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Understanding "why" in software process modelling, analysis, and design

E.S.K. Yu, J. Mylopoulos
Proceedings of 16th International Conference on Software Engineering  
In trying to understand and redesign software processes, it is often necessary to have an understanding of the "whys" that underlie the "whats" -the motivations, intents, and rationales behind the activities  ...  We outline some analytical tools to be developed for the model, and illustrate how the model can help in the systematic design of software processes.  ...  Conclusions In this paper, we have proposed a software process model that focuses on the intentional relationships among actors, and have outlined its use in the context of process analysis and design.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icse.1994.296775 fatcat:voblmeajanhmnikbm54enpw37u

Algorithmic unconscious: why psychoanalysis helps in understanding AI

Luca M. Possati
2020 Palgrave Communications  
In the "Miscomputation and information" section, I show how this interpretative model improves our understanding of AI.  ...  Hence, AI behavior cannot be fully understood without human and social sciences. In the "Why an unconscious for AI?  ...  Technology/Ministry for Science, Technology and Higher Education -Portugal), in the framework of the Project of the Institute of Philosophy with the reference UIDB/00502/2020.  ... 
doi:10.1057/s41599-020-0445-0 fatcat:yij2kcqsvnd3ff2zruz4jwzp3a

Why workflows break — Understanding and combating decay in Taverna workflows

Jun Zhao, Jose Manuel Gomez-Perez, Khalid Belhajjame, Graham Klyne, Esteban Garcia-Cuesta, Aleix Garrido, Kristina Hettne, Marco Roos, David De Roure, Carole Goble
2012 2012 IEEE 8th International Conference on E-Science  
Based on our understanding about decay we recommend a minimal set of auxiliary resources to be preserved together with the workflows as an aggregation object and provide a software tool for end-users to  ...  Workflows provide a popular means for preserving scientific methods by explicitly encoding their process.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENT The research reported in this paper is supported by the EU Wf4Ever project (270129) funded under EU FP7 (ICT-2009.4.1).  ... 
doi:10.1109/escience.2012.6404482 dblp:conf/eScience/ZhaoGBKGGHRRG12 fatcat:2zyqjxcjpfhqpdo4726pcp4osi

Understanding How and Why Developers Seek and Analyze API-related Opinions [article]

Gias Uddin and Olga Baysal and Latifa Guerrouj and Foutse Khomh
2021 arXiv   pre-print
To understand how developers seek and evaluate API opinions, we conducted two surveys involving a total of 178 software developers.  ...  Developers also make conscious efforts to judge the trustworthiness of the provided opinions and believe that automated tool support for API reviews analysis can assist in diverse development scenarios  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We thank all developers who took part in our survey for their time, participation, and feedback, and Lalit Azad who participated in the open-coding of the primary survey.  ... 
arXiv:2102.08495v1 fatcat:f6y6adop2beztfrzcmrleet34m

Understanding How and Why University Students Use Virtual Private Networks [article]

Agnieszka Dutkowska-Zuk, Austin Hounsel, Andre Xiong, Molly Roberts, Brandon Stewart, Marshini Chetty, Nick Feamster
2021 arXiv   pre-print
We study how and why university students chose and use VPNs, and whether they are aware of the security and privacy risks that VPNs pose.  ...  To answer these questions, we conducted 32 in-person interviews and a survey with 349 respondents, all university students in the United States.  ...  It became clear through our study that although students valued privacy in the abstract, the choice of VPN software and provider was ultimately a pragmatic question of content access, performance, and  ... 
arXiv:2002.11834v4 fatcat:blc3bqxcj5dgjbu5vomzzwh5nm

Biological variation: Understanding why it is so important?

Tony Badrick
2021 Practical Laboratory Medicine  
The current phase of BV integration into practice is using Patient-Based Real-Time Quality Control (PBRTQC) and Patient Based Quality Assurance (PBQA) to detect a change in assay performance.  ...  The idea of comparison to 'reference' is fundamental in measurement.  ...  Biological Variation Understanding why it is so important? Funding sources There was no funding of this work.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.plabm.2020.e00199 pmid:33490349 pmcid:PMC7809190 fatcat:u77l3aim6fetvokssbqbzdqeba

Why Does Context Really Matter? Understanding Companies' Dialogue with Fringe Communities

Pablo Rodrigo, Ignacio J. Duran
2021 Sustainability  
To address this gap, in this research we focus on local rural communities that can be classified as fringe stakeholders to develop a comprehensive model of "fringe community dialogue".  ...  Although scholars have studied stakeholder dialogue, we lack studies that understand the effect of context on the structure and form of dialogue.  ...  Acknowledgments: We would like to thank former research assistant, Martin Wright, for his valuable help during the first phase of data collection, and for his collaboration in early drafts of this article  ... 
doi:10.3390/su13020999 fatcat:v5rapwhd3rar3ck2wjzqxgjmsa

Popularization of Nearshoring In Eastern Europe- A Study to Understand the 'Why' Behind

Rupinder Bir Kaur, Minakshi Sehrawat
2019 Zenodo  
While selecting the business model, businesses Nearshore operations and projects to area nearby while keeping cost-effectiveness, small time- zone differences and fewer cultural discrepancies into mind  ...  It further endeavours to comprehend 'how' Nearshoring is replacing outsourcing at a fast pace and to learn 'why' eastern European countries are the favourite Nearshoring destinations.  ...  A clear and straightforward form of the business model and structures help the person on another side to understand the requirements and work accordingly. Among all, Business stability does matter.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.2582824 fatcat:qsafnk57qbb6dfi334ip72vt6a

Understanding the Why, What, and How of Theories in IS Research

Benjamin Mueller, Nils Urbach
2017 Communications of the Association for Information Systems  
As in many science disciplines, IS scholars' ability to understand and contribute to theory is an important qualification in research practice.  ...  We transposed Whetten's (1989) seminal thoughts on the why, what, and how in theories and structure our paper by walking readers through the why, what, and how of theory and theorizing in IS research.  ...  Acknowledgments ICIS 2013 published an earlier version of this paper, and we are indebted to the editors and reviewers of the conference for their positive reception and encouraging comments.  ... 
doi:10.17705/1cais.04117 fatcat:jd4ohhcvp5eiddckoxyjgcwm7a

Why-Diff: Exploiting Provenance to Understand Outcome Differences from non-identical Reproduced Workflows

Priyaa Thavasimani, Jacek Cala, Paolo Missier
2019 IEEE Access  
Data analytics processes such as scientific workflows tend to be executed repeatedly, with varying dependencies and input datasets.  ...  Such differences in configurations may be introduced deliberately, i.e., to explore process variations or accidentally, typically as the result of porting efforts or of changes in the computing environment  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENT The authors would like to thank the support and motivation provided by Professor Paul Watson, Director of the Digital Institute, Professor of Computer Science, Newcastle University.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2019.2903727 fatcat:ogcy33bmtrfubiayqetqctprhm

Enabling Technologies of Cyber Crime: Why Lawyers Need to Understand It

Meiring DeVilliers
2011 Pittsburgh Journal of Technology Law and Policy  
It concludes that lawyers who fail to understand the translation will likely pursue a suboptimal litigation strategy, face speculative recovery prospects, and may overlook effective and potentially powerful  ...  This Article discusses the enabling technologies of cyber crime and analyzes their role in the resolution of related legal issues.  ...  This translation, how it must be done, and why lawyers need to understand it is the focus of this Article. Lawyers who fail to understand it are doomed to pursue a suboptimal litigation strategy.  ... 
doi:10.5195/tlp.2011.62 fatcat:c4onmpf7b5c4haish3kx75xpum

Understanding why patients with immune thrombocytopenia are deeply divided on splenectomy

Karen K. W. Wang, Cathy Charles, Nancy M. Heddle, Emmy Arnold, Laura Molnar, Donald M. Arnold
2012 Health Expectations  
Design Qualitative descriptive study using one-to-one, in-depth patient interviews and a team-based approach to thematic analysis.  ...  This study represents a first step towards contextualizing treatment decision making in ITP, focusing on patient preferences and values. 809  ...  , analysed the data, edited the paper and approved the final version; DMA designed the research, collected the data, analysed the data and wrote the paper.  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1369-7625.2012.00806.x pmid:22882226 pmcid:PMC5060920 fatcat:o2tx3sygrzbh5brvwvhnvqsykq

Why is Danish so difficult to understand for fellow Scandinavians?

Anja Schüppert, Nanna H. Hilton, Charlotte Gooskens
2016 Speech Communication  
and clear, quick and clear, slow and unclear) in a translation task.  ...  In this paper we tear apart these two factors by auditorily presenting 168 Norwegian-and Swedish-speaking participants with 50 monotonised nonsense sentences in four conditions (quick and unclear, slow  ...  The NWO was neither involved in the development of the study design, the collection, the analysis, the interpretation of data, nor in the writing process nor the decision to submit the article for publication  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.specom.2016.02.001 fatcat:f6xui5ar3faejbrgzu5jjkip5u

EnVision: understanding why our most Earth-like neighbour is so different [article]

Richard Ghail, Colin Wilson, Thomas Widemann, Lorenzo Bruzzone, Caroline Dumoulin, Jörn Helbert, Robbie Herrick, Emmanuel Marcq, Philippa Mason, Pascal Rosenblatt, Ann Carine Vandaele, Louis-Jerome Burtz
2017 arXiv   pre-print
How and why did it all go wrong for Venus? What lessons can be learned about the life story of terrestrial planets in general, in this era of discovery of Earth-like exoplanets?  ...  Why are the terrestrial planets so different?  ...  With its unparalleled European instrument and technology heritage in surface change detection and monitoring, EnVision will revolutionise our understanding of Venus and enable us to understand why our  ... 
arXiv:1703.09010v1 fatcat:pb7plb4mtzesxmmwvuvleylwsu

Why Hackers Do What They Do: Understanding Motivation and Effort in Free/Open Source Software Projects

Karim Lakhani, Robert G. Wolf
2003 Social Science Research Network  
Understanding the motivations of F/OSS developers is an important first step in determining what is the behind the success of the F/OSS development model in particular and other forms of distributed technological  ...  Lerner and Tirole (2002) posit a rational calculus of cost and benefit in explaining why programmers choose to participate in F/OSS projects.  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.443040 fatcat:dtojpmk7yjd7bkc4vwmzbe7jym
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