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Variable Bandwidth Filtering for Improved Sensitivity of Cross-Frequency Coupling Metrics

Jeffrey I. Berman, Jonathan McDaniel, Song Liu, Lauren Cornew, William Gaetz, Timothy P.L. Roberts, J. Christopher Edgar
2012 Brain Connectivity  
There is an increasing interest in examining cross-frequency coupling (CFC) between groups of oscillating neurons.  ...  In particular, previous publications have used a filter bandwidth fixed to a constant for all assessed modulation frequencies.  ...  Additional support for the Neuroimaging Core was from Award number P30HD026979 from the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health & Human Development of the National Institutes of Health  ... 
doi:10.1089/brain.2012.0085 pmid:22577870 pmcid:PMC3621836 fatcat:zlxmmq26gjeabnmcxkd5suywpe

A review of demodulation techniques for amplitude-modulation atomic force microscopy

Michael G Ruppert, David M Harcombe, Michael R P Ragazzon, S O Reza Moheimani, Andrew J Fleming
2017 Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology  
To enable a rigorous comparison, the performance metrics tracking bandwidth, implementation complexity and sensitivity to other frequency components are experimentally evaluated for each method.  ...  signal in the presence of sensor noise or additional distinct frequency components.  ...  Acknowledgements This research was performed at The University of Newcastle, Callaghan, NSW, Australia.  ... 
doi:10.3762/bjnano.8.142 pmid:28900596 pmcid:PMC5530615 fatcat:fz3se5oiw5dmljrebe7pzhqeiq

A review of demodulation techniques for multifrequency atomic force microscopy

David M Harcombe, Michael G Ruppert, Andrew J Fleming
2020 Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology  
The metrics for comparison include the sensitivity to other frequency components and the magnitude of demodulation artifacts for a range of demodulator bandwidths.  ...  This article compares the performance of traditional and recently proposed demodulators for multifrequency atomic force microscopy.  ...  At high bandwidths, closed-loop demodulators benefit from cross-coupling zeros at the modeled frequencies.  ... 
doi:10.3762/bjnano.11.8 pmid:31976199 pmcid:PMC6964647 fatcat:4nxh6mpku5b5lge5pqgfxvmaja

Sensor Fusion for Improved Control of Piezoelectric Tube Scanners

A.J. Fleming, A.G. Wills, S. Moheimani
2008 IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology  
In nanopositioning applications, capacitive or inductive sensors are used to measure displacement and provide feedback to eliminate actuator nonlinearity, dynamics, cross-coupling between axes, and thermal  ...  Due to their noise density, typically 20 pm Hz for 100-m range transducers, feedback loops are restricted to a few tens of Hertz if nanometer precision is required.  ...  cross coupling between adjacent electrodes.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tcst.2008.921798 fatcat:ilgyrtobnzdqvjwyocllwn6bzu

10-Gb/s Wavelength and Pulse Format Conversion Using Four-Wave Mixing in a GaAs Waveguide

Paveen Apiratikul, W. Astar, Gary M. Carter, Thomas E. Murphy
2010 IEEE Photonics Technology Letters  
A conversion efficiency of 28 dB (idler output relative to signal output) and a conversion bandwidth of 48 nm could be achieved in this waveguide, which was fabricated in a single photolithographic step  ...  The converted RZ on-off keying (RZ-OOK) signal demonstrated a 10 9 bit-error-rate receiver sensitivity penalty of 1 dB relative to baseline RZ-OOK.  ...  , and no reports of data performance metrics such as eye diagrams or bit-error-rate (BER) receiver sensitivity.  ... 
doi:10.1109/lpt.2010.2047009 fatcat:mw3rrwxldfgiflqqnoq6l6pji4

Resilience in optical ring-resonant switches

Kevin A. Williams, Abhinav Rohit, Madeleine Glick
2011 Optics Express  
In this work we use the combination of vectorial optical-mode propagation and transfer matrix calculation to map fabrication-level feature size variation to the optical switch performance metrics for extinction  ...  ratio, bandwidth and power penalty.  ...  The fabrication sensitivity of operational variables such as offstate signal extinction, on-state bandwidth and pass-band ripple is then presented in section 3.  ... 
doi:10.1364/oe.19.017232 pmid:21935087 fatcat:axnwbhnjmngvdh4esluqwvkwm4

Statistical diagnosis and parametric yield analysis of liquid crystalline polymer RF dualband filters

S. Mukherjee, M. Swaminathan, E. Matoglu
2005 2005 European Microwave Conference  
The probability density and sensitivity functions are utilized as a diagnosis tool to estimate design parameters of RF circuit layouts for a given measured performance.  ...  The concept has been demonstrated by analysis of a RF dualband filter.  ...  CC, C_resn1, L and C_m1 are the component dimensions (as also shown in Fig.4 ).The performance variables stands for 1 dB bandwidth and lower cutoff frequency of 1 dB bandwidth.  ... 
doi:10.1109/eumc.2005.1610176 fatcat:k4vtan56dfbvvfv5ivvthwhid4

A low-power adaptive bandwidth PLL and clock buffer with supply-noise compensation

M. Mansuri, Chih-Kong Ken Yang
2003 IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits  
This paper describes a fully integrated low-jitter CMOS phase-locked loop and clock buffer for low-power digital systems with a wide range of operating frequencies.  ...  To reduce supply-induced jitter, programmable circuits with opposite sensitivity compensate for the delay variations. Both elements have supply-induced delay sensitivity of 0 1% delay 1% DD .  ...  This bandwidth is larger than 20 the loop bandwidth of the PLL. For dc supply noise, the PSRR is improved by more than 15 dB.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jssc.2003.818300 fatcat:4peykjhvc5dnpb2ubbtuqz76ua

Bilinear noise subtraction at the GEO 600 observatory [article]

Nikhil Mukund, James Lough, Christoph Affeldt, Fabio Bergamin, Aparna Bisht, Marc Brinkmann, Volker Kringel, Harald Lück, Séverin Landry Nadji, Michael Weinert
2020 arXiv   pre-print
The filter coefficients are updated periodically to account for any non-stationarities that can arise within the coupling.  ...  We estimate this bilinear coupling by making use of narrow-band signal injections that are already in place for noise projection purposes.  ...  The SRCL control loop has a bandwidth of 35 Hz and linear coupling from this signal is one among the several technical noises that limit sensitivity at lower frequencies.  ... 
arXiv:2001.00242v1 fatcat:tcfeaoupubglfk7abumzhczrvu

Use of independent component analysis to improve signal-to-noise ratio in multi-probe fluorescence microscopy

2014 Journal of Microscopy  
For many multi-probe studies, the increased sensitivity of this "full bandwidth" approach will lead to improved image quality and/or reduced excitation power requirements.  ...  In conventional multi-probe fluorescence microscopy, narrow bandwidth filters on detectors are used to avoid bleed-through artifacts between probes.  ...  The negentropy metric J(y) of a random variable y, related to the entropy by J(y) = H(y gauss ) − H(y), is therefore minimized and equal to zero for a Gaussian distributed random variable.  ... 
doi:10.1111/jmi.12167 pmid:25159193 pmcid:PMC4229364 fatcat:t2j2npbhbjdslo6uxzhdl5hoia

Neuromorphic photonic networks using silicon photonic weight banks

Alexander N. Tait, Thomas Ferreira de Lima, Ellen Zhou, Allie X. Wu, Mitchell A. Nahmias, Bhavin J. Shastri, Paul R. Prucnal
2017 Scientific Reports  
At increased scale, Neuromorphic silicon photonics could access new regimes of ultrafast information processing for radio, control, and scientific computing.  ...  Photonic systems for high-performance information processing have attracted renewed interest.  ...  Devices were fabricated by Richard Bojko at the University of Washington Washington Nanofabrication Facility, part of the NSF National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network (NNIN).  ... 
doi:10.1038/s41598-017-07754-z pmid:28784997 pmcid:PMC5547135 fatcat:5g5gfnspcfespculrsdwbizdfi

Improving the Performance of the Carrier Tracking Loop for GPS Receivers in Presence of Transient Errors due to PVT Variations

Mohamed Mourad Hafidhi, Emmanuel Boutillon
2016 2016 IEEE International Workshop on Signal Processing Systems (SiPS)  
Modifying properly the optimal filter bandwidth values gives astonishing results in terms of robustness against errors.  ...  The modification of the bandwidth filter values introduces almost no position degradation in a noise-free GPS receiver (only 11 cm in average).  ...  N ω is assume to be a uniform random variable in [−b, b], thus, its PSD is defined as: Fig. 5 . 5 σ X (p) when only the frequency discriminator is faulty for different values of filters bandwidth. σ  ... 
doi:10.1109/sips.2016.22 dblp:conf/sips/HafidhiB16 fatcat:3cy67fxlkjdztj2galncjwwwp4

Effects of mutual coupling on interference mitigation with a focal plane array

K.F. Warnick, M.A. Jensen
2005 IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation  
The pattern variability was smaller for a mutually coupled array than for an uncoupled array.  ...  For this reason, we expect that performance would be qualitatively similar for a larger array, but with improved overall sensitivity.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tap.2005.852278 fatcat:dh6zriu6qjemlcs63pltrxur4q

CMOS Oscillators for Clock Distribution and Injection-Locked Deskew

Masum Hossain, Anthony Chan Carusone
2009 IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits  
A low power clock source is demonstrated by incorporating a buffer into a cross-coupled oscillator.  ...  The distribution and alignment of high-frequency clocks across a wide bus of links is a significant challenge in modern computing systems.  ...  oscillation of the cross-coupled VCO.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jssc.2009.2022917 fatcat:jubb4j34b5e7doffepcz27ibgu

Statistical analysis and diagnosis methodology for RF circuits in LCP substrates

S. Mukherjee, M. Swaminathan, E. Matoglu
2005 IEEE transactions on microwave theory and techniques  
Statistical methods were also applied for design space exploration to improve system performance, as well as estimation of yield and diagnosis of faults during batch fabrication.  ...  The results of statistical analysis and diagnosis were compared with measurement results of fabricated filters.  ...  Test Cases 1) Bandpass Filter: A bandpass filter with a layout similar to that shown in Fig. 3 and having a 1-dB bandwidth of 115 MHz and a center frequency of 2.38 GHz has been used for statistical  ... 
doi:10.1109/tmtt.2005.855735 fatcat:oaih3j54tbdzbfhx6zsxrl5diy
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