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A probabilistic interpretation of a sequence related to Narayana polynomials [article]

T. Amdeberhan, V. H. Moll, C. Vignat
2012 arXiv   pre-print
A sequence of coefficients appearing in a recurrence for the Narayana polynomials is generalized.  ...  The coefficients are given a probabilistic interpretation in terms of beta distributed random variables. The recurrence established by M.  ...  k i=1 E(2X) |Vi| where the sum is over all partitions V = {V 1 , · · · , V k } of the set {1, 2, . . . , n}.  ... 
arXiv:1202.1203v3 fatcat:itjz75myovbcrhz6e5vu5ed6gu

Thin Layer Chromatography of Azine and Oxazine Dyes

1985 Zenodo  
Incorporation of a small amount (0.5% vfv) of HCl in solvent system (A) produced excellent resolution.  ...  Although MB showed a neat single spot, it has been found to be unstable on heating with a solvent or on long standing of the solution.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6321981 fatcat:brvgxyjl7jdiplpa232xbakt3e

Martensite-like transition and spin-glass behavior in nanocrystalline Pr0.5Ca0.5MnO3 [article]

S. Narayana Jammalamadaka, S. S. Rao, J. Vanacken, A. Stesmans, S. V. Bhat, V. V. Moshchalkov
2012 arXiv   pre-print
The AC - susceptibility data indicate the presence of a frequency-dependent freezing temperature, satisfying the conventional Vogel-Fulcher and power laws, pointing to the existence of a spin-glass-like  ...  The present results lead to a better understanding of manganite physics and might prove helpful for practical applications.  ...  Usually, χ 2 appears due to the presence of a symmetry breaking field which originates either from a spontaneous magnetization or a superimposed dc magnetic field.  ... 
arXiv:1204.1014v1 fatcat:wkwmeuy2mngobgqhnd4rrsr6ay

Single Ion Transport with a Single-Layer Graphene Nanopore

Vishal V. R. Nandigana, Mohammad Heiranian, Narayana R. Aluru
2019 Zenodo  
The current is blocked until a critical voltage, as the ions are trapped inside a hydration shell.  ...  Furthermore, the trapped ion stores a finite charge in the Coulomb blockade region; hence the device also acts a super capacitor.  ...  This super capacitor can be used to replace a battery in smart phones. . V. R.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3300428 fatcat:uhbkd7w64nhtxkcv5tb7snh7vq

High level radiosonde ascents at hyderabad during January to April, 1961

Anna Mani, G. P. Srivastava, B. B. Huddar, N. V. Narayana Rao, N. Narayana Iyer
1966 Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences - Section A  
The paper describes a new radiosonde developed at Poona for high altitude balloon soundings and the results of the high level radiosonde ascents taken at Hyderabad as part of the Indo-US Balloon Flight  ...  The motor consists of a permanent bar magnet, rotatiug inside a rectangular coil.  ...  The rotating helix, a thin silver wire wound in a screw thread cut on a polished clear perspex insulating cylinder, is driven by the electric motor through four reduction gears + : s: +: 8 at a speed of  ... 
doi:10.1007/bf03049324 fatcat:2k4b6bsyzzalbg2e63ppvlwzjm

A note on a theorem of Moser and Whitney

T. V. Narayana, H. M. Pettigrew
1962 Canadian mathematical bulletin  
They remark that they have not been able to find a direct combinatorial proof. The purpose of this note is to give a direct proof of a more general result. Let r > 1 be a fixed positive integer.  ...  *+S +S 12 r-1 > where S denotes the union of the S. with j> r, and we use a + sign rather than U to denote a disjoint union.  ...  The simple case for r = 2 leads to a well-known expression for the ordinary Fibonacci numbers (see, for example, [2] , equation (2) ).  ... 
doi:10.4153/cmb-1962-020-0 fatcat:ba3uby6vmngkxkg4puwqokq4l4

A Survey of Renal Glycosuria in Indians

N S Narayana, V Ramamurti
1955 The Indian medical gazette  
This led us to a detailed study of this condition among a large number of Indian males apparently in normal health, examined at the Government of India, Seamen's Medical Examination Centre at the Port  ...  Some consider renal glycosuria a rare disease, some think it is not so uncommon and some, on the other hand find it very common.  ...  N. and V. R. and when the curve returned to normal fasting level within 2 hours. For venous blood they reduced the critical units by 10 mg./lOO c.c.  ... 
pmid:29014413 pmcid:PMC5182520 fatcat:x5ibefrhrjgjxfoukcdylmpbhi

Room temperature soft ferromagnetism in the nanocrystalline form of YCo2, A well-known bulk Pauli paramagnet

S. Narayana Jammalamadaka, E. V. Sampathkumaran, V. Satya Narayana Murthy, G. Markandeyulu
2008 Applied Physics Letters  
Since these ferromagnetic nanocrystallines are easy to synthesize with a stable form in air, one can explore applications, particularly where hysteresis is a disadvantage.  ...  The Laves phase compound, YCo2, is a well-known exchange-enahnced Pauli paramagnet.  ...  In other words, the lattice constant (a = 7.223 ± 0.002 Ǻ) is not influenced at all by milling.  ... 
doi:10.1063/1.2929380 fatcat:f3ivuxcrt5fmfcn4g5wu7e3a6y

A note on the compositions of an integer

T. V. Narayana, G. E. Fulton
1958 Canadian mathematical bulletin  
We shall now make a transformation on the r-compositions of n, suggested by the relations (A). After this transformation,  ...  The relation of domination defined by (A) is reflexive, transitive and anti-symmetric. It thus represents a partial ordering of the r-compositions of n.  ...  The equality of the number of compositions in a(n) and b(n-+-2) was posed as a problem in a recent Putnam examination» Professor Leo Moser suggested that there might be a one-to-one correspondence between  ... 
doi:10.4153/cmb-1958-017-3 fatcat:jkunushshvhjxa24oikcxzkrxu

A Novel Method of Linearizing Thermistor Characteristic Using Voltage Controlled Oscillator

Narayana K. V. L, Bhujanga Rao A.
2012 Sensors & Transducers  
This paper introduces a novel way of linearizing the thermistor characteristic using Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) which exhibits a linear analog temperature/frequency relation over a wide temperature  ...  A notable feature of the proposed circuit is the sensitivity in the thermistor is quite high.  ...  IV A Novel Method of Linearizing Thermistor Characteristic Using Voltage Controlled Oscillator Narayana K. V.  ... 
doaj:9e512a1e36374109899846dcec03d263 fatcat:pwmdljzymrcpzfswefetnd3fpa

Epidemiology and demographics of head and neck cancers: a hospital based retrospective study in Andhra Pradesh

Dr. A. Kusumanjali, Assistant Professor, Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Narayana Medical College, SPS Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India, Dr. Niveditha Meenuga, Dr. Grace Vandana Jyothi R., Dr. V. Krishna Chaitanya, Post-Graduate Resident, Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Narayana Medical College, SPS Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India, Post-Graduate Resident, Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Narayana Medical College, SPS Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India, Professor, Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Narayana Medical College, SPS Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India
2019 Tropical Journal of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology  
Materials and Methods: This was a retrospective study conducted in Department of Otolaryngology, Narayana Medical College and Hospital, SPS Nellore, Andhra Pradesh.  ...  Conclusion: There is a spurt of HNC cases in SPS Nellore.  ...  Discussion This is a retrospective study conducted by the department of Otorhinolaryngology at Narayana Medical College and Hospital situated at SPS Nellore district, Andhra Pradesh.  ... 
doi:10.17511/jooo.2019.i07.08 fatcat:tmh33a4ynrewjhwwidmqwqxhwu

A Note on Simple Binomial Sampling Plans

B. Brainerd, T. V. Narayana
1961 The Annals of Mathematical Statistics  
V. NARAYANA A NOTE ON SIMPLE BINOMIAL SAMPLING PLANS By B. BraInerp AND T. V. NARAYANA! University of Toronto and University of Alberta Introduction.  ...  V. Narayana, “An analogue of the multinomial theorem,’’ to appear in Can. Math. Bull. [3] T. V. Narayana AND G. E. Futton, ‘‘A note on the compositions of an integer,’’ Can. Math.  ... 
doi:10.1214/aoms/1177704987 fatcat:gnievil5erhg5lgts6nihuvoai

A Study to Assess the Knowledge Regarding Prevention of Anemia among Women's in Narayana Medical College Hospital, Nellore

Geethu Mariam Scaria
2017 International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology  
Methods: A Descriptive design was adopted for this study.  ...  regard to level of knowledge, 52(86.7%) women had inadequate knowledge, 8(13.3%) had moderately adequate knowledge about prevention of anemia Conclusion: The study concluded that majority of women in the Narayana  ...  It is not a specific disease state but a sign of an underlying disorder and a condition of a lower than normal level of hemoglobin reflects fewer than normal red blood cells within the circulation.  ... 
doi:10.22214/ijraset.2017.9145 fatcat:2dkz35ib5fee3d2cdhxhnlfv5a

Phase transition between two different orientations of the Q phase in the NaNbO_3 thin film [article]

A. V. Pavlenko, D. V. Stryukov, M. V. Vladimirov, A. E. Ganzha, S. A. Udovenko, Anjana Joseph, Janaky Sunil, Chandrabhas Narayana, R. G. Burkovsky, I. P. Raevski, N. V. Ter-Oganessian
2021 arXiv   pre-print
reveals a diffuse phase transition.  ...  It is found that at room temperature NaNbO_3 is in ferroelectric state, whereas the temperature-dependent dielectric constant experiences a broad maximum at 440 K on cooling and at 500 K on heating and  ...  V. Pavlenko,1, 2 D. V. Stryukov,2 M. V. Vladimirov,3 A. E. Ganzha,3 S. A.  ... 
arXiv:2112.04579v1 fatcat:4mckafqexbdzxnw2u256zpes74

A second polymorph of carvedilol

H. S. Yathirajan, S. Bindya, T. V. Sreevidya, B. Narayana, Michael Bolte
2007 Acta Crystallographica Section E  
Key indicators Single-crystal X-ray study T = 173 K Mean (C-C) = 0.002 Å R factor = 0.040 wR factor = 0.106 Data-to-parameter ratio = 13.9 For details of how these key indicators were automatically derived  ...  C 24 H 26 N 2 O 4 M r = 406.47 Monoclinic, P2 1 =c a = 15.5414 (14) Å b = 15.2050 (12) Å c = 9.1174 (8) Å = 100.730 (7) V = 2116.8 (3) Å 3 Z = 4 D x = 1.275 Mg m À3 Mo K radiation = 0.09 mm  ...  D-HÁ Á ÁA D -H HÁ Á ÁA D Á Á ÁA D -HÁ Á ÁA O-HÁ Á ÁN iii 1.14 1.73 2.837 173 N carbazole -HÁ Á ÁO iv 0.90 2.35 3.193 156 N amino -HÁ Á ÁO ether 0.90 2.48 2.828 103 N amino -HÁ Á ÁO  ... 
doi:10.1107/s1600536807000414 fatcat:hudump3jrzfj7hvouvwgqobr5q
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