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To swing or not to swing

Andrei Broder, Massimiliano Ciaramita, Marcus Fontoura, Evgeniy Gabrilovich, Vanja Josifovski, Donald Metzler, Vanessa Murdock, Vassilis Plachouras
2008 Proceeding of the 17th ACM conference on Information and knowledge mining - CIKM '08  
In this paper we pose a decision problem "whether to swing", that is, whether or not to show any of the ads for the incoming request.  ...  Our experimental evaluation, based on over 28,000 editorial judgments, shows that we are able to predict, with high accuracy, when to "swing" for both content match and sponsored search advertising.  ...  THE SWING/NO SWING MODEL In this section, we describe our two approaches for determining when to advertise (swing) or when not to advertise (no swing).  ... 
doi:10.1145/1458082.1458216 dblp:conf/cikm/BroderCFGJMMP08 fatcat:clo2a7ep7fbathkqcxxg7jhtri

Control of interjoint coordination during the swing phase of normal gait at different speeds

Jonathan Shemmell, Jennifer Johansson, Vanessa Portra, Gerald L Gottlieb, James S Thomas, Daniel M Corcos
2007 Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation  
The purpose of the current study was to test the applicability of such a control scheme to the unconstrained portion of the gait cycle -the swing phase.  ...  We employed principal component (PC) analysis to determine (1) the similarity of kinematic and kinetic time series at the ankle, knee and hip during the swing phase of gait, and (2) the effect of walking  ...  90% of the swing phase.  ... 
doi:10.1186/1743-0003-4-10 pmid:17466065 pmcid:PMC1866234 fatcat:xfdzllrrsbfhbhqzxj4gao4e3i

Girth pressure measurements reveal high peak pressures that can be avoided using an alternative girth design that also results in increased limb protraction and flexion in the swing phase

Rachel Murray, Russell Guire, Mark Fisher, Vanessa Fairfax
2013 The Veterinary Journal  
Thoracic swing must be moderated and contraction of muscles required to bring the trunk forward over the limb must also be initiated.  ...  Girth pressure measurements reveal high peak pressures that can be avoided using an alternative girth design that also results in increased limb protraction and flexion in the swing phase.  ...  Conflict of interest statement Vanessa Fairfax is employed by Fairfax Saddles Ltd.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.tvjl.2013.07.028 pmid:23973365 fatcat:4miyko56tfcp5antxy7q5jh66u

Page 14 of Ainslee's Vol. 17, Issue 2 [page]

1906 Ainslee's  
Vanessa leaned farther out of her window: for an instant she contem- plated swinging her feet out upon the shed. “Did I really call you that?” she asked. “I thought it was something else.”  ...  Vanessa murmured something Miss Sa- about a dog in the manger. bina took her up alertly. “A dog in the manger!” she cried.  ... 

Page 67 of Canadian Entomologist Vol. 46, Issue 2 [page]

1914 Canadian Entomologist  
I saw numbers of skeleton- ized bushes with chrysalids suspended from their branches, and if a bush were shaken or disturbed, the chrysalids immediately started swinging back and forth, and would continue  ...  THE CANADIAN ENTOMOLOGIST 67 THE CASE OF VANESSA CALIFORNICA. BY E. J. NEWCOMER, STANFORD UNIVERSITY, CAL. The controversy between Prof. F. M. Webster and Dr. J.  ... 

Page 302 of Canadian Monthly and National Review Vol. 11, Issue 3 [page]

1877 Canadian Monthly and National Review  
All its feathers fluffed up with cold, Stiffened claws that can barely hold The swinging branch of the ice-clad tree,— Wonderful bird ! dost thou sing for glee?  ...  (Zo be concluded in Hence arose the strange con- | test between love and friendship recorded | THE CANADIAN MONTHLY. in ‘Cadenus and Vanessa,’ —a contest which their correspondence shows to have really  ... 

Page 313 of The National and English Review Vol. 147, Issue 886 [page]

1956 The National and English Review  
He walked across to the window and pulled back the heavy, swinging curtain. Outside the moon was riding in glory.  ...  ** Not bad,”’ said Vanessa. ‘*‘ Two-mile point. The ground’s still a bit soggy.” ‘It’s freezing now,”’ said Priday.  ... 

Page 60 of The Quarterly Review of Biology Vol. 2, Issue 1 [page]

1927 The Quarterly Review of Biology  
fore-legs (as in all Nymphalids) they have more and more difficulty as they become advanced in age in holding them- selves head upward on a vertical surface; their center of gravity is too high, so they swing  ...  GEOTROPISM IN COLIAS A striking peculiarity of Colias philodice and C. eurytheme, in which they differ from Vanessa antiopa, is their positive geo- tropism in darkness.  ... 


1914 Canadian Entomologist  
I saw numbers of skeletonized bushes with chrysalids suspended from their branches, and if a bush were shaken or disturbed, the chrysalids immediately started swinging back and forth, and u-ould continue  ...  Susanville, during the early part of my stay, I found numerous patches of "buck brush" or "snow brush" (Ceanothus sp.) in the timbered regions literally alive with the black, spiny, half-grown caterpillars of Vanessa  ... 
doi:10.4039/ent4667-2 fatcat:tdsjn2an2fgwxd67lj4dm3njni

Page 646 of The Athenaeum Vol. , Issue 4415 [page]

1912 The Athenaeum  
Written with the sympathy and insight born of long familiarity with the phases of peasant life the story is told with a swing and a fluency which seem to suggest that the author found a pleasure in the  ...  for written communications, and the next letters of a compromising character which Vanessa received from Swift were doubtless those written from Windsor in the following summer.  ... 

Page 735 of Munsey's Magazine Vol. 83, Issue 4 [page]

1925 Munsey's Magazine  
““* VANESSA BirD.’ “ This,” declared Larry, “in the unani- mous opinion of the judges, wins the fur- lined saxophone.  ...  Larry watched the winter afternoon sun upon her pale gold hair, and followed its path to the interesting pattern it wove upon the warm blue rug—a pattern molded by the wicker bird cage swinging slowly  ... 

Page 17 of Journal of Singing Vol. 17, Issue 4 [page]

1961 Journal of Singing  
For medium voice and piano.. 75 SWING DAT HAMMER!—Hall Johnson A vital, rhythmical Negro ‘‘chain-gang’’ song.  ...  Barber’s Pulitzer Prize winning opera ‘‘Vanessa.”’ For medium voice and piano i NOCTURNE—Richard Hageman Another eo ee of the art of composer Hageman. Poem by Jean Moreas.  ... 

Profile: Vanessa Cameron – 36 years at the Royal College of Psychiatrists

Rob Poole, Catherine A. Robinson
2016 BJPsych Bulletin  
The College was formed in 1971, so Vanessa has been present for most of its lifetime.  ...  On 16 December 2016, Vanessa Cameron retires as Chief Executive of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.  ...  The Cold War was in full swing and 'to put it mildly, it was interesting'.  ... 
doi:10.1192/pb.bp.116.055459 pmid:28377815 pmcid:PMC5353516 fatcat:hxt344ythvhi5kvq7empbfnkqm

Page 7 of Journal of Singing Vol. 17, Issue 2 [page]

1960 Journal of Singing  
by Jean Moreas—For Med. voice and Piano a Jo as al- O LOVELY WORLD—Richard Hageman—For Med. voice and Piano scissile, Sa R SWING DAT HAMMER!  ...  A MINOR BIRD—Celius Dougherty—For Med. voice and Piano 75 Gustav MUST THE WINTER COME SO SOON—Samuel Barber—From ‘‘Vanessa’’—For Med. voice and Piano .......... .60 mpany NOCTURNE—Richard Hageman—Poem  ... 

Parasitic Conduction on Ω-Gate Nanowires SOI nMOSFETs

Vanessa Cristina Pereira Silva, Joao Antonio Martino, Paula Ghedini Der Agopian
2018 ECS Transactions  
It was verified that the presence of these fixed charges and of the interface traps hardly affect the subthreshold swing due to the strong coupling among the interfaces.  ...  TABLE I - I Subthreshold swing values for different fixed charges concentrations.  ...  Figure 3 presents the experimental extract threshold voltage (VT) and subthreshold swing (SS) of the three analyzed WNW.  ... 
doi:10.1149/08508.0103ecst fatcat:kptkgfemp5audlql64wjq53kg4
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