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Programming languages for artificial intelligence

J. Glasgow, R. Browse
1985 Computers and Mathematics with Applications  
The capabilities and limitations of each language arc reviewed in the context of establishing the main requirements placed on artificial intelligence languages.  ...  The nested interactive array language, NIAL, is introduced as a language that combines logic and functional programming capabilities.  ...  its control strategy.  ... 
doi:10.1016/0898-1221(85)90049-5 fatcat:2qcdtcrokfdopnauu2gpbpwjty

Page 5443 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 88j [page]

1988 Mathematical Reviews  
McCrosky, User defined parallel control strategies in Nial (pp. 22-28); P. Dembinski and J.  ...  Grunskii, Control of automata with errors in the input (pp. 27-40, 279); I. S. Grunskii and O. M.  ... 

Efficient high-level iteration with accumulators

Robert D. Cameron
1989 ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems  
Accumulators are user-programmed mechanisms for successively combining a sequence of values into a single result value.  ...  It is shown that the design supports efficient iteration both because it is amenable to implementation via in-line coding and because it allows high-level iteration concepts to be implemented as encapsulations  ...  control variables, with values supplied to them in parallel by separate iterator invocations.  ... 
doi:10.1145/63264.63401 fatcat:l5eoczwq4zbhhf3fq2rmxrujsy

Ferritic Alloys with Extreme Creep Resistance via Coherent Hierarchical Precipitates

Gian Song, Zhiqian Sun, Lin Li, Xiandong Xu, Michael Rawlings, Christian H. Liebscher, Bjørn Clausen, Jonathan Poplawsky, Donovan N. Leonard, Shenyan Huang, Zhenke Teng, Chain T. Liu (+7 others)
2015 Scientific Reports  
There have been numerous efforts to develop creep-resistant materials strengthened by incoherent particles at high temperatures and stresses in response to future energy needs for steam turbines in thermal-power  ...  These results provide a new alloy-design strategy using the novel concept of hierarchical precipitates and the fundamental science for developing creep-resistant ferritic alloys.  ...  In the present research, a fundamental study and development strategy of novel ferritic alloys consisting of either single-phase Ni 2 TiAl precipitates or hierarchical NiAl/Ni 2 TiAl precipitates are reported  ... 
doi:10.1038/srep16327 pmid:26548303 pmcid:PMC4637877 fatcat:ydenxpz43velhkijntrzkr5hmq

High Temperature Deformation Mechanism in Hierarchical and Single Precipitate Strengthened Ferritic Alloys by In Situ Neutron Diffraction Studies

Gian Song, Zhiqian Sun, Lin Li, Bjørn Clausen, Shu Yan Zhang, Yanfei Gao, Peter K. Liaw
2017 Scientific Reports  
These materials consist of the primary B2-NiAl precipitate homogeneously distributed in the body-centered cubic (bcc) Fe matrix.  ...  The small difference in the lattice parameters between the B2-NiAl (ordered bcc) and bcc-Fe (disordered bcc) gives rise to a small lattice mismatch and coherent interface with a small elastic strain 7,8  ...  However, the holding modes applied during the relaxation are slightly different [actuator displacement control in Fig. 3(a) , and strain gauge control in Fig. 3(b) ], which could result in the different  ... 
doi:10.1038/srep45965 pmid:28387230 pmcid:PMC5384073 fatcat:7qpka64yvvbrzdp4dv6a4qadoq

Transition Metal Aluminide Coatings and Initial Steps on Additive Manufacturing [chapter]

Núria Cinca i Luis
2018 Intermetallic Compounds - Formation and Applications  
In parallel, progressing interest has also been focused on their application as protective layers.  ...  During the last decades, Fe-, Ni-and Ti-based aluminides have been studied in terms of bulk materials with an effort to develop alloying and processing strategies to overcome their low ductilities and  ...  [35, 36] tried with a 35 and 20 at.% Al ratios in the raw material of elemental powder blends resulting in NiAl-Ni 3 (Al,Ti,C) and NiAl-Ni 3 Al-TiC composition with dendritic structure and a hardness  ... 
doi:10.5772/intechopen.72582 fatcat:yagg4sa5unam5a6pevk2qlcfxe

Emulation as an Alternative Preservation Strategy - Use-Cases, Tools and Lessons Learned

Dirk von Suchodoletz, Klaus Rechert, Isgandar Valizada, Annette Strauch
2013 Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Informatik  
In contrast to format migration strategies a functional, emulationbased approach requires a number of additional components.  ...  a universal migration-workflows utilizing the original environments in which objects were created.  ...  Acknowledgments The work presented in this publication part of the bwFLA -Functional Long-Term Access project funded by the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany.  ... 
dblp:conf/gi/SuchodoletzRVS13 fatcat:n45lxpbxhrdordrr6754xpsfeu

Crossing Boundaries: Intergovernmental Records Cooperation, 1987-1997

Marie Allen, Bruce Dearstyne
1997 The American Archivist  
decentralization and fragmentation of government records in the United States.  ...  In the Information Age, traditional organizational and geographical barriers are falling.  ...  The IRP's strategy was to focus on the user, selecting records for data entry and recommending strategies for describing the records that depended on user needs, user access patterns, and eliminating barriers  ... 
doi:10.17723/aarc.60.2.f2q1641q4271286w fatcat:4feywacikjfmbidmsmiqysnl5q

Glueing CASE Tools Together in a Heterogeneous CASE Environment

Petra Luchner, Günter R. Koch, Franz Engelmann
1989 International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering  
In this case a nial-and-error evaluation proceeds, i.e. the rules are applied in some order until one succeds.  ...  The SR-nets which are parallel activities of the guard are transfonned into tasks. Such a SR-net conceptually can be active several times in parallel.  ...  We have no experiences how useful interactions between the user and the system can be integrated. That is due to further implementations.  ... 
dblp:conf/caise/LuchnerKE89 fatcat:4wgxoltloja7hmbxilmb52yaty

H2020 692819 Simpatico - D6.3: Citizens & Stakeholders Engagement & Community Building Plan V1

Marco Pistore, Raúl Santos de la Cámara, Tamara Martín Wanton, Michele Trainotti, Giacomo Fioroni, Neetu Agrawal, Luca Specia, Martin Riggall, Ivan Pretel, Unai López, Carmen Orgeira, Noelia López
2017 Zenodo  
In addition, two different iterations of this validation are foreseen, following the two research and development phases in the project plan.  ...  This enables the project to test different approaches to improve public e-services, in different areas of PA, and in countries characterized by different languages and by different attitudes of citizens  ...  more or less controlled operational settings.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1039358 fatcat:lsnngby7hfhf7dtdnj5xrkndl4

Techniques and issues in the design of applied artificial intelligence systems

Gordon McCalla, Nick Cercone
1985 Computers and Mathematics with Applications  
AI application systems, discussing some of the important issues that must be confronted by any practical AI system, and showing where the various papers in the special issue fit in the spectrum of practical  ...  In this paper we give context for the special issue by providing a historical perspective on the evolution of practical artificial intelligence (Al), presenting the important techniques underlying modem  ...  massively parallel computer architectures the Japanese are developing.  ... 
doi:10.1016/0898-1221(85)90048-3 fatcat:gqkah3daafcubjw2s3npabitiq

APL since 1978

Roger K. W. Hui, Morten J. Kromberg
2020 Proceedings of the ACM on Programming Languages (PACMPL)  
APL started its life on IBM mainframes which were time-shared by multiple users.  ...  Tools like database systems have taken over many of the tasks that were initially implemented in APL or provided by the APL system, and new capabilities like parallel hardware have also changed the focus  ...  Thesis, §2A4, [Iverson 1954b] 1 USER DEFINITIONS Control Structures In the beginning, up to 1978 and beyond, a user-defined function had numbered lines, starting from 0.  ... 
doi:10.1145/3386319 fatcat:5ciab2d6qjeutcaq2t6oz7huwe

Models and languages for parallel computation

David B. Skillicorn, Domenico Talia
1998 ACM Computing Surveys  
These criteria reflect our belief that developments in parallelism must be driven by a parallel software industry based on portability and efficiency.  ...  We consider programming models in six categories, depending on the level of abstraction they provide. Those that are very abstract conceal even the presence of parallelism at the software level.  ...  However, Paralf allows a user to control the evaluation order by explicit annotations.  ... 
doi:10.1145/280277.280278 fatcat:ynjiydoq2baonp7hubvz3ajuky

Analysis and Comparative Assessment of Basic Tribological Properties of Selected Polymer Composites

Jerzy Jozwik, Krzysztof Dziedzic, Marcin Barszcz, Mykhaylo Pashechko
2019 Materials  
Phenomena occurring in the contact area between two mating bodies are characterised by high complexity and variability.  ...  This paper concerns the measurements of basic tribological parameters in the friction of selected polymer composites.  ...  A user interface of the T-01M testing machine is shown in Figure 5 .  ... 
doi:10.3390/ma13010075 pmid:31877867 pmcid:PMC6981626 fatcat:h2t72zyyxbgzvmzqapldangq2q

Reframing the debate: toward effective treatment for inner city drug-abusing mothers

W Chavkin, D Paone, P Friedmann, I Wilets
1993 Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine  
In general, one side in the debate has been occupied by those who promulgate criminal penalties for women using drugs while they are pregnant.  ...  Young women seem to have been swept up in its wake to an unprecedented degree.  ...  a controlled study.  ... 
pmid:8401463 pmcid:PMC2359184 fatcat:t4gxh2c2tfbldp7ple7kix7ptu
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