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Unleashing Mayhem on Binary Code

Sang Kil Cha, Thanassis Avgerinos, Alexandre Rebert, David Brumley
2012 2012 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy  
MAYHEM works on raw binary code without debugging information.  ...  In this paper we present MAYHEM, a new system for automatically finding exploitable bugs in binary (i.e., executable) programs.  ...  MAYHEM is a logical extension of AEG to binary code. In practice, working on binary code opens up automatic exploit generation to a wider class of programs and scenarios.  ... 
doi:10.1109/sp.2012.31 dblp:conf/sp/ChaARB12 fatcat:kkiybfbxy5fwvnaafd4xfwbdha

The "True Darkness" of the Slave Woman: Portrayal of women and violence in Marlon James' The Book of Night Women

Sangeeta S.
2018 International Journal of English Literature and Social Sciences  
Violence is one of society's biggest, most tragic problems.However the cultural constructs, kept in place and reinforced by the patriarchal societies that we live in, refuse to associate women with violence  ...  They are never seen capable of being the aggressors, their trauma or the complete lack of it, when they become the mute spectators of violence, is hardly ever recognised and if violence is perpetrated on  ...  The violence that they unleashed on the slaves was comparable to that unleashed by any man on the island.For the slaves, the Victorian 'angel in the house' was a monster in disguise.  ... 
doi:10.22161/ijels.3.1.3 fatcat:j4fn7vbxnfdhfojiggtqhq7wme

Speaking "religion" through a gender code: The discursive power and gendered-racial implications of the religious label

Rabea M Khan
2021 Critical Research on Religion  
Drawing on the scholarship of Critical Religion, this article shows how the modern category "religion" operates through a gender code which upholds its discursive power and enables the production of religious—and  ...  Acknowledging the multiple ways in which religion is gendered and gendering, then, has important bearings on the analysis of religion's racializing function which is upheld and aided by the gender code  ...  This demonstrates how religion's discursive construction is clearly codified in gendered language. 8 One of the most obvious signifiers of the gender code inherent to the religious/secular binary is  ... 
doi:10.1177/20503032211015302 fatcat:ve2siiqmwjf3viudkx2elorlhe

One Target Among Many: Not Your Average Malware

Hilarie Orman
2015 IEEE Internet Computing  
T he term malware generally conjures up thoughts of widespread mayhem to computer systems, stolen credit card information on a massive scale, file deletion, or spam botnets.  ...  Laura could claim that she had given Millie the full recipe, it would pass a binary comparison check, but Laura would know that Millie's attempts to make it would remain bland.  ... 
doi:10.1109/mic.2015.64 fatcat:cf2ppndncnhd5ns2nqypeyqdj4

Of Love and Death: De/Constructing the Special Effects Body at the Limits of Taste

Rachael Ball
2020 Monstrum  
I should note here that within the massive transnational genre of horror, this sentiment is most strongly attached to subgenres which rely for their affective response on the decomposure and deformation  ...  genre, while innumerable listicles, fan videos, and message board throw-downs chronicle an ever-shifting array of individual and communal archives of cherished sequences of practically-mounted bodily mayhem  ...  While this argument seems somewhat disingenuoushow might an artisanally-produced latex molded head boast more of a toehold in ontological reality than one produced through scanning and coding?  ... 
doaj:b4f7d18dfc674a8187490dce5603f527 fatcat:utczkvnlfnffrmti3emrra5leu

Electoral violence and its instrumental logic: mapping press discourse on electoral violence during Parliamentary and Presidential Elections in Zimbabwe

Tendai Joseph Chari
2017 Journal of African Elections  
Elections are one of the key benchmarks for assessing the international perception of a nation's democratic credentials.  ...  The data coding and organisation entailed identifying, summarising, explicating and structuring emerging themes or patterns that speak to the research questions using coding sheets, one for the textual  ...  If you are using extra-legal means to gain, eh, eh, an electoral advantage, you are unleashing violence we call it terror, depending on the scale.  ... 
doi:10.20940/jae/2017/v16i1a4 fatcat:kkc5dazvgjafnmyjjd4xxcla44

The Alien as a Vehicle for Cosmopolitan Discourses: The Case of The Day the Earth Stood Still

Pablo Gómez Muñoz
2018 Atlantis  
While Derrickson's remake visually recalls scenes from previous films that draw on invasion themes and emphasize binary distinctions, it also offers a different perspective on the relationship between  ...  On September 21, 2014, The Guardian published an article with the headline: "Climate Warning to World Leaders: Stick to 2C Limit or Face 'Mayhem'" (Mckie 2014) .  ... 
doi:10.28914/atlantis-2018-40.2.07 fatcat:vmrw4fetyrhaxcfdmrcxtsejxa

The heritage of Brexit: Roles of the past in the construction of political identities through social media

Chiara Bonacchi, Mark Altaweel, Marta Krzyzanska
2018 Journal of Social Archaeology  
We show how these heritages are centred around myths of origins, resistance and collapse that incorporate tensions and binary divisions.  ...  Co-investigator) and Marta Krzyzanska (Research Assistant) are part -Richard Hingley (Principal Investigator), Kate Sharpe (Post-Doctoral Research Associate) and Thomas Yarrow (Co-investigator) -for their comments on  ...  Brexitrelated discussions on Facebook have drawn on landmarks such as Hadrian's Wall, and fully unleashed their multiple values as both natural and cultural, tangible and intangible, object-and practice-centred  ... 
doi:10.1177/1469605318759713 fatcat:vpac67tv5ra3jlhaanr4vu6hva

There Are ponoks, and There Are ponoks: Traditional Religious Boarding Schools in Thailand's Far-South

Kee Howe Yong
2012 Advances in Anthropology  
There has been a vast corpus of literature on Islam and Muslims since 9/11 that sought to locate the basis of Muslimness in some primordial essentialist cultural value.  ...  This essay, based on fieldwork conducted in Thailand's far-south, hope to provide a different picture from what has commonly been portrayed about the ponok (traditional Muslim schools), as rigidly strict  ...  Following the Bali bombing in 2002, Thailand's Prime Minister Thaksin was one of the first leaders in Southeast Asia to jump onboard the global war on terror, unleashing its security forces on a hunt for  ... 
doi:10.4236/aa.2012.23019 fatcat:hmztaj4xlrdghp7yquyln2fgxa

UnCivil Lines: Engendering Citizenship in the Postcolonial City

Rashmi Varma
1998 NWSA Journal  
In the resulting mayhem, Bombay suffered huge human, financial, and infra-structural losses.  ...  There is a consequent glossing over of new spatial forms in this discourse, in a bid to maintain a binary and absolute distinction between the village and the city.  ... 
doi:10.2979/nws.1998.10.2.32 fatcat:nbrkak6mi5bnvbh2tiec66wplm

Digital Visceral: Textural Play and the Flamboyant Gesture in Digital Screen Violence

Lisa Purse
2017 The Journal of popular film and television  
between realism on the one hand and heightened stylisation on the other are to be avoided.  ...  assisted representation of violence in genre filmmaking, but it is also shaped by a longstanding cinematic tradition of depicting violence that Stephen Prince has dated from the abolition of the Production Code  ... 
doi:10.1080/01956051.2017.1270137 fatcat:53cifgcpzzbfzh34lqw43gil4i

Calling Dick Tracy! or, Cellphone Use, Progress, and a Racial Paradigm

Judith A. Nicholson
2008 Canadian Journal of Communication  
This paper interprets that repeated evocation of the comic strip is a "perverse nostalgia" for an old-fashioned form of law and order premised on racialized violence and viewing.  ...  Representations of mobile communication and racialized criminality in Dick Tracy were inspired by the 1930s "war on crime" that intersected with wireless innovations and with lynching.  ...  of its characters ever made-and always the pathological mayhem.  ... 
doi:10.22230/cjc.2008v33n3a2062 fatcat:2iyejznqtja4rcjigbn3js3eei

Saudi Wahhabi Imperialism in Pakistan: History, Legacy, Contemporary Representations and Debates

David Waterman
2014 Societal Studies  
Historically, Pakistan has nurtured an interpretation of Islam based on Sufi philosophy, which has a reputation of being more tolerant and open-minded.  ...  General Zia ul-Haq would then take power in Pakistan and capitalize on Saudi support for the hardline Islamization of the country, a policy which has left a trail of sectarian Sunni/Shia violence in its  ...  It was during those years when he technically institutionalized violence by unleashing Sipah-e Sahaba fundamentalists on Shia-populated regions, ushering in a new age of violence and mayhem." 37 The most  ... 
doi:10.13165/sms-14-6-2-02 fatcat:yhdilixpj5gw5cxqhlt25lrkwi


Monika Khurana, Assistant Professors
2016 unpublished
writer was underlain by one single motif, that is, to expose and lay bare the subterfuges of human nature and project them on to the world of fiction.  ...  Despite the dialectical nature of violence and its representation through the binary structures, yielding multiplicity of analyses and arguments about violence, it is believed that creative effort of each  ...  The partition authors also bring to bear multiple perspectives ranging from administrative to economic on their attempts to explain the intensity and scale of violence unleashed in the wake of partition  ... 

The Hybrid Hero: A Contagious Counterexample

Benjamin Van Tourhout
2017 Journal of humanistic psychology  
Both the hybrid and the franchised hero focus on the reception by audiences although their means and behavior differ on many levels.  ...  The hybrid hero challenges both audience and creators on empathic, moral, and narrative levels and is a contemporary symbiosis of heroic and villainous features.  ...  a binary like or dislike basis.  ... 
doi:10.1177/0022167817718424 fatcat:55xrte23xrbd7ic5wiirfiycge
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