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Ridesourcing systems: A framework and review

Hai Wang, Hai Yang
2019 Transportation Research Part B: Methodological  
On the demand side, passengers are sensitive to the price and quality of the service.  ...  These features motivate various operational strategies, such as "dynamic or surge pricing/wage," by which the platform adjusts both the prices and wages dynamically depending on real-time supply and demand  ...  We also express our sincere appreciation to the seven anonymous referees for their invaluable comments and suggestions.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.trb.2019.07.009 fatcat:m5rxzhsxsfaunoep77nsqdhbny

Uber's Drivers: Information Asymmetries and Control in Dynamic Work

Alex Rosenblat, Luke Stark
2015 Social Science Research Network  
This empirical study explores labor in the on-demand economy using the rideshare service Uber as a case study.  ...  By conducting sustained monitoring of online driver forums and interviewing Uber drivers, we explore worker experiences within the on-demand economy.  ...  Surge pricing, however, is unreliable: notably, pricing is based on what a passenger sees on screen in their location, not a driver's position.  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.2686227 fatcat:vdsj5qh35vaorpyt4d5mkach7y

A Force-directed Approach to Seeking Route Recommendation in Ride-on-demand Service Using Multi-source Urban Data

Suiming Guo, Chao Chen, Jingyuan Wang, Yan Ding, Yaxiao Liu, Xu Ke, Zhiwen Yu, Daqing Zhang
2020 IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing  
The rapidly-growing business of ride-on-demand (RoD) service such as Uber, Lyft and Didi proves the effectiveness of their new service model -using mobile apps and dynamic pricing to coordinate between  ...  Despite its success, dynamic pricing creates a new problem for drivers: how to seek for passengers to maximize revenue under dynamic prices.  ...  demand, the effect of dynamic pricing, passengers' reaction to prices, and dynamic price prediction, based on real data from typical RoD services.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tmc.2020.3033274 fatcat:x4fdyjq3djdj5bybj63ttfjdfq

Intelligent Shared Mobility Systems: A Survey on Whole System Design Requirements, Challenges and Future Direction

Fatemeh Golpayegani, Maxime Gueriau, Pierre-Antoine Laharotte, Saeedeh Ghanadbashi, Jiaying Guo, Jack Geraghty, Shen Wang
2022 IEEE Access  
Shared Mobility Systems (SMS) facilitate on-demand journeys using one or more transportation modes such as car-sharing, bike-sharing, or ride-sharing.  ...  Such a survey is highly required with the growing demand for flexible SMS that supports autonomous decision-making and offers multi-modal and inter-operable transportation services catered for highly dynamic  ...  In bi-modal ride-sharing, private providers of on-demand mobility services offer to drop off a passenger at a transit station.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2022.3162848 fatcat:fxw6muh5jzhphfugqehou3jsmm

ROD-Revenue: Seeking Strategies Analysis and Revenue Prediction in Ride-on-demand Service Using Multi-source Urban Data

Suiming Guo, Chao Chen, Jingyuan Wang, Yaxiao Liu, Xu Ke, Zhiwen Yu, Daqing Zhang, Dah-Ming Chiu
2019 IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing  
Despite this, on the drivers' side, dynamic pricing creates a new problem: how to seek for passengers in order to earn more under the new pricing scheme.  ...  ROD-revenue: seeking strategies analysis and revenue prediction in ride-on-demand service using multi-source urban data.  ...  [14] , [15] study and analyze the demand, the effect of dynamic pricing and passengers' reaction to prices in RoD services.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tmc.2019.2921959 fatcat:jiq2cetabjafhpdbuildiiflwi

Exploring App-Based Taxi Movement Patterns from Large-Scale Geolocation Data

Wenbo Zhang, Chang Xu
2021 ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information  
This study is designed to leverage ubiquitous mobile computing techniques on exploring app-based taxi movement patterns in large cities.  ...  With the smartphone-based applications, app-based taxi services are able to search passengers in a larger area and move more efficiently during both occupied and unoccupied periods.  ...  Guo et al. also wrote a script that can track Shenzhou (a Chinese app-based taxi platform) users' behavior while requesting a ride, which can enable them to explore the passengers' reaction to dynamic  ... 
doi:10.3390/ijgi10110751 fatcat:2ct3jg3yprf4fm7zzt4tuilfju

Uber Takes the Passing Lane: Disruptive Competition and Taxi-Livery Service Regulations

Allison Schneider
2015 Elements  
for modernization. in order to capitalize on this transformative moment, cities and governments must rethink and address decades-old rules, regulations, and entrenched interests.  ...  The advent of Uber and similar entities that have moved the ride-sharing concept into the 21st century provide that unique chance in the public transportation arena.  ...  Both the passenger and driver know the economics before the ride begins as it is calculated based on time, distance (provided by GPS), and demand (a so-called dynamic pricing model). 11 tential riders  ... 
doi:10.6017/eurj.v11i2.9060 fatcat:t2flt24wwvbd5hi5tzcyyfwplq

Anomalous supply shortages from dynamic pricing in on-demand mobility [article]

Malte Schröder, David-Maximilian Storch, Philip Marszal, Marc Timme
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Combining game theory and time series analysis of dynamic pricing data from on-demand ride-hailing services, we explain this apparent contradiction.  ...  By disentangling different timescales in price time series of ride-hailing services at 137 locations across the globe, we identify characteristic patterns in the price dynamics reflecting these anomalous  ...  RESULTS Dynamic pricing schemes in mobility services are commonly applied by on-demand mobility service providers, such as Lyft and Uber [15, 16] .  ... 
arXiv:2003.07736v1 fatcat:qq6h7piztvfvznoc2mtmds26rq

Sharing Anxiety Is in the Driver's Seat: Analyzing User Acceptance of Dynamic Ridepooling and Its Implications for Shared Autonomous Mobility

Sigma Dolins, Helena Strömberg, Yale Z. Wong, MariAnne Karlsson
2021 Sustainability  
Yet, few agencies have prioritised designing an AV system that focuses on dynamic ridepooling, and there remains a gap in the understanding of what makes people willing to share their rides.  ...  Four focus groups (19 participants in total) were held in New South Wales with active users of either the trialled on-demand dynamic ridepooling service (Keoride) or commercial ridepooling (UberPool).  ...  Sincere thanks to Jillian Fernandez for feedback and moral support.  ... 
doi:10.3390/su13147828 fatcat:bhy4zkao7nb5vn4b7g6p2kbsuq

A framework for evaluating the dynamic impacts of a congestion pricing policy for a transportation socioeconomic system

Shiyong Liu, Konstantinos P. Triantis, Sudipta Sarangi
2010 Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice  
Since only a few cities in the world have implemented congestion pricing and several are about to do so, a framework that helps policy makers to understand the impacts of congestion pricing is currently  ...  Work travel and social networking activities are assumed to generate additional travel demand dynamics that are affected by travelers' perception of the level of service of the different transportation  ...  The authors would like to express their sincere appreciation to Nasim Sabouchi of Virginia Tech for her data gathering efforts and subsequent modeling efforts.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.tra.2010.04.001 fatcat:p47i3ag3nzc3xn773ld4mijo2a

Perceived Role Relationships in Human-Algorithm Interactions: The Context of Uber Drivers

Xinru Page, Marco Marabelli, Monideepa Tarafdar
2017 International Conference on Information Systems  
As individuals increasingly interact with algorithms in a work context, it is important to understand these new types of 'human-algorithm' relationships.  ...  This research-in-progress paper reports on initial findings from an ongoing study, from interviews with ten Uber drivers in the United States.  ...  The Uber app also dynamically adjusts pricing of specific local areas to match supply and demand.  ... 
dblp:conf/icis/PageMT17 fatcat:wfazlagqk5grxlx77m5o6eqzwy

Cost-based analysis of autonomous mobility services

Patrick M. Bösch, Felix Becker, Henrik Becker, Kay W. Axhausen
2018 Transport Policy  
In particular, this applies to dense urban areas, where public transportation can be offered at lower prices than autonomous taxis (even if pooled) and private cars.  ...  Using a comprehensive analysis of the respective cost structures, this research shows that public transportation (in its current form) will only remain economically competitive where demand can be bundled  ...  The authors would like to thank (in alphabetical order) Hans-J€ org Althaus, Nick Beglinger, Ralf Bosch, Peter Brandl, Frank Bruns, Walter Casazza, Kilian Constantin, Hauke Fehlberg, Martin Fellendorf,  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.tranpol.2017.09.005 fatcat:rcjt4au3e5b2fczbhkxuecke6i

On the Relocation Behaviour of Ride-sourcing Drivers [article]

Peyman Ashkrof, Gonçalo Homem de Almeida Correia, Oded Cats, Bart van Arem
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Surge pricing significantly stimulates drivers to head towards the designated areas.  ...  A unique dataset of 576 ride-sourcing drivers working in the US was collected and a choice modelling approach was used to estimate the effects of multiple existing and hypothetical attributes.  ...  This is a complex task due to the unpredictable nature of the dynamic demand and the heterogeneity among service suppliers.  ... 
arXiv:2208.02323v1 fatcat:xbvmduldvbdyjav2tileax34vi

Agent-based simulation of autonomous taxi services with dynamic demand responses

Sebastian HÖrl
2017 Procedia Computer Science  
The simulation is able to show how agents react to the new travel options and make consistent decisions based on a well-defined framework of utility scoring.  ...  An agent-based simulation approach is presented, which makes it possible to capture the dynamic interplay between a supply of autonomous vehicle fleets with distinct operational schemes and a population  ...  It has already proven to yield consistent results with taxis and AVs 14 , but no dynamic feedback effects on the travel demand for these services have been simulated yet.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.procs.2017.05.418 fatcat:oupufbe325bjbec5ugyhtwrihi

Consolidated challenge to social demand for resilient platforms - Lessons from Uber's global expansion

Chihiro Watanabe, Kashif Naveed, Pekka Neittaanmäki, Brenda Fox
2017 Technology in society  
Many in the industry see the ride-sharing company Uber as the crown jewel of information and communication technology (ICT) particularly of the digital service platform and sharing economy.  ...  This analysis suggests the significance of IDBM with a consolidated challenge to social demand (CCSD); it demonstrated that a co-evolutionary acclimatization played a transformative role in this accomplishment  ...  in the fast emerging platform ecosystems.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.techsoc.2016.10.006 fatcat:wq4tnup6zvemplyd3tjt5y3r74
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