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Nanophotonic Devices for Optical Interconnect

Dries Van Thourhout, Thijs Spuesens, Shankar Kumar Selvaraja, Liu Liu, Günther Roelkens, Rajesh Kumar, Geert Morthier, Pedro Rojo-Romeo, Fabien Mandorlo, Philippe Regreny, Oded Raz, Christophe Kopp (+1 others)
2010 IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics  
Abstract-We review recent progress in nanophotonic devices for compact optical interconnect networks.  ...  Index Terms-Flip-flop, heterogeneous integration, microdisk laser (MDL), network-on-chip, photonic integration, process uniformity, silicon-on-insulator (SOI), wavelength conversion.  ...  Dynamic Response of MDL The dynamic response of an MDL was tested by directly modulating the bias current using first generation devices (having limited output power).  ... 
doi:10.1109/jstqe.2010.2040711 fatcat:h6hps4utsbdqdp3x77qaj2jgnm

20-Gbit/s direct modulation of GaInAsP/InP membrane distributed-reflector laser with energy cost of less than 100 fJ/bit

Takahiro Tomiyasu, Daisuke Inoue, Takuo Hiratani, Kai Fukuda, Nagisa Nakamura, Tatsuya Uryu, Tomohiro Amemiya, Nobuhiko Nishiyama, Shigehisa Arai
2017 Applied Physics Express  
of 1.06 mA and a bias voltage of 1.76 V, which resulted in a record low energy cost of 93 fJ/bit among membrane distributed-feedback (DFB) and DR lasers ever reported.  ...  We demonstrated 20-Gbit/s direct modulation with a low energy cost of the membrane distributed-reflector (DR) laser whose static lasing characteristics were previously reported by Tomiyasu et al. in Appl  ...  Several research groups have investigated the low-power-dissipation operations of vertical-cavity surfaceemitting lasers (VCSELs), [10] [11] [12] microdisk lasers, 13, 14) and photonic crystal lasers  ... 
doi:10.7567/apex.11.012704 fatcat:d4gtcozs4vgxhjvaemefpig67m

Ultralow-threshold electrically pumped quantum-dot photonic-crystal nanocavity laser

Bryan Ellis, Marie A. Mayer, Gary Shambat, Tomas Sarmiento, James Harris, Eugene E. Haller, Jelena Vučković
2011 Nature Photonics  
optical interconnects[3].  ...  Efficient, low threshold, and compact semiconductor laser sources are being investigated for many applications in high-speed communications, information processing, and optical interconnects.  ...  Reprints and permission information is available online at Correspondence and requests for materials should be addressed to J.V.  ... 
doi:10.1038/nphoton.2011.51 fatcat:6onkx57byrhpjcy5h2qoliy5he

Ultra-low power fiber-coupled gallium arsenide photonic crystal cavity electro-optic modulator

Gary Shambat, Bryan Ellis, Marie A. Mayer, Arka Majumdar, Eugene E. Haller, Jelena Vučković
2011 Optics Express  
We demonstrate a gallium arsenide photonic crystal cavity injection-based electro-optic modulator coupled to a fiber taper waveguide.  ...  The fiber taper serves as a convenient and tunable waveguide for cavity coupling with minimal loss.  ...  Here we demonstrate an electro-optic modulator in GaAs using a laterally doped compact photonic crystal cavity coupled to a fiber taper waveguide.  ... 
doi:10.1364/oe.19.007530 pmid:21503060 fatcat:heqvi2n5zfcblljkmefwmj43hq

Bandwidth enhancement of injection-locked distributed reflector lasers with wirelike active regions

SeungHun Lee, Devang Parekh, Takahiko Shindo, Weijian Yang, Peng Guo, Daisuke Takahashi, Nobuhiko Nishiyama, Connie J. Chang-Hasnain, Shigehisa Arai
2010 Optics Express  
The modulation bandwidth enhancement of distributed reflector (DR) lasers with wirelike active regions utilizing optical injection locking is demonstrated both theoretically and experimentally.  ...  By the rate equation analysis, it is shown that DR lasers with wirelike active regions realize a low optical injection power and a large bandwidth enhancement under small operation currents.  ...  Iga, and K.  ... 
doi:10.1364/oe.18.016370 pmid:20721024 fatcat:6am5r2vhvnhizbj4bk3yg4vq4m

2020 Index IEEE Photonics Journal Vol. 12

2020 IEEE Photonics Journal  
., +, JPHOT Oct. 2020 6602212 Ultra-Low Index-Contrast Polymeric Photonic Crystal Nanobeam Electro-Optic Modulator.  ...  ., +, JPHOT Oct. 2020 6602212 Ultra-Low Index-Contrast Polymeric Photonic Crystal Nanobeam Electro-Optic Modulator.  ...  Light interferometry Fourier and Inverse Fourier Transform Model for Delayed Self-interferometry System. Zhang  ... 
doi:10.1109/jphot.2021.3050278 fatcat:lbfms2rznnhurdanu5rfora5pe

2020 Index Journal of Lightwave Technology Vol. 38

2020 Journal of Lightwave Technology  
Chen, F., Femtosecond-Laser-Written S-Curved Waveguide in Nd:YAP Crystal: Fabrication and Multi-Gigahertz Lasing; JLT Dec. 15, 2020 6845-6852 Li, L., see Zheng, Y., JLT Dec. 15, 2020 6939-6947 Li, M  ...  Tong, J., Period-One Microwave Photonic Sensing by a Laser Diode With Optical Feedback; JLT Oct. 1, 2020 5423-5429 Nie, Q., see Zhong, M., JLT Aug. 15, 2020 4533-4539 Nie, W., see Li, L., JLT Dec  ...  ., +, JLT Jan. 15, 2020 432-438 Low-Voltage, Coupled Multiple Quantum Well Electroreflective Modulators Towards Ultralow Power Inter-Chip Optical Interconnects.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jlt.2021.3055125 fatcat:u7gqk2ifxrdhrpzjh5uzgv3j6q

Breakthroughs in Photonics 2011

2012 IEEE Photonics Journal  
stringent requirements demanded by coherent optical communications and related applications.  ...  Conclusion Research on fully integrated techniques for the coherent measurement of ultrafast optical signals and pulses has continued to increase significantly.  ...  In (b), the directly measured spectrum is also shown (blue line). Fig. 1 . 1 Power dissipation as a function of wavelength. Fig. 2 . 2 Approach to achieve low power dissipation.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jphot.2012.2195206 fatcat:phyly4pmsrdtln3eyzrov4luti

Breakthroughs in Photonics 2009

2010 IEEE Photonics Journal  
Breakthroughs in Photonics is intended to highlight major accomplishments across the broad spectrum of Photonics Science and Technology within the year.  ...  This Special Section is also intended to draw the attention of readers and authors to the topics that are within the scope of the journal.  ...  Mutig for his assistance with this manuscript and J. A. Lott, S. A. Blokhin, G. Fiol, N. N. Ledentsov, and A. M. Nadtochiy for contributing to the work at TU Berlin.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jphot.2010.2048944 fatcat:4wnfxni2qzcwnfatprdbmqvqfy

Chip-Scale Quantum Emitters

Morteza Sasani Ghamsari
2021 Quantum Reports  
First, the recent progress on silicon-based photonic integrated circuits is surveyed, and then it is shown that silicon integrated quantum photonics can be considered a compelling platform for the future  ...  Among subsections of quantum technology, quantum emitters were selected as the object, and different quantum emitters such as quantum dots, 2D materials, and carbon nanotubes are introduced.  ...  Due to the power dissipation, footprint, limited frequency, and accuracy of the CMOS standard devices used for control and readout, the scale-up in the size of this kind of single-photon detector is limited  ... 
doi:10.3390/quantum3040039 fatcat:uklmncyw2zdszc6td7ye27iy3u

Microscopic theory and numerical simulation of quantum well solar cells

Urs Aeberhard, Bernd Witzigmann, Fritz Henneberger, Yasuhiko Arakawa, Marek Osinski
2010 Physics and Simulation of Optoelectronic Devices XVIII  
Return to Contents Conference 7597: Physics and Simulation of Optoelectronic Devices XVIII the only loss mechanism in the cell.  ...  , the results shown here differ in that the slave laser is directly-modulated.  ...  These results have inspired the vigorous development of innovative photonic devices, such as ultralow drive voltage polymer modulators, polymer-silicon hybrid devices, broadband terahertz generation and  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.845478 fatcat:vxfg7swg3bh7rixxoa6qyhhx2u

All-optical switching with bacteriorhodopsin protein coated microcavities and its application to low power computing circuits

Sukhdev Roy, Mohit Prasad, Juraj Topolancik, Frank Vollmer
2010 Journal of Applied Physics  
The all-optical tunable resonant coupler re-routes the infrared beam between two tapered fibers in 50 s using a low power ͑Ͻ200 W͒ green ͑532 nm͒ and blue ͑405 nm͒ pump beams.  ...  The designs combine the exceptional sensitivities of BR and high-Q microcavities and the versatile tree architecture for realizing low power circuits and networks ͑approximately mW power budget͒.  ...  The integration of photonic components is expected to increase significantly due to emerging novel photonic structures such as microresonators, photonic crystals, and plasmonics.  ... 
doi:10.1063/1.3310385 fatcat:pr3otybgbjd43ja7cojpr7phla

Sponsored Collection | Humble Beginning, Bright Future: Institute of Physics (CAS) at 90

2018 Science  
This prestigious institute is extensively pursuing superconductivity as well as the physics of condensed and soft matter, optics, subatomic particles, plasma, magnets, and computers.  ...  It explores the lowest and highest limits of temperature, pressure, and speed.  ...  Production and Construction Corps, and the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission.  ... 
doi:10.1126/science.360.6389.673-b fatcat:n4txuzzlyrbpdlzzlwig34h2la

Sixth International Workshop on Specialty Optical Fibers and Their Applications (WSOF 2019): Conference Digest

Liang Dong, John Ballato
2019 Sixth International Workshop on Specialty Optical Fibers and Their Applications (WSOF 2019)  
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council under Grant EP/P030181/1 (Future Photonics Hub) and the ERC LightPipe project (grant agreement n° 682724).  ...  This system could be directly set up on the production line in order to check, in real time that the extrusion process is functioning properly.  ...  Peak power scaling up the MW power level has been first achieved using photonic crystal fibers about a decade ago 1 .  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.2557110 fatcat:jtbftehuzrbi5lupddv547q24m

Converting microwave and telecom photons with a silicon photonic nanomechanical interface [article]

G. Arnold, M. Wulf, S. Barzanjeh, E. S. Redchenko, A. Rueda, W. J. Hease, F. Hassani, J. M. Fink
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Practical quantum networks require low-loss and noise-resilient optical interconnects as well as non-Gaussian resources for entanglement distillation and distributed quantum computation.  ...  Such power-efficient, ultra-sensitive and highly integrated hybrid interconnects might find applications ranging from quantum communication and RF receivers to magnetic resonance imaging.  ...  a photonic crystal cavity, as shown in Fig. 1 (a) and (b) of the main text.  ... 
arXiv:2002.11628v1 fatcat:jcrp55is4bbsfaodejdix4q7j4
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