritiemi de Moura Hiraga, Gustavo Antiqueira Goes, Wagner Luiz Lourenzani
2016 Independent Journal of Management & Production  
Over the past four decades, Lean Production has been recognized as a management model in efficiency and competitiveness when it comes to the use of a systematic approach and focused on waste elimination  ...  The Brazilian sugarcane agribusiness has emerged as one of the main drivers of the economy; mainly stand out in global scenario as a major producer and exporter of sugar.  ...  Principle 4 To level the workload. Principle 5 To build a culture of stopping and solving problems to obtain the desired quality on the first try.  ... 
doi:10.14807/ijmp.v7i3.471 fatcat:7w4ankmemna7jkrah2vm4gqnke

Improving Just-in-Time Delivery Performance of IoT-Enabled Flexible Manufacturing Systems with AGV Based Material Transportation

Fengjia Yao, Bugra Alkan, Bilal Ahmad, Robert Harrison
2020 Sensors  
(GA) to find near-optimal production schedules prioritising the just-in-time (JIT) material delivery performance and energy efficiency of the material transportation.  ...  activities effectively and rapidly.  ...  takt time and production cost [6, 7] .  ... 
doi:10.3390/s20216333 pmid:33171979 fatcat:usqyt42grremjeutedbgmxipxi

The Vessel Schedule Recovery Problem (VSRP) – A MIP model for handling disruptions in liner shipping

Berit D. Brouer, Jakob Dirksen, David Pisinger, Christian E.M. Plum, Bo Vaaben
2013 European Journal of Operational Research  
Thus we test the validity of those solutions developing a simulation model including demand variability and relocation operations.  ...  The proposed model incorporates a matching algorithm between the supply and demand, finding the most adequate option, considering multiple objectives, as minimum travel time for passengers and balance  ...  We present a mathematical model for resource optimization which is based on Takt time concept (average time a patient spends in a hospital for treatment) for each department in all the timeslots and considers  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ejor.2012.08.016 fatcat:c27kagfnxnhjfbil2rydhjhomm

The Practice of Profit and Loss Sharing System For Rice Farmers in East Java, Indonesia

Umrotul Khasanah Umrotul Khasanah
2013 IOSR Journal of Business and Management  
The data analysis is executed through data collection, reduction and presentation which lead to the findings, proposition and conclusion. The research findings show  ...  This research is aimed to explore: (1) the practice of profit and loss sharing (PLS) among the rice farmers society, (2) the meaning of PLS for rice farmers society.  ...  Thanks are due to all the people interviewed, for the time they spent and knowledge they shared with us. Acknowledgements The author would like to express his gratitude to Mr.  ... 
doi:10.9790/487x-0930107 fatcat:bunbdjo6nvfoplaergh7ace26u

Statistical shape modeling in virtual assembly using PCA-technique

Björn Lindau, Lars Lindkvist, Alf Andersson, Rikard Söderberg
2013 Journal of manufacturing systems  
Acknowledgements We thank the whole Geometry and Motion Planning Group for useful discussions and help in the implementation.  ...  AS and Teeness AS.  ...  The PCS includes 19 PCC that analyze workloads such as workings heights, physical strains, movability of different parts of the body, but also takt times, information provision, illumination of the work  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jmsy.2013.02.002 fatcat:eaucg4ewmre3lefsbiihax6tza

A mixed-methods evaluation of transformational change in NHS North East

David J Hunter, Jonathan Erskine, Chris Hicks, Tom McGovern, Adrian Small, Ed Lugsden, Paula Whitty, Ian Nick Steen, Martin Eccles
2014 Health Services and Delivery Research  
Research methods included 68 semistructured interviews, observation, two focus groups, documentary analysis and interrupted time series (ITS) analysis.  ...  sourcesQualitative parts of the study drew on semistructured interviews, focus groups, observation and documents.  ...  to take part as case studies in this research, and anyone involved in the NETS who gave so freely of their time and experience during the fieldwork conducted for the study.  ... 
doi:10.3310/hsdr02470 fatcat:dqrlhrtapzclpppx5dlnz42j3i

Engineering, Technology & Applied Science Research (ETASR), Vol. 11, No. 3, pp. 7069-7290

2021 Zenodo  
ISSN: 1792-8036 and 2241-4487.  ...  Research (ETASR) is an international bimonthly wide scope, peer-reviewed open access journal for the publication of original articles concerned with diverse aspects of science application, technology, and  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENT The authors would like to thank the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Kurdistan, the Chemistry Department of the University of Zakho, and the Petroleum Department,  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5136285 fatcat:2beknqdb3bcq7fqfav6btil6ci

Artikelsamling - MNT-konferansen 2019

Reidar Lyng
2019 Nordic Journal of STEM Education  
Excited receives public funding through the Norwegian Agency for International Cooperation and Quality Enhancement in Higher Education (Diku).  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The research presented in this paper was conducted by Excited Centre for Excellence in IT Education,, which is a collaboration between NTNU and Nord university  ...  The topics are complex numbers, sequences (convergence), functions (continuity, differentiation and integration in one variable), some linear algebra (tuples and matrices) and functions in several variables  ... 
doi:10.5324/njsteme.v3i1.2992 fatcat:ap57jmqj5bh3bmnnsdv37msc4q

Assessment of pain. Knowledge, attitudes, and practices of health care providers in Almadinah Almunawwarah, Saudi Arabia

Khalid Al-Quliti, Majed Alamri
2015 Neurosciences  
The program was evaluated by means of a quasi-experimental design with a nonequivalent control group where the control group (120 patients) and the intervention group (120 patients) were not drawn from  ...  Managers and supervisors can facilitate the application of educational programs and incorporate with the team to move more quickly in the desired change.  ...  Special thanks to my husband for his faith on me and continuous support. Thanks to my kids, Rand and Ammar, who were very patient with me and allowed me to take from their time to develop my self.  ... 
doi:10.17712/nsj.2015.2.20140546 pmid:25864065 pmcid:PMC4727624 fatcat:bttg5knejjdzfipon2metfnh5u

Hearing loss, health, stress and work-life [article]

Katja Lund
2015 The PhD Series of the Faculty of the Humanities  
Meget bevidst om, hvad hun skal gøre, for at passe på sig selv Småjusteringer, der skal til, for at gøre situationen bedre Betyder meget at hun fx har en time inden andre møder på arbejdet Perfekt arbejdspladsindretning  ...  As a result the presentation of the core variables must initially be split into these two groups and dealt with separately.  ...  further development of the positive spiral, which in time will affect the individual and group experience of quality of life and work-life.  ... 
doi:10.5278/ fatcat:u6iwyvcm2ve7bpujbkrzcouaoq

Point-To-Point Communication

1994 The International Journal of Supercomputer Applications and High Performance Computing  
ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We would like to thank Alexander Sjöberg and Pontus Belvén from project group I6 for their help regarding camera networks.  ...  in generous amounts and introducing me to the field of fusion and the science of plasma physics.  ...  The set T is called its parameter set and it usually represents time. Then, the variable X(t) can be seen as a state of the process at time t.  ... 
doi:10.1177/109434209400800304 fatcat:fr4kdw72o5dl5fppqnlh5rixwq
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