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Test Management and TTCN based Test Sequencing [chapter]

Jining Tian, Jianping Wu
1996 Protocol Test Systems VIII  
An operational semantics of TTCN is defined here using the Labeled Transition System (LTS) to model the derivation of this relation. Design of the TMS also provided.  ...  in the OSI Conformance Testing Methodology and Framework [1].  ...  The properties of this model may also provide some useful guidance to the further development of the TTCN interpreter.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-0-387-34988-6_27 fatcat:dlrlg4hhqbdslmz66xkn4glcdi

Application of Locally Invariant Robust PCA for Underwater Image Recognition

Pengfei Bi, Xue Du
2021 IEEE Access  
overall model structure. (2) LIRPCA constructs a close relationship between the reconstruction error of the projected data and the input data in the cost function to minimize the reconstruction error.  ...  The contributions of LIRPCA are as follows: (1) LIRPCA selects the l 2 -norm as distance metric criterion to describe the global geometry and the intrinsic geometry, which ensures the robustness of the  ...  FIGURE 4 . 4 Average recognition accuracy using the FDT-UT database. FIGURE 5 . 5 A verage reconstruction error for the eight methods based on TN = 8 using the FDT-UT database.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2021.3058761 fatcat:yluemqh5tvb3nksnenzzvylbmy

Population Studies at 75 years: An empirical review

Melinda C. Mills, Charles Rahal
2021 Population Studies  
After providing a brief history, we map the evolution in authorship and papers towards shorter, multi-authored papers, also finding that females comprise 33.5 per cent of authorship across the period under  ...  Population Studies advances research on fertility, mortality, family, migration, methods, policy, and beyond, yet it lacks a recent, rigorous review.  ...  Eugene Grebenik became a joint editor with Glass in 1954, taking over as research secretary of the PIC.  ... 
doi:10.1080/00324728.2021.1996624 pmid:34902285 fatcat:26g2e2azdrcorduzycdghtxhaa

Implementation and evaluation of MIB tester for OSI management [chapter]

Keizo Sugiyama, Hiroki Horiuchi, Sadao Obana, Kenji Suzuki
1997 Integrated Network Management V  
We show the practical solution to the scope of testing by conducting the capability test to all test cases and the behaviour test limited to the test cases actually used.  ...  This paper proposes a conformance test method for Management Information Base (MIB) and discusses an implementation and an evaluation of a MIB tester.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The authors wish to express sincere thanks to Prof. Yoshiyori URANO of WASEDA University for his guidance and kind suggestions.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-0-387-35180-3_33 fatcat:2yplwccq4ndezei6ubgw4sekr4

A pragmatic approach to test generation [chapter]

E. Pérez, E. Algaba, M. Monedero
1997 Testing of Communicating Systems  
It introduces the GAP tool, embedded in the HARPO toolkit, which is capable of generating TICN test suites starting from a SDL specification of the system and test purposes written in MSC notation.  ...  This paper presents a pragmatic approach to the problem of the automatic generation of a test suite for a given system.  ...  The use of FDTs, especially SDL [1] , in system and protocol specifications establishes a suitable environment for the development of automatic test generation tools.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-0-387-35198-8_24 fatcat:4z7khpodijc5hbthzb6kgi6pfy

How could research on testing of communicating systems become more industrially relevant ? [chapter]

R. Lai
1996 Testing of Communicating Systems  
Academic research has made significant advances in the generation of test sequences from formal specifications and in the development of computer-aided test tools with the aims of improving the effectiveness  ...  However, this state-of-the-art research is not necessarily the state-of-the-practice; these methods and tools are seldom used in the communications industry.  ...  One of the main aims in developing FDTs is to have a formal specification acting as a sound basis for such a testing.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-0-387-35062-2_1 fatcat:42ux33kmdvbudndws4n6bynrpq

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2014 Gynecologic and Obstetric Investigation  
(Murcia) 134 Giant Fibroadenomatoid Hyperplasia of the Breast: A Case Report Zhang, H.; Wang, X.-L.; Ren, W.-D.; Shi, T.-M.  ...  (Chandigarh) 111 Assessment of Pregestational Insulin Resistance as a Risk Factor of Preeclampsia Valdés, E.; Sepúlveda-Martínez, Á.; Manukián, B.; Parra-Cordero, M.  ...  Development of a review protocol. Systematic reviews use a specified method that is planned beforehand and documented in a review protocol to avoid the risk of bias.  ... 
doi:10.1159/000360900 fatcat:pvvcioxnvjd2jny2masmjnyiau

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2013 Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy  
The medical revolution of the 16th century brought to life for the 21st century  ...  Figure files must not be embedded in a document file but submitted separately (see http://  ...  The Power of We Great ideas springing from the great minds of singularly creative individuals will always remain a force of the utmost potency, These developments refl ect a trend in Th modern science  ... 
doi:10.1159/000357482 fatcat:bj3jkjunibexlawp2ay2bdux7e

Standard conformance test specification language TTCN

Behcet Sarikaya, A Wiles
1992 Computer Standards & Interfaces  
Semantics of the tests specified in TTCN is operationally defined rendering TTCN almost a formal notation.  ...  TTCN has a machine processable form called TTCN-MP that defines all the TTCN syntax using BNF.  ...  The concept of testing various implementations of these layers for conformance to the relevant ISO standards is a logical step in the development chain.  ... 
doi:10.1016/0920-5489(92)90054-h fatcat:7hmy4o2jdrbixk7rn2syrtkgm4

Internet of Things [chapter]

Antonio Skarmeta, M. Victoria Moreno
2014 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Acknowledgements The IERC would like to thank the European Commission services for their support in the planning and preparation of this document.  ...  The recommendations and opinions expressed in this document do not necessarily represent those of the European Commission. The views expressed herein do not commit the European Commission in any way.  ...  Solutions to overcome these aspects consist of definition clearly in a clear document the full list options with all conditions (e.g. defined as PICS in [49] ) as well as to define set of profiles.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-06811-4_10 fatcat:ytiz2q6k7vcarhgtvyc4zcurji

Adaptive and Iterative Multi-Branch MMSE Decision Feedback Detection Algorithms for Multi-Antenna Systems

Rodrigo C. de Lamare
2013 IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications  
An adaptive implementation of the proposed MB-MMSE-DF detector is developed along with a recursive least squares-type algorithm for estimating the parameters of the receive filters when the channel is  ...  A soft-output version of the MB-MMSE-DF detector is also proposed as a component of an iterative detection and decoding receiver structure.  ...  A soft-input soft-output version of the MB-MMSE-DF receiver for iterative detection and decoding using convolutional codes is also developed.  ... 
doi:10.1109/twc.2013.092013.130233 fatcat:dfh6si3nbjcorljvvkg5ktmj5q

One Year Overview and Follow-Up in a Post-COVID Consultation of Critically Ill Patients

Jessica González, María Zuil, Iván D. Benítez, David de Gonzalo-Calvo, María Aguilar, Sally Santisteve, Rafaela Vaca, Olga Minguez, Faty Seck, Gerard Torres, Jordi de Batlle, Silvia Gómez (+17 others)
2022 Frontiers in Medicine  
A high use of health care resources is observed in the first year.  ...  The long-term clinical management and evolution of a cohort of critical COVID-19 survivors have not been described in detail.  ...  A far from negligible proportion of hospitalized patients (20-67%) may develop a more severe disease resulting in acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) (2, 3) .  ... 
doi:10.3389/fmed.2022.897990 pmid:35911414 pmcid:PMC9329578 fatcat:zcrqt5jy6rc3dm53zrhjmcaxzy

DREB Genes from Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) Show Broad to Specific Abiotic Stress Responses and Distinct Levels of Nucleotide Diversity

Enéas Ricardo Konzen, Gustavo Henrique Recchia, Fernanda Cassieri, Danielle Gregorio Gomes Caldas, Jorge C. Berny Mier y Teran, Paul Gepts, Siu Mui Tsai
2019 International Journal of Genomics  
We analyzed the nucleotide variability and the expression profile of DREB genes from common bean, a crop of high economic and nutritional value throughout the world but constantly affected by abiotic stresses  ...  1 to A-6) of PvDREB proteins.  ...  The third set of parental lines was IAC-Una (Mesoamerican) and CAL 143 (Andean), used to develop a mapping population screened for growth habit in Brazil [68] .  ... 
doi:10.1155/2019/9520642 pmid:31249842 pmcid:PMC6525893 fatcat:3vp3dioqdnhxzocdtuvhqyzqa4

American Art News, Vol. 13, No. 30

1915 American Art News  
Nelson, editor and owner of -the Kansas City "Star," died at his home ,here, April 13 last, and left his property in trust to his wife and daughter, who will have the income for their own use only during  ...  |A large gold and jeweled crown, original ly used to adorn the statue of the Holy Virgin of the -Rosary, in the Convent of Santa Cruz in Granada, -is a remarkable example of Spanish goldsmith's  ...  ;A canvas byr Martha Walter, a half-length :of a child, entitled, "Anne," and in her best manner, has been purchased by the Museum !and placed in the Maurice A. Scott Gallery.  ... 

Finitary Cech-de Rham Cohomology: much ado without smoothness [article]

A. Mallios, I. Raptis
2002 arXiv   pre-print
At the end of the paper, and due to the fact that the incidence algebras involved have been previously interpreted as quantum causal sets, we discuss how these ideas may be used in certain aspects of current  ...  In particular, we entertain the possibility of constructing a non-trivial de Rham complex on these finite dimensional algebra sheaves along the lines of the first author's axiomatic approach to differential  ...  They would also like to thank Keith Bowden for useful comments on early drafts of  ... 
arXiv:gr-qc/0110033v10 fatcat:z25orwsfozegzo2dtmg34sepqe
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