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Finite Free Complexes over Polynomial Rings

Srikanth B. Iyengar
2018 Notices of the American Mathematical Society  
Use the URL to access the Notices on the website. The online version of the Notices is the version of record, so it may occasionally differ slightly from the print version.  ...  Supported by the AMS membership, most of this publication, including the opportunity to post comments, is freely available electronically through the AMS website, the Society's resource for delivering  ...  SIMIODE is holding an information Gathering for SCUDEM  ... 
doi:10.1090/noti1728 fatcat:imbp5glaxratdkxerpkhxnz5pa

A Unifying Field in Logics: Neutrosophic Logic, Neutrosophic Set, Neutrosophic Probability and Statistics (fourth edition) [article]

Florentin Smarandache
2010 arXiv   pre-print
In this book one makes an introduction to non-standard analysis in the first part, needed to the next four chapters in order to study the neutrosophics: 1.  ...  Acknowledgements: The author would like to thank Drs. Charles T. Le and Ivan Stojmenovic for encouragement and invitation to write this paper.  ...  Acknowledgements: The author would like to thank Drs. Charles T. Le and Ivan Stojmenovic for encouragement and invitation to write this and the following papers.  ... 
arXiv:math/0101228v2 fatcat:duvqbcb4vvgcdgxs3apfxe3zua

Probability and Statistics [chapter]

2011 Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications  
Acknowledgements: The author would like to thank Drs. C. Le and Ivan Stojmenovic for encouragement and invitation to write this paper.  ...  Acknowledgements: The author would like to thank Drs. C. Le and Ivan Stojmenovic for encouragement and invitation to write this and the following papers.  ...  Peirce, before 1910, developed a semantics for three-valued logic in an unpublished note, but Emil Post's dissertation (1920s) is cited for originating the three-valued logic.  ... 
doi:10.1201/b10980-8 fatcat:folvs55wujcxtcqkq5b32h24ke

Marxism and Literary History

F. W. Galan, John Frow
1988 World literature today  
The processing machines, the scanners, the sorters. That's enough to make us feel like criminals. What enormous weight. What complex programs. And there's no one to explain it to us" (93).  ...  Mark Poster (St.  ...  from an axiomatic), which provides the formal basis for this play.  ... 
doi:10.2307/40144268 fatcat:knqqna6gxfblxoclfuu6intla4

JSE 35:3 Fall 2021

Kathleen E Erickson
2021 Journal of Scientific Exploration  
Our thanks also goes to Rear Admiral Aly, AREN, Commander of Egyptian Naval Forces in Alexandria, for making it possible for the commando dive team in his command to work with us.  ...  .), principals of the Red Sea Divers Service, we wish to thank for their almost miraculous ACKNOWLEDGMENTS My investigations into the plagiarism of Parra and my attempts to induce an appropriate reaction  ...  Remote viewing is the formalized protocol for doing this.  ... 
doi:10.31275/20212287 fatcat:cwxbkoch5vgbba47j6raal5iea

Finley Peter Dunne and Mr. Dooley: The Chicago Years

Michael D. Marcaccio, Charles Fanning
1979 Journal of American History  
the Post's regular book reviewer.  ...  An' th' invintions-th' steaminjine an' th' printin'-press an' th' cotton-gin an' th' gin sour an' th' bicycle an' th' flyin'-machine an' th' nickel-in-th'-slot machine an' th' Croker machine an' th' sody  ...  We suppose that, in regard to this matter, our voice will be, for the most part, as the voice of one calling in the wilderness; but that belief will not prevent us from saying, in this as in other matters  ... 
doi:10.2307/1890369 fatcat:zg53z4brizbz7oboljdxnq4d3i

Deciding What's True: Fact-Checking Journalism and the New Ecology of News

Lucas Graves
Participant observation and content analysis are used together to examine the day-to-day work of the news organizations leading the fact-checking movement.  ...  the center of the elite US news media.  ...  alternative machine to deal with it."  ... 
doi:10.7916/d8xg9z7c fatcat:b4ytj4xfwvg6ldb2b4zzonr2wq

Myths and legends of the anti-corporation : a history of Apple, Inc., 1976–1997 [article]

Andrew Emil Gansky
into some kind of comprehensible tale, and only speaking to others when it is time to trade out one box of papers for another.  ...  of academia, thanks in no small part to the efforts of our long-time chair, Steve Hoelscher, who has done more than I will probably ever fully know to make life for myself and the other graduate students  ...  Fenton taught students in the gifted and talented program at her school, and as a teacher in that program was given an Apple II computer for classroom use.  ... 
doi:10.15781/t2ww77f1z fatcat:ryg7h2uc3bf7nar46dcmtin4tq

Frontmatter [chapter]

Governor Theodore Roosevelt  
The pruning for publication proved to be a lengthy process, interrupted again and again by teaching duties and other research.  ...  To them all, and to the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Association for its generous assistance, I am most grateful. Librarians in Massachusetts, New York, and the District of Columbia also contributed.  ...  to the introduction early in March of a bill appropriating $200,000 for the use of the state engineer in a complete 1000-ton barge-canal survey.  ... 
doi:10.4159/ fatcat:rgcxufijb5flrnjz36gavnubi4

Guttersnipes' and 'Eliterates': City College in the Popular Imagination

Philip Kay
This dissertation shows how, in the midst of wrenching social change, communities, too, use colleges in their struggle to reinvent and re-situate themselves in relation to other groups.  ...  Young people go to college not merely to equip themselves for competition in the workplace, but also to construct new identities and find a home in the world.  ...  Introduction to the Philosophy of Education (1916; repr.  ... 
doi:10.7916/d8wh2xbp fatcat:jlg2gvcubjdshmughecacupyky

From Silver Screen to Sacred Home: The Journey of an Evangelical Congregation through the Lens of Space

Janine Muster
For example, Next Christian Community's main social area displays a pop machine, a popcorn machine, and a large, colourful play structure next to an image of Jesus, a variety of crosses, and various copies  ...  Furthermore, the space still includes items that are reminders of its former use as a movie theatre such as the popcorn machine, the pop machine, and the one room that remained to be a functioning movie  ...  ________ Interviewee's Name Interviewee's Signature Date Please initial below for any items to which you agree:  ... 
doi:10.7939/r3cv4c417 fatcat:kvkivguchva6dmcjjm2c4oprva


Ellen Malven, Lynne Vallone
2018 unpublished
ii readily accessing information necessary to their understanding of an issue that could impact them greatly.  ...  and opportunities for participation, and even how children frame themselves and climate change differently than adults in their efforts to participate.  ...  It is an image that is bound to garner an emotional, albeit mixed, response. Please see the "Introduction" of this text for more information.  ... 

Looking at dirty pictures : sur(sous)realism, fascism, and reproducing intoxication in the 1930's

Maureen F. Lunn
The road to freedom against the 'mechanized' imperative of a bourgeois democracy was seen to lie through the release of an irrational drive that would rupture the seemingly impermeable screen of a rapidly  ...  During the inter-war years in Europe a rebellion against what was perceived of as an overly rationalized society dedicated to material gain developed on both the far Right and far Left.  ...  And even if other Nations might laughingly scoff at the determined documentation of such an obsessively 26 precise and machine like body, as was seen in the English Picture Post's 1940 publication of "  ... 
doi:10.14288/1.0086255 fatcat:y6peszv3wjcingsbr2mfarclum

Radiant Exposure: The Art And Spectacle Of The X-Rayed Body In American Visual Culture

Lita Tirak
My goals are to generate a new language for articulating the rich significance and specific influence of X-rays in American consciousness, through formal and historical analyses of visual culture that  ...  Visual culture scholars and art historians have identified the X-ray as an important development in modern experience, perception, and the visual arts, but they have situated the X-ray's aesthetic bearing  ...  If it is worth is worth putting to the extra effort out to make it happen."  ... 
doi:10.21220/s2js33 fatcat:lypzdwxq3vbdtjpoluv35jalfa

The British experience with American independent photography, 1944-1980 [article]

Andrew Wyn Jones
individually, but I am grateful to them for their knowledge and willingness to accommodate a flustered postgraduate with an armful of requests for dusty boxes from distant corridors. vi What would a graduate  ...  program be without its graduate students?  ...  with the Government Art Collection, a program initiated in the late Victorian period and formalized in the 1930s to provide works of art for government buildings.  ... 
doi:10.15781/t2ws8hk8s fatcat:qjumqtvg7zdlthq4z5tfv2j4na
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