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Type Analysis for CHIP [chapter]

Włodzimierz Drabent, Paweł Pietrzak
1998 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Our prototype program analyzer works for the programming language CHIP.  ...  We consider a restricted class of speci cations, which are regular types of constrained atoms.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENT The authors want to thank Jan Ma luszy nski for discussions and suggestions.  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-49253-4_28 fatcat:f7e7fdbe4nbodgxal2yn3swe2q

Fabrication of universal serial bus flash disk type microfluidic chip electrophoresis and application for protein analysis under ultra low voltage

Hailin Cong, Xiaodan Xu, Bing Yu, Huwei Liu, Hua Yuan
2016 Biomicrofluidics  
A simple and effective universal serial bus (USB) flash disk type microfluidic chip electrophoresis (MCE) was developed by using poly(dimethylsiloxane) based soft lithography and dry film based printed  ...  Compared with traditional capillary electrophoresis, the USB flash disk type MCE is not only portable and inexpensive but also fast with high separation efficiency. V C 2016 AIP Publishing LLC.  ...  At the meantime, the run-to-run (n ¼ 5) RSD of peak height for the proteins in the USB flash disk type MCE is less than 3%, day-to-day (n ¼ 5) RSD is less than 4%, and chip-to-chip (n ¼ 5) RSD is less  ... 
doi:10.1063/1.4943915 pmid:27042249 pmcid:PMC4798985 fatcat:zuvropsu35clfpkafyakb5e44m

Reliability Analysis for Underfill-Encapsulated Flip Chip Packages (Direct Attach Aurum Bump Type)

Satoshi IWATSU, Noriyuki HONDA
2001 Journal of The Japan Institute of Electronics Packaging  
Thermal fatigue life of Flip Chip packages (Direct Attach Aurum bump type) is studied both analytically and experimentally.  ...  In this analysis we found the law of thermal fatigue life which is ruled by equivalent-stress of aurum bump and clarified a sensitivity of thermal fatigue life related to material and structural size.  ...  2.樹 脂 接 続FLIP CHIPの 構 造 図1に 樹 脂 接 続 フ リ ップ チ ップ の構 造 図 を,図2に 基板 に圧 接 され た 金 バ ン プ の 断 面 拡 大 図 を示 す 。  ... 
doi:10.5104/jiep.4.515 fatcat:sslf46ce4rdxjc4hmpyd3gjs6y

Implicit-type Elastic-Plastic FEM Analysis of Cutting Mechanism. Radial Return Formulation and Chip Curling Simulation
陰解法弾塑性有限要素法による切削機構の解析 radial return法による定式化と切りくずカール解析

Keiji MANABE, Zongnan HUANG, Kanji UEDA
1996 Journal of the Japan Society for Precision Engineering  
The implicit-type elastic-plastic FEM is effective for cutting simulation because it can treat the difficult problems of elastic-plastic analysis such as stress equilibrium, consistency condition of plastic  ...  It is conducted that implicit-type elastic-plastic FEM is useful for cutting simulation.  ...  and strain rate in devatoric stress space Fig. 4 4 Fig. 4 Comparison of simulated chip shape with experiment (a = 30°, D = 17 . 00) Fig. 5 5 Fig. 5 Horizontal and vertical specific cutting forces  ... 
doi:10.2493/jjspe.62.1151 fatcat:golajlgkabbxlozbyrn3aoq6ci

Pooling Information Across Different Studies and Oligonucleotide Chip Types to Identify Prognostic Genes for Lung Cancer [chapter]

Jeffrey S. Morris, Guosheng Yin, Keith Baggerly, Chunlei Wu, Li Zhang
Methods of Microarray Data Analysis  
We combine information across chip types by identifying "matching probes" present on both chips, and then assembling them into new probesets based on Unigene clusters.  ...  We fit a series of multivariable Cox models containing clinical covariates and genes and identify 26 genes that provide information on survival after adjusting for the clinical covariates, while controlling  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We would like to thank David Stivers and Kevin Coombes for helpful discussions regarding this analysis.  ... 
doi:10.1007/0-387-23077-7_5 fatcat:jn6rhexvknfynbnxoglt5sz7la

A Product Design Problem in Semiconductor Manufacturing

Florin Avram, Lawrence M. Wein
1992 Operations Research  
This development is the catalyst for the wafer design problem: how does one allocate the chip sites on a wafer to the various types of chips.  ...  The analysis reveals that multi-type wafers regularize the production flow of non-defective chips of each type and cause these flows to be positively correlated, both of which help to improve performance  ...  A set is made up one type 1 chip, one type 2 chip, three type 3 chips, and twenty type 4 chips, and so n^= (1, 1.3,20) for k = 1, ...,4.  ... 
doi:10.1287/opre.40.5.986 fatcat:aeosu6rptrcmjpsysat5dqampi

A slip-line solution to metal machining using a cutting tool with a step-type chip-breaker

K.P. Maity, N.S. Das
1998 Journal of Materials Processing Technology  
In the present paper, a theoretical analysis of metal machining using an orthogonal cutting tool has been carried out, using the slip-line field technique for a parallel step-type chip-breaker, assuming  ...  Analysis predicts the condition when the effect of chip-forming starts for a chip-breaker.  ...  In the present paper, a theoretical analysis is carried out for pure orthogonal cutting, using a cutting tool with a parallel step-type smooth chip breaker, assuming 2.9464 mm and a height equal to 1.1938  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0924-0136(98)00015-6 fatcat:f3fqhigwhfhrtmz2yjgef4jyra

Analysis of HPV-other Samples by Performing HPV DNA Sequencing

Yoo-Duk Choi, Chang-Woo Han, Woon-Jae Chung, Woon-Won Jung, Ji-Shin Lee, Jong-Hee Nam, Min-Cheol Lee, Sang-Woo Juhng, Ho-Sun Choi, Chang-Soo Park
2009 The Korean Journal of Pathology  
Results : For 204 of the 209 samples, the HPV types detected by sequencing were absent types at used HPV DNA chip. For the remaining 5 samples, sequencing was impossible due to mixed peaks.  ...  Methods : For HPV genotying, we used the commercially available HPV DNA Chip test, which contains 15 types of highrisk HPV and 9 types of low-risk HPV.  ...  All the types detected on the sequencing analysis were the absent types when using the HPV DNA chip instrument.  ... 
doi:10.4132/koreanjpathol.2009.43.3.250 fatcat:lb2pmtpqdfhgzacqgrrkdznazy

HPV 9G DNA Chip: 100% Clinical Sensitivity and Specificity

H. An, K.-S. Song, S. B. Nimse, J. Kim, V.-T. Nguyen, V.-T. Ta, D. R. Sayyed, T. Kim
2011 Journal of Clinical Microbiology  
The discrimination of HPV genotypes in the 151 HPV-positive clinical samples by the HPV 9G DNA chip test were 100% identical with the sequencing analysis.  ...  We describe a novel HPV 9G DNA chip test for the accurate and reliable genotyping of human papillomavirus (HPV).  ...  compared to 2.5 to 5 for the other DNA chips, and (iii) 100% target specificity of the HPV 9G DNA chip (results that were 100% identical with those of sequencing analysis).  ... 
doi:10.1128/jcm.06217-11 pmid:22170909 pmcid:PMC3295105 fatcat:i2ieqkdp3nfrjgolp7c7jpgaum

Oligonucleotide Chip for Detection of Lamivudine-Resistant Hepatitis B Virus

H. Jang, M. Cho, J. Heo, H. Kim, H. Jun, W. Shin, B. Cho, H. Park, C. Kim
2004 Journal of Clinical Microbiology  
The rate of concordance between the assay with the oligonucleotide chip and PCR-RFLP analysis for detection of the YMDD motif was 96.7%.  ...  The specific probes consist of five probes for the detection of wild-type rtL180, rtM204, and rtV207 sequences and seven probes for the detection of HBV mutations.  ...  The results of PCR-RFLP analysis for a mixed type with rtM204V and rtM204I3 are shown in Fig. 6B .  ... 
doi:10.1128/jcm.42.9.4181-4188.2004 pmid:15365009 pmcid:PMC516280 fatcat:ro7l72s4tzfkhnovdyyhr6o5b4

Automatic Defect Classification System in Semiconductors EDS Test Based on System Entity Structure Methodology

Young-Shin HAN, SoYoung KIM, TaeKyu KIM, Jason J. JUNG
2010 IEICE transactions on information and systems  
For better computational performance, given a certain failure pattern, a Pruned SES (PES) can be extracted by selecting the only relevant system entities from the SES.  ...  It is important for the engineers to simulate various system verification processes by using predefined system entities (e.g., decomposition, taxonomy, and coupling relationships of a system) contained  ...  Acknowledgments The authors gratefully acknowledge the anonymous review-ers for their helpful suggestions and comments.  ... 
doi:10.1587/transinf.e93.d.2001 fatcat:rylhhkblbnetlchfb2sro7fnym

Chip-off Success Rate Analysis Comparing Temperature and Chip Type

Choli Ence, Gary Cantrell
2018 Journal of Digital Forensics, Security and Law  
Throughout the digital forensic community, chip-off analysis provides examiners with a technique to obtain a physical acquisition from locked or damaged digital device.  ...  The results from the statistical evaluation showed no statistical difference between the groups of memory chips successfully and unsuccessfully read, as well as, between older and newer types of Ball Grid  ...  Although the chip-off analysis process only heats the solder enough to melt, an exact temperature range for each type of chip does not exist.  ... 
doi:10.15394/jdfsl.2018.1545 fatcat:bku6o3ujavagnax7o35h4rqoga

Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer for Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism Analysis of the Campylobacter jejuni Flagellin Gene

I. Nachamkin, N. J. Panaro, M. Li, H. Ung, P. K. Yuen, L. J. Kricka, P. Wilding
2001 Journal of Clinical Microbiology  
for typing Campylobacter jejuni.  ...  Overall, the bioanalyzer has the potential to replace conventional RFLP analysis by gel electrophoresis, but improvements in the chip separation are needed.  ...  To evaluate the bioanalyzer for RFLP analysis, we used Campylobacter flagellin gene typing as a model system.  ... 
doi:10.1128/jcm.39.2.754-757.2001 pmid:11158144 pmcid:PMC87813 fatcat:lau7w6sxijandjf7heinogqk6m

Experimental and Finite Element Analysis on Chip Formation Mechanism in Machining of Elastomers

Rajesh Nayak
2012 Bonfring International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Science  
Further from Finite Element Analysis it was observed that at lower rake angle, discontinuous chips are formed and Continuous ribbon-like chip occurs with large rake angle.  ...  This paper discusses experimental work and finite element analysis to investigate the mechanism of chip formation during machining of Elastomer.  ...  Chip Formation Mechanism (Experimental) Chip size, shape and types provide useful information for understanding the chip formation process of rubber machining.  ... 
doi:10.9756/bijiems.1291 fatcat:mudjnbttgbhxzgb7iege3rbrea

Effects of Chip Type on the Properties of Chip–Sawdust Boards Glued with Polymeric Diphenyl Methane Diisocyanate

Radosław Mirski, Adam Derkowski, Dorota Dziurka, Marek Wieruszewski, Dorota Dukarska
2020 Materials  
This study investigates the effects of chip type and sawdust percentage on physical and mechanical properties of chip–sawdust boards.  ...  The used materials were chips from sawmill waste processing, aggregate processing of sawmill wood, and chips intended for medium-density boards.  ...  Swelling was most intense for the boards made only from chips, and more so for type B and type C chips.  ... 
doi:10.3390/ma13061329 pmid:32183341 fatcat:xt7nreuwvbe7bc54ytohwbqhei
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