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UAV Image Stitching Based on Optimal Seam and Half-Projective Warp

Jun Chen, Zixian Li, Chengli Peng, Yong Wang, Wenping Gong
2022 Remote Sensing  
Finally, combined with the seam position and half-projective warp, the shape of the stitched image is rectified to keep more regions in their original shape.  ...  This paper introduces an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) image stitching method, based on the optimal seam algorithm and half-projective warp, that can effectively retain the original information of the  ...  Shape preserving effect of half-projective warp combined with seam position. The first line is the input images. The second line is the location of our seam.  ... 
doi:10.3390/rs14051068 fatcat:3ogns7divvddfjyx76jwfi7bme

UAV Image Mosaicking Based on Multi-region Guided Local Projection Deformation

Quan Xu, Jun Chen, Linbo Luo, Wenping Gong, Yong Wang
2020 IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing  
These projections vary with the viewpoint in a sequence of UAV images, which causes artifacts near some tall buildings in the stitched images.  ...  transforms or global homography.  ...  [42] combined the techniques of seam-selection and content-preserving warping to stitch images with large parallax and estimate reasonable seam by considering geometric alignment and image content.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jstars.2020.3006289 fatcat:x5kdd3ekjvdtde4fdcoqky3q2u

A Robust Method for Automatic Panoramic UAV Image Mosaic

Jun Chen, Quan Xu, Linbo Luo, Yongtao Wang, Shuchun Wang
2019 Sensors  
This paper introduces a robust method for panoramic unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) image mosaic.  ...  In the traditional automatic panoramic image stitching method (Autostitch), it assumes that the camera rotates about its optical centre and the group of transformations the source images may undergo is  ...  Subsequent methods use global similarity to mitigate projection distortion in nonoverlapping regions, such as shape-preserving half-projective [40] .  ... 
doi:10.3390/s19081898 fatcat:ce3ap23vpffcna24ici5p3pnry

UAV Image Stitching Based on Mesh-guided Deformation and Ground Constraint

Quan Xu, Jun Chen, Linbo Luo, Wenping Gong, Yong Wang
2021 IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing  
The traditional methods use the homography model to align the image, which causes artifacts in the result of stitching the images with parallax.  ...  To overcome this situation, the image is divided into meshes and the mesh vertices of the target image are used to guide the warping.  ...  [32] combined the techniques of seam-selection and content-preserving warping and proposed a stitching method that can handle scenes with large parallax.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jstars.2021.3061505 fatcat:62ie76ttpbgw5elsltv52obg5q


Le Zhang, Dong Ren, Zhiyong Huang, Shuanghui Lei, Chong Zhang
2016 International Journal of Robotics and Automation  
Finally, the image stitching is finished by warping images using the new matrices. The proposed method disperses the parallax into the two images to help reduce the parallax error.  ...  Parallax error and ghosting are serious problems in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) image stitching. These problems occur even more obviously when stitching together large-parallax images.  ...  The primary task of image stitching is to align the input images using a global parameter transformation.  ... 
doi:10.2316/journal.206.2016.5.206-4769 fatcat:dfnn5yiynngjtbhkhbjsw4ehhm

Image Mosaicing Applied on UAVs Survey

Jean K. Gómez-Reyes, Juan P. Benítez-Rangel, Luis A. Morales-Hernández, Emmanuel Resendiz-Ochoa, Karla A. Camarillo-Gomez
2022 Applied Sciences  
Some applications are photogrammetry and mapping, where the main problems to be solved are image alignment and ghosting images, for which different stitching techniques can be applied.  ...  As an example, we can mention the use of aerial photographs for the generation of panoramic images through the process of stitching images without losing image resolution.  ...  A shape-preserving transform is used to preserve the geometric similarity before reprojecting, which attempts to retain the shapes of local regions and use multiband fusion to process the gain compensation  ... 
doi:10.3390/app12052729 fatcat:jbxup66uqbelzczp7mfhyclcvm

Automatic Stitching for Hyperspectral Images Using Robust Feature Matching and Elastic Warp

Yujie Zhang, Zhiying Wan, Xingyu Jiang, Xiaoguang Mei
2020 IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing  
In order to get the high-precision resultant panoramas, this article proposes an automatic image stitching algorithm for hyperspectral images using robust feature matching and elastic warp.  ...  Index Terms-Elastic warp, feature matching, hyperspectral images, image stitching.  ...  Next, we combine our warp with the global similarity transformation.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jstars.2020.3001022 fatcat:rhofmv4yobeg3ddtufv45l3mxq

Content-Preserving Image Stitching with Regular Boundary Constraints [article]

Yun Zhang, Yu-Kun Lai, Fang-Lue Zhang
2019 arXiv   pre-print
This paper proposes an approach to content-preserving stitching of images with regular boundary constraints, which aims to stitch multiple images to generate a panoramic image with regular boundary.  ...  We address these limitations by formulating image stitching with regular boundaries in a unified optimization.  ...  Our energy function contains terms about feature alignment, shape preserving and global similarity constraints that are used for stitching.  ... 
arXiv:1810.11220v2 fatcat:3th4hi6vbrgpxg5gnc3qcpdnvi

Image Stitching Based on Nonrigid Warping for Urban Scene

Lixia Deng, Xiuxiao Yuan, Cailong Deng, Jun Chen, Yang Cai
2020 Sensors  
Image stitching based on a global alignment model is widely used in computer vision. However, the resulting stitched image may look blurry or ghosted due to parallax.  ...  Our method can obtain more accurate local alignment while maintaining the overall shape of the image.  ...  Finally, the nonrigid warp is effectively combined with a global transformation to improve local alignment while reducing distortion in nonoverlapping regions.  ... 
doi:10.3390/s20247050 pmid:33317036 pmcid:PMC7763989 fatcat:sb52x5a6yvb3vf7mkf5cqonhye

Fast and Efficient Method for Large-scale Aerial Image Stitching

Nam Thanh Pham, Sihyun Park, Chun-Su Park
2021 IEEE Access  
Finally, a local warp method, with a smooth transition for overlapping regions, is introduced to alleviate the blurring artifacts and achieve highly accurate image alignment.  ...  Recent studies on image stitching have been extensively conducted to stitch panoramic or 360 • images using a small number of input images.  ...  Shape-preserving half-projective (SPHP) [13] , as suggested by the name of the method, exploits the advantages of both similarity warps and projective warps, thereby achieving high alignment accuracy  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2021.3111203 fatcat:xtd34rblxbc5bg5dfpepcfw3ui

A survey on image and video stitching

LYU Wei, ZHOU Zhong, CHEN Lang, ZHOU Yi
2019 Virtual Reality & Intelligent Hardware  
It uses a shape correction method to stitch images with wide baseline.  ...  Finally, a mesh-based global optimization step was employed to preserve the perceptual properties, such as shapes and straight lines.  ... 
doi:10.3724/sp.j.2096-5796.2018.0008 dblp:journals/vrih/LyuZCZ19 fatcat:3lkrp6fprbhazgkftbrvmc4xey

Stitching Videos from a Fisheye Lens Camera and a Wide-Angle Lens Camera for Telepresence Robots [article]

Yanmei Dong, Mingtao Pei, Lijia Zhang, Bin Xu, Yuwei Wu, Yunde Jia
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Thus, we can obtain a stitched video with shape preservation in the non-overlapping regions and alignment in the overlapping area for telepresence.  ...  The method consists of video image alignment, seam cutting, and image blending.  ...  Compliance with Ethical Standards  ... 
arXiv:1903.06319v1 fatcat:uyjlf6j5anhrximhmsmtteyzse

Robust UAV Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing Images Stitching Via Overlap Prior Based Global Similarity Prior Model

Jiguang Cui, Man Liu, Zhitao Zhang, Shuqin Yang, Jifeng Ning
2020 IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing  
The main problem of stitching unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) thermal infrared remote sensing (TIRS) images lies in that the cumulative error caused by the inaccurate alignment of image matching pairs easily  ...  Then, they are added into the alignment term of global similarity prior (GSP) model.  ...  In [26] , the parallax tolerant image mosaic method based on robust elastic warping [27] is applied to the UAV image mosaic, and the local preserved feature matching [28] is used to effectively remove  ... 
doi:10.1109/jstars.2020.3032011 fatcat:zzf4o5lnzrdv7kfqijpfzhs4vy


Xin Wei, Weiqing Yan, Qiang Zheng, Meiqi Gu, Kaiqi Su, Guanghui Yue, Yun Liu
2020 IEEE Access  
[30] proposed to combine the homography model and content-preserving warping to design a hybrid alignment model that provides more flexibility to solve parallax and eliminate local distortion.  ...  IMAGE ALIGNMENT AND SHAPE OPTIMIZATION The quality of stitching result is determined by both the alignment accuracy and the global consistency.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2020.3038178 fatcat:jjpevr644fch3cjrb32dv4etxu

Spatial Coordinates Correction Based on Multi-sensor Low-altitude Remote Sensing Image Registration for Monitoring Forest Dynamics

Rui Yu, Minghao Lyu, Jiahui Lu, Yang Yang, Guochun Shen, Fei Li
2020 IEEE Access  
Hyperspectral images (UHI) are then registered onto the stitched visible light image (UVI) via a novel image registration method.  ...  Finally, spatial coordinates of the registered hyperspectral images are updated by using the aforementioned groundtruth.  ...  CPD (coherent point drift) [37] , GLMDTPS (global and local mixture distance with thin plate spline transformation) [38] , PRGLS (preserving global and local structures) [39] and GLCATE (global-local  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2020.2968335 fatcat:uh244h2dvzekzp5rksxjklbipa
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