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User Experience for Multi-Device Ecosystems: Challenges and Opportunities

Ru Zhang, Yuanchun Shi, Björn Schuller, Elisabeth André, Sharon Oviatt, Aaron Quigley, Nicolai Marquardt, Ilhan Aslan, Ran Ju
2021 Extended Abstracts of the 2021 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems  
Redesigning the UX, tailored to multi-device ecosystems to enhance the user experience, turns out to be challenging but at the same time affording many new opportunities.  ...  in a multi-device ecosystem.  ...  Therefore, in this workshop we want to address challenges for redesigning the UX tailored to multi-device ecosystems, to enhance the user experience and leverage new opportunities for crossdevice UX design  ... 
doi:10.1145/3411763.3441325 fatcat:okig56cz2bds7pnb3rkulcnjze

The Internet of Things: Enabling Opportunities and Challenges [chapter]

James A. Cunningham, Jason Whalley
2020 The Internet of Things Entrepreneurial Ecosystems  
Taking perspective of actors in the quadruple helix-industry, government, universities and end users-we consider the enabling opportunities and challenges that IoT brings.  ...  insights and ecosystem integration.  ...  IoT can provide opportunities for firms to deploy and or experiment with multiple business models.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-030-47364-8_7 fatcat:y333hv3ljjgx3fg75gm3djoxm4

The national defense ecosystem: context, challenges and opportunities [chapter]

2020 Defense Technological Innovation  
We believe that this critical situation also presents a unique and timely opportunity for the development of a robust innovation ecosystem that promotes the development of entrepreneurs in relation to  ...  to recognize and exploit opportunity from the chaos of conflict.  ... 
doi:10.4337/9781789902105.00008 fatcat:kmrgilekjzefrjwxg25xxtkj7e

Challenges and Opportunities of Cloud-Based Mobile Learning

Dimiter G. Velev
2014 International Journal of Information and Education Technology  
The paper attempts to outlines the challenges and opportunities in development and use of cloud-based mobile learning.  ...  A brief definition of the mobile learning, its components and related technologies and devices is given.  ...  Ultimately, the lasting relationship will be between a user and a cloud-based ecosystem [18] . Cloud computing represents the binding substance for all the forces of the Nexus [19] .  ... 
doi:10.7763/ijiet.2014.v4.367 fatcat:7rnsvtj4xfcu5cxffs7w3yluyq

Towards Interconnected Virtual Reality: Opportunities, Challenges and Enablers [article]

Ejder Baştuğ, Mehdi Bennis, Muriel Médard, Mérouane Debbah
2017 arXiv   pre-print
Yet, the success of an immersive VR experience hinges on solving a plethora of grand challenges cutting across multiple disciplines.  ...  Finally, this article exposes the limitations of current networks and makes the case for more theory, and innovations to spearhead VR for the masses.  ...  For a given VR device of S bits of storage, E joules of energy and C hertz of processing power, how to maximize the user's immersive experience or alternatively minimize VR-users' switchiness?.  ... 
arXiv:1611.05356v2 fatcat:xr76v7fww5hgflz2qhzm7rbo2a

Challenges, Tensions, and Opportunities in Designing Ecosystems to Support the Management of Complex Health Needs

Tom Ongwere, Andrew B.L. Berry, Clara Caldeira, Rosa I. Arriaga, Amid Ayobi, Eleanor R. Burgess, Kay Connelly, Patricia Franklin, Andrew D Miller, Aehong Min, Nervo Verdezoto
2022 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems Extended Abstracts  
Using a hands-on design sprint technique, participants will (1) map out diferent complex care ecosystems, (2) generate ideas for technologies, services, and other multi-faceted interventions to address  ...  The intertwined and sometimes contradictory work of managing complex health needs (e.g., discordant, enigmatic, and/or rare conditions) creates many challenges for patients, caregivers, and healthcare  ...  Based on the refections and discussions from the workshop, we will identify major challenges, priorities, and opportunities for future research to design ecosystems that better address complex health needs  ... 
doi:10.1145/3491101.3503714 fatcat:oubyfy3h6bginafzqhrbavzcji

Dynamic Network Slicing: Challenges and Opportunities [chapter]

Ioannis P. Chochliouros, Anastasia S. Spiliopoulou, Pavlos Lazaridis, Athanassios Dardamanis, Zaharias Zaharis, Alexandros Kostopoulos
2020 IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology  
In this scope and with the aim of extending all potential network and service benefits, the concept of dynamic NS becomes a prominent feature of 5G allowing for connectivity and data processing tailored  ...  Furthermore, due to its context, dynamic NS can support digital transformation and mobilization of industry vertical customers, implicating for significant commercial potential.  ...  This work has been performed in the scope of the 5G-DRIVE European Research Project and has been supported by the Commission of the European Communities/ H2020, Grant Agreement No. 814956.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-030-49190-1_5 fatcat:ajfjjskftvajxnrdywvpoz7o2m

Security and Privacy in Smart Farming: Challenges and Opportunities

Maanak Gupta, Mahmoud Abdelsalam, Sajad Khorsandroo, Sudip Mittal
2020 IEEE Access  
In this paper, we present a holistic study on security and privacy in a smart farming ecosystem.  ...  Further more, the paper elaborates on potential cyber attack scenarios and highlights open research challenges and future directions.  ...  Leckie, Associate Professor in the School of Agriculture at Tennessee Technological University, for his domain expertise, insightful comments, and suggestions, to make this manuscript more comprehensible  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2020.2975142 fatcat:3s7cmur2jrghzh3yxdsmklbh7m

Frontiers, challenges, and opportunities for information retrieval

James Allan, Bruce Croft, Alistair Moffat, Mark Sanderson
2012 SIGIR Forum  
Users will be invited to perform data deposits of redacted personal data for collaborative experiments. Challenges.  ...  A first challenge, of course, is attracting users to our tools and encouraging them to adopt them. Protocols must be extended for performing experiments on unshared personal data.  ...  This will give the ability to researchers and practitioners to build systems that optimize for multi-step, multi-session, multi-task, multi-mission information-seeking episodes. Proposal.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2215676.2215678 fatcat:mo7fz7o5vzdrfkiisn2rdttg6y

Localisation, Communication and Networking with VLC: Challenges and Opportunities [article]

Rong Zhang
2017 arXiv   pre-print
The forthcoming Fifth Generation (5G) era raises the expectation for ubiquitous wireless connectivity to enhance human experiences in information and knowledge sharing as well as in entertainment and social  ...  Advanced recent research activities are comprehensively reviewed and intriguing future research directions are actively discussed, along with the identifications of a range of challenges, both for enhancing  ...  CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES A. Challenges 1) Channel Modelling: Most of the current channel modelling in VLC was directly adapted from the IR communications.  ... 
arXiv:1709.01899v1 fatcat:a2eho3bqibhydmroppvp3j6f6m

Blockchain for 5G and IoT: Opportunities and Challenges

Tharaka Mawanane Hewa, Anshuman Kalla, Avishek Nag, Mika E Ylianttila, Madhusanka Liyanage
2020 2020 IEEE Eighth International Conference on Communications and Networking (ComNet)  
The paper aims to elaborate and emphasize the key aspects of the use of Blockchain for 5G and IoT.  ...  However, since current mobile networks and also more general IoT systems are based on centralized models thus it is anticipated that they will face tremendous challenges to meet-up the requirements of  ...  Thus, it is worth exploring the opportunities and challenges pertinent to the use of Blockchain as decentralized security and privacy solution for both 5G and IoT.  ... 
doi:10.1109/comnet47917.2020.9306082 fatcat:25d4lg26rnekxazg6vemplwfuy

Toward Interconnected Virtual Reality: Opportunities, Challenges, and Enablers

Ejder Bastug, Mehdi Bennis, Muriel Medard, Merouane Debbah
2017 IEEE Communications Magazine  
KEY RESEARCH AVENUES AND SCIENTIFIC CHALLENGES The success of interconnected VR hinges on solving a number of research and scientific challenges across network and devices with heterogeneous capability  ...  Yet, the success of an immersive VR experience hinges on solving a plethora of grand challenges cutting across multiple disciplines.  ...  For a given VR device of S bits of storage, E joules of energy and C hertz of processing power, how to maximize the user's immersive experience or alternatively minimize VR-users' switchiness?.  ... 
doi:10.1109/mcom.2017.1601089 fatcat:xlkatjfe7rczzeq3jj5buocniq

5G and Next Generation Wireless Network in Bangladesh: Trends, Opportunities, and Challenges

Refat Noor Swarna
2022 Zenodo  
This research paper represents the actual user data of existing 3rd & 4th generation networks in Bangladesh and the possible opportunities and challenges in Bangladesh for implementing the 5G model and  ...  For this experiment, the network coverages of all operators are measured in mobile phones in different areas in Bangladesh.  ...  ., 2014) discuss the design challenges and requirements of mmWave 5G antennas for all cellular devices, as well as contemporary 5G research.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6122550 fatcat:wik7j472ajemtb7mfzkl4cclwq

Socio-Technological Challenges and Opportunities: Paths Forward [article]

Carole-Jean Wu, Srilatha Manne, Parthasarathy Ranganathan, Sarah Bird, Shane Greenstein
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Consequently, computing technologies have fueled significant economic growth, creating education opportunities, enabling access to a wider and more diverse spectrum of information, and, at the same time  ...  For the next decades to come, we envision significant cross-disciplinary efforts to build a circular development cycle by placing pervasive connectivity, sustainability, and demographic inclusion at the  ...  Acknowledgement We would like to thank Doug Carmean, David Brooks, and Lizy John for their insightful feedback on this work.  ... 
arXiv:2108.06738v1 fatcat:istk7du3vvcnpcmwznl53ui73i

Federated Learning for Internet of Things: Applications, Challenges, and Opportunities [article]

Tuo Zhang, Lei Gao, Chaoyang He, Mi Zhang, Bhaskar Krishnamachari, Salman Avestimehr
2022 arXiv   pre-print
The high communication and storage costs, mixed with privacy concerns, will increasingly challenge the traditional ecosystem of centralized over-the-cloud learning and processing for IoT platforms.  ...  In this paper, we will discuss the opportunities and challenges of FL in IoT platforms, as well as how it can enable diverse IoT applications.  ...  FL for the IoT domain and the opportunities in tackling these challenges.  ... 
arXiv:2111.07494v4 fatcat:ytrs6b4ob5cdnmqbyfq3gg4esu
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